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About TestMax

TestMax Review

TestMax is an online test prep platform that helps students prepare for the LSAT, the bar exam, the 1L test, and the GRE. 

Featured in Above the Law, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal, the service is developed and taught by Harvard alumni and world-class instructors, and offers authentic test questions, one-on-one tutoring, and flexible schedules. 

Need to study for an upcoming exam? This TestMax review will run down how the service works, the types of courses it offers, pricing, customer feedback, and more to help you decide if it could help you achieve your academic goals. 

Overview of TestMax

TestMax Review

TestMax was developed in 2010 by a team of Harvard alumni who wanted to reduce the stress of preparing for entrance exams. Founders Mehran Ebadolahi and Sina Mobasser envisioned the service as a way to make the studying process easier for students struggling with overwhelming time demands or who needed more than just a one-off review session. 

Operating out of Santa Monica, California, TestMax offers multiple kinds of courses at different tiers of pricing to help students access quality tutoring and information according to their needs and means. The courses are provided via an online platform that contains all of the information, tools, and prep quizzes students will need to have success in their upcoming exam. 

Before we get into exactly how the service works, this TestMax review will quickly survey the service’s pros and cons. 


  • Virtual courses taught by world-class instructors and Harvard alumni
  • Uses real past exams and includes flashcards for easy studying
  • Available around the world
  • Tiered pricing for different course levels
  • Installment payment option available via Affirm
  • 20% off sale for BARmax courses
  • Fast and free US shipping for course materials


  • Potential difficulties with the app’s free content

How Does TestMax Work?

TestMax Review

TestMax offers online test preparation courses for the LSAT, the bar exam, the 1L test, and the GRE. Taught through video lessons, one-on-one online tutoring, and hard-copy material and exercises, the service gives you access to authentic test questions from the specific exam you’re preparing for. 

Offered through a mobile app, and featuring both live and order-on-demand classes, the TestMax program can be tailored to your schedule, learning speed, and unique needs.

Each course is taught by tutors who scored in the 99th percentile in their exams, and who also have extensive training in the fields they teach in. As you progress through the course and take the sample quizzes, you’ll receive personalized feedback on your areas of strength and weakness. 

The LSATMax and 1L programs are the only courses that are subscription-based, meaning they will automatically renew once the term is complete. There is no minimum time commitment, and you can cancel your subscription at any time—we’ll walk you through that process further down in this TestMax review. 

Do you want to know more? In the next section of this TestMax review, we’ll focus on three of the service’s test-prep courses: LSATMax, BarMax, and GREMax

TestMax LSATmax Review

TestMax Review

Flunk your LSATs, and you can kiss law school goodbye. You’ll need to pass this test for an institution to even consider you, so studying the right way is crucial for your future career. 

The TestMax LSATMax course is taught via whiteboard video lectures. You can access the course from anywhere (on the train, at the coffee shop—anywhere!) and get your questions answered in real time by using the chat function. After your lesson, you’ll receive homework assignments to really drill in the lesson you just watched. 

TestMax knows you have a life, so if you can’t make it for the live class, you can view the replay on-demand whenever. You’ll also get four textbooks to follow along with the content, or study them in your own fashion. They’re yours to keep, so feel free to write in them, highlight key passages—whatever helps you absorb the content. 

In addition to the over 400 hours of video instruction, the LSATMax provides 90 prep tests that use real questions from past LSATs. After you take these practice tests, you’ll get personalized feedback that will highlight the areas you need to improve in, as well as the ones you absolutely nailed. You can also contact TestMax staff during office hours if you need extra clarification. 

TestMax offers the LSATMax course at three tiers. Each includes all the features we discussed above, but with different course durations, levels of service, and, of course, pricing. The two higher tiers also come with the TestMax HigherScore Guarantee, which offers you a refund if the service does not help you raise the score on your test.

LSATMax 60 $595

  • 60 days of instruction
  • Free 1-hour private tutoring session
  • LSAT Prep Plus Membership 

LSATMax 180 $995

  • 180 days of instruction
  • Free 1-hour private tutoring session
  • LSAT Prep Plus Membership
  • HigherScore Guarantee

LSATMax 365 $1,495

  • 365 days of instruction
  • Free 1-hour private tutoring session
  • LSAT Prep Plus Membership
  • HigherScore Guarantee  

Textmax BarMax Review

TestMax Review

The TestMax BarMax program helps you get ready for the all-important bar exam, allowing you to study from home (or anywhere) at a pace and on a schedule that suits you. You’ll have access to over 1,750 real MBE questions, as well as sample essays and performance tests. 

