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About Tinyhood 

Tinyhood Review

Parenthood is an overwhelming and daunting experience. But, there are tools out there to help you feel more at ease with your children and yourself. Tinyhood offers online parenting courses to get new parents ready for their bundles of joy. 

The expert-led courses have garnered a fair amount of attention online, with features in USA Today, Romper, and Business Insider, among others. Tinyhood’s official Instagram also attracts future caregivers with 96.5k followers

But are they worth it? By the end of this Tinyhood review, hopefully we’ll find out. Join me as I take a look at the company’s history, available courses, testimonials, and more so you can decide if it’s time to go back to school.  

Overview of Tinyhood

Tinyhood Review

Tinyhood launched in 2017 with Becky Miller and Susan Blinn at the helm. Both Miller and Blinn had their own struggles as new parents and saw a gap for proper guidance. So, they launched their online community to build “a better way forward for parents everywhere.” 

With head offices located in Boston, Massachusetts, Tinyhood allows parents to connect with pediatric experts virtually. This underscores their mission to make parents feel confident every day while taking care of their children.

Tinyhood also partners with Welcome Baby, a non-profit organization that provides expecting mothers in need with baby essentials during their first few weeks together. They’re also given courses on breastfeeding, CPR, and other infant care with their Baby 101 online course. So, with every purchase, customers can support this cause. 

In addition, the company offers the It Takes a Village scholarship program, which gives struggling parents free Tinyhood classes for one year

Now that you know more about the brand, I’ll kick off this Tinyhood review with some highlights:


  • Parenting courses led by experts and specialists
  • Partnered with Welcome Baby to help moms in need 
  • Scholarships are available to help with class costs 
  • Offer courses regarding infant care, breastfeeding, safe sleeping, CPR, and more
  • Foster a community of new and experienced parents and childcare experts through their mobile app
  • 100% Customer Happiness Guarantee 

Parenting doesn’t come with a comprehensive manual. But Tinyhood can guide you into your new life with your tot with helpful safety and hygiene tips. So, keep reading this Tinyhood review to learn about different courses and how it works.  

Tinyhood Review

Tinyhood Review

Being a new parent can feel like a guessing game without the proper guidance. If you ask yourself if what you’re doing is right and if your baby is healthy, your mind can keep racing with questions.

Tinyhood offers a few different courses to ease both your and your baby’s worries, and I will take you through them. The company will journey into the unknown with you from Baby 101: The Parenting Prerequisite to their Tinyhood CPR courses. 

Baby 101: The Parenting Prerequisite is one of the brand’s most popular courses. It takes you through all of the things you need to know before your due date. It’s designed by veteran parents and experts to give you everything you need to know about raising a happy baby. The course bundle covers four topics for more than three hours of content.

The Baby 101 courses include breastfeeding, infant sleep, infant CPR and choking for babies, and baby care basics. This includes hygiene basics like nail trimming, bathing, and changing diapers. 

To give you an idea of what you’ll learn, subtopics in Breastfeeding 101 include what to expect, how to increase supply, common challenges, and more. You can enroll in Baby 101 for $129 (a $179 value). 

As I mentioned in this Tinyhood review, these courses are led by certified experts. This includes modules like Safety 101. Like the Tinyhood infant CPR course, Safety 101 covers CPR and Choking for children 0-12 years old. It’s specifically designed to help parents take control in a life or death situation. 

The Certified CPR Instructor provides over 30 minutes of class with 10+ guides and checklists. As I said, you’ll learn about CPR techniques for tots and pre-teens. The instructors will also take you through real-life scenarios to prepare you for these situations. It costs $39 to enroll in the Safety 101 course.

How Does Tinyhood Work?

Tinyhood Review

Tinyhood’s process is straightforward. First, you can browse your course options. There are various options available that cover nearly every aspect of parenting. This could include sleep patterns, introducing your baby to solid food, or newborn sleep. Grandparents can even get in on the action with the Grandparent 101 course

Once you’ve picked your class, you can head to the checkout. First, the company will prompt you for your email address and payment info. Then, you’ll have access to these courses for up to two years. So if your schedule is a bit hectic, you can take each class at your own pace. You can even save their provided guides for future references. 

Each course has different subtopics to cover with different modules. For example, the Childbirth 101 course covers 6 topics, and the introduction class features 9 modules. Note that the number of modules and times will vary and might take around half an hour to complete. But, of course, this depends on how quickly you go through them.

