Tommy Chong CBD Review

About Tommy Chong CBD

Tommy Chong CBD Review

What would you say if we told you Chong, of Cheech and Chong, has his own CBD company? … Oh. You knew that already? Guess that explains why you’re here.

Well, yes, Tommy Chong has his own line of successful CBD products and his company sells a decent variety of tinctures, gummies, topicals, and capsules — fun for everyone.

The brand itself has 301k followers on Instagram, while the man behind it has 2.6 million, ‘cause, you know, Chong from Cheech and Chong. In print media, the brand has been featured by Forbes, Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Men’s Journal, LA Weekly, and much more. 

This here Tommy Chong CBD review will give an awesome breakdown of the brand, their best-sellers, some more background on the Chong mission and values, customer testimonials, shipping and returns, all that good stuff. Without further ado, let’s learn!

Overview of Tommy Chong CBD

Tommy Chong CBD Review

Founded in 2016, Tommy Chong CBD is a new-ish brand (but then again, most CBD companies are). They are based in Holladay, Utah, and all of their products are made in the USA

Now, onto the fun part: Tommy Chong. The man himself. Chong from Cheech and Chong. This is his own company. So how did it get started?

Firstly, it began with a deep passion for cannabis (but you probably knew that already). Chong had already been using cannabis for 40 years before he got cancer and needed it more than ever. In his recovery, he relied on marijuana to help him relax and ease pain.

Though Chong doesn’t claim to be an oncologist or scientist, he does insist that cannabis helped him through a rough time that was both physically and mentally exhausting.

Because of this, Chong was super motivated to get his own CBD company up and running to help more people access this “miracle” product of his.

So, now that we’ve heard the backstory, what’s the story on the business itself? Well, here are some pros and cons to consider:


  • Offers a variety of CBD oils, gummies, topicals, and more
  • Made in the USA
  • Soy-free, GMO-free, gluten-free, THC-free
  • Positive customer reviews about the quality of the CBD products
  • Lifetime return policy
  • Third-party testing
  • Full-spectrum CBD


  • Only ships within the US
  • No free returns

Next, let’s get into our Tommy Chong CBD review. What are the products actually like? More specifically, what are the best-sellers like? Let’s dive in.

Tommy Chong CBD Review

The brand is very insistent that their products are made of the purest raw ingredients on the market, with a minimalistic approach to processing. The company completely avoids GMOs, pesticides, soy, and gluten.

You’re getting natural, nano-homogenized CBD products with the best-sellers below (and the rest of their products).

Tommy Chong CBD Good Vibes Review

The Tommy Chong CBD Good Vibe tincture is an energy booster. With full-spectrum nano-CBD, this concoction uses a purer form of cannabis.

Its properties can help you with your focus, clearing out your brain’s junk mail in the morning, if you will.

Still, the Good Vibes Energy Tincture won’t make you jittery like when you drink too much coffee. Oh no, dear, this stuff will keep you nice and relaxed but will give you the energy to take on whatever comes your way today.

A chemical called taurine is also snuck into this little bottle to help you produce more dopamine, which is basically the (un)official sponsor of good vibes.

For $60, you can get the 1 oz bottle of Tommy Chong Good Vibes Energy Tincture. Should last you about a month if you follow the recommended dosage of 20 drops per day.

Tommy Chong CBD Nice Dreams Oil Review

Tommy Chong CBD Nice Dreams Oil is the nighttime version of Good Vibes. So, yes, it will make you feel calmer, but it will also help you sleep easier and deeper.

Whether you’re suffering from chronic pain or just good old-fashioned insomnia, the Nice Dreams Oil is a tool you can use for good sleepiness. The CBD oil combines full spectrum nano-CBD with sleep-inducing melatonin.

It also contains the neurotransmitter GABA — the hope here is that it acts as a messenger to your brain, telling it bedtime stories and lullabies to hush it to sleep. 

Lastly, cordyceps sinensis mushrooms from China are included in the Nice Dreams potion for their brain health benefits.

One 1 oz bottle of Nice Dreams Oil will cost you $60 and last for at least a month’s use.

Tommy Chong CBD Good Vibes and Nice Dreams Combo Pack Review

Tommy Chong’s CBD Good Vibes and Nice Dreams Combo Pack is a match made in heaven or bed. Basically, it’s the morning oil + the night oil so you can wake up refreshed and go to sleep easily.

