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About Joovv Red Light Therapy

Joovv Review

Improve the way you look and feel with Joovv’s medical-grade infrared lights. The brand has designed several in-home systems to help transform your mental, and physical health, by way of light exposure. Infrared light provides enhanced cellular function, decreases inflammation, and promotes healing and recovery, among many other benefits. 

Joovv has been featured on USA Today, The New York Times, GQ, Men’s Health, and Women’s Running. They have an impressive 148k followers on their Instagram account and are an official partner of the San Francisco 49ers.  

This Joovv light review will scope out the brand, their best-selling products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if their infrared lights are worth the buy. 

Joovv Red Light Review

Joovv Review

Scott Nelson and Justin Strahan launched the first Joovv light back in 2016, intrigued by the scientifically proven benefits of light exposure. It’s a fact that the average American spends 90% of their day inside, and most of us could use a little more light. For many, getting outdoors to soak up the sun isn’t an option, and that’s where Joovv infrared light comes in handy. 

Joovv is a science-based company, and infrared light’s effects on well-being are proven. The brand’s designs and recommendations are advised by leading photomedicine researchers, who continue to do research and tests to discover more about light therapy. Joovv uses red and near-infrared light in their devices, which can be used to attain different results. 

Joovv red light therapy benefits include, but are not limited to, reducing inflammation, optimizing sleep, increasing recovery and performance, improving skin health and beauty, and increasing mental sharpness. Some men speak of the Joovv light testosterone increase from using the light. This Joovv review will now give you an overview of the pros and cons of the brand. 

Joovv Review


  • Experience benefits of light without sun-exposure 
  • Better skin health and mental acuity
  • Uses red and near-infrared to produce results
  • FDA-registered
  • Backed by science 
  • Portable, small, medium, and large devices
  • Options for wall, floor, or door mounting
  • Various payment options with Affirm or Splitit
  • Customers have left many reviews about the great, helpful customer service
  • Sign up for the brand’s newsletter to get $50 off your first Gen 3.0 device
  • 2-year warranty
  • Free shipping on US orders
  • 60-day return period so you can try it risk-free


  • Devices are costly 
  • Complaints about devices breaking easily/ being inefficient 
  • The customer is responsible for return shipping
  • No customer service number 

Joovv offers 2.0 and 3.0 models of their lights, and there are some important differences between the two. The 2.0 has a light output of 68.8 watts, while the 3.0 has an output of 75 watts. Both models have:

  • 660 Red & 850 NIR
  • Optional Bluetooth 
  • 60 day return period
  • 2-year warranty
  • Joovv app compatibility 

Your Gen 3.0 model also features:

  • Recovery+ Mode
  • Ambient Mode
  • Start/ Stop Dimming
  • Session beeper
  • Carrying handles
  • Protective eyewear
Joovv Review

If you want options, Joovv has got you covered. From portable, battery-powered devices, to an entire wall’s worth of panels, Joovv’s infrared lights provide big-time body benefits like reducing inflammation and aiding with muscle recovery. Treatment time is recommended as 10 minutes per day, but can be used for 15-25 minutes for symptomatic areas, two or three times per day. 

Used by yogis, soccer-moms, and pro athletes alike, Joovv has a light to help you achieve your optimal body and mind health. All of their models are available for purchase with interest-free payment with Affirm, or Splitit. This Joovv review will now feature their bestselling infrared lights, and provide you with more information on which Joovv light is right for your needs. 

Joovv Red Light Mini 2.0 Review

Bask in the ambiance of cell-loving light anywhere you like, with the Mini 2.0. Weighing only 8lbs means it’s easy to move your device to any space in your house. Enjoy it while working, watching TV, or waiting for your kettle to boil. 

The Mini 2.0 is Joovv’s smallest device, perfect for treating specific areas of your body. It can even be your own personal Joovv light face lamp. Position your Mini 2.0 4-6 inches away from the area you would like to treat, and soak up its rays for 10 minutes. The built-in programmable timer will shut off, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your eye on the clock. The portable, and effective Mini 2.0 is $555, discounted from the original $790. 

Joovv Red Light Mini 3.0 Review 

Hang out with your Mini 3.0 wherever suits you best. Flexible mounting options let you move your Mini 3.0 to areas that make sense for you, like on the back of your bathroom door. This Joovv light mini weighs in at about 7lbs and is expandable to both the Half-Max, and Max kits, so you can get the treatment you need. 

The Mini 3.0 can also be fitted with the door mount system, tabletop stand, or boot floor Joovv stand. This gives you great flexibility in terms of where you can get your “Juuv on”. Using the Mini 3.0 for 10 minutes is ideal for general wellness, but 15-20 minute sessions have shown positive effects for symptomatic areas, such as neck inflammation. Feel better with the Mini 3.0 with your stand of choice for $795-$1,095

Joovv Red Light Solo 2.0 Review

Spend your much anticipated “me-time” zenning out in front of the Solo 2.0. This light is the beginning of Joovv’s full-body setup, allowing for add-ons of more Joovv red light therapy panels. This Joovv review recommends treating the front and back of desired areas, like your neck and torso, but you can use the boot stand for treatments on your lower body. 

