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Sixpenny Review

Homeowners, renters, interior designers, and decorators—this one’s for you. We build homes to be more than places where we rest our heads at night. They are sanctuaries, allowing us to rebuild and recharge. They fill us with warmth when we gather with the ones we love or cuddle up on the couch watching cheesy movie after cheesy movie on the sofa with our partner. 

In a home, we should find happiness. And in happiness, we should feel at home. Sixpenny strives to provide both with their selection of elegant and timeless home staples: comfortable chairs and stylish, functional tables. The minimalist design feels earthy and natural, which only makes sense considering the fabrics are natural, too. 

With 123k followers on Instagram after only around 4 years in business, it’s clear that this brand has caught attention quickly. It has also been mentioned in popular media publications such as NYMag, Forbes, and The New York Times for its aesthetically pleasing collections and its direct-to-consumer business model. 

Ready to learn more about this brand’s collections? Keep reading this Sixpenny review–I’ll give you the grand tour of this brand, including some of their best-selling furniture items, customer testimonials, important FAQs, and more, to help you decide which pieces belong in your home.

Overview of Sixpenny

Sixpenny Review

Sixpenny was founded in 2017 by two well-versed designers in the world of quality furniture: Kevin Lehrer and Jon Allen. The two had previously worked under big-name brands like Bed, Bath and Beyond and JC Penney. 

Their own brand, Sixpenny, was a chance to create simple and comfortable furniture made beautiful by combining the two. So, the brand began with one clear mission: to bring their belief that “no matter the shape, size, and state of your home, it should be the most comfortable, personal, enriching space in your world” to life. 

Plus, the brand cuts out the middleman with their direct-to-consumer method, simultaneously making these beautiful and functional pieces affordable. Today, Sixpenny offers a selection of slipcovered and upholstered chairs, sofas, daybeds, and tables for your living space, dining area, or entryway. 

These are the pieces that face the most use in the day-to-day, meaning they need to withstand the pressures that come with that traction. With that in mind, all Sixpenny pieces are designed with durability in mind, with washable covers, easy to wipe surfaces, and top-quality frames. 

The ideas come to fruition in New York, with materials sourced all over the world that come together in perfect harmony in the brand’s facilities in China. Before diving into all the details you’re waiting for, my Sixpenny review is here with the skinny. 


  • Wide selection of home furniture essentials
  • Plenty of color options, from classic neutrals to deep and moody shades
  • Free home delivery
  • 30-day free returns
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Timeless and versatile 
  • Designed to last
  • Comfortable and beautiful
  • Ethically sourced down and natural materials
  • Handcrafted, hardwood frames
  • Only ships within the US
Sixpenny Review

Home is something we make out of a house, an apartment building, or a condo. It’s not there innately but requires a collection of items that speak to who you are. Sixpenny carries the building blocks with its wide selection of seating, from daybeds to dining benches and tables, including consoles and coffee tables, that start your space off right.

The designs are minimalist and lean, almost ethereal, with a hint of Scandinavian meets farmhouse. The lines are clean and structured with soft linen fabrics and earthy wood tones that pull French Parisian. 

Folks and friends, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: in this Sixpenny review I will now explore the brand’s top-selling products to help you decide what’s been missing from your space.

Sixpenny Review

Sixpenny furniture carries the essentials–chairs and tables–that fall into place with your other pieces. They are ideal for building your space around, belonging in your home for years to come with the versatile and timeless designs. 

If your favorite color or home decor style changes, these pieces will change with it, conforming and being molded by the throw pillows and tablecloths you don them with. Now that you know a little more, my Sixpenny review will cover some of the brand’s most popular pieces. 

Sixpenny Gabriel Chair Review

When it’s time to upgrade your lumpy accent chair–calling it an “accent” might be generous here when it’s really a dumping ground for the clothes that aren’t quite dirty enough to toss in the hamper but also not clean enough to hang back up–opt for the accent chair of all accent chairs: the Gabriel Chair. 

