Hooga Health Review

About Hooga Health 

Hooga Health Review

You’ve heard of cognitive behavioral therapy, existential therapy, and holistic therapy, but those are a tad passe. Do you know what all the kids are doing now? It’s a little something called red light therapy, and if you have the right equipment, you can do it from the safety of your home. 

It positions itself as a treatment for superficial scars, acne, and wrinkles. If you’re looking for an experimental yet promising remedy for those issues, then Hooga Health may be up your alley. 

They’re a small business offering affordable red light therapy devices. If you’re trying to keep your overhead low and support the little guy, you may want to check them out. Hooga Health has just over 3k Instagram followers, showing that they’re close to their humble roots. 

Pros & Cons

In this Hooga Health review, I’ll look at the brand’s best-selling products, their prices, what customers think of them, and more. First, let’s get a bird’s-eye-view of the brand with their pros and cons:


  • Reported health benefits: According to user reviews, many individuals found Hooga Health products to be worth it and reported steady health benefits in various areas.
  • Safety standards: Hooga Health manufactures its products in an FDA-registered facility following strict safety standards. Their devices are claimed to have zero EMF levels, which indicates a focus on safety.
  • Affordable pricing: Hooga Health offers products at an affordable price point compared to competitors.
  • Positive customer service: Many users expressed satisfaction with Hooga Health’s customer service.


  • Limited customer reviews

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.


Here are some features of Hooga Health products:

  1. Hooga Reed Diffuser and Room Spray: Hooga Health offers reed diffusers and room sprays in black and white series. These products can help create a pleasant fragrance in your living space.
  2. Hooga Red Light Therapy Devices: Hooga Health provides red light therapy devices that are designed to decrease muscle and joint pain, improve mood, reduce stress, rejuvenate the skin, and potentially enhance brain health and cognitive functioning. These devices may also aid in wound healing and repair.
  3. Hooga HG200: The HG200 is a targeted red and near-infrared light therapy device for home use. It features 40 LEDs that emit red and near-infrared light in equal proportions. The device includes a built-in timer function and a foldable tabletop stand at the back for convenience. The LEDs have a 30-degree beam angle.
  4. Hooga HGPRO300: The HGPRO300 is a high-powered, targeted red light therapy device designed for home use. It can be used for various purposes, including anti-aging, improving skin tone and texture, relieving pain, reducing wrinkles, improving sleep, and aiding in recovery and athletic performance.
  5. Hooga Red Light Therapy Device: Hooga offers a red light therapy device that emits red and near-infrared light at clinically proven wavelengths. It features a timer, built-in stand, adjustable brightness, and pulse function. This device is intended for skin health, pain relief, muscle recovery, and performance enhancement.
  6. Hooga HGPRO Ultra: The HGPRO Ultra is a powerful red and near-infrared light therapy device with 1080 dual-chip LEDs. It emits light at clinically proven wavelengths and features a digital display with a timer, pulse function, and adjustable brightness. The device has a high-rated power and power consumption.

Studies On Red Light Therapy

It’s one thing for a product to live up to its commercial hype, but something else entirely to live up to scientific hype. Here are four articles in support of red light therapy:

  1. A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology demonstrated the therapeutic activity of red or infrared light in promoting tissue repair, regeneration, and skin rejuvenation. Clinical treatment with red or infrared light-emitting diode (LED) devices showed significant benefits in augmenting skin health and reducing the signs of photoaging and photodamaged skin.
  2. Research conducted at the Cleveland Clinic indicates that red light therapy stimulates collagen production, increases fibroblast production (which makes collagen), enhances blood circulation to the skin tissue, and reduces inflammation in cells. These effects contribute to improved skin health, strength, elasticity, and tone.
  3. Another study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine Research focused on the application of red light therapy in treating patients with temporomandibular disorders (TMD). The results showed that red LED therapy was effective in improving symptoms such as pain, clicking, and muscle tenderness in TMD patients. The study highlighted the importance of both the physical and psychological aspects of treatment.
  4. Light-emitting diode therapy, including red light therapy, has demonstrated potential benefits in muscle health. It can reduce muscle damage, pain, and atrophy while increasing muscle mass, recovery, and athletic performance. These findings were observed in rehabilitation programs and sports medicine.

