Rovux Footwear Review

About Rovux Footwear 

Rovux Footwear Review

Rovux Footwear sells contemporary footwear for men and women that is designed for comfort, performance, and style. Their artistically designed shoes were created to be versatile, so you can wear them casually or use them to step up your gym game. 

This Rovux Footwear review found that the brand has an impressive roster of ambassadors, including Kansas City Chiefs wide receiverJosh Crockett and Jeremy Buendia, 4x Mr. Olympia champion. The brand has over 124K followers on Instagram.

This Rovux Footwear review will check out the brand, their bestselling footwear, customer reviews, and more to help you decide if their shoes are worth the buy. 

Overview of Rovux Footwear 

Rovux Footwear Review

Rovux Footwear’s mission is to create top-flight shoes that are evocative of the hottest brands without the hefty price tag that goes along with them. They operate in a direct-to-consumer model which allows them to offer their products for a lower cost. 

The Rovux Shoe brand’s HQ is located in Miami, Florida. This Rovux Footwear review has not been able to verify the name of the Rovux Footwear founder or Rovux Footwear owner through online sources, nor the year the brand was founded.

Rovux Footwear Review

The pros and cons of the brand are next up in this Rovux Footwear review. 


  • Their shoes have a designer appearance at a more affordable price
  • Range of styles, from basic to attention-grabbing
  • Balance of performance, comfort, and style
  • Great customer service 
  • Instalment payment option with Seezle
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • International shipping options 
  • Free exchanges—Rovux simply sends you another size, does not require you to ship the others back


  • Some customers received shoes that did not look like the ones on the website
  • Shoes are shipped without a box, so they can arrive creased
  • Longer shipping times, 12-20 business days minimum
  • Returns are only offered if wrong items were sent, or if items were damaged during shipping

Rovux Footwear’s artistically designed shoes blend street style with performance. Their collection ranges from everyday basics to eye-popping, fashion-forward styles in attractive color palettes. Rovux Footwear has offerings for both men and women, with a size range of men’s 6-12.5, equal to women’s 7.5-14. 

We should note that some of the items from this brand reviewed below appear to no longer be on the company’s website, and may have been discontinued. At the time of this Rovux Footwear review, the following shoes are listed under the “Footwear” category:

  1. Rovux 33Y
  2. Rovux Olympia
  3. Rovux Spartan
  4. Rovux Script
  5. Rovux Shock
  6. Rovux 77X
  7. Rovux Geneva
  8. Rovux Creed
  9. Rovux Verdict
  10. Rovux Chiron
  11. Rovux 1988
  12. Rovux Solstice
  13. Rovux Shadow
  14. Rovux Ghost
  15. Rovux Stride

Keep reading this Rovux Footwear review for reviews of the brand’s bestselling shoes. 

Rovux Stride Shoes Review

The Rovux Stride will take you straight from the street to the weight room. Stylish enough to wear on a daily basis but functional enough to help you perform squats and deadlifts in the gym, Stride blends minimalist style with high performance

The Rovux Stride has a polymer insole to provide cushioned support, and the outer lining is made of breathable mesh to keep your feet cool and ready to spring into action. Try these Rovux shoes black to serve as an everyday sneaker, or go for white for a traditional athletic-shoe look. 

Also available in grey and attention-grabbing red, the versatile Rovux Stride shoes are available for $69 (normally $150). 

Rovux Flight Shoes Review

A minimalist yet artistic twist on the basic sneaker, Rovux Flight have an angular look that adds some personality to your footwear. Combining comfort with wearability, these shoes have a thicker sole for added cushioning. Lightweight and ultra-breathable, these shoes are so easy on your feet you may forget you’re wearing them. 

These shoes’ sleek style pairs well with jeans, but also performs well in high-impact activities. Take these for a spin on a casual date, tackle an obstacle course, or combine the two for a fun and flirty active day. The Rovux Flight are $79, marked down from $160

Rovux Geneva Shoes Review

Futuristic and retro at the same time, the Rovux Geneva are splayed with contrasting colors that draw attention and let your playful personality shine. And for those who stare at your footwear in either admiration or disdain, your shoes have an answer with a cheeky “What do you want?” written across the toes. 

