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Sons Review

Getting ahead of the hair loss game with trustable treatments is a smart way to keep your hair healthy as you age. If you’re noticing thinning hair or a receding hairline, don’t worry, because Sons’ hair treatments have got you covered. 

They’ve come up with customized solutions for men to restore healthy hair and prevent future hair loss. In addition to hair growth, Sons has other products for men for their gut, brain, and immune health. They even have a beard growth cream. 

This might be why Sons is gaining a strong following, with 6.6k Instagram followers. They’ve also been featured in The Independent, The Times, and Sky.

This Sons review will take an in-depth look at the brand and three of its best-selling products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their products are worth the buy.

Overview of Sons

Sons Review

Sons’ mission is “to make every new generation of sons healthier and happier than the last.” This comes from the co-founders’ frustration with finding the right treatment for their own hair loss. 

Adrian, the clinical researcher, and Will, the business guy, decided to build a brand that not only provided men with remedies for hair loss but made them want to be proactive about their health and self-care.

Headquartered in London, England, Sons approaches men’s hair loss with approved medications, supplements, and hair care products. Their goal is to provide accessible and science-backed treatments for men without the stigma around men’s health for generations to come.

Let’s not forget about the company’s sustainable efforts to have a zero carbon footprint. To rebalance the carbon dioxide that Sons cause, they have become involved in several projects like afforestation, ocean cleanup, and tree planting to offset their CO2 emissions.

Ready to find out more? This Sons review will get to the brand’s products in just a few scrolls. Before I get there though, have a peek at the highlights to get a feel for what’s in store.


  • A conscious business with no carbon footprint
  • Effective and affordable treatment plans
  • Free shipping in UK and Ireland
  • Easy subscription plan with no contracts 
  • Trustpilot verified with an Excellent rating
  • UK licensed medication
  • Clinically proven gut health
  • Personalized treatment plans with free consultations
  • Partnered with Chemist4u pharmacy
Sons Review

Sons Hair Loss Review

Sons have many treatment plans for hair loss that can be tailored to your specific concerns. The brand claims that their most effective plan is Full Works. There are also combo and single plans which I will get into shortly. 

Ingredients Label

Based on the severity of your hair loss or whether you are using Sons products to prevent a receding hairline, you can choose one, two, or a combination of three of their products. 

The Full Works plan consists of one month supply of:

  • 28 finasteride tablets
  • 60ml topical solution of 5% minoxidil 
  • 250ml bottle of DHT Blocking Shampoo
  • 30 tablets of Biotin

One of Sons’ single plans consists of a bottle of minoxidil and finasteride topical solution for those who wish to avoid side effects of the oral finasteride tablets. It contains 0.1% topical finasteride and 5% minoxidil. Other ingredients in the solution include glycerol, alcohol, patchouli oil, and tea tree oil.

The Sons Hair Loss Full Works plan is designed for men with mild to moderate hair loss. Based on the Norwood Scale, which is used to classify the stages of male pattern baldness, if you score 3 or 4, the products in this plan will help you prevent your hair loss within 6-12 months.

On the other hand, those men who are a 2 or 3 on the Norwood scale and have noticed some mild hair loss on their temples can subscribe to receive finasteride only. This is available on a monthly, 3-month, or 6-month basis, as opposed to committing to the topical solution along with biotin and the shampoo.

Nutritional Value

Finasteride is a prescription medication that comes in a 28 tablet box. Each tablet contains 1mg of the active component. Minoxidil topical solution is a hair regrowth remedy recommended to be used with finasteride for best results. 

Sons Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo is made with saw palmetto, argan oil, iron, vitamin B3, cedarwood oil, hibiscus, amla oil, sage oil, and rosemary leaf oil.

The biotin tablets each contain 900ug or 1,800% of the daily requirement of this vitamin.


Minoxidil, which is one of the four hair loss solution products offered by Sons, is known to support the hair follicles that are affected by dihydrotestosterone. This hormone can play a significant role in hair loss in both men and women as it can shrink your hair follicles, or weaken them to a point that they eventually die out.

The hair that grows from shrunken hair follicles is thin, brittle, and falls out easily. DHT can also make the hair’s growth cycle slower. 

Topical application of minoxidil helps your weakened follicles by increasing blood circulation in your scalp allowing more oxygen and nutrients to pass towards hair follicles.

Finasteride in Sons’ hair treatment bundles helps hair loss by reducing the production of DHT.

The third component of Sons’ remedy is a DHT Blocking Shampoo. With ingredients such as saw palmetto, it is designed to lower DHT by slowing down its conversion from testosterone[1] to help men who are a 2 on the Norwood scale prevent hair loss.