5 Best-Selling Hooga Health Products

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by Hooga’s catalog since they have lights of different sizes and intensities, blue-light blocking technology, grounding mats, and more. As such, I’ll only look at their best-selling items in this Hooga Health review. 

Hooga Health HG300 – Red Light Therapy Device Review

Although the Hooga Health HG300 – Red Light Therapy Device comes in multiple sizes, the HG300 is the most popular. It’s large enough to cover half your body with two light wavelengths, red light at 660 nanometers and infrared at 850 nanometers

You only need to use it for 2 to 15 minutes daily for optimal results. It’s available for $159.

Customers say: “Great price, excellent quality, and clear, compelling positive health results. I am almost halfway through my 60 day test period , And plan to buy a larger model from the pro series if the results continue. This will help me cover more areas of my body more quickly.

Hooga Health HGPRO300 – Red Light Therapy Panel Review

The Hooga Health HGPRO300 – Red Light Therapy Panel is a good companion for other Hooga Health red light therapy devices. It can connect to other lights to provide more coverage. 

Plus, it can be angled up or downwards for more comprehensive therapy. You can pick it up for $279.

Customers say: “It seems super sturdy and solid, almost like a military-grade piece of equipment. I feel relaxed after a red light session, and it definitely feels like I sleep better after using it. So glad it came with the goggles, because this thing is bright!!

Hooga Health Horizontal Stand Review 

This isn’t a Hooga red light therapy device, but it can open up plenty of possibilities for your therapy. 

The Hooga Health Horizontal Stand can hold panels at heights between 35 inches to 52 inches, allowing you to direct more red light toward your face. You can also lock the wheels in place. The only thing you can’t do is purchase this stand at the moment because it’s sold out. 

When it comes back in stock, you can grab it for $299.

Hooga Health 4-in-1 Facial Skin Care Wand Review 

The next item in my Hooga Health review is a unique take on red light therapy. It’s a handheld wand with rechargeable batteries that provides four types of care:

  1. Red light therapy
  2. Microcurrent vibrations to tighten and strengthen skin
  3. Massages to reduce swelling
  4. Warming sensations to improve absorption

It’s also the cheapest red light device in this Hooga Health review, costing only $75.

Customers say: “Love that I can use this product just about anywhere and anytime!”

Hooga Health Grounding Mat Review 

The Hooga Health Grounding Mat is for people who can’t freely step outside barefoot. It’s made from vegan leather and slim enough to place under your feet as you work. Simply plug it into the wall and feel the electrical charge realign you with the earth. 

You can pick it up for $29.

Customers say: This is the best grounding mat. I’m able to sit longer and my chakras feel aligned.

Who Is Hooga Health For? 

Hooga Health Review

Hooga Health red light therapy bulbs are ideal for people who don’t respond well to topical ointments for superficial injuries or wounds. If you’re allergic to creams, you may want to check out Hooga’s alternative products. 

Hooga Health Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Hooga Health Review

Since there are not a ton of Hooga Health reviews from customers, I pulled from three main resources: Hooga Health’s website, Amazon, and Reddit. Let’s start with the ratings on their website as of May 2023:

  • Hooga Health HG300 – Red Light Therapy Device: 5/5 stars based on more than 70 ratings
  • Hooga Health Grounding Mat: 5/5 stars based on 10 ratings
  • Hooga Health 4-in-1 Facial Skin Care Wand: 5/5 stars based on one rating
  • Hooga Health HGPRO300 – Red Light Therapy Panel: 4.5/5 stars based on more than 40 ratings

Customers were kind to Hooga Health on Amazon and Reddit too. They appreciated the affordability of the products and noted that it didn’t feel like a decrease in quality. One customer wrote, “I truly love your products. I am so fond of the HG 24 that I bought two for my own use and a total of four to give away at Christmas. Thank you for making red light therapy affordable.