Looking good doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort: these lighthearted shoes offer the same comfort that all Rovux shoes have, though they are a bit heavier than the Rovux Shock sneakers due to their solid sole construction. Express yourself with the Rovux Geneva for $89, regular $180

Rovux Script Shoes Review

Write the movie of your life the way you want with the funky and colorful Rovux Script shoes. These eye-catchers feature an easy pull-on heel tab and are designed to conform to your foot with their mesh-like fabric, making them an ideal choice for workouts

With their chunkier sole, these shoes give extra protection to your foot, and the ridged grips on the bottom are great for navigating slushy city sidewalks in the early spring. Your primary color choices are straightforward white, beige, and black, but all three have their own unique contrasting color palette in their detailing. 

You can pick up the edgy and artistic Rovux Script for $89, an over 50% savings on the regular price of $180

Rovux Tempest Shoes Review

The Rovux Tempest shoes combine the multi-directional functionality of a basketball shoe with the comfort of a running shoe. The stretchy knit fabric slides up over the ankle to provide additional support for quick bursts or high-speed pivoting on the court, and the thick soles provide extra cushioning for jumping. 

The Rovux Tempest comes in five different color schemes—this Rovux Footwear review particularly enjoys the basic white, which features a black-and-white marbled sole. Conquer the court in the Rovux Tempest for $79, down from $140

Rovux Eros Shoes Review

You might just fall in love with this one at first sight: the Rovux Eros shoes fuse angular, futuristic features with gallery-worthy marbled soles, for a unique and attractive look that’s not too flashy. 

With their easy pull-on tabs, the Rovux Eros will help you set PRs both in and out of the gym. Get these masterpieces for $89 (normally $180). 

Rovux Spartan Shoes Review

Channel your inner warrior with the Rovux Spartan. These stunning-looking shoes put a spring in your step—literally—with their spring soles, which provide cushioning and help propel you in whatever activity you’re doing. This Rovux Footwear review thinks they’d be great for HIIT or boot-camp training. 

And don’t think they’re just for men because of the name: these are women’s Rovux shoes too, and their color options of orange, dark green, and neon green will make any outfit pop. 

Prepare for glory with Rovux Spartan footwear, available for $109 (down from $180). 

Rovux Verdict Shoes Review

The Rovux Verdict really complement your feet. Rather than the bulky look of other designer statement shoes, they give off a fun, fashionable vibe without weighing your feet down. We especially like these Rovux shoes red, but you can also get them in black, blue, or yellow as per your preference.

No matter which color you go with, all versions of the Rovux Verdict come with the quippy “What do you want? inscribed across the toes, as with the Rovux Geneva. We recommend using them as a casual shoe, but they’re still comfortable enough to wear on long walks or for active days.

Strut your stuff in the Rovux Verdict for $99, regular $180

Rovux Shock Shoes Review

The fierce-looking Rovux Shock shoes will help you tackle whatever obstacle is in your way with their criss-cross rubber soles that absorb shocks and distribute your weight. Wall climb? Done. 50-meter sprint? Done. Walk around town? Yep, they’ve got you covered for that too. 

The knitted fabric lets you slip these on with ease, and the stripped-down color choices keeps things simple so that you can focus on the road ahead. That said, if you go with the Rovux mens mint shoes for this style you’ll still draw some eyeballs with the subtle but funkily unconventional color. 

Tear up competitors with these Rovux shoe Shocks for $79, normally $140

Rovux Footwear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Rovux Footwear Review

This Rovux Footwear review checked out customer reviews on Trustpilot, Reddit, and the Better Business Bureau to get a sense of customers’ experiences with the brand. 

On Trustpilot, Rovux has a “Great” rating of 4.2/5 stars based on 212 customer reviews. Five-star reviews praise the quality of their shoes and the brand’s great customer service.

One happy buyer had this to say: “I’m very satisfied with the shoes and the customer service of the reps. I had ordered the wrong size due to my fault and they sent me new pairs on them. I love the product and staff thank you.” 

Another customer echoed this sentiment, and was particularly impressed that the company did not require her to return her original order when she asked for an exchange:

YOU MUST HAVE THESE SHOES. I ordered a pair of shoes and when I received it, it was too big for me. I emailed the customer support and they responded right away….To my surprise, they wanted me to be satisfied with the transaction and [I] was advised not to return my old pair and I get to keep it.”

The commenter went on, “I was very happy since this pair of shoes was fantastic and very comfortable. I would suggest to order one size down [as] it does run big. I will definitely buy a new pair again.”

In a positive Rovux Vulcan review on Reddit, the commenter explained how he overcame his initial skepticism about the brand: “I was honestly expecting the worst from a shoe that is meant to look ultra hype on a Instagram ad…but so far they are much better than I expected. We’ll see how durable they are after months of wear but I’m Impressed for now!” 

