Transformer Table 4.0 Collection Review

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Transformer Table 4.0 Collection Review

If you haven’t heard about this buzzworthy Canadian furniture brand, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Transformer Table has been making waves since their Kickstarter campaign in 2019 and they show no signs of stopping. 

Innovation is at the forefront of their design philosophy, alongside other tenets including sustainability, reliability, and practicality. This is most evident based on the fact that we’re already writing a review for the fourth iteration of their Dining Sets.

What began as a dream of seven friends in Quebec, Canada has quickly become a sensation in the world of functional, extendable, furniture. Gone are the days of squishing extra people into your rigid dining table. Accommodating up to 12 people with ease (with storage space available for when you don’t need such a long table), it’s easy to see why we’re so excited about this brand.

Keep reading, as we’ll check out everything that the new 4.0 collection has to offer, including the table itself, the chairs, the benches, and even a nifty coffee table as storage for the table panels. We’ll also take a look at customer reviews and answer any burning FAQs towards the end. Let’s get started!


  • Offers a selection of smart, extendable furniture, perfect for hosting gatherings big and small
  • Sustainably sourced and crafted
  • 8 wooden extendable dining table options to choose from
  • Financing options available
  • Wonderful customer reviews

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Transformer Table 4.0 Collection Review

As their most innovative release yet, the Transformer Table 4.0 Collection is the epitome of smart extendable dining sets. As one customer put it, you can go “from eating to dancing within minutes,” and that’s versatility we can get behind.

In this section, we’ll shine the spotlight on the eco-conscious dining sets themselves as well as some nifty additions to round out the look. With tables, benches, coffee tables, chairs, and a modular sectional sofa, the brand has made sure to thoughtfully craft everything you need for a next-level hosting experience.

Transformer Dining Set 4.0 Review

It only makes sense to begin with the Transformer Dining Set 4.0 as it’s the product that truly encompasses all that this brand has to offer.

To start, all of the wood that Transformer Table uses is sustainably grown and harvested on reputable tree farms and well-managed forests. Not only that, the wood used is sturdy but not overwhelmingly heavy, a must for this particular extendable kitchen table with bench.

These extendable outdoor dining table sets come ready to go out of the box so there’s no assembly required. You can legitimately unpack it and dine right afterward (how’s that for convenience?). And dine you shall, over and over, because the Transformer Dining Set 4.0 has quite a few measures in place to ensure its longevity.

First off, as mentioned previously, the wood used is of good and solid quality. The surface is also easy to clean, requiring only a mild cleaner and a damp cloth to ensure no accidental scratching occurs. Not that scratching or staining should be a concern due to the matte lacquer finish used by the brand.

This finish also makes the dining set heat-resistant and water-repellant. In essence, you really have to try to make a mark on this table, though it’ll easily make an impression on your guests. If you do somehow manage to damage the telescopic mechanism, for example, Transformer Table has a lifetime warranty in place for such instances.

Now, onto some more technical specifications. The Transformer Dining Set 4.0 comes in four formats, with each table being able to accommodate up to 5 panels and potentially seating 12 people. Each format includes different types of seating options and comes with varying costs. Here’s what you can expect:

  • The Family: The Transformer Table + 4 Transformer Chairs, $2,999
  • The Practical: The Transformer Table + The Transformer Bench, $3,198
  • The Host:  The Transformer Table + 4 Transformer Chairs + The Transformer Bench, $3,898
  • The Gathering: The Transformer Table + 2 Transformer Benches, $4,097

With each option, you’ll be able to select the type of wood used for the tables, chairs, and benches.

You can pick between six absolutely gorgeous options for this unique transforming table, including the following:

  • American Walnut
  • Smoked Hickory
  • Brazilian Sequoia
  • Canadian Birch
  • Scandinavian Oak
  • Aged Elm

You can also customize and add additional items to your order, such as the Coffee Table (more on that one later). Finally, financing options are available starting as low as $122.88/month, which is very fair considering these robust, beautiful tables are considerable investments but are very much worth it at the end of the day.

Transformer Bench 4.0

You might have the table that can seat 12, but where are you and all of your friends supposed to sit? If you’re opting for a cozier and more communal setting, check out the Transformer Bench 4.0

Like the table, this bench is extendable and can accommodate 1-6 people depending on how many panels you add in. Also like the table, it’s available in 6 different kinds of wood and is built to last with eco-conscious practices.

But heck, the Transformer Bench 4.0 is so eye-catching that you don’t even need to have it as table seating if you don’t want to. Put it against the wall by your front door to spark a conversation as soon as your guests step through the door… or use it to help get your boots on, that works too.

You can grab this functional and appealing bench for $899.

Transformer Chairs 4.0

You’re independently minded and you believe that everyone should have their own seat at the table. You also like dependable seating made with high-quality wood and fabric. If this does sound like you (or thereabouts), then the Transformer Chairs 4.0 are absolutely worth your consideration.

The very resilient waterproof fabric that makes up the cushion portion of the chairs is built to be long-lasting but also comfortable to sit on. You don’t want anyone leaving early because of a sore back, after all. As the folks at Transformer Table say, ergonomics was key in designing these chairs.

A set of two Transformer Chairs 4.0 will run you a modest sum of $175.

Transformer Coffee Table 4.0

And now for a piece that we haven’t truly covered yet: the Transformer Coffee Table 4.0. Not strictly necessary for a dining space, this coffee table is an elegant and perfect way to provide an all-in-one surface and storage space. 

