SOIA and KYO Coats Review

About SOIA & KYO

SOIA & KYO Coats Review

SOIA & KYO is a Canadian women’s outerwear brand known for its luxe fabrics and flattering cuts. Its chic collection of coats, sweaters, and accessories is made from premium materials with attractive detailing and special finishes done by hand.

The brand’s styles rival those with high-fashion prices, yet stay humble and generally affordable in terms of quality, well-made apparel.

Appreciated for its value and on-trend pieces, SOIA & KYO has been featured in Elle and Fashionista. The latter outlet highlighted the brand’s coats when spotted on one of England’s newest princesses, Megan Markle.

This SOIA and KYO Coats review will showcase information about the brand and its bestsellers, fill you in on customer feedback, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re the right fit for your style.

Overview of SOIA & KYO

SOIA & KYO Coats Review

SOIA & KYO Coats believes fashion should be simple and beautiful. Its pieces are versatile, taking you from work to dinner, or a morning walk to lunch with the girls.

Founded in 2004 by Ilan Elfassy, who is also the brand’s Creative Director, the Montreal-based clothing company was a dream come true for the designer who wanted to make sure it catered to those with all types of budgets.

Before we head into the brand’s enticing collection, this SOIA & KYO Coats review will first pause on its pros and cons.


  • Wide selection of versatile outerwear from sophisticated rain gear to ultra-soft scarves
  • More affordable than other luxury brands
  • Uses high-quality fabrics
  • SOIA & KYO sale section
  • 10% off when you subscribe to the newsletter
  • Free shipping & returns


  • Does not ship outside of the US & Canada
SOIA & KYO Coats Review

In the cooler months, fashion often either means you have to do one of two things:

  1. Compromise warmth for style
  2. Compromise style for warmth

But thankfully, gone are the days where wearing a parka meant looking like a snowman since SOIA & KYO’s feminine, warming collection came to be.

Peek into what the brand offers and you’ll find girlish silhouettes with pretty detailing fit for a queen. And we say queen here because the brand’s styles rival high-fashion look-a-likes, even though their price tags do not.

The next section of this SOIA & KYO Coats review is dedicated to a selection of the brand’s chic outerwear, including slim fit down coats, trendy leather jackets, professional and actually warm wool coats, and fall’s favorite—scarfigans. Yeah, you read that right, scarfigans.

But for now, let’s start things off with the winter wonders, Down Coats.

SOIA & KYO Down Coats Review

Freezing temps call for supremely warm jackets. Ahead, you’ll find the two most popular coats the brand has to offer, one for when winter is in full gear, and the other, ideal for when it just begins to show its icy face.

SOIA & KYO CHRISSY Brushed Down Coat Review

If you live in the north, it may be hard to picture now, but soon enough, it’s gonna get cold and you’ll have to pack away the skimpy dresses and pull out something a little warmer.

The SOIA & KYO CHRISSY Brushed Down Coat makes the transition a little easier with its figure-flattering fit. With molding that conforms to the feminine shape, this jacket keeps things cute even when the weather isn’t.

Sitting right above the knee, this coat has a puffed hood with removable fur trim. With a trim made from raccoon fur, this Canadian-made jacket speaks for itself. Ribbed detailing around the neck and cuffs ensure no gust of breeze makes its way inside.

Warding off temperatures up to -30°C, the SOIA & KYO CHRISSY Brushed Down Coat boasts a fill power of 700+ and is water-repellent and resistant.

Though this coat isn’t available at the moment. Stay tuned for when the brand restocks its SOIA & KYO down coats.

SOIA & KYO ALYSSANDRA Lightweight Down Coat Review

If you live in a city, it can get cold, but not every day calls for a parka fit for the Arctic tundras. The SOIA & KYO ALYSSANDRA Lightweight Down Coat features cute detailing like a quilted top, oversized, puffed hood, and ribbed collar.

Offered in black or cobalt, this coat showcases pretty contrasting details in material and texture, shown in shiny silver hardware and the mixture of ribbed and puffed fabric. The coat will hover above your knee, and other warm details include adjustable pull cords and ribbed storm cuffs with thumb holes.

With an A-Line fit, this water-repellent, nylon coat keeps you warm in temperatures down to -5°C and is $400.

If you were a fan of the discontinued SOIA & KYO CARMELLA coat, this one is a good alternative.

SOIA & KYO Leather Jackets Review

A worldwide favorite, leather jackets can’t help but look cool. Of course, eye-catching details never hurt, nor did the perfect cut, and you’ll find both of those things in the best-selling SOIA & KYO leather jackets, three of which we’ll show you below.