And once you finish your courses, you’re able to request a Certificate of Completion. This could help you get reimbursed for insurance purposes.

You can even connect with other new parents to share experiences, build friendships, and receive advice from licensed experts. So, it’s clear that they’re set on making parents feel like they’re not alone.

Who Is Tinyhood For? 

Tinyhood Review

Tinyhood classes are for new parents and caregivers for infants and preschoolers. Each course offers helpful tips and essential viewings like breastfeeding, newborn sleep, potty training, and more.

Plus, you’re able to learn on your schedule for up to two years, so busy parents can work the courses into their calendars.

Tinyhood Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Tinyhood Review

This wouldn’t be a proper Tinyhood review if I didn’t talk about what customers have to say. I just can’t leave you hanging like that. So I searched the web for opinions outside of the main website. Unfortunately, there aren’t many external ratings, but I found a couple on What to Expect and Reddit. 

Parents on the company’s website raved about each course they offer. Here is how each of the ones I discussed fared online:

  • Baby 101: 4.8/5 stars from over 38k reviews
  • CPR and Choking: 4.8/5 stars from over 4.6k reviews
  • Childbirth 101: 4.8/5 stars from over 9.1k reviews

As their most popular course, the Tinyhood Baby 101 reviews rave about the accessibility and comprehensive and informative modules. 

One reviewer wrote: “It’s great because it’s flexible, and you can do it on your schedule, and you don’t have to leave your house or drive somewhere. And it’s nice, too, because you can go back and re-read content, and I really appreciated the takeaways and clips.” 

Another expectant parent said: “I’m a brand new mama and knew next to nothing about breastfeeding. This woman has eased so many anxieties I didn’t know I had! I feel very prepared with the basics of the first few weeks and will save this to refer back to when my due date arrives.”

From these Tinyhood class reviews, it seems like the company is delivering everything it promised. I also found a thread on What to Expect discussing the company’s parenting classes. 

One commenter wrote: “I loved the Tinyhood class! There are probably like 2-3 hours of videos that cover a lot of topics. I had taken a half-day workshop at my hospital and found the Tinyhood class to be way more helpful. Good luck!” 

Despite all of these glowing comments, I did find a couple of critical Tinyhood reviews on What to Expect and Reddit. The good news is that it looks like the company stays true to its Happiness Guarantee

Is Tinyhood Worth It?

Tinyhood Review

There’s no doubt that becoming a new parent is scary. There are so many things you might not know and experiences you haven’t been through. Tinyhood aims to make parenthood less overwhelming and allows you to maintain composure before and after delivering your baby. 

Based on this Tinyhood review, I think the courses are worth checking out if you have the means. They’re concise, accessible, and informative. They’re led by midwifery, CPR, and pediatric experts. You can also take these modules at your own pace, which is beneficial for any parent. 

Tinyhood Promotions & Discounts 

Tinyhood Review

Getting a discount on some pre-parenthood courses can give you some peace of mind. Luckily, Tinyhood offers 15% off your first class when you sign up for their weekly newsletter. And as I said above, you can apply for scholarships on the company’s website.

I couldn’t find any other Tinyhood promo codes, but you could score some exclusive deals in their emails. 

Where to Buy Tinyhood

Tinyhood Review

Are you ready for class after reading this Tinyhood review? You can sign up at


Tinyhood Review

Who owns Tinyhood?

Becky Miller and Susan Blinn are the co-founders and owners of Tinyhood. After realizing the knowledge gap that new parents experience, they launched their selection of parenting courses. 

Is Tinyhood covered by insurance?

Once you finish the Baby 101 or Breastfeeding 101 courses, you can request a Certificate of Completion. Then, submit the certificate to your insurance. Insurance policies will vary, though, and the company doesn’t guarantee coverage for your courses. But you could receive reimbursement.

What is your Customer Happiness Guarantee?

Tinyhood’s Customer Happiness Guarantee ensures satisfaction for parents everywhere. If you have any issues with your courses, you can contact the company by email, and they will help correct your problem. 

If I purchase a course, will it also be available to my partner or do they have to purchase the course separately?

You and your partner can watch the purchased course together once you log into your Tinyhood account. If you want to watch it separately, all you have to do is share the account info. Logging into two devices will not be an issue.

How to Contact Tinyhood

I hope you enjoyed reading this Tinyhood review! If you have any questions, you can contact the Customer Care team through its contact form

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