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Twelve South Review

In this Twelve South review, I’m on an important mission: to provide a thorough overview of a brand that designs creative and functional tech accessories that are inspired by Apple. Their items are made specifically for Apple products and include case protectors, stands, cases, wireless chargers, and so much more. 

Business Insider described the Twelve South Hi Rise products as “sleek, polished, and flawless.” The tech accessories brand has also amassed a solid social media following with over 57k followers on Instagram and over 17k likes on Facebook. 

My Twelve South review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more to help you decide if their items are worth your money. 

Overview of Twelve South

Twelve South Review

Known for their “design, function, and originality,” Twelve South was founded by husband and wife team, Leigh Ann and Andrew Green, in 2009 in Charleston, South Carolina. With their headquarters still located there, their products are made both domestically and overseas. 

Now that you’ve taken in some background information on the brand, I’ve included a list of highlights about the company you’ll come across in this Twelve South review.


  • Tech and device accessories inspired by and compatible with Apple products 
  • Designed in the United States 
  • Convenient and functional
  • Provide safety and protection for your most used and favorite devices, such as your phone, iPad, Macbook, etc.  
  • Quality-made with superior materials
  • International shipping available
  • Free shipping over $50 
  • One-year warranty on most products 

Twelve South Surface Pad Review

Are you an Apple person, but you can never seem to find the cool accessories that go along with all that gear you have? Lucky for you, my Twelve South review is here to take you through some of their bestselling items that are compatible with everything Apple. Let’s dig in! 

Twelve South Surface Pad for iPhone Review

Twelve South Surface Pad for iPhone Review
Twelve South Surface Pad for iPhone

Looking for something classy to give your precious iPhone with some much needed protection? If so, then you should check out the Twelve South Surface Pad for iPhone

The Twelve South Surface Pad is a super thin, book style, ultra-sophisticated case that’s made of quality leather. It offers protection from everyday hazards, such as scratches and minor drops. It also works as a card carrier since it features two card slots inside the cover. 

As a bonus, you can use it hands-free and charge it wirelessly without ever removing the Surface Pad case. 

This Twelve South Surface Pad is compatible with any iPhone 12 or iPhone 13, and costs $50

Twelve South Surface Pad for iPad Review

Twelve South Surface Pad for iPad Review
Twelve South Surface Pad for iPad

Just like our phones, our iPads truly go just about everywhere with us nowadays. So, why not give your iPad some much-needed protection, while also keeping it looking great, with the Twelve South Surface Pad for iPad

This Surface Pad works for the iPad mini 5 and is made in a luxurious leather that’s available in two shades: black and cognac. It works to protect both sides of the iPad, and will automatically put the iPad to sleep when you’re not using it. It also gives you options to view your iPad at a variety of angles. 

The Twelve South Surface Pad for iPad is priced at $50 (down from $70). 

Twelve South HiRise Review

Did you know that it can be really harmful to your neck, posture, and even your eyesight to view your electronic devices at a downward angle? That’s exactly where the Twelve South Hi Rise comes into play! Next up in my Twelve South review, I’ll check out some of the brand’s top-sellers. 

Yet, there’s only so much room in our review. Which means we simply cannot include all of Twelve South’s popular, well-loved items. One product that we had to leave out is the super cool, and highly functional Twelve South hirise duet. This ultra modern charging stand allows you to charge your iPhone and Apple watch at the same time. Plus, it can charge the iPad mini.

But, without further ado, let’s take a look at some more Twelve South products.

Twelve South HiRise for MacBook Review

Twelve South HiRise for MacBook Review
Twelve South HiRise for MacBook

Tired of cradling your Macbook on your lap, and what that’s doing to your neck? If so, it’s time to check out the Twelve South Hi Rise for MacBook

Even if you’re not a MacBook person, this Twelve South HiRise Duet was designed for laptops of all sizes. It’s a height adjustable stand that allows you to raise your MacBook up to six inches. It’s also totally non-slip and sturdy and can support MacBooks of all sizes— so anything from your 11-inch model to your 16-inch MacBook— will be kept completely safe and secure. 

The Twelve South Hi Rise for MacBook is priced at $80

Twelve South HiRise Pro Review

Twelve South HiRise Pro Review
Twelve South HiRise Pro

If you’re more of an iMac person, the Twelve South Hi Rise Pro could very well be your savior. 

Not only does it look super chic and totally professional, it’ll fit well on any desk. And it works great for any iMac and also supports other displays with a similar style (4k/5k). It’s completely adjustable, made in a gunmetal/walnut grille material, and also includes some extra storage to help keep your desk area nice and tidy. 

The Twelve South Hi Rise Pro