This chair is way more than a catch-all with a wide backing, deep cushion, and fluffy side cushions. It’s wide enough to fit two people, plus it’s easy to clean since it’s slipcovered and machine washable. The sleek skirt synonymous with a slipcover adds an air of elegance to the minimal design.

I can picture this chair tucked into the corner next to a bookcase, decorated with your softest throw blanket and a floor lamp, creating the coziest reading nook you ever did see. Pair it with the Gabriel Ottoman to kick your feet up, though this chair is big enough to curl up in.

The Sixpenny Gabriel Chair is available in 29 colors and materials, from deep blue velvet to white and airy cotton linen. Choose between a feather-down or a polyfill for $1499

Sixpenny Devyn Dining Bench Review

We’ve all had dinner on our aunt’s hard wooden chairs after fighting our cousins for the last cushion. Nobody wants to have a painful tailbone on Thanksgiving, and nobody wants to be that aunt. Be the cool aunt with the Devyn Dining Bench.

With a chic rectangular shape and fitted slipcover, this bench will fit seamlessly into your dining space. Place two in an “L” shape beneath an oval dining table to create a cute little dining nook, or juxtapose it with a set of chairs on the other side for a cozy and casual space.

With a thick cushion made from your choice of polyfill or down feather for proper support and 13 colors and materials to choose from, the Sixpenny Devyn Dining Bench retails for $999.

Sixpenny Neva Daybed Review 

With crisp edges, a long chaise, and a single-arm, the Neva Daybed combines the style of an accent chair with the comfort of a sofa. Ideal for afternoon naps or filling the empty spot in your living room with a space just for you, this piece will instantly transform into your new fav place.

The cushions are thick and plush, made from four layers of foam and down (or poly mix), all held together by the super soft fabric (your choice of 29). Whether you’re pairing it with the Neva Sofa or dedicating a room entirely to this Cleopatra-approved daybed, your space will be a sanctuary.

With a left or right-facing arm, the Sixpenny Neva Daybed retails for $2399.

Sixpenny Rylance Console Table Review

Whether you’re placing it behind your sofa to dress with plants, your record player, and a collection of your fav novels, or popping it next to your front door to serve as an entryway table, the Sixpenny Rylance Console Table is fit to do it all. 

This piece is handcrafted from American red oak, with thick A-frame legs and a lengthy slab tabletop. The finish is slightly shiny and super easy to clean with a feather duster or damp cloth. 

Since it’s handmade, stained, and sealed, every single one is unique, retailing for $1899.

Sixpenny Kai Dining Table Review

Gather round, everybody. Literally. The Kai Dining Table is one you’ll want to take a seat at, after you spend a couple of minutes with your jaw hanging open and eyes wide to take in all its beauty.

The construction is simple: three large and wide woodcuts attach to make a “T” shape. The sleek peekaboo holes in the leg add a little juxtaposition, revealing the legs or fabric of whichever chairs or bench you surround it with. 

The oak wood is reused from old buildings in Austria, which is selected, built, and finished by hand. Be sure to use coasters and trivets to protect the tabletop, but I can’t, in good conscience, recommend you cover this sight to behold with a tablecloth. 

Center your dining space with the Sixpenny Kai Dining Table for $4099.

Sixpenny Sofa Review

The main event of every home is the place you sit at the end of a long day, giving yourself a chance to recharge and rest up. It’s where people gather when you’re hosting and where you spend time with the people you love most.

Ah, the sofa. A wonderful thing, really. But too often, they are bulky, too firm, or too soft, causing back and neck pain that is undesirable for TV bingers and cuddlebugs alike. Luckily, Sixpenny sofas are as beautiful as they are comfortable, providing luxe cushioning that enhances the overall vibe of your home. That being said, let’s dive into some of the best sellers.

Sixpenny Neva Sofa Review

I was about to list all the things the Neva Sofa was ideal for, but then I realized that the list is longer than this Sixpenny review. In short, whether you want to chill out with a good book, cuddle close for a movie night, or seriously just have a beautiful couch, this is the one. 