You could think of this combo pack as your starter kit if this is your first time trying Tommy Chong CBD. Experience the effects of Good Vibes in the AM and Nice Dreams in the PM.

In the morning, when you take Good Vibes, you should feel more energized and focused for the day ahead. Then, when it’s time to wind down for bedtime, you can get better sleep from Nice Dreams.

Vibes and dreams together in one, the Tommy Chong CBD Good Vibes and Nice Dreams Combo Pack is $80 for two 1 oz bottles of love.

Tommy Chong CBD Good Vibes Energy Shots Review

These Tommy Chong CBD Good Vibes Energy Shots come in a pack of 12 shots, each 2 fl oz or 50 mL. Each bottle is its own serving, which makes things pretty simple.

Just down one shot and you’ll hopefully feel the benefits of full-spectrum nano-emulsified hemp extract, taurine for extra dopamine, and Vitamin B6 for mood and focus enhancement. Also, it’s certified vegan, which is an additional plus.

Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes Energy Shots 12pk is $50.

Tommy Chong CBD Muscle & Joint Balm Review

The CBD Muscle & Joint Balm is a topical to apply for, well, muscle and joint pain. In a 2 oz jar, this balm is made naturally with properties like cinnamon extract and menthol.

Soothing, smooth, and oh-so-easy to apply, this product is great for easing stiff joints and tender muscles. It’s no fun living in pain. Pain is definitely not the vibe.

So, for an easy-to-use pain reliever, you can try out this creamy magic right here for $60 usually and on sale now for $42.

Tommy Chong CBD Full Spectrum Gummies Review

CBD Full Spectrum Gummies are deliciously flavored sour gummy bears.

There are 30 of these little guys in the jar, which makes for 30 servings since you just need to pop one. Each has 25 mg of CBD in it.

Made with gelatin and full-spectrum hemp extract, these little guys are great for a pick-me-up with calming effects, too.

For $70, you can get 30 adorably bear-shaped Full Spectrum CBD Sour Gummies.

Who Is Tommy Chong CBD For? 

Tommy Chong CBD Review

Our Tommy Chong CBD review found that the products are for adults only. CBD is pretty tame for the most part, but if you’re concerned for any reason, always make sure to consult your doctor.

Other than that, Tommy Chong CBD is for people with pain and stress they want to relieve with pretty darn effective remedies.

Tommy Chong CBD Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tommy Chong CBD Review

In order for this Tommy Chong CBD review to be tip-top, we have to check out what customers are saying, both on and off the brand site. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) gave Tommy Chong an A grade, but let’s read some real testimonials from the site, Amazon, and Reddit.

Let’s start with the brand site itself. So, what are the people saying?

Well, customers are claiming Tommy’s “the real deal.” They say that with the products, “relief comes quickly and lasts the entire evening,mood is elevated, morning “brain fog” is all cleared, and the products give you nothing but good vibes and good dreams.

Here are the customer ratings for a few of the bestsellers we featured in our Tommy Chong CBD review: 

  • Good Vibes and Nice Dreams Combo Pack – 4.5/5 stars out of 33 ratings
  • Nice Dreams Oil – 4.5/5 stars out of 17 ratings
  • Good Vibe Oil – 4.9/5 stars out of 12 ratings

Overall, things are looking pretty great. Across the board, Chong’s products have high ratings from customers who are impressed with their awesome results. One customer’s review of the CBD Good Vibes and Nice Dreams Combo Pack reads:

The effects from Tommy Chong’s Good Vibes tincture was readily apparent very soon after taking a dose. I felt energetic and able to move better and without pain. I found it hard to believe that it worked well enough to truly feel good with only 100mg cbd in the whole bottle.”

Moving on to external sources…

On Amazon, Tommy Chong’s Oil was rated 3.5/5 stars by 263 buyers. The written testimonials were exceptional, promising awesome, “worked like magic” results. They said the oils are fast-acting and keep you “pain-free and energized for the day.” Sounds like a sweet deal!

Tommy Chong CBD Review

This Tommy Chong CBD review definitely backs up the products’ pain-relieving claims:

This oil helps reduce inflammation and eases joint aches. The effect is immediate. Due to the energizing quality, my partner and I recommend it as a morning supplement to a morning routine. At one dropperful, once a day, the bottle will last one person 30 days.

People also said ​​the oil is a quality “little pick me up” product with a “very smooth citrus tasteand effect for pain relief. Others said it makes you “more agile.” 