Stand 4-6 inches from your Solo 2.0 for daily rays that will have you excited to come back for more. At 3 feet in height, this light weighs 18lbs, so it won’t be too cumbersome if you need to move it around. However, it’s a good idea to create a designated area for the Joovv infrared LED heat lamp in your home. Invest in the foundation of your ultimate self-care regimen with the Solo 2.0 for $895, discounted from $1,195. 

Joovv Red Light Solo 3.0 Review

Hit up the squat rack with confidence, knowing that your legs will recover quickly later with the Solo 3.0. This 14lb device treats coverage areas 9 x 36 inches, and can be mounted to the wall, a door, or sit on the floor in the boot stand. The Solo 3.0 is a great starting point for those who may consider expanding to the Half-Max, Duo, Max, Quad, or Elite kits. The expansion allows for more areas to be targeted at once.

Stand 16-24 inches from your device, for 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times per day for symptomatic areas, like after leg day at the gym. Ideal for moderate treatment, this recovery boosting Solo 3.0 is $1,345-$1,545. 

Joovv Go 2.0 Review 

Take the healing powers of Joovv light therapy with you wherever you go. Perfect for an after gym-session, or if you need a little hit of endorphin-boosting light in your office. The Go 2.0 weighs just 1.32lbs, and is the length of a smartphone, making it the perfect purse-companion. The Go 2.0 comes with a travel case and a dock if you’d like to use your device hands-free. 

Hold your Go 2.0 6-12 inches from the desired area for 10 minutes. Your device has 2 hours of battery life, so you’ll get about 12 sessions out of it before you need to recharge. The convenient travel-friendly Go 2.0 comes with a dock or no dock for $445-$545.

Joovv Max 2.0 Review

The Max 2.0 lets you treat more of your body, faster. Speed up recovery in multiple areas of your body, or give yourself a boost of feel-good rays on rainy days stuck indoors. The Max 2.0 combines 2 Minis and 2 Solos for a wider-reaching treatment. 

Stand 4-6 inches away from your Max 2.0, which is available on a mobile stand or door hanger. This light is quite heavy, weighing in at 51lbs, so this Joovv review recommends getting the mobile stand if you’re going to move it around your house often. Get whole-body feel-good vibes with the Max 2.0 for $2,595- $2,790. 

Joovv Elite 2.0 Review

Elite 2.0 nourishes your hungry cells with radiant infrared light. This mighty device combines 6 Solos, for a mega-dose of healing and recovery power. This light is loved by athletes who need to supercharge their post-workout regimen.  

The Elite 2.0 is Joovv’s largest system, weighing 105lbs, and comes with either a wall mount or mobile stand for easy rearranging. Enhance your meditation or relaxation room with this device, which can nestle itself between your meditation pillows, greenery, and floor mats. Get the full package with the Elite 2.0 for $4,995-$5,190. 

Joovv Max 3.0 Kit Review

Get all the Joovv benefits you’ve come to know and love, with added features. The Max 3.0 Kit combines 2 Minis and 2 Solos, but as always, there’s a difference between the 2.0 and 3.0 models. What you’ll get with the Max 3.0, and all other 3.0 models, is a longer treatment range of 6-24 inches, an increase in wattage, and some additional cool features like Ambient Mode, which helps to optimize sleep. 

Choose from the mobile stand, wall, or door mounts for your 42lb Max 3.0 that provides full body treatment. Improve your sleep with a dimmer and more gentle treatment, by turning on the Max 3.0 on Ambient Mode. You can get the Max 3.0 Kit for $4,595.00- $4,895.

Joovv Duo 3.0 Kit Review

The Duo 3.0 Kit is a great option if you don’t have a ton of space in your home, or if you’d like full-body treatment without having to adjust anything. The Duo 3.0 Kit stacks 2 solos, providing coverage for the full length of your body. It’s best to rotate your body when using this light for a thorough treatment, as it measures just under 9 inches wide. 

Choose from the door mount, or wall system for your Duo 3.0, which is expandable to the Max, Quad, or Elite kits. Your Duo 3.0 Kit fits snugly into the corner of any room, and can also aid your morning ritual when hung on the back of your bedroom door. The Duo 3.0 comes to a total of $2,845-$2,945.

Joovv Red Light Therapy Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Joovv Review

This Joovv review will now provide customer ratings and reviews found on, Trustpilot, and Reddit to help you better understand the brand and its infrared lights. Below, you will find customer reviews regarding customer service, product effectiveness, and quality.