You’ll sink right into the deep seat and pillowy soft cushions, while the French seam will keep things feeling light and airy; I’m thinking if you close your eyes, you’ll start to feel like you’re floating on a cloud, in Paris, perhaps. 

You know, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But in this case, beauty is really just in the sofa itself. With three layers of foam and a double layer of down (or poly) fill, plus 29 different color and fabric options and two size options, the Sixpenny Neva Sofa is made to be yours. The 84” retails for $2599, while the 72” goes for $2399.

Sixpenny Aria Sofa Review

If you’re a chronic furniture rearranger like us, you know how frustrating it can be when the arms of your sofa make it look awkward in one spot and out of place in another. Luckily, the Aria Sofa is arm free, which is also ideal for stretching out and laying down. 

Now, just because it’s armless doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a good handle on things. The modular design is flattered with bouncy, fluffy pillows made from a healthy layer of high-density foam surrounded by a down or polyfill.

The angled back is easy to lean into, and you can pair it with the Aria Ottoman to kick back and relax. Available in 23 different fabrics and colors, the Sixpenny Aria Sofa comes in a 72” length for $2499 or 84” for $2699.

Who Is Sixpenny For? 

Sixpenny Review

If you catch yourself switching up your design style often, big pieces of furniture that easily conform to different looks are a must-have. Sixpenny is also for those of us who like one thing and stick to it: they last ages, never losing comfortability or beauty, so you will have them for years to come. 

The seating and tables Sixpenny offers are about more than being the center, grounding point of your space. They are also designed to last the test of time, as well as the test of sticky fingers and muddy paws. So, if you’re looking for a forever piece, I’m going to conclude this Sixpenny review by deeming this brand the right place to stop your search

Plus, if you’re interested in naturally and ethically made pieces, you’re in for a treat. I’ll cover the details below in this Sixpenny review!

Is Sixpenny Ethical? 

Sixpenny Review

In the wise words of Blink-182, it’s all the small things. And with Sixpenny, it’s all down to the smallest dime. In saying that, the brand is careful to choose sustainable and ethical vendors. 

The down feathers that fill each sofa are ethically sourced, meaning they are a natural byproduct of the food industry. Essentially, this ends up limiting potential waste and avoids any live-plucking. These certifications are renewed every year to ensure ethical practices remain in place.

Plus, the slipcovers and upholstery are all-natural, hand-dyed, and super soft, combining safety and sustainable pieces with the luxurious and comfortable feel the brand is known for. Another thing to mention is the durability of the sofas, which avoids unnecessary waste. 

They’re super easy to clean since the covers are removable and can be taken to the dry cleaners or washed at home. For home cleaning, follow these steps:

  1. Put the covers in the machine
  2. Use cold water and a mild detergent
  3. Turn on the gentle cycle
  4. Air-dry until almost dry
  5. Finish in the dryer on low heat to complete the drying process

Sixpenny Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sixpenny Review

Despite the brand’s media presence, it hasn’t garnered too many comments from customers just yet. In saying this, it is only a few years old, and I expect to hear more and more from customers as they discover the products.

Because of this, it may be challenging to paint a clear picture of what the products are like. Nonetheless, I sourced comments from the brand’s website, Clever, and Reddit, where shoppers describe immense love for the comfort and durability of the furniture. With all that being said, let’s dive into these Sixpenny reviews. 

On the brand’s website, one shopper rates the Neva collection 5/5 stars on the brand’s website. They describe how the pieces combine all the best aspects of seating: “Delighted in every way! I was so eager for them to get here, and they arrived 10 days prior to my expectations! Great company, great customer support, and a great product! Wow!

Another customer has similar sentiments about the Neva Sofa, rating it 5/5 stars for how comfortable it is, alongside the brand’s service: “This couch is amazing! I am so glad I took the time and found something of this quality. I had been searching for ultimate comfort, something you literally get sucked into .. and this is it! I am so happy with the couch. Sixpenny customer service is outstanding, very responsive and friendly. The delivery was also perfect.”

