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About Step2

Step2 Review

Step2 is an American children’s brand specializing in outdoor toys and play equipment.

Step2’s product line includes toys for infants, toddlers, and school-age kids, as well as some products for your home, including their signature KidAlert! safety turtle. 

This brand encourages active and creative play by providing playhouses, sandboxes, swing sets, mini cars, and playground equipment to keep your little ones going. 

My Step2 review will cover this brand’s best-selling products for kids, customer feedback, and purchasing info so you can decide if buying from this company is right for your family. 

Keep reading to learn more about this brand’s backstory.

Overview of Step2

Step2 Review

Step2 was founded back in 1991 as a company of just five people in the state of Ohio, creating products intended to bring families together for quality time

The brand’s presence grew and by 1999, they launched their web store in order to cater to the increased demand for their products from daycares. Soon, the store expanded to bring their products to more homes, schools, and childcare centers across the country.

Today, with over 800 employees and two major production facilities in their home state of Ohio, Step2 proudly call themselves America’s biggest maker of toys and playsets for children in the early childhood years

This company is now owned by parent company Ateira Investment Partners, and remains headquartered in Ohio, US. You can find their products carried in play shops across North America and through their web store.

Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of shopping with Step2.


  • Step2 sells play equipment and toys for kids such as slides, swings, scooters, and more
  • Most products intended for ages 0-7
  • Perfect way to keep kids active and outside
  • Ideal for backyard play or daycare and preschool use
  • Play houses and toys encourage creative play
  • Sand pits and water tables keep kids busy in summer
  • Many sets are perfect for sharing with siblings and friends
  • Some outdoor home products, including mailboxes and patio accessories
  • Warranties on most products
  • Special gift ideas
  • Delivered to your door, easy assembly

Step2 Products Review

If your little ones are full of beans and need some new gear to keep them busy, Step2’s best-sellers might be just the thing. From playhouses to swings and even mini “rollercoasters,” this brand has tons of outdoor toys that are sure to keep your little ones engaged. 

Keep reading this Step2 review for a closer look at some of their most popular products.

Step2 Roller Coaster

Step2 Extreme Coaster™ Review

If your kid loves mini-coasters or cars this is the perfect way for them to get their wiggles out in the backyard. 

The Extreme Coaster consists of a roller coaster-style slide with a built-in staircase and an attached car. Kids can push the car up to the top platform, climb the staircase, and then get in the car and launch themselves down the coaster!

This active play equipment is designed for preschoolers, but can carry any child up to 75 pounds. Its plastic exterior is easy to maintain; it’s designed to be sturdy and you can wipe it down with a cloth to keep it clean.

Step2 claims that the Extreme Coaster will help your child develop their “gross motor skills” as they practice their lifting, climbing, and walking up steps. When they share it with other kids it will also help them build their verbal and interpersonal skills as they take turns and manage the equipment. 

This toy does not come with a helmet, but it’s advisable to put one on your child before they use it. Like any Step2 climber, this toy should only be used under the supervision of an adult

This Step2 roller coaster will be shipped to you in three boxes and require some assembly before you can take your first ride.

Buy the Extreme Coaster for $420.

Step2 Anniversary Edition Up & Down Roller Coaster™ Review

The Anniversary Edition Up & Down Roller Coaster is a too-cute car and coaster combo that young kids will love. 

This small and gentle roller coaster comes with a car and low track that takes the rider on a wavy ride. This car can be used by children weighing up to 50 pounds.

Kids can use the car handle to roll it into position at the top of the platform, then climb the small step to safely board their ride. Once seated, they can decide when to push off and ride to the bottom. 

This play equipment can be used outdoors or inside, and can be used independently or as a  social activity where kids take turns and cheer each other on.

With no batteries or switches needed, the Up & Down Roller Coaster is entirely “kid powered!” They push the car themselves and decide when to mount, dismount, and push off. 

This kind of play keeps kids active and encourages their motor skills, which Step2 says includes “coordination, balance, and engages large muscles for walking, climbing, running, lifting, and more.”

Here are a few more specs of the Up & Down Coaster for kids:

  • Coaster track is made of three adjoining pieces
  • Full track is over 10 feet long in total
  • Non-slip side steps for easy climbing and car mounting
  • Coaster car comes with with handles and footrests
  • Made of patented EverTough plastic for durability and easy cleaning
  • Assembly instructions included

Buy the Up & Down Roller Coaster for $160.

Step2 Playhouse

Step2 Seaside Villa Playhouse™ Review

This outdoor set is a too-cute take on a grown up coastal villa, perfect for a kids’ favorite pastime – playing house! 

The Seaside Villa Playhouse is suitable for kids over 18 months. It has some adorable features that will let your young child feel like they have a little home of their own, including:

  • Swinging front half door with faux handle
  • Two faux porch lights
  • A little “sink” and faucet
  • A mail slot for letters and parcels
  • A secret back entrance for crawlers
  • Counter space for storing other toys

The Seaside Villa Playhouse weighs 35 pounds and has a sturdy roof so your child can enjoy their play home even on rainy days!

