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Shop Canopy CBD Review

Imagine if you could be chilled out on cannabis without the non-soberness. Gee, if only something like that existed… okay, fine, you’re reading a Shop Canopy CBD review, so chances are you already know what CBD is, but it’s funny to pretend it’s a new invention for one sec.

Anyway, what’s this brand about? Well, they sell CBD gummies, oils, beverages, softgels, topicals, as well as pet products and protein powders. They’re featured all up in CNN, Billboard, Bloomberg, Refinery29, New York Post, Toronto Star, Leafly, and more.

Think of this Shop Canopy CBD review as a guiding hand, leading you gently to info on the brand’s founding and manufacturing, customer testimonials, shipping and return policies, and of course, a look at bestselling products flying off the shelves.

Overview of Shop Canopy

Shop Canopy CBD Review

Shop Canopy is actually a larger brand, Canopy Growth, handling a tree of cannabis companies of the CBD and/or THC variety, most notably Tweed and Tokyo Smoke.

Canopy Growth was founded in 2014 by Bruce Linton, Mark Zekulin, and Chuck Rifici, but there isn’t much more info to be found on how they got their starts.

The why is a little easier to discern: in their words, *ahem*, they have “a commitment to growing exceptional hemp that yields superior hemp-derived products.”

Shop Canopy cooks up new CBD-blazin’ ideas at the headquarters in Denver, and you should know that all their products are also made in the USA.

Since there isn’t much else to learn about the company, it’s time for pros and cons, i.e. the highlights of this Shop Canopy CBD review:


  • Offers a variety of CBD products and formats for relaxation and de-stressing
  • Positive customer reviews about product quality and effects
  • One of the top trusted CBD brands in North America
  • Free returns
  • Subscribe & Save 15%
  • Available at stores across the US


  • No international shipping
  • Could be more affordable
  • Lack of info available about the brand
  • Lack of customer reviews
Shop Canopy CBD Review

It’s time for the real deal Shop Canopy CBD review of the products themselves: specifically, the gummies and oils. Let’s get right to it!

Shop Canopy CBD Gummies Review

These Shop Canopy Martha Stewart CBD gummies are soft, chewy cubes that contain 10 mg of calm (AKA CBD), brought to you by the baking goddess herself.

They recommend you munch down on 2 to 3 gummies a day. If you purchase the regular size bottle of 30 Gummies, that works out to a total usage of 10 to 15 days per bottle if you take them as recommended.

(Or you could buy the snack size, only 10 Gummies in the bottle, which would be about 3.33 to 5 days per bottle if used as recommended.)

Note that Martha uses pectin instead of gelatin to get them all gummy-like, so it’s green-lit for vegans and vegetarians. 

These bestsellers boast that 95% of people in a study testified that they “taste great” and 86% agreed that they felt relaxed afterwards. We don’t know about you, but we’re intrigued, so let’s find out more about what’s on the menu.  

Shop Canopy Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Berry Medley Gummies Review

Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Berry Medley Gummies are a delight of berry extravaganza perfect for the people whose favorite Starburst is the red one.

Can you guess which berry flavors are in these bottles? We’ll just tell you:

  1. Raspberry
  2. Huckleberry
  3. Black Raspberry

The brand says they are “gourmet” berries, too, so take from that what you will. In Martha we trust. But these gummies are a sweet, deliciously fruity, and colorful treat that you will want to remember are CBD-filled and not a regular bag of stuff-your-face candy.

Anyway, choose these if you’re a fan of berries because you could be chilling in the CBD calmness after enjoying a sweet berrylicious treat. Here is how much the bottles cost:

  • 30 Gummies – $35
  • 10 Gummies – $13

Shop Canopy Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Citrus Medley Gummies Review

Shop Canopy Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Citrus Medley Gummies is for the lover of sour-sweet citrus-flavored candy because this is some next-level zest:

  1. Meyer lemon
  2. Kumquat
  3. Blood Orange

We wonder how sophisticated it must feel when you take kumquat-flavored candy in order to reap the benefits of CBD. Color us intrigued.

In terms of cost, you’re looking at the same prices as the Berry Medley bottles:

  • 30 Gummies – $35
  • 10 Gummies – $13

Shop Canopy Martha Stewart CBD 15 Flavor Sampler Review

The Martha Stewart CBD 15 Flavor Sampler is for the person who wants it all. Wants to try it all. Wants to try new combinations of flavors. Wants to experience colorful culinary joy mixed with medicinal de-stressing.

You receive a lovely, adorably packaged platter of 60 Gummies that gives you 4 gummies of each of the 15 flavors. Rainbow-tastic.

To buy the Martha Stewart CBD 15 Flavor Sampler, it’s $65 per bottle.