SOIA & KYO ELISHA Moto Leather Jacket Review

The picture of quality, the SOIA & KYO ELISHA Moto Leather Jacket looks sturdy, warm, and totally awesome.

With bad-ass detailing, this lamb leather jacket comes in black or fawn colors, but how rad does the black look with the contrast of glistening silver buckles and zips? It has a slim fit, removable knit hood, and falls just above your hip.

Wear it with high-waisted black jeans and converse for a punk rock look. Get it for $650.

SOIA & KYO ALLISON Leather Jacket Review

In a warm, leafy brown shade called Autumn, the SOIA & KYO ALLISON Leather Jacket is a great pick for fall. Its knit hood is completely removable, so you can style it down for a more relaxed look, or up whenever you need to look a little more polished.

Made from a mix of genuine lamb leather and viscose with a woven polyester lining, this slim-fit jacket gives an ultra-trendy look with an asymmetrical closure.

Keep things cool in the ALLISON Leather Jacket for $750.

SOIA & KYO VICTORIA Asymmetrical Collarless Leather Jacket Review

The SOIA & KYO VICTORIA Asymmetrical Collarless Leather Jacket is definitely chic, perfect for shopping on 5th or Central Park walks with your new beau. Available in apricot and black, the former is a mix of burnt orange and peach, a trendy color that breathes life into black wardrobes and provides a sunny hue for cooler, grey weather.

Undeniably trendy, this jacket showcases pretty details like an asymmetrical zip closure, raw edge seaming, and rib-knit undersleeve, and is accented by shiny silver details all over. 

This jacket provides a little more room for a flowy fit and is made from genuine lamb leather with a polyester lining. Add this stunner to your closet for $500.

SOIA & KYO Wool Coats Review

Certain outfits call for particular coats. Though you can pair a parka with a pair of heels and a cocktail dress, a wool coat just looks better, and it’s a smart, chic staple to have hanging in your closet for professional or occasions that call for fancier garb.

We’ll go over a few of the brand’s most-loved picks below, ADISON and VIOLA.

SOIA & KYO ADISON Slim Fit Wool Coat Review

ADISON is a pretty little thing that doesn’t play around when it comes to keeping you warm. It’s a figure-friendly star that looks just as good open as it does closed with its detachable bib and hood that help you rock open coat looks while keeping your torso covered from chilly gusts of wind.

When closed, the SOIA & KYO ADISON Slim Fit Wool Coat has a thick fabric belt that fastens in one pull thanks to the stay-put nature of wool.

This SOIA & KYO wool coat isn’t available right now, but check back on the site soon.

SOIA & KYO VIOLA 3-in-1 Double Face Wool Coat Review

Don’t you just love it when you can get more than one look out of a piece of clothing? Versatility is highly coveted in the fashion world, just as much as it is in cold climates. A coat should be warm, but it also needs to prevent you from overheating.

This wool coat functions in three ways:

  1. Thermolite Puffer Vest
  2. Unlined Wool Coat
  3. Wool Coat with Thermolite Lining

The SOIA & KYO VIOLA 3-in-1 Double Face Wool Coat comes in quartz, a light taupe color, and silverash, a moody grey. Knee-length, it features a quilted hood with a fur cuff that looks incredibly warm.

Stylish details like double-breasted buttons, a notched collar, and hand-finished seams make it all the more appealing.

Right now, silverash is $600, but the quartz is on sale for $360.

SOIA & KYO Scarfigans Review

Ever wear a scarf over your shoulders but wish it had arms? Scarfigans make that wish come true, offering the full coverage of a cardigan with the flowing ease of a scarf.

Below, this SOIA & KYO Coats review will switch things up and fill you in on the brand’s best-selling scarfigans, loved for their effortless look and superb layering abilities.

SOIA & KYO Miku Knitted Scarfigan Review

With adorable fringe detailing, the long SOIA & KYO Miku Knitted Scarfigan is the ideal warming piece for blustery days. Offered in black, cayenne, and cobalt, we love cayenne for its spice and pop of warm color during the colder seasons.

Made from acrylic and cotton, this soft layering piece is just as classy on its own, paired with blue skinny jeans and brown leather ankle boots. Rib-knit cuffs provide a comfortable, secure fit, while the length caresses your legs with added warmth.

An instant outfit piece, the Miku Knitted Scarfigan is $160.

Looking for something light but water-friendly? Try a SOIA & KYO trench coat.

SOIA & KYO Zenna Lightweight Knit Scarfigan Review

Some days, all you need is a little throw-on to keep your shoulders warm. The SOIA & KYO Zenna Lightweight Knit Scarfigan is an easy grab, putting up a cozy combat against the approaching fall chill.