This Step2 playhouse is made in the US and is built to last, easy to assemble, and even easier to clean up with .

Buy the bestselling Seaside Villa Playhouse for $200.

Step2 Naturally Playful™ Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension Review

This piece of epic play equipment combines the best of kids’ playhouses with all the fun of your very own swing set.  

Built with older kids in mind, the Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension has tons of features to keep your kids happy, including:

  1. A two-story playhouse, with entry door and ladder to top platform
  2. A slide for a fun exit from the top of the playhouse
  3. Integrated Step2 Swingset with two swings to relax on

This playset is only for outdoor use and includes anchors to secure it to the ground. 

This Playhouse Climber and Swing Extension is ideal for larger families since it can accommodate many children at once. The Step2 swing set can support kids of up to 75 pounds, and their ultra-sturdy playhouse can support up to 250 pounds total.

When you order this set, it will come delivered in two boxes and will need some assembly before you can put it to use. 

Buy the Naturally Playful Playhouse Climber & Swing Extension for $900.

Step2 Water Table

Step2 Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table™ Review

Need an active, safe, and easy activity to keep your little one occupied during those long summer days? The Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table is here to give them hours of fun (and you hours of peace!).

This two-level table comes in colorful blue and purple with brightly decorated accessories and unicorns, perfect for little ones who love My Little Pony.

This best-selling Step2 water table provides all the fun of a water center with a few special extras:

  • Standing basin holds water and water toys
  • Extra pillars and a second level basin provide more space for toys and buckets
  • Pour water into the top basin to create a waterfall effect!
  • Kids will love watching water flow down the water maze
  • Water maze can be reconfigured in a variety of ways
  • Holds up to 5 gallons of water

In addition to the structure itself, you’ll get 13 different toys and buckets, including unicorns, buckets, and water wheels, so kids can splash and play to their heart’s content.  

You can fill this table from the garden hose or with a few buckets from the kitchen sink. To empty it, just pull the plug at the bottom of the table to let it drain.

Buy the Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table for $95.

Step2 Tropical Rainforest Water Table™ Review

If your child is more interested in jungles and tropical wildlife than fantastical creatures, the Tropical Rainforest Water Table might be the perfect choice. 

Just like the best-selling Rain Showers & Unicorns Water Table, this toy has a large standing basin that can hold up to 5 gallons of water. Attached are two pillars and a smaller top basin. When you fill the top basin, water will run down the built-in water maze and create a waterfall effect.

The waterfall maze includes a spinner and teeter-totter, teaching kids the concepts of motion and cause and effect. In addition to the basins and maze, this set comes with 13 accessories including buckets, water wheels, and rainforest creatures, for even more interactive play. 

During this Step2 review I learned that the Tropical Rainforest Water Table helps your child develop their sensory skills and facilitates fine motor development, including hand-eye coordination and accurate, precise movements.

While this water toy could keep one child busy for ages, it’s also ideal for sharing with friends and family. Kids can play with the water basins and maze together, learning how to take turns and creatively engage with others, while also learning how to share toys back and forth.

Buy the Tropical Rainforest Water Table for $90.

Who Is Step2 For? 

Step2 Review

This brand is geared towards families with young kids between the ages of 0 and 7. Whether your little one is just taking their first steps or is well into elementary school, Step2 will have something to delight their imaginations. 

Parents who want to encourage their child to get involved in active and creative play will likely love this brand’s approach. Most of their toys encourage kids to get moving, whether they’re climbing, swinging, sliding, or even boarding their own wee rollercoaster!

Families will also love that this company’s toy sets can give their children an opportunity to get outside and enjoy some interactive play with friends. Inviting the neighboring kids over to use the water table, or getting some daycare pals together for some fun on the swings is a great way for kids to connect and socialize – while expending some energy!

Grandparents and aunties and uncles may also enjoy shopping with this brand for a special gift their little loved one is sure to use, sometimes for years to come. For occasions where you’d like to give a more substantial gift, or if you just want to spoil the kids in your life, Step2’s playsets go beyond the average plush toy or action figure without breaking the bank.

Step2 Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Step2 Review

This company shares Step2 reviews on their official site, where customers can leave comments on their individual product pages. Most of these reviews are really positive, mentioning how functional, fun, and engaging Step2 toys are.

One mom purchased the best-selling Tropical Rainforest Water Table and found that it was both simple to set up and successful in providing her toddler with hours of enjoyment.

She shares in her Step 2 review, Seriously LOVED this water table! It was so easy to assemble, it took about 10 minutes if that! My little one loved to splash and dump the water to make the waterfalls. What I really love about this product is that its fun for all ages. My daughter is 2 and still has so much room to grow and play…”

One mom also found the water table to be a total hit with her little girl. She reports in her Step2 review, After filling with water, we were impressed by all of the different features. From the adorable tropical accessories, to the launch pad for the frog, to the water wall, my daughter had a blast with this table!”

Another buyer chose the Extreme Coaster as a special gift for their grandchild. They found it was well worth the money and gave their grandson a fun way to spend some active time in the yard.