Shop Canopy CBD Oils Review

Get a load of these customer favorites if you’re feelin’ this format of receiving sweet CBD benefits: dropping drops of oil into your mouth, and taking said drops with food for the sake of your tummy.

Each drop contains CBD isolate to hopefully give you relaxation or whatever else you’re seeking.

Shop Canopy Martha Stewart CBD Meyer Lemon Oil Drops Review

Get a load of this, one of the highest-selling Shop Canopy Martha Stewart CBD oils: the Meyer Lemon Oil Drops. They’re made with Meyer lemons (hence the name) that have a fragrant scent and are plump with bright citrus-y juice. 

All you have to do is place 1 drop of oil into your mouth 1-2 times a day with food. Each drop contains 25 mg of CBD isolate, and each drop is 1 mL of oil, so it happens that there is 750 mg in each 30 mL bottle. Because math.

Enhanced with stevia leaf extract and natural hemp, you can buy the Martha Stewart CBD Meyer Lemon Oil Drops for $45.

Shop Canopy First & Free CBD Extra Strength Peppermint Oil Review

First & Free CBD Extra Strength Peppermint Oil is a superpower: with an amplified 50 mg of CBD isolate in each 1 mL drop, you have 1500 mg of CBD in your hands in a 30 mL bottle. 

Made with peppermint oil to leave a nice minty taste and scent after you take it, it’s a pleasant, easy experience, and an effective one too with the whole extra strength thing.

You can purchase a bottle for $65, or, even better, get it on sale now for $33.

Shop Canopy Pillow Spray Review

More wellness, more CBD, but plot twist: this time it’s in spray form, and it’s for your pillow instead of you. Shop Canopy CBD pillow sprays must be bestsellers for a reason, so let’s check it out.

Shop Canopy This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray Review

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray can be bought as a 75 mL bottle or 250 mL, but either way, they recommend spraying a mist over your pillow that you’ll smell as you fall asleep. 

Made with natural ingredients like lavender and chamomile, it’s cooked up to be not too overpowering for sleepy time, instead just the right amount to give you a pleasant aromatic experience that helps calm you down so you can truly. calm. Down. Yes, please!

Here are the prices for each size:

  • 75 mL – $29
  • 250 mL – $52

PS: the same Canopy brand, This Works, also makes another version of an insomnia-begone spray that is minus the CBD: checkout the Shop Canopy Stress Check Sleep Spray for more details.

Who Is Shop Canopy For? 

Shop Canopy CBD Review

Shop Canopy CBD products are used for a variety of purposes—most notably relaxation, but also for their anti-inflammatory and anti-seizure properties—and are for a variety of people in general.

The company offers many vegan, cruelty-free, and non-GMO options for those who need these accommodations. 

They do state that CBD is not for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Shop Canopy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Shop Canopy CBD Review

So here’s the thing: you won’t find a helpful Shop Canopy CBD review online easily. In fact, there aren’t many reviews for their parent company, Canopy Growth, to begin with, and when there are, they’re usually about THC products, not CBD.

We did gather a few testimonials from CBD users sharing their thoughts and experiences on the brand site, US Reviews, and Reddit. 

First, let’s start at home, on shopcanopy.com, where the products live. The vast majority of customers recommend the products and back up the claims and beyond.

To get an idea of what we mean, check out the ratings for some bestsellers we analyzed in our Shop Canopy CBD review:

  • This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – 4.4/5 stars out of 1,807 ratings
  • Martha Stewart CBD Wellness Citrus Medley Gummies – 4.7/5 stars out of 329 ratings
  • Martha Stewart CBD 15 Flavor Sampler – 4.7/5 stars out of 329 ratings
  • Martha Stewart CBD Meyer Lemon Oil Drops – 4.6/5 stars out of 67 ratings
  • First & Free CBD Extra Strength Peppermint Oil – 4.5/5 stars out of 29 reviews

High marks in all categories. The trends show that people love the Martha Stewart products the mostest, and who really could be disappointed by Martha, you know?

On the Martha Stewart CBD 15 Flavor Sampler, customers love the gummies for all the reasons you’d expect/want/dream to love them. 

CBD enthusiasts call it their favorite CBD product because it’s “delicious” in all the flavors, just the right dose, and a dessert-like “sweet taste after dinner,” but one that gets you zzz-ing in no time. 

As one lover put it, you can successfully “use the gummies to ease the little pains of the day.

Another Martha gummies fan summed up these fine points about how fine these chewy boys are: 

I LOVE taste and the flavors … the CBD is not super strong or intense but that works for me. I have two in the evening and I feel like I have had a nice glass of wine 🙂 No residuals in the morning as I have had with stronger CBD levels. Would absolutely buy again!