Available in ballet, sky, and black, this drapey knit is one-size-fits-all and pairs perfectly with leggings, runners, and a latte for mid-morning jaunts with your eager pup.

Supremely soft, this viscose SOIA & KYO scarfigan is on sale for $50, normally $65.

Is SOIA & KYO Warm?

SOIA & KYO Coats Review

SOIA & KYO offers down and parka coats that are designed to keep you warm in temperatures down to -30°C.

Many shoppers remark at how warm the brand’s coats are, you just need to make sure you shop in the right section for your climate, as it has heavy, medium, and light coats suitable for a range of temperatures.

Who Is SOIA & KYO For?

SOIA & KYO Coats Review

It may be the most important thing to note that the brand’s collection is for women only. Because it offers more affordable prices than competitors, those who don’t want to spend $1k on a coat can find something stylish and warm for the cooler months.

Offering a wide selection of coats and sweaters to take you from blustery fall breezes to the depths of icy February, SOIA & KYO also stock other brands, like Girlfriend Collective, that offer seasonal picks that translate to the warmer months.

Comparison: SOIA & KYO vs. Mackage

SOIA & KYO Coats Review

Staying warm in the winter is non-negotiable, but even two brands that offer similar apparel are never built the same. In this section of our SOIA & KYO coats review, we’ll be investigating Mackage, a Canadian competitor that’s similar in style, but very different in terms of price.

Unlike our featured brand, Mackage also makes clothing for men and kids. Both of the outerwear shops offer accessories and a similar product lineup for women, along with free shipping and returns.

To help us get a better look at the quality and style of each, we’ll put two similar items side-by-side.

Mackage KAY Down Coat:

  • Sizes: XXS-XXL
  • Colors available: Black, Navy
  • Callout features: Water-resistant, storm-proof, insulated leather welt pockets, 800+ fill power
  • Materials: Polyester, Leather, Duck Down, Feathers
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Price: $950

SOIA & KYO KARELLE Lightweight Down Coat:

  • Sizes: XXS-3XL
  • Colors available: Quartz, Moss, Black, Sandstone
  • Callout features: Water-repellant, provides warmth up to -5°C, 700+ fill power
  • Materials: Nylon, Duck Down, Feathers
  • 2-year warranty
  • Price: $395

The SOIA & KYO parka isn’t as heavy-duty, but it’s also a lot less expensive. The Mackage coat appears to be warmer, but is it $500 warmer? Both coats look incredibly stylish and feature functional, smart detailing.

Which one you choose is a matter of what your needs are. SOIA & KYO may fall slightly behind on warmth, but it’s still a fierce competitor yet is sold for much less. Plus, our featured brand offers other selections that keep you warm in temperatures down to -30°C.

SOIA & KYO Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

SOIA & KYO Coats Review

It appears that the brand’s styles and quality rival those of more expensive brands, but we’d like to know what real customers have to say. If you do too, then you’re in luck because this is the part of our SOIA & KYO Coats review that tells you exactly what shoppers think about the brand’s apparel.

Ahead, we’ve compiled reviews from a bundle of sites across the web that shed some light on what the brand’s outerwear is really like.

To kick things off, we’ll start with a few ratings from the brand’s website.

  • MIKU Knitted Scarf with Fringe: an average of 4.3/5 stars from 3 reviews
  • ADISON Slim Fit Wool Coat: an average of 4.2/5 stars from 5 reviews
  • CHRISSY Brushed Down Coat: an average of 3.7/5 stars from 23 reviews

You probably noticed that there aren’t a ton of ratings for each of these products, even the brand’s best-sellers. To help give you an accurate depiction of a product, we chose to focus on the one that has the most reviews, the CHRISSY Brushed Down Coat.

Shoppers say that this coat has “superbworkmanship and is of “amazing quality.” They note that it definitely has a tight fit, so you may need to size up if you’re planning on layering sweaters underneath.

Hoping to get a little more information about the brand’s quality, we turned to Chick Advisor. The review site featured quite a few of the brand’s different items, but the one with the most reviews was the NEFLI Woven Scarf.

The scarf had a 5/5 star rating from 6 buyers—not a lot, but we learned a lot about its quality from the comments section. One gushing buyer wrote, “it’s gorgeous and unbelievably soft. I honestly wish everything I owned was this soft…The scarf is warm and large…

There were no complaints about the scarf, everyone agreed how beautiful it was and remarked on its high quality and softness.

Because this is a SOIA & KYO Coats review, we wanted to find another source that mentioned the brand’s coats. We headed to Altitude Sports which carries the SALMA Down Coat.