Sixpenny Review

On Clever, another patron writes about the Neva Chaise Sectional–clearly, this collection is one to be had! They explained that their delivery service ended up being a bit out of the box (literally, since the sofa pieces were removed from the boxes), but the customer service was top notch and asked for details ahead of time to plan delivery accordingly. 

They were also impressed with the quality of the couch itself, claiming the brand lives up to expectations: “Sixpenny is being honest when they talk about comfort. This is one of the most comfy couches I’ve spent time on in a while. You can really sink into the seats, yet the cushion filling bounces right back.”

Another check for the Neva, one happy customer on Reddit labels the chair their fav place in their home: “it’s probably my favorite place to just curl up with a good book in the whole house–I was talking to my husband and we were saying that we can’t wait till it is cold so that we can have a fire in the fireplace and sit in that chair. I have kids and they both love it too.”

Another plus? There are legitimately no complaints about this brand. So far, all they’ve garnered is the utmost respect from their customers, who find the pieces complete their homes, ending their search for high-quality furniture. 

Is Sixpenny Worth It?

Sixpenny Review

Aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, well-manufactured… the list goes on. What’s most important about these items is that they are durable and versatile. They withstand the test of time in two ways: they hold up against daily life, whether that’s spills and stains that are easily washed away or ever-changing trends and styles.

Plus, the customer testimonials commend the brand’s outstanding quality and customer service, which is a true reflection of what Sixpenny is all about: providing people with exceptional pieces through an exceptional shopping experience. 

And, to simply add on to all the good that Sixpenny does, I do admire its commitment to comfortable pieces that look beautiful and are made ethically. The natural materials and sustainably sourced parts make every item that much more appealing; they look good, feel good, and do good (for everyone involved).

Sixpenny Promotions & Discounts 

Sixpenny Review

Looking for some deals on your new furniture pieces? At the time of this Sixpenny review, the brand is offering 10% off your first order when you sign up for the newsletter.

Where to Buy Sixpenny

Sixpenny Review

Ready to add a little warmth and elegance to your home? To shop from the brand, visit their online store,


Sixpenny Review

Where are Sixpenny products made?

Designed in New York and Colorado with materials sourced from all over the world (France, America, Austria, etc.), Sixpenny products are manufactured with the brand’s partners in China. Also, the brand intends to set up an assembly facility in LA in the coming years.

Why is the lead time so long?

Because of the year we’ve had and the short staffing many businesses have seen worldwide, the company cannot offer a precise ETA on when items will be picked up for shipping. Thus, the items all have a 14-16 week timeline for delivery.

Which fabrics are kid and pet friendly?

There are two things to consider when determining if something is kid and pet friendly: is it durable, and is it safe? 

All Sixpenny fabrics are safe because they are natural. When it comes to durability, all of the materials hold up against daily traffic and are super easy to clean.

Does Sixpenny ship internationally?

Unfortunately, due to shipping delays, Sixpenny currently only ships within the US. The brand hopes to extend to international shipping soon.

What is Sixpenny’s Shipping Policy?

When it comes to shipping, in-stock items should arrive within 2-3 weeks, while back-ordered items may take around 12-14 weeks. Shipping is free across the US, while white glove delivery is offered for a flat rate of $100. Large items ship with the brand’s partners, and smaller items ship via UPS.

What is Sixpenny’s Return Policy?

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return it for free within 30 days. Just be sure to keep all original packaging–otherwise, there will be a 10% restocking fee.

The brand offers a limited lifetime warranty for frames, springs, joints, legs, and hardware if it does not hold up against regular wear and tear. Simply message the brand for more details if you experience any issues. 

How to Contact Sixpenny

I hope you enjoyed this Sixpenny review! If you have any further questions about the brand or its products, please contact them using the following methods:

You can send an email to the brand 24/7, and the live chat operates 7 days a week between 10:00 AM-7:00 PM EST.

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