Sans Martha, the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray is “calming and relaxing” and “simply bliss” for most customers, putting them to sleep so they can focus on resting rather than trying to fall asleep and failing miserably.

One deep sleeper’s Shop Canopy CBD review reads, in joy:

This product is appropriately named because This Works! I sleep so much better I also got some for my two boys that had trouble sleeping and they are out like a light and wake up refreshed.

It seems that the Shop Canopy The Works Pillow Spray is giving people ample rest at night or whenever they desire a siesta.

Heading over to the land of external testimonials, from US Reviews comes this experience of a pleased pet owner who recommends their CBD for Pets line. Even if the price is “a bit high,” they say it’s worth the wallet-thinning:

…the product worked as promised. I ordered enough as a new shopper to receive free shipping to boot. Delivery was the same as promised. I will order same product in the future when original order runs out. My dog loves the taste, no problem in getting her to eat it up.

Not only did the pup love it, but the human was pleased with the great customer service and fast, easy online ordering.

On Reddit, users had colorful things to share about the Martha Stewart gummies, mostly positives like 15 fun different flavors, all their scrumptiousness, and their effectiveness.

Customers appreciated how normal the gummies taste—just like any other gummy at the candy store:

These are really good – I’ve tried them and you would never know they have CBD in them from the taste.

That’s what we like to hear about CBD-infused gummies… Because it should be the gummy part you taste, not the cannabidiol.

Another chilled-out CBDer testified about the gummies:

The best flavors ever and very effective. The packaging is also top notch. She’s going to slay the market with these because every middle-aged woman who needs a calm fix is going to be buying them. … CBD doesn’t make you high, but it sure does make you feel chill.

And lastly, one Shop Canopy CBD review said the “best part was the price!” That’s always something to cheer about.

That’s about it for helpful reviews online. We learned that customers love the taste of Shop Canopy wellness CBD gummies, they feel the effects of the products in an impressive way, don’t feel “residual” badness the next day, and love the quick delivery. Sweet!

Is Shop Canopy Worth It?

Shop Canopy CBD Review

We’ve determined that Shop Canopy is worth it! As one of the most trusted CBD brands in North America, they’ve got some street cred. They have a variety of CBD products, and there’s even a CBD-free aisle, too. Plus? Good customer reviews rave about the results. 

Obviously, CBD affects everyone differently, so you aren’t guaranteed any magic, but the clinical studies are hopeful. Other potential detractors are the lack of international shipping and lack of background info about the brand available, but all in all, we say give this brand a go.

Shop Canopy Promotions & Discounts 

Shop Canopy CBD Review

Staying chill doesn’t come without a price tag, so here are some ways you can save a bit of money:

  • Sign up for the newsletter for 20% off your first purchase
  • Subscribe & Save 15%

Where To Buy Shop Canopy

Shop Canopy CBD Review

You can buy yourself some nice-smelling Shop Canopy deep sleep pillow spray or any other CBD product they have on shopcanopy.com or you can buy from one of the many in-person retailers across the states.

Check out the Store Locator to see the nearest place to you, but they are sold at plenty of stores:

  • Vitamin Shoppe
  • Alta
  • Food Mart
  • Liquor stores


Shop Canopy CBD Review

Where is Shop Canopy made? 

Party in the USA: Shop Canopy CBD products are made in good old America.

What is Shop Canopy’s Shipping Policy?

Our Shop Canopy CBD review found that they only ship to the US via these methods:

  • Ground Shipping (5-7 business days) – $9 or FREE if the order is over $75
  • 2 Day Air (2 business days) – $12
  • Next Day Air (1 business day) – $25

Oh and also, it should be duly noted that if you order the Quatreau CBD beverages, you’ll pay more for shipping: $15 or $6 if your order exceeds $75.

What is Shop Canopy’s Return Policy?

On returns, Shop Canopy is simple: 30 days, baby. You can totally test out the product to see if you’re feelin’ it or not, and if you’re not, you can return the unused CBD back to them free of charge.

Yep, that’s right: free returns. Thank god. Just call customer service, print out the shipping label they email you, real-life mail it off, and wait for that full refund to come home and tuck itself back into its rightful place in your wallet.

You can also choose a replacement instead. You can forgo the whole refund thing and instead ask them to send you a replacement product so you can give them a second chance. Replacement returns are also free of charge from you. You have nothing to lose!

How to Contact Shop Canopy

Sigh. We’ve climbed the mountain and reached the end of our journey for this Shop Canopy CBD review, so where do we go from here?

Well, if you have more questions about the brand, talk to them directly through the following methods of contact:

These kind customer service folks will be available to chat and help you out with things Monday to Friday from 9 am to 7 pm EST. 

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