With an overall rating of 4.3/5 stars from 53 buyers, the online store showed the following snapshot:

  • 5 stars: 38 shoppers
  • 4 stars: 11 shoppers
  • 3 stars: 2 shoppers
  • 2 stars: 1 shopper
  • 1 star: 1 shopper

Speaking of its quality and warmth, one SOIA & KYO Coats review read, “I’m confident I can say I put this jacket to the test and it’s very warm. The inner zipper really helps keep wind from getting inside and the material of the jacket is non-restricting and very comfortable to move in.

This comment came after wearing the jacket in -16°C weather in downtown Toronto.

As you can see from the snapshot, there aren’t many negative comments, and while mentions of poor quality aren’t common, we did find one that reported the coat ripped after one year of occasional use.

Feeling like we got a good idea of what the brand’s quality is like, we turned to the Better Business Bureau to check in on customer service.

Finding an A- rating and just 3 complaints made in the last 3 years, it’s safe to say the brand handles issues promptly. We came to this conclusion not just by the BBB rating, but also after seeing its responses under complaints made on the brand’s website and other review sites.

From what we found in this SOIA & KYO Coats review, the brand checks out in terms of quality, style, and handling customer issues. It looks like they genuinely want their customers to be happy and offer to resolve any issues that pop up—which isn’t many.

Is SOIA & KYO Worth It?

SOIA & KYO Coats Review

SOIA & KYO is an expensive brand, but not as expensive as others whose quality and workmanship it mirrors. Made from premium materials, the brand’s apparel is gorgeous, stylish, and loved by pretty much everyone who buys it.

We didn’t come across one person that spoke negatively of detailing or features of the brand’s outwear, the largest issue was about sizing, something that can easily be remedied by choosing a size up.

With free shipping and an easy, free return process, SOIA & KYO make it effortless to try on something in your home and send it back if anything isn’t quite right.

SOIA & KYO Promotions & Discounts

SOIA & KYO Coats Review

No SOIA & KYO Coats review would be complete if it didn’t fill you in on deals, so we kept an eye out for them to help you get the most out of your shopping experience. Here’s what we found:

  • Get 10% off when you sign up to the mailing list
  • Free shipping

Where to Buy SOIA & KYO

SOIA & KYO Coats Review

You can, of course, buy the products directly from, but if you prefer to shop in person, head to one of these Canadian retail locations:

  • Square One, Mississauga
  • Eaton Center, Toronto

Certain items like the SOIA & KYO KARLINA coat are no longer available on the brand’s website, but you may be able to find them on others through a quick Google search.


SOIA & KYO Coats Review

Where is SOIA & KYO made?

One of the reasons the brand is so popular is because it makes all of its apparel in Canada.

Does SOIA & KYO run small?

From what we found it does look like SOIA & KYO apparel runs small.

Some say the shoulders are narrower than other brands and it’s common for customers to choose a size up if they want a little space for layering under their SOIA & KYO jackets.

If you need any more information on the brand’s sizing, have a look at its size charts.

What is SOIA & KYO’s Shipping Policy?

SOIA & KYO ships within Canada and to the US. To place an order, make sure you’re on the correct version of the website. You can switch back and forth using the country option at the top left-hand corner of the webpage.

There is just one option for shipping and it’s free. You’ll get your order in about 3-6 business days. To check up on where it is on its journey to you, click the tracking link within your confirmation email.

All SOIA & KYO orders require a signature upon delivery, so just be sure someone is home to receive your order on the day it’s set to arrive.

What is SOIA & KYO’s Return Policy?

Fashion is personal. That’s why SOIA & KYO invite you to try on your order and see if it’s everything you hoped it would be when you saw it online. If anything is a little off, you can return any items (aside from those that are marked final sale) within 30 days of purchase.

If you need to make a return, be sure to stick to these guidelines:

  1. Check the item over to ensure it’s in original condition. You mustn’t have washed it or removed the tags, and just remember that the brand can’t take it back if it’s been damaged in any way
  2. Head to a retail store location or choose to do the process online
  3. If you chose to do things online, head to the ‘MY ORDER’ section
  4. Click on ‘Create Return’
  5. Follow the steps

Once your return is accepted, you’ll receive an email with a prepaid return label. You’ll need to print two, attach one to the outside of your package, and put one inside.

Within two business days from the time you initiate the return, drop your package off at FedEx or call them to come and pick it up.

How to Contact SOIA & KYO

If you need any other information that this SOIA & KYO Coats review did not include, you can always reach out to the brand Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm using any of these methods:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-855-588-5287
  • Snail Mail: SOIA & KYO Online Store – Customer Service, 600, Chabanel St. West, Montreal (Quebec), H2N 2K6, Canada

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