What would fit in said storage space, you ask? Up to five table panels fit neatly inside to ensure you always have a convenient place to store any extra panels when you need a smaller table. Available in the same wood types as Transformer Table’s other products, you can purchase the Transformer Coffee Table 4.0 for $799.

Who Is The Transformer Table 4.0 Collection For?

Transformer Table 4.0 Collection Review

If you’re eco-conscious, space-conscious, or just conscious in general, we think that you might like what Transformer Table brings to the… table. Puns aside, this brand really has something special for anyone who prioritizes saving space with beautifully designed and thoughtfully built furniture.

Transformer Table Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Transformer Table 4.0 Collection Review

Gather ‘round the table because it’s time to take a look at what verified customers actually think about the brand and their products. Up ahead, we’ll take a look at reviews of Transformer Table and all of the pieces mentioned in this article.

Starting off on the brand’s website, here are the average ratings for the dining set, bench, chair, and coffee table:

  • Transformer Dining Set 4.0 – The Host: 4.7/5 stars based on 495 ratings
  • Transformer Bench 4.0: 4.8/5 stars based on 136 ratings
  • Transformer Chairs 4.0: 4.5/5 stars based on 68 ratings
  • Transformer Bench 4.0: 4.6/5 stars based on 262 ratings

It’s safe to say that customers are positively elated with the quality of what this expandable table has to offer. Here’s one absolutely glowing review to that effect for the Transformer Dining Set 4.0 – The Host:

“Absolutely thrilled with my new dining set! The table is stylish and sturdy, while the bench and chairs add a touch of elegance. The set perfectly complements my space and provides ample seating for family gatherings. Highly recommend!”

Zooming in on the individual pieces, people are equally as thrilled with the Transformer Bench 4.0:

“We call our new bench the smart bench as it is so cleverly designed. The [piece] upgraded our space beyond our wildest imagination. It can easily become the center piece in any room. We are overly satisfied with our purchase!!”

It also seems like the Transformer Chairs 4.0 in particular are well-designed too. One customer noted that they’re “beautiful, strong and sturdy. they stack when decreasing table size for ease of storing.” It’s one thing for a chair to be ergonomic and sturdy while in use, but it’s another thing entirely for it to be easily tucked away to save even more space.

Let’s navigate away from the brand’s site for a moment and get a glimpse at what other folks are saying about the popular extending dining table set on the third-party rating site Trust Pilot. There, the brand still has a very respectable score of 3.9/5 stars based on 649 ratings. We still saw many great testimonials like the following:

“Great product!! Very easy process from purchase to delivery. The build quality of the product is fantastic. You can see it in the finish and feel it in the extension mechanism. It fits my space perfectly whether I’m home alone or have company.”

Now we can actually dig into the customer satisfaction side of things. The purchasing process seems to be straightforward, but does the brand have that extra special touch? Apparently so according to this next review:

Transformer table has great customer service!! They helped me place my order and also gave me a discount code that was so beneficial. Can’t wait to receive my table! Extremely happy with the service of this lady named Cassandra. She went above and beyond to explain the difference between 3.0 and 4.0. Thank you so much!!”

This tracks, as the brand is very active in replying to many of the reviews made on Trust Pilot. To sum it all up, it does look like Transformer Table has a reputation as sturdy and reliable as their products.

Is The Transformer Table 4.0 Collection Worth It?

Transformer Table 4.0 Collection Review

Dining sets are an investment and not one to be made lightly. They should be well-built and sourced using eco-friendly practices. They should be sturdy, reliable, and functional, yet still pleasing to look at and stylish. They should be made by a company that values their clientele. 

Transformer Table easily and expertly delivers on all of those fronts. If you’re in the market for smart, extendable dining sets, we definitely recommend Transformer Table

Where To Buy Transformer Table

Transformer Table 4.0 Collection Review

The best place to shop Transformer Table is on their official website. However, it seems that Costco – at the very least – also offers demonstrations and information about Transformer Table and their products, if not outright letting you purchase from them.

Transformer Table Promotions & Discounts

Transformer Table 4.0 Collection Review

Currently, Transformer Table is running an exciting 2023 Black Friday sale featuring several offers with awesome site-wide discounts. Additionally, you can get $150 off simply by clicking on the coupon when buying dining set of your choice. Furthermore, you can subscribe to their email newsletters for updates on upcoming promotions and new releases.


Transformer Table 4.0 Collection Review

Where is Transformer Table based?

Transformer Table is based in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada.

Who founded Transformer Table?

From what we found out, the brand’s founders are Alex Doré, Cedric Deltandre, Holland Wabie, Artem Kuzmichev, Richard Mabley, Zaur Pkhalagov, and Soslan Tsoutsiev.

Transformer Table Shipping & Returns

Transformer Table offers free standard curbside shipping to 35+ countries and ships within 24 hours on orders placed on in-stock merchandise. For order outside of the contiguous American states and Canadian provinces, the brand states that there may be an extra fee of $899 placed alongside any other necessary charges to get the furniture to you.

As for returns, you can initiate a return request by emailing [email protected] from the email address you originally used to make the purchase.

How to contact Transformer Table

If you have any questions after finishing this Transformer Table 4.0 Collection review, the brand has a variety of ways with which to get in touch. You can easily use the Live Chat feature on their website or fill out their Contact Form. 

Otherwise, send them an email at [email protected] or, if you prefer a more personal touch, give them a call at 1 (844) 988 2253 Monday through Friday 9:30 AM to 10:00 PM EST and Saturday through Sunday  9:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST.

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