They write in their Step2 review, I gave this to my almost 5 yr old grandson for Christmas. He could not wait for it to be put together. As soon as it was together, he was zooming (his word) down the ramp. My son in law put it together very quickly with no problems…My grandson is eager for his 3 yr old cousins to come over and ride…I think this is going to get a lot of use…”

One parent purchased the Seaside Villa Playhouse and loves how it encourages her kids to play creatively with its different features

She shares in her Step2 review, “This is a compact playhouse perfect for wee one’s playroom or the backyard. Step2 never disappoints with easy construction and hours of fun. I love the bright colors and the little ones love enjoying the bench and washing rocks in the “sink.”

After exploring feedback on their official site, for this Step2 review I branched out to see what shoppers in other corners of the web had to say. I checked out their Facebook page, where the brand’s wall hosts plenty of review posts from previous customers.

Many posters mention how cute and fun this company’s toys are. One grandma mentioned that her grandkids love their My First Christmas Tree from Step2, writing, “My grandkids all have these and love playing with it. They leave the real tree alone too.”

Another poster’s daughter has a blast with the Elegant Edge Kitchen, which is perfect for firing up her imaginative play. She shares in her Step2 review, “This is the best kitchen! My daughter loves it!”

I also took note of the Step2 reviews on Amazon, where the brand retails many of their products. Most of these reviews are very positive; with high star ratings and satisfied customer feedback on most of their items.

One buyer picked the Step2 Dino Dig Sand and Water Table, finding that her toddler was thrilled with her new toy. She writes in her Step2 review, “Arrived early, easy to put together and my 14 month old daughter loves playing with it.”

Another customer chose the Game Time Sports Climber and Slide and was happy with the variety of play options it offered her son.

She writes in her Step2 review, “I use this indoors and bought it for my sons 1st birthday. He’s 14 months old now, and still loves climbing and going down this slide. It feels very sturdy. I love that it has a basketball net attached (one less thing I have to buy so yay!), and the sides when hes on top are high so Im not scared he will fall over when hes on top.”

Overall, customers’ Step2 reviews suggest that both parents and kids are pleased with their products. The company’s products are fun, creative, easy to put together when they arrive, and give kids countless hours of meaningful play. 

Is Step2 Worth It?

Step2 Review

Step2’s product line is diverse enough to see your kids from infancy to early childhood. This brand understands that parents want their kids to have fun and interactive toys without the batteries, noise, and screen time. 

This company seems to be doing a brilliant job of creating play sets that encourage kids to use their brains and social skills, and develop their coordination and strength, too. For this Step2 review I found that most of this company’s toys are perfect for sharing with other friends and burning off some of that endless kid energy.

Step2’s products often come with multiple features so your child won’t get bored – there’s lots of exploring to do, and their large scale and tactile appeal help deliver a unique experience you won’t get from many other toys. 

To summarize this Step2 review, I found that this brand has built a solid relationship with customers and has earned high star ratings for their product quality and for how much their products resonate with kids.

Step2’s best-sellers are also quite affordably priced and most buyers comment on how easy they are to assemble – making the brand’s toys as appealing to parents as they are to kids. 

For all of these reasons mentioned in this Step2 review, I can recommend considering this company if you’re looking for a new way to play. 

Step2 Promotions & Discounts 

Step2 Review

I found a few great deals happening on their site at the time of writing this Step2 review:

  • Sounds n Slide Inflatable Bouncer with Sound Effects $150 (down from $320)
  • Max Courts Full Court Basketball N Slide Inflatable Bouncer $150 (down from $340)

For more deals and Step2 coupon codes, keep checking their official site.

Where to Buy Step2

Step2 Review

Step2’s full line of products is available from their official site. You can also find some of their products on Amazon. Online shipping is only available in the US.

Step2 is also available in select retailers around North America – get in touch with the brand for more details on partnering stores. 


Step2 Review

Who owns Step2?

The parent company Aterian investment partners own Step2.

What is the Step2 Direct return policy?

If you aren’t happy with your purchase, you can return it to Step2 as long as it is in new condition and was delivered within the last 14 days via FedEx or 7 days with a “common carrier” truck

To initiate a return, Step2 asks that you get in touch and request return authorization from the company. Then, it will be the customer’s responsibility to arrange return shipping with either FedEx or the truck company and pay all return shipping costs. Your refund will then be issued minus a 20% restocking fee.

What should I do when my new Step2 product appears to be damaged?

Don’t worry! Get in touch with customer service at their phone number below and they will refund or replace your item.

What is the Step2 product warranty?

This brand’s warranties vary from product to product. Most products come with warranties ranging from 6 months to 3 years. Make sure to read the details of each product to see what kind of warranty applies to your purchase.

How to Contact Step2

I hope you enjoyed this Step2 review! I found three ways to reach out to the brand: 

  1. Phone: 1-800-347-8372 (during business hours, Eastern time)
  2. Website Contact page 
  3. Live chat from their website homepage

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