While some claim Chong’s CBD is energizing, others just say it’s “nice and relaxing.” And then there are those who say the product does both, somehow, which is neat.

Just for good measure, here’s another Amazon review:

“I use this just about every day and can really tell a difference in the amount of stiffness in my joints. I really can’t tell any difference in sleep patterns or energy but for me it is enough not to have to take pain meds for my back. I will definitely purchase this again.”

Last, let’s take a look at Reddit, where CBDers talk about which brands work and which flop. People say Tommy Chong CBD is “legit” and are “impressed” with how the products relieve pain quickly and with a vengeance. They even say it “always works” for them.

One customer who suffers from migraines strongly recommended the Nice Dreams oil:

It will make you fall asleep almost always. Hence the name Nice Dreams. But if you take migraine meds then you already know you sleep anyways after taking migraines meds. At least with this your simply tired and don’t have the other after effects of migraine pills.

… And another Tommy Chong CBD review on Reddit boasted about their increased ability from the products:

Since i started taking it i have been able to get outside more and get stuff done around the place, and that means a lot to me to get outside and back to work, not been able to do much for years now.

All in all, customers are loving the brand. There are loads of people saying that their pain is actually relieved by Chong’s CBD, the taste isn’t foul, they feel chill and relaxed, and the brand is better than others in quality.

Is Tommy Chong CBD Worth It?

Tommy Chong CBD Review

So, to recap this Tommy Chong CBD review: yes, they are worth it! With a decent variety of CBD goodies to choose from — tinctures, gummies, topicals, drops, softgels — you’ve got options, baby.

Tommy Chong is uber-passionate about cannabis and, for his own brand, obtaining the best, purest, and most natural form of cannabis for CBD products.

The brand sells plenty of full-spectrum nano-homogenized CBD (“nano-CBD”), which is a science-y way of saying that more CBD is used, increasing its bioavailability.

What nano-CBD also means is fast-acting. Tommy Chong’s products work quickly because he knows you want to be chill and pain-free without a wait time.

The brand has consistently positive reviews from customers who praise the brand for its quality, often writing that Chong’s CBD is noticeably stronger and more effective than other brands. Also, the taste of the oils is pleasant, so it’s easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.

All in all, we have to side with Tommy Chong on this. The positive reviews, quality cannabis, and variety of products make Tommy Chong CBD enticing and, in fact, worth it. Treat yourself to some CBD, why not?

Tommy Chong CBD Promotions & Discounts 

Tommy Chong CBD Review

We found a few ways you might be able to get your paws on a good deal:

  • Get 20% off with the coupon code BUDDY20
  • Sign up for the newsletter for additional codes and promos

Where to Buy Tommy Chong CBD

Tommy Chong CBD Review

Simple, you can buy Tommy Chong CBD at getchongcbd.com.


Tommy Chong CBD Review

What does Tommy Chong think about CBD?

What does the man himself think? He is passionate about CBD. But don’t take it from us — here are a few of his own words: 

Science keeps finding more ways that this stuff supports our health and keeps us feeling better. … All of our products are 3rd party lab-tested, full spectrum American hemp derived products. I put my name on it because I believe in it, so you can believe in it too.”

Is there any THC in Tommy Chong’s CBD products?

Our Tommy Chong CBD review found that there is no THC (only trace amounts) in the brand’s CBD products, meaning you won’t get high from these. You will (hopefully) get pain relief and/or relaxation from that sweet, sweet CBD, though.

What is Tommy Chong CBD’s Shipping Policy?

The brand doesn’t actually offer additional information about the shipping policy besides these two facts:

  • The flat rate is $5
  • They only ship in the US (after all, it’s where they were born and raised)

There also doesn’t appear to be an expedited shipping method.

What is Tommy Chong CBD’s Return Policy?

For returns, you can count on Tommy to give you a lifetime guarantee. You can return products for a refund at any time by calling customer service. 

The only catch is you have to send your return back within 15 days of requesting said return, and also, you do have to pay a $5 fee. This will be deducted from your money back.

How to Contact Tommy Chong CBD

Tommy Chong CBD Review

Now that you’ve read our Tommy Chong CBD review, where do you head if you have more questions? We’ve got you covered:

  • Call ​​833-667-3223
  • Email [email protected]
  • Fill out the Contact Form on the brand’s site

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