And here’s a Hooga Health review from a satisfied user on Reddit: 

I just bought one and have been using it for a few days now. Based on the reviews and questions answered by the company on Amazon, it seems legit. It appears they know the science – but just can’t afford the fancy advertising that Joovv touts. It’s too early to report any benefits of photobiomodulation, but I’m happy with their product and will continue to use it daily.

The only criticism some customers mentioned was that Hooga Health wasn’t clear about which light dose was optimal for specific health conditions. Granted, this was more an issue with the company’s instructions than the products themselves. 

Those familiar with red light therapy said the devices performed well when they found the correct dose, though some said the devices were slightly weaker than other, more expensive brands. 

I think this red light therapy may do some good on my knee. It’s quick and easy. Only thing is not much information on how to figure the dose of light. The formula is confusing. Would do to have better information included on usage. Price was good compared to others. No bells and whistles which I like. Just want Quality where it counts,” said one buyer on Amazon.

Is Hooga Health Legit?

There isn’t a ton of information available on Hooga Health itself, but I couldn’t find any customer reviews about fraud or shady business practices. As such, I’m inclined to believe that they’re a trustworthy brand.

Is Hooga Health Worth It?

Hooga Health Review

If you’re invested in red light therapy, then Hooga Health is worth it. As you’ve seen in this Hooga Health review, their products are much cheaper than the competition, but you may need prior familiarity with red light therapy and dosages to use them best. 

How To Choose The Best Hooga Health Red Light Therapy Product

If you’re new to red light therapy, then you may not know which device is best for you. In that case, ask yourself these questions:

  • What do I want to accomplish with red light therapy? Do I want to sleep better, help my skin, or heal deep tissue damage?
  • How much space do I have in my bedroom for a red light device? If you have more space then you can afford to splurge on a larger product. 
  • Do I need red light therapy over my entire body, or do I just need to remedy one specific area? Why waste money on an oversized device when you only want to improve your face’s elasticity?

Hooga Health Promotions & Discounts 

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts in researching for this Hooga Health review, I couldn’t find any Hooga Health discount codes or promotions. 

Where To Buy Hooga Health 

Has my Hooga Health review piqued your interest? You can shop on hoogahealth.com or Amazon. 


Red light therapy is more than just a fad. Here are some other brands that offer these types of products:

  1. Joovv: Joovv offers the Joovv Solo 3.0, a red light therapy device designed for full-body treatment. It claims to help boost blood flow and relax muscles.
  2. PlatinumLED: PlatinumLED is known for its Biomax 900, which is considered one of the best red light therapy devices for home use. It offers powerful red light therapy benefits.
  3. SolaWave: SolaWave offers red light face wands and devices that combine red light therapy with other features like facial massage, microcurrent, and therapeutic warmth. Their Advanced Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy is a popular product.


Hooga Health Review

Who owns Hooga Health?

Dave Hibler is one of the co-founders and owners of Hooga Health.

Is Hooga Health Red Light Therapy FDA approved?

Although Hooga Health’s products are manufactured in an FDA-approved facility, they aren’t FDA-approved. 

What are the cons of red light therapy?

Some possible side effects from red light therapy include the following:

  • Itchy skin
  • Redness
  • Stinging
  • Skin ulcers
  • Hyperpigmentation

How do I figure out the dose that I need?

There are plenty of blog posts online that explain how to find out the optimal red light dose. 

The process is more involved than I can summarize in two to three sentences, but in short, it’s based on how close you are to the light. The closer you are, the higher the dose. Higher doses are better for muscles and deep tissues while low doses are better for the skin.

What is Hooga Health’s Shipping Policy?

Hooga Health can ship to most locations within the continental United States. They provide free shipping on all orders. 

What is Hooga Health’s Returns Policy?

Hooga Health offers a 60-day return policy. If you’re not sold on the product, then you can return it at any time during those first 60 days to receive a full refund minus the cost of shipping. 

How To Contact Hooga Health  

If you have any questions after finishing this Hooga Health review, here’s what you need to know.

Although there isn’t a Hooga Health phone number, you can reach out to [email protected] with any questions, comments, or concerns. 

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