Once you log in to BarMax through the service’s app, you’ll be able to watch high-quality videos from the TestMax founders and Harvard Law School alumni. The best part about the app is that you don’t need to be constantly hooked up to the internet to access the content: once you download it, it’s good to go! 

There are two course streams for the BarMax: BarMax UBE (for the Uniform Bar Examination) and BarMax CA (for the California bar exam). We’ll walk you through each of them below. 

  1. BarMax UBE

With over 50 hours of lectures, 130 example essays, 600 flashcards, and 75 performance tests, and 10 essay critiques, BarMax UBE gives you everything you need to effectively study for the Uniform Bar Examination. Pay once and get access to this resource for life, along with lifetime support from the TestMax team. 

  1. BarMax CA

Like BarMax UBE, TestMax’s program for the California bar exam offers you lifetime access, over 50 hours of lectures, 75 performance tests, and 10 essay critiques, but bumps up your content with 180 practice essays and 1,500 flashcards. 

Both programs also come with a Pass Guarantee that promises you your money back if you don’t score better on your bar exam than you did on your previous attempt. BarMax UBE and BarMax CA are both regularly $2,495, but they’re currently discounted to $1,996.

Textmax GREmax Review

TestMax Review

The TestMax GREMax program prepares you for the Graduate Record Examination, a crucial test for anyone looking to enter business or graduate school. GREMax offers general tutoring for this exam that you can sign up for by choosing a minimum two-hour session or a package

In each virtual lesson, you’ll study with a TestMax tutor one on one to help guide you through topics and strengthen your skills. You’ll be assigned the same tutor each time, but you have the option to switch if you wish to. 

There are four different options you can select, depending on the amount of prep and tutoring you’re looking for. The hourly commitment for each one can be divvied up however you like, and spread out over as long a period as you want. We’ve summed up each with their respective prices below. 

  • Hourly (minimum 2 hours)—$200/hour 
  • Basic (10 hours)—$1,600 (save $400 on Hourly rate)
  • Complete (20 hours)—$3,000 (save $1,000 on Hourly rate)
  • In-Depth (30 hours)—$4,000 (save $2,000 on Hourly rate)

Who Is TestMax For? 

TestMax Review

TestMax offers courses that help you study for the LSAT, the 1L, the bar exam, and the GRE. To break them down, the LSAT is the required exam for admission to law school; the 1L is a performance test for students who have completed their first year of law school; the bar exam is for those seeking to practice law; and the GRE is an admissions test for graduate programs.

Comparison: TestMax vs. Khan Academy   

TestMax Review

Just as there are thousands of schools to choose from, there are many different online academies that can help you study for exams or supplement your learning. In this section, we’ll put our featured service head-to-head with another online test-prep site to see what each of them has to offer. 

First off, Khan Academy has a much broader range of courses than TestMax. In addition to prep courses for the SATs and LSATs, it includes programs for first grade through high school, areas of study like world history and art, and even college courses in such fields as physics and calculus. 

As this TestMax review highlighted our spotlighted service’s LSATMax program above, let’s compare that with the Khan Academy LSAT course to see how they stack up against one another. 

Khan Academy LSAT 

  • Identifies areas of strength and weakness with diagnostic test
  • Personalized practice session
  • Uses real questions from past LSATs
  • Free

TestMax LSATMax 60

  • 60 days of instruction
  • World-class instructors
  • Video lessons
  • 90 prep tests
  • Uses real questions from past LSATs
  • 1-hour tutoring session
  • $595

As you can see, the TestMax program is much more in-depth, giving you access to much more material as well as tutoring. Khan Academy’s program is no slouch either (especially as it’s free!), but it’s simply not as intensive as the LSATMax

How Much Is TestMax?

TestMax Review

We rounded up the prices of the highlighted programs in our TestMax review above, but we’ve grouped them all together here and also included pricing for other courses available under the BarMax banner, including programs for the Multistate Bar Examination and pre-bar exam tests.

Keep in mind that TestMax fees can be paid for in installments with Affirm, starting as low as $34/month. 