Customers rate Joovv as 4.6 among 2206 reviews. The reviews on speak highly of its customer service, and the light’s positive effects. One Joovv light before and after review for the Solo 2.0 read, “Fantastic customer service…I have found my recovery time has shortened.” Another customer that speaks similarly to the Elite 2.0 said, “Customer service [is] very good. Feel great after my sessions!” 

Joovv receives 2.4/ 5 stars among 17 customer ratings on Trustpilot. The 18% of customers who rated the brand at 4 and 5 stars highlighted the brand’s efficient customer service and products. One review reads, “It was a very easy process and they paid for shipping. The Joovv lights work wonders for my back pain and tension headaches!” 

On the other hand, a 3 star review from the brand’s official site spoke of not having any benefits from the light. They expressed their disappointment saying, “Well, it’s been two months and I’ve been using 10 min every day. I was hoping it would improve my mild hip pain and help my plantar fasciitis. So far it’s still the same.

82% of 1 star reviews speak of the poor quality of the lights, and the customer service team doing nothing to help. One review read, “Very shortly after purchasing my first Joovv product, the Mini, the on/off switch broke…Then, in February 2020, as I was turning on my large combo unit to use, the on/off switch broke!…Joovv [said] they could do nothing for me since my lifetime “Legacy” Joovv product was not under warranty.”

Joovv reviews Reddit threads mainly speak of the expense of their lights, but that they do have more power than other less expensive options. One user wrote that Joovv’s “higher wattage penetrates deeper and takes less time.” 

A skeptical user pointed out that the price point is determined by other expensive components, like “the advisory team and those free 6-panel arrays on their mobile system that they drop off at every influencers home…” Another commenter proposed the same point in a different light. They believe that Joovv’s strategy of investing in its marketing (mainly its market research, freebies, advisors, and writers) is expected from any high-quality brand, and that the high price point is justified. 

Is Joovv Red Light Worth It?

Joovv Review

This Joovv review believes that we could all stand to benefit from using infrared lights. Does Joovv really work? The majority of customer reviews say that their lights do indeed work. The majority of negative Joovv light reviews come from the products being either faulty or becoming damaged outside of their warranty period

For a device that can range upwards of $4,000, it’s critical for customers to know that their devices will last beyond their 2-year Joovv warranty. Because there are only 17 reviews on Trustpilot, this Joovv review believes that their star rating may not be a true reflection of the brand, and has not come across many reviews that state that their lights are poorly made. 

What this Joovv review appreciates about the brand is their helpful customer service. Good customer service comments have been a trend among reviews, with only a few stating otherwise. On top of that, flexible offers make buying a life-changing device such as this, much more manageable. 

The brand has a 60-day return policy, which is plenty of time to see if Joovv is right for you. Their range of models allows you to choose smaller devices, for the same powerful effects at a less significant price. For all of these reasons, this Joovv review believes their infrared lights are worth the buy. 

Joovv Promotions & Discounts 

Joovv Review

Sign up for the Joovv newsletter to get a discount code for $50 off your first 3.0 purchase. There is currently no other Joovv promo or coupon code available on the site—however, the brand does occasionally offer discounted prices on their devices. 

Where to Buy Joovv

Joovv Review

Head to to find all “Joovv For Sale” devices and their complete selection. There is no Joovv Amazon store currently, but you can buy the brand’s lights with interest-free payments with Affirm. 


Joovv Review

Is Joovv FDA approved? 

Joovv’s design and production are FDA registered. This Joovv review has found that their devices have undergone rigorous IEC safety testing. 

What is Joovv’s Shipping Policy?

Joovv has free shipping for all of their continental US orders. Shipping times vary by device, and are listed as follows:

  • Go 2.0 devices: up to 3 weeks
  • Mini 3.0 and Solo 3.0 devices and kits: up to 5-7 weeks 
  • Generation 2.0 modular devices: 1-5 business days 

Joovv offers international shipping options as well. All shipping costs and times are calculated at checkout. 

What is Joovv’s Return Policy?

All Generation 2.0 and 3.0 modular devices come with a 60-day return period, except the Go 2.0, which has a 30-day return period

If you would like to return your device, you’ll need to fill out their Return Form. After Joovv accepts your return request, they will send you a Return Authorization Number, and your return must be postmarked before the end of the 60-day return period. Return shipping costs are your responsibility.

This Joovv review notes that orders returned without the original packaging condition will be refused, and returned to the sender. Products also need to be in mint condition. Any returns that have missing pieces may be subject to a fee which will be deducted from the refund amount. When Joovv receives your return, it will be inspected within 3-5 days. Final sale and closeout items are non-refundable

How to Contact Joovv

If you’re curious about any other information that this Joovv review did not provide, you can reach the company by filling out their Contact Form. The website does not list a phone number.

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