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Simon Pearce Review

Bowls, dishware, and figurines are easy to find if you don’t care about the quality. But maybe you’re looking for a piece that will both work well and captivate your guests’ attention. Maybe you’d also prefer it to be a handmade, one-of-a-kind item. If that’s the case, then Simon Pearce has what you’re looking for.

In business for decades, Simon Pearce has built a legacy through his high-quality handblown glassware techniques, all designed and made in Vermont, USA. Their 54.3k Instagram followers love the brand’s aesthetic posts that showcase their special products. 

With higher-than-average prices and products you may only use on special occasions, one might be wondering if they are worth it. With this Simon Pearce review, I’m here to dig a little deeper and review the brand’s background, best-sellers, promotions, policies, and more to make sure you know if this company is worth the big bucks.

Overview of Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce Review

Simon Pearce himself has been handblowing glass since the age of 16. Since his first factory opening in 1981, the company has grown into a studio for manufacturing, a worldwide entity.

Not only do they produce quality glassware, but they give customers a chance to dine with them at their restaurant, The Mill. Here a fine dining experience can be complemented by Simon Pearce wares, or a tour of their studio to see their practices in action.

With such a special legacy, the general hype around the company is naturally off the charts, resulting in Simon Pearce reviews filled with praise. This list of highlights contains some of the reasons why they are so loved:


Simon Pearce Review
  • Wide variety of high-quality handblown glass and stoneware options
  • Glassware, tableware, lighting, and home decor
  • Made in the USA
  • Dining experience at the Simon Pearce restaurant, The Mill
  • Plenty of great Simon Pearce reviews online
  • 90-day return policy
  • International shipping
  • Wedding registry available

Simon Pearce Glassware Review

With so much inventory to choose from, and all of it to die for, I figured the best way to continue this Simon Pearce review was to round up their best-selling items.

I’ll showcase what their customers love most about them and what this company is most proud of. It was tough to choose only four items, but somebody had to do it! This is what I came up with.

Simon Pearce Addison Basket Review

The Simon Pearce Addison Basket is a delicate and handblown bowl that features a handle and a clean, clear base. Perfect for everyday use or to put on display for special occasions, this basket adds an air of elegance to whatever it might hold. From candies to flowers, everything looks beautiful inside this Simon Pearce glass.

Measuring 9” x 6.75”, this bowl with handle is made in the USA and retails for $150.

Simon Pearce Rabbit Review

The Simon Pearce Rabbit is an elegant and adorable glass figurine made using lead-free glass. With clean lines and a defined shape, this little rabbit adds a whimsical and precious air to any display.

This handmade glass-blown rabbit comes in a box without a ribbon, has dimensions of 3” x 3.25” x 1.75”, and will cost you $130.

Simon Pearce Crystalline Twist Heart Bowl Review 

The Simon Pearce Crystalline Twist Heart Bowl is one of this company’s best selling pieces of stoneware. Its curvy and fun heart design in combination with its crystalline glazing technique makes it the perfect dish to display for everyday use, perhaps as a key catcher or to hold bracelets and rings.

Made from lead-free cadmium stoneware, no two bowls are identical. This bowl measures 2” x 4.75” and comes in a bunch of different colors. This heart-shaped dish is made in the USA and retails for $95.

Simon Pearce Norwich Ice Bucket Review 

The Simon Pearce Norwich Ice Bucket is a regal addition to your everyday ice collection or wine chilling routine. Its clean design and curled handles allow this bucket to stay on display, or be used every day.

With a substantial base and handblown glass structure, this bucket comes in medium or large, depending on what you want to use it for. The medium bucket measure 6” x 7.25” and will cost you $150. The large version has dimensions of 8.25” x 9” and retails for $195.

Simon Pearce Restaurant

Simon Pearce Review

Located in Vermont, USA, the Simon Pearce restaurant is open to the public by reservation only. With an intimate dining room full of Simon Pearce glassware and elegant decoration, this eatery is located in a stunning and nature-filled setting and offers farm-to-table meals, a private dining room, and an unforgettable experience.

With a talented chef, detailed wine menu, and friendly service, the Simon Pearce restaurant, called The Mill, is a must-visit location.

Who Is Simon Pearce For? 

Simon Pearce Review

Simon Pearce creates all of its pieces with careful precision by handblowing its glassware products and hand-throwing its ceramics and stoneware.

If you love unique, one-of-a-kind products that are pure and ethically made in the USA, perfect for special occasions, and durable enough for everyday use, then Simon Pearce is for you.

Simon Pearce Reviews: What Do Customers Think? 

Simon Pearce Review

I can definitely say that Simon Pearce’s designs and products are gorgeous. But in this Simon Pearce review, what I truly want to share is if their designs are worthwhile. Once you get their glass bowls home and on the mantle, do they live up to expectations? And better yet, is their legacy worth investing in?

