Sock Fancy Review

About Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy was launched in 2011 by Stefan Lewinger and Futhum Tewolde. Sock Fancy is a monthly subscription service that sends randomly selected socks to your address. Sock Fancy is currently based in Cabbagetown, a neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia. Operating out of a 5,000 sq. Ft. office space, Sock Fancy has shipped over 500,000 pairs of socks to over 85 countries around the world.

Sock Fancy makes a wide range of colorful socks for both men and women.

About Sock Fancy Products

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy offers a wide range of colorful socks that range from bold to unusual. With fun colors, patterns and styles, Sock Fancy continues to set trends in the industry with remarkable success in a relatively short time.

Sock Fancy Design and Manufacturing

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy designs their socks at their headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Using the latest in materials for superior comfort and durability, Sock Fancy products include70% cotton, 14% Polyester, 13% Nylon and 3% Spandex.

Sock Fancy socks incorporate finely stitched custom designs with incredible detailing in every pair manufactured. Woven, instead of screen printed, Sock Fancy can incorporate six-different thread colors to produce socks that are definitely one-of-a-kind. All socks produced by Sock Fancy are guaranteed never to fade or run.

All Sock Fancy socks are made in China. All orders are shipped from Atlanta Georgia.

Prices for Sock Fancy produces custom socks starting at $12.00/pair or 2-pair for $9.50 per pair a savings of 21% or crew socks. Subscriptions options range from 3 to 12 months starting at $11.00/month ranging up to $57.00/month for 6 pairs. Subscription service may be canceled at any time.

Sock Fancy also features custom socks for schools or organizations with a 100 pair minimum order.

Sock Fancy Shipping

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy offers free shipping worldwide. Domestic orders arrive in 7-10 business days. International orders may take for 3-4 weeks for delivery. Domestic orders are shipped via the United State Postal Service. Door to door tracking is available for all domestic orders.

Sock Fancy Return Policy

No return policies available at this time

Sock Fancy Reviews

Sock Fancy Review

Sock Fancy is currently rated lower than expected at 6.4 out of 10. There appear to be some issues with “spamming” or reported blocking of negative reviews although there are negative reviews available on Sock Fancy website. Quality of the product does not appear to be a problem, but shipping and the lack of additional customer support after shipping may need some revamping or restructuring.

Sock Fancy Customer Service Information

Customer Service Information at Sock Fancy is reported to be the “Best Customer Service in the Game” as listed on Sock Fancy website. Offering a speedy turn-around time from order receipt to shipment, Sock Fancy prides itself in processing orders faster than all leading competitor’s

Sock Fancy Coupon Code

Sock Fancy Review

No coupon codes or discounts were noted on the Sock Fancy website other than discounts with savings on monthly orders

Why We Like Sock Fancy

Sock Fancy Review

We like Sock Fancy primarily for starting and growing a company from a table in the basement to shipping over 500,000 pair of socks to 84 countries. Starting with nothing and building a successful company is an achievement in itself. Quality and appearance of Sock Fancy products are excellent, using high-quality material that are known to be durable and extremely comfortable.

What We Think Could Improve

Sock Fancy Review 1

Overall, Sock Fancy’s website could use some rebuilding. The present site is confusing and takes time to navigate through looking for specific information, in this case, return policies which is often reviewed by consumers before ordering. Monthly subscription prices also appear to be a bit higher than similar competing sock companies and may need to be reduced to attract new consumers.

Final Thoughts

Sock Fancy is a very well- run company that has made remarkable gains in a relatively short time in business. With rapid growth, details sometimes get overlooked. What appears to be small at the moment will eventually grow in rapid proportions and has brought down much larger companies than Sock Fancy. Expansion is the key to any successful company but needs to be controlled.

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Asked by Erin Valentine (11 months ago) Reply

I placed an order 5 days ago. and it was immediately confirmed on the order page. I have no order number, their phone number had to be tracked down and it is not a workable number. I have sent 2 mails with with no response to date. My credit card of course has been charged.

Answered by Katheryn Davis (10 months ago) Reply

I placed an order on April 15th for 78.00 for face masks. It is now July 16th and I still don’t have them. There is no way to contact them. When I found a number for them, their mailbox was full. I turned them in to the better business bureau and they can’t get a hold of them either.

Asked by GINA RUBEN (10 months ago) Reply

Exact same experience.

Asked by Terri Hazelwood (9 months ago) Reply

I’m having a similar experience shipping date shows arriving in my city however no delivery, yet. If this is a scam, shame on you! I ordered four masks, with the good faith promise of donation of additional four masks. Currently waiting on my order…but I did receive request for review of product, ironic.

Asked by Ed Jamison (9 months ago) Reply

I never received my order.

UPS handed off the package to USPS for delivery. I filed a claim with USPS. USPS delivered it to the wrong address, could not retrieve it, and
told me to contact the vendor for re-delivery.

I would think they could re-deliver my order and file a claim for a refund with UPS for non-delivery.

I emailed the company and they have been non-responsive to my requests for assistance.

Terrible customer service. Buyer beware.

Asked by Phyllis Spatz (5 months ago) Reply

I placed an order for 5 masks early this morning. Completed all required info and ended with PayPal. Think I may still be in system. Did not get email confirmation. Will check with PayPal
To see if order went through.

Asked by Louise (5 months ago) Reply

I have had success with two mask orders but the last order was shipped incomplete. I used the contact form on the website to report the issue. I got a response a little more than a day later but it was not a good response. They challenged my concern asking me to take pictures of the masks I had received. If it had been two or three masks, I probably would have done it just to get on with things. But I bought 22 masks to give as gifts in one order, received 21, and wrapped them all the night I received them. So I told them that was not going to be possible. I still haven’t heard back, left two voicemails. I feel ripped off, but not as bad as some of the others here.

Incomplete Order
Asked by Andre Jackson (3 months ago) Reply

I received my order, but it was INCOMPLETE. I order the V-Day Pack, but only received the socks. There were NO MASKS included in my shipment.

I have made three attempts to get this situation remedied, but all I have received is empty promises.

Can someone please assist me.

Thank you.

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