Rovux has 4.33/5 stars based on 108 reviews on the Better Business Bureau. Positive reviews continue the theme of the brand’s great customer service, with one representative commenter saying that “The customer service was amazing! I got the wrong size, and they let me get a bigger size plus keep the old shoes.” 

Another sneaker fetishist was plenty impressed with the attractive design of the shoes: “The design and color pattern I chose are really cool!! Love the look and the quality seems great. I live in NYC so go through a pair of sneakers every 6 months…Excited to sport these sneakers on my morning runs!”

Not everyone was as taken with these kicks as the above reviewers, though. A one-star review on Trustpilot was particularly negative, saying that, “Overall, shoe quality was beyond poor. The overall shoe is just too wide and poorly made no matter what size you get it’s still loose!” 

There were also some scattered complaints that the brand’s shoes don’t exactly match what they look like on the Rovux website. One Rovux footwear review on Reddit said that “The shoes I ordered (Stride) do not match the shoes they show on their site and other social media pages.” 

Another recurring  complaint has to do with the method of shipping. A BBB reviewer was displeased with both the condition the shoes arrived in and their construction:

The shoes came in a bag without any type of protection [and] are very creased! In addition, the design and construction of both shoes are not symmetrical or of quality. The color/paint is already peeling, there’s glue seeping from the sides, loose thread, the rubber is worn…”

This Rovux Footwear review can certainly understand customers’ surprise at having their shoes arrive in a bag rather than a box, as this shipping method could result in damage. But given the numerous testimonials to the brand’s great customer service, it seems pretty certain that the company will make it right if your order is banged up or wrong in any way.

Is Rovux Footwear Worth It?

Rovux Footwear Review

Although there are a lot of reviews that state that Rovux shoes run large, it’s clear that the brand goes above and beyond the call of duty to do right by their customers, habitually sending buyers a new pair of shoes while letting them keep the old ones. It’s no wonder that customers can’t say enough good things about their customer service team. 

In terms of the negative reviews that complain about the shoes’ quality, this Rovux Footwear review has found that this is not a typical response: far more reviewers love both the quality and the design of the shoes, and are excited that they can get designer-looking footwear for such an affordable price. 

While the price tags on these shoes may suggest a lower-quality product, this Rovux Footwear review thinks that the brand is definitely worth trying out. 

Rovux Footwear Promotions & Discounts 

Rovux Footwear Review

You can sign up for the Rovux Footwear newsletter to get 10% off your first order. 

Where to Buy Rovux Footwear

Rovux Footwear Review

Rovux Footwear is available for purchase at There is no Rovux Footwear Amazon store, but this Rovux Footwear review has found that their shoes can also be purchased at Mugen Soul, and that Hyper Forever has stock of the discontinued Rovux Hydra shoes. 


Rovux Footwear Review

Where is Rovux located? 

Rovux Footwear’s profile on the BBB states that they are located in Miami, Florida. Comments on the site indicate that the brand’s products ship out of China.

Is Rovux Footwear black owned? 

While this Rovux Footwear review has not been able to find who the Rovux Shoes owner is, many customers and commenters online appear to think that the brand is black-owned as their shoes resemble those by Nagast Footwear, a black-owned business. 

Are Rovux Shoes legit? 

Rovux shoes are legit. One customer said that, after thinking he had just ordered from a scam company, he was pleasantly surprised when his shoes showed up on time and just as ordered. Many other customers love the brand, and order from them regularly. 

How long does Rovux take to ship?

Rovux orders take 3-6 days to be processed, and their current shipping estimate for orders going to the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe is 12-20 business days. For more remote international regions, shipping can take 2-4 weeks. 

When your order ships the brand will send you a confirmation email, and you can use the Rovux Footwear tracking number provided to follow your package’s journey online. There is no need to call the Rovux Footwear contact number. 

What is Rovux Footwear’s Return Policy?

Rovux only offers refunds if they have shipped you the wrong order or if your order is damaged. The brand is not accepting returns right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but still offers exchanges if your shoe is the wrong size. 

If you wish to exchange your shoes for a larger or smaller size, email [email protected] or call the Rovux Footwear customer service number. 

How to Contact Rovux Footwear

If you need any other information that this Rovux Footwear review did not include, you can reach Rovux by emailing [email protected], or calling the Rovux Footwear customer service phone number: (561) 692-6001. 

The Rovux Footwear address is 5520 SW, 80th St, Miami, FL, 33143-5613

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