I figured the best way to find out if you want to make the Simon Pearce experience a part of your life is through customer feedback, whether it’s through their handblown glass products or through a dining excursion. That’s why I dug up some Simon Pearce reviews. It’s the best (and sometimes the ugliest) way to find the truth.

First, I found out that Simon Pearce reviews average 4.5/5 stars on Trip Advisor, where folks left over 1.4k ratings about their visits to the Simon Pearce factory in Vermont. There, you can see the products being created, and have the chance to bring some home. Here’s what one 5-star review had to say:

The ability to watch people create glass and clay objects is excellent. You have safe access to glass-blowers at work… We got to walk through the factory because we were the only ones there. On busy days there is a catwalk. It was great to watch the slip work and the hand-thrown pottery. It is a must see and it was great on a rainy day.”

Next, I wanted to know what customers were saying about the Simon Pearce dining experience, so I headed over to Facebook to get an idea of what they were saying about this company’s fine dining offerings. With a 4.6/5 star average, and 410 total Simon Pearce reviews, here’s what one of many happy customers had to say:

Janet and I had our downsized wedding party at Simon Pearce. The food was unbelievably excellent , there is not one item that I can rave about, every item was fabulous. Then the room and view have to be the most romantic setting in Vermont or New England. All our guests were overwhelmed by the location, service and food.”

And lastly, I wanted to get an idea of some Simon Pearce reviews of their handblown glassware. I had to know if the quality of their products matched their price. From what I found, it sounds like they are everything a customer would dream of:

When it comes to cocktail glasses, I’ve tested (and maybe broken) more than a few in my lifetime. And while I do have many variations that I enjoy, Simon Pearce’s version is probably my favorite of them all. In my opinion Simon Pearce threads the needle perfectly.”

It appears that, in all facets of the Simon Pearce legacy, the company’s products and services live up to high expectations. This glassware company promises excellence in everything they do, and with so many outlets for their abilities to shine (and perhaps fail) they seem to be pleasing, impressing, and doing a generally great job.

Is Simon Pearce Legit?

Simon Pearce Review

Simon Pearce has been in business for decades, and over that time has earned a reputable and trustworthy name. This is part of their image, and their high-quality products backs up their pricing, which are all legit and vetted.

Is Simon Pearce Worth It?

Simon Pearce Review

Simon Pearce creates elegant and sturdy handblown glassware and ceramics. The integrity of their products lies in their careful creation in their Vermont factory. For this reason, their products come an at elevated price.

If you love to collect gorgeous pieces for special occasions, anything from Simon Pearce will be a worthy item to add to the collection.

Simon Pearce Promotions & Discounts 

Simon Pearce Review

Although there are not currently any major promotions or discounts at Simon Pearce, the company is offering free shipping on select items, which is just one of many sales and discounts that this glassware brand frequently offers.

Where to Buy Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce Review

While there may be one or two rogue outlets that offer Simon Pearce glassware, the company prides itself not only on its handblown glass and carefully chosen materials, but on its standard to ship products safely.

With their strong shipping and return policies and their vast catalog of products, the best place to find Simon Pearce is directly on their official website.


Simon Pearce Review

Who owns Simon Pearce?

Simon Pearce is the founder and owner of the company itself, who has a headquarters in Vermont. Simon Pearce has been crafting handblown glass since he was 16.

Does Simon Pearce ship internationally?

Yes! Simon Pearce does ship internationally. While customers outside of the USA are required to pay any additional custom fees or taxes, Simon Pearce is happy to ship to any location. Just get in touch with their customer service by using one of the methods below and they can help you organize a shipping date, time, and cost.

What is Simon Pearce’s Shipping Policy?

Simon Pearce offers a few different shipping speeds to choose from. Here are your options and fees for orders within the USA.

Orders up to $150:

  • Standard shipping: $15
  • 2-day shipping: $30
  • Overnight shipping: $45

Orders between $150-$2,000:

  • Standard shipping: 10% of total purchase
  • 2-day shipping: 10% of total purchase, plus $15
  • Overnight shipping: 10% of total purchase, plus $30

Orders $2,000 and up:

  • Standard shipping: $200
  • 2-day shipping: 10% of total purchase, plus $15
  • Overnight shipping: 10% of total purchase, plus $30

What is Simon Pearce’s Return Policy?

Simon Pearce gives its customers 90 days to decide whether or not they’d like to return their goods for a refund to your original form of payment.

If you are not totally happy with your products, you can return the items, as long as they are in their original packaging and include the receipt. Customers are responsible to pay to ship for their return items.

How to Contact Simon Pearce

Simon Pearce Review

If you still have some questions after reading our Simon Pearce review, the best ways to get in touch with them are the following:

  1. Call them at 1-800-774-5277
  2. Email them at [email protected]
  3. Fill out their contact form

Their customer service team is available during the week from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.

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