This Sons review found that research is limited to back up the effectiveness of topical use of saw palmetto in hair loss.

For biotin[2], there is also not enough evidence proving that this vitamin alone can improve hair loss. Most studies conducted on biotin involve other ingredients that may have played a role in the results. 

That aside, biotin is a water-soluble vitamin from the vitamin B family and is known to be an essential nutrient for your hair, skin, and nails.

How Does It Work

According to Sons, the following ratings show each of their treatment plans’ records of success: 

  • Full Work: 9.4/10 men
  • Duo: 9/10 men
  • Non-Prescription: 6.6/10 men
  • Single Finasteride: 8/10 men
  • Single Minoxidil: 6/10 men

It’s worth noting that minoxidil always takes some time to work and initially men may notice some hair loss as the old weak hair sheds. The stronger hair strands will take up to 12 months to show up on your scalp, so it’s important to be patient with this remedy. 

The pricing works on a delivery subscription system, which I have broken down per product below:

Full Works

  • $52 per month delivered monthly
  • $45 per month delivered every 3 months
  • $44 per month delivered every 6 months


  • $45 per month delivered monthly
  • $40 per month delivered every 3 months
  • $38 per month delivered every 6 months


  • $42 per month delivered monthly
  • $33 per month delivered every 3 months
  • $32 per month delivered every 6 months

Single Finasteride 

  • $30 per month delivered monthly
  • $24 per month delivered every 3 months
  • $21 per month delivered every 6 months

Single Minoxidil

  • $27 per month delivered monthly
  • $23 per month delivered every 3 months
  • $20 per month delivered every 6 months

Single Topical Spray

  • $47 per month delivered monthly
  • $40 per month delivered every 3 months
  • $39 per month delivered every 6 months

How to Take & Dosage 

Sons recommends taking the finasteride and biotin tablets once a day with or without food. 

You can use the shampoo once a day as well, and make sure you give it a minute or so it can do its magic on your scalp before rinsing. 

They suggest using minoxidil solution on your dry scalp twice a day in the morning and evening.

If you decide to go with the single treatment of the minoxidil and finasteride spray, you must use it twice a day and let it sit on the scalp a little for optimal absorption. 

Sons Gut Health Review

Ingredients Label

Sons offers two supplements for your gut health to choose from. One is a live probiotic to support your intestinal bacteria and the other is a medication to reduce stomach acid.

The Gut Health Live Bacteria supplement consists of 30 capsules and the Omeprazole has 28 20mg tablets in each box.

Nutritional Value

Sons LP299v contains 10 billion colony-forming units of this gut-friendly bacteria. LP299v is the short name for a strain called Lactobacillus Plantarum 299v[3]. This strain that colonizes in the walls of the small intestine is commonly used in treating and preventing diarrhea that is commonly caused by antibiotics. 

Omeprazole belongs to a family of drugs called proton pump inhibitors. Their job is to reduce the production of stomach acid by blocking the enzyme in the wall of the stomach that produces acid.


If you are looking to manage your IBS symptoms[4], get better gut health, and have a stronger immune system, then LP299V may be a good option for you. It enhances your digestion by creating a protective mucus lining[5] inside your intestine walls to protect your gut from the invasion of harmful bacteria. 

9 out of 10 men have seen some benefits from Sons LP299V live bacteria within 4 weeks, and based on their website, 8/10 reported improved IBS symptoms. 

In addition to introducing gut-healing bacteria to your system, Sons also uses Omeprazole to support those men who are disappointed with other antacid meds to find relief from chronic digestive symptoms like acid reflux or heartburn, gas, burping, bloating, and pain.

How Does It Work

Stomach acid production is a vital part of your digestive process, breaking down food, but in excess, it can cause ulcers in the esophagus, stomach, and the upper section of your small intestine.

Omeprazole helps reduce excess acid, prevent ulcers, and ultimately heal your gut. That said, since the symptoms of low stomach acid can easily be confused for excess acidity, many people with low acid often end up on antacids.

It’s important to make sure the symptoms you are experiencing are 100% caused by too much acid[6], otherwise, your efforts to manage digestive symptoms may cause new medical imbalances. Proton pump inhibitors and antacids are not for everyone!

Sons claim that their 20mg Omeprazole tablets in their gut health plan can allow the digestive walls which may be affected by acid to heal gradually.

When you head over to Sons gut health shop you have two options to choose from: 

The Combo plan consists of 30 live bacterial capsules:

  • $58 per month delivered monthly
  • $51 per month delivered every 3 months
  • $48 per month delivered every 6 months

The Single plan includes 20mg Omeprazole: 

  • $33 delivered every 3 months 

Note that since this one is a prescription medication, you need to do an assessment before you can buy it, and may need to have an online consultation with Sons’ medical team.