  • LSATMax
    • LSATMax 60$595
    • LSATMax 180$995
    • LSATMax 365$1,495
  • BARMax
    • BarMax UBE$1,996 (down from $2,495)
    • BarMax CA$2,000 (down from $2,495)
    • BarMax MBE$800 (down from $1,000)
    • BarMAx MBE Questions$320 (down from $400)
    • BarMax Baby Bar$600 
    • MPRE OPE 1$25
    • MPRE OPE 2$25
  • GREMax 
    • Hourly (minimum 2 hours)—$200/hour 
    • Basic (10 hours)—$1,600
    • Complete (20 hours)—$3,000 
    • In-Depth (30 hours)—$4,000

TestMax Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

TestMax Review

This TestMax review has run the numbers for you and given you the lowdown on what the different levels of this service’s courses have to offer. But the question remains: does it really work? We set out to find customer feedback to see how users of the service fared on their examinations.

Our first stop on the road to revelation is Trustpilot, where TestMax has a high average rating of 4.7/5 stars from 234 users. Those who were happy with the service said that the tutoring was “top class,” the course was “masterfully designed,” and the staff is “invaluable.” In other words, TestMax is an incredibly solid service that offers excellence from start to finish. 

A five-star TestMax review on highlighted what the user believed to be the best features of the service, namely the flexible pricing and easy-to-use app. He particularly appreciated how “Practice questions can also be filtered by type so you can focus on those areas that need the most practice.” 

(Before moving on, this TestMax review should pause to note that the service’s app is actually free to download, and offers free practice questions and videos that anyone can take advantage of. It’s only when you actually want to sign up for a course that you have to pay.) 

On, TestMax scores 4.7/5 stars based on over 4.3K reviews—which, we’re sure you’ll agree, is mighty impressive! Users were impressed by the convenience and incredible level of access that the service’s online platform affords.

I thought in-person [learning] was the best and only way; however, being able to pause, rewind, speed up/slow down, read posts with in depth explanations, and chat with a coach 24/7 is unbelievably helpful,” said one grateful customer. Other commenters attested how helpful the courses were and reported that they helped them dramatically improve their LSAT scores. 

From what we’ve found, it looks like TestMax is a truly valued service. Users seem to really appreciate the thorough and informative lessons, helpful staff, flexible scheduling, and range of pricing. 

Is TestMax Worth It?

TestMax Review

Considering that TestMax costs less than other LSAT prep services, offers a variety of courses with different durations and levels of service, and has proven results in terms of improved exam scores for its users, this TestMax review believes that the service surely is worth it for those preparing for these challenging examinations. 

In addition to the convenience of the online platform, it’s also great that the service offers a range of pricing options to make its courses more accessible to those with limited budgets. It’s also great that users can contact instructors and staff directly if they have questions or need extra help, so that there’s at least a certain amount of human touch to this virtual service.

TestMax Promotions & Discounts 

TestMax Review

This TestMax review discovered that the service is currently offering an Early Bird Sale that gives you 20% off BarMax courses, bundles, and tutoring. You can also save on the base hourly rate for the GREMax courses by choosing the Basic, Complete, or In-Depth options.

Sign Up For TestMax

TestMax Review

Follow these steps to sign up for TestMax:

  1. Head to
  2. Select the exam you need to prepare for 
  3. Click on “Enroll” in the top right-hand corner 
  4. Choose which course option best suits your needs, and then click on the ‘Start Studying’ link beneath the one you’ve selected
  5. Create an account and enter your shipping and billing information 
  6. Get studying!


How do I cancel my TestMax subscription?

Once you’ve passed your LSATs, bar exam, or GRE, you won’t need TestMax anymore unless you decide to take one of the other exams. To cancel your subscription, you will need to either call or email the company, and they’ll disconnect your services immediately. 

If you forgot to cancel before your next billing date, TestMax will grant you a refund for your last charge, but you need to get in contact with them within a week of the charge for them to be able to do so. 

What is TestMax’s Shipping Policy?

If you’ve signed up for a full LSATMax course, the service will send you hard-copy materials of the lesson notes and homework assignments. These should take 2-4 business days to arrive for US customers. 

If you’re enrolled in the BarMax program, the service will send you a copy of the course outline, along with the MBE practice questions. Allow 2-4 business days for the items to get to you. 

Shipping is free for all US orders, but charges may apply for international buyers. 

What is TestMax’s Return Policy?

TestMax is so sure you’ll get a higher score on your LSATs if you use their program that they will give you a full refund if you don’t. To get your money back, simply call or email the company  and let the customer service team know what happened. Note that they may ask you to submit proof of your score. 

How to Contact TestMax

We hope that you found all the information you were looking for in this TestMax review. If you still have questions, you can reach out to the brand directly via:

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