How to Take & Dosage

Both the live bacteria supplement and Omeprazole are recommended to be taken once a day and it’s best to use it half an hour before food so it can aid digestion.

Sons Brain Health Review

According to Dr. Knut Moe, Sons’ medical director, Sons Brain Health supplement improves circulation within your brain, while giving it specific essential vitamins and minerals. This allows for more efficient neurological signals throughout your nervous system.

Ingredients Label

Sons Brain Health contains:

L- Tyrosine is an amino acid produced in your body that plays a role in making important substances[7].

This includes dopamine to make you feel good, adrenaline to activate the fight-or-flight response to stressors, thyroid hormones[8] to regulate your metabolism, and finally melanin, the pigment that gives your skin, hair, and eyes their color.

Bacopa monnieri is a natural tonic and memory enhancer. This plant has been used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. 

Choline is a nutrient close to B vitamins. You need to get choline mostly from foods like eggs, meat, nuts, and legumes, but it can also be made in your liver. 

Korean ginseng is a root that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It’s also called Asian or Panax ginseng and contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds[9] that provide several health benefits for stamina, memory, and vitality.

Thiamine, or vitamin B1, plays a key role in helping your body produce energy from all your nutrients. B1 is necessary for the growth, development, and function of cells. Foods rich in thiamin include yeast, legumes, pork, and brown rice.

Lion’s mane is a beautiful globe-shaped medicinal mushroom with long, white spines. People can eat them or take them in a supplement form for the potent antioxidant[10], anti-inflammatory, and immune-boosting[11] effects of these fungi. 

Ashwagandha is a trendy adaptogenic herb that regulates hormones and the way your body copes with stress. It is an evergreen shrub native to Asia and Africa. Ashwagandha contains compounds that might help[12] with relaxing the mind and reducing blood pressure and inflammation.

L-Taurine is another important amino acid made by your body, which is also found in some foods. This sulfur-containing amino acid[13] is particularly concentrated in your brain, eyes, heart, and muscles.

Guarana is caffeine-rich fruit from Brazil and the Amazon basin. The therapeutic fruit is about the size of a coffee berry and looks like a human eye. Since it contains an impressive range of stimulants[14], such as caffeine, and high antioxidants, it’s widely used by energy drink companies.

Nutritional Value

A 60-capsule bottle of Sons Brain Health gives you 30mg of L-tyrosine, 20mg of bacopa monnieri, 10mg of choline, 50mg of Korean ginseng, 2.75mg thiamine, 25mg of lion’s mane, 25mg of ashwagandha, 62.5mg of L-taurine, and 50mg of guarana.


Sons Brain Health is considered a nootropic. This “smart drug” is referred to as synthetic or natural products that can help to up your game with improved brain performance

If you need some boost when it comes to focusing, memory, and concentration, Sons’ daily nootropic supplement can be a tool to uplift your mood and cognitive function, while allowing you to switch between tasks more efficiently.  

How Does It Work

This cognition enhancer is a non-prescription formula that works by elevating the levels of oxygen and blood flow to your brain to stimulate alertness, encourage creative expression, and even relieve stress

The nine key natural ingredients in this supplement were wisely picked to enhance your physical and mental wellbeing when combined with a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

L- tyrosine can support focus and alertness[15]. Since this amino acid is responsible for increasing important brain chemicals, it can affect your mood and cancel the negative effects of stress[16] on your reasoning and attention. 

Bacopa monnieri is known to help with mental stress[17] and offer calmness and a better mood. This powerful plant with its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties has been used for Alzheimer’s disease, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder[18], and anxiety, but more scientific evidence is needed to prove its benefits and mechanism. 

Choline can have a significant role in improving mood by boosting dopamine and enhancing memory thanks to its impact on acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter. 

Korean ginseng can help with maintaining homeostasis in your body and improving stress-related depression[19] and anxiety by boosting your mood and memory

Thiamine helps to protect your brain[20] from conditions such as mild neurological and psychiatric symptoms like confusion, reduced memory, and sleep disturbances.

Lion’s mane can relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression, while also preventing Alzheimer’s[21] disease and dementia[22]

Ashwagandha may help reduce symptoms of mental health conditions[23], such as depression, insomnia, and anxiety[24].

L-Taurine is responsible for reducing your risk of degenerative diseases linked to your brain and heart[25] while delaying muscle fatigue[26].

Guarana, with its high levels of caffeine[27] and antioxidants, blocks the compounds in the brain that make you feel drowsy. This is how it helps you learn better, maintain focus, and feel less fatigued[28].

It’s important to note that most of the research on the Sons Brain Health ingredients has been performed on animals or in test tubes. So more human studies are needed before there’s solid scientific proof of effectiveness.


  • $52 per month delivered monthly
  • $43 per month delivered every 3 months 
  • $40 per month delivered every 6 months

How to Take & Dosage

You can take this brain-health-boosting supplement whenever it fits your routine. Just make sure to take two capsules each day.

Who Is Sons For? 

Sons Review

If you are a man over the age of 18 and are looking for effective and practical solutions to boost your memory, prevent receding hairline, and soothe your indigestion, Sons has the answer for you. 

Whether you want a full head of hair, or are searching for ways to improve your energy levels, fight IBS symptoms, and reduce stress, Sons Brain Health formula with its unique nine ingredients, live probiotics, Omeprazole, and their comprehensive hair growth products are great options to consider.

Sons Side Effects

Sons Review

Finasteride is a prescription drug and may have interactions with other medications so it’s best to consult your doctor, inform them about any allergies you may have, or contact Sons’ medical team before taking it to make sure you are safe.

Like with any chemically derived treatment, it’s important to be aware of the possible negative side effects. With minoxidil, some skin and scalp irritation is possible.  

Proton pump inhibitor drugs such as Omeprazole used in Sons Gut Health plan, are generally safe but in some rare cases, they may cause headache, diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, or nausea. 

Sons Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Sons Review

Now that this Sons review has given you a good idea of some of the brand’s products and their benefits, let’s take a look at what some customers think. This is usually the best way to tell if a product can deliver what it claims.

While there are a ton of detailed testimonials on the Sons website, Trustpilot is the other good source to look for reviews of this brand. There, it averages 4.4/5 stars after 603 reviews.

On Trustpilot, a satisfied Sons Hair Loss customer wrote: “Fantastic company with prompt delivery. Shampoo, solution, and vitamins have helped my hair feel thicker and healthier. Would recommend Sons products to all my male friends!”

Another happy Hair Loss user commented: I have used Sons before and I can tell you that it does 100% work. To be honest, I haven’t ever needed to contact customer services as their site is very easy to navigate, payment(s) are extremely easy and delivery is prompt.”

One customer said this about Sons Gut Health: “I don’t have too much to say other than how brilliant this stuff is. I’ve gone from daily stomach soreness and bloating to only having the occasional flare. This stuff is just brilliant and I look forward to taking it every morning. Couldn’t recommend highly enough”

Despite all the good responses, this review also found a few negative comments about the subscription plan, which I believe can be a common theme with companies that offer subscription plans.

Is Sons Worth It?

Sons Review

After taking a deep dive into the majority of Sons’ products for men, I have to say we’re impressed with the fact that they look at each condition from a different perspective.

Compared to other hair loss treatment options for men on the market, Sons showed me that by creating several plans, they address your needs effectively

Their detailed educational material on their website is also a great source for anyone to learn more about the different approaches they take towards your well-being.

Their extensive product selection for hair loss, gut health, and brain health along with the bundles they’ve created, convinced me that this earth-conscious brand is worth a try. 

Sons Promotions & Discounts 

Sons Review

On the Sons website, you can get up to 64% on your first order. Deliveries are always free. 

Also if you are interested in taking advantage of a hair loss consultation, with the online doctor SmartScripts, you can get $26 off of your treatment order with code HAIR20.

You can save $40 off your first purchase of Full Works, Duo, and Non-prescription bundles using the code HAIR6. To get $33 off of your first order of selected gut and brain health products, you can use the GUT25 and BRAIN25 codes as well. 

Where to Buy Sons

Sons Review

You can only purchase Sons products on their website.


Sons Review

Is Sons vegan? 

This review did not find any vegan certification on Sons products.  

Is Sons gluten-free?

When it comes to pharmaceutical medications, it’s hard to tell if the product is fully gluten-free. If that’s a concern, to make sure all Sons products are free from glutenous ingredients, it’s best to contact them or their pharmacy.

What is Sons’ Shipping Policy?

Sons offers free shipping on all orders but they only ship to the United Kingdom and Ireland at the moment. They ship using Royal Mail and will arrive in 3-5 days.

If you wish to receive your package within 2 days you can use Express delivery service for $4.

What is Sons’ Return Policy?

If you decide to return non-medicinal products that you purchased from Sons, it has to be unopened and in perfect condition, otherwise, you won’t be able to get a refund. 

Under pharmaceutical law, the medicinal products and prescriptions once shipped, must be either used or denatured, so you can not return them.  

If you have more questions about how to cancel your subscription you can learn about the details here

How to Contact Sons

If you have any questions about the products I covered in our Sons review, or about the brand in general, you can reach out to the company to find out more. There are a few ways you can do that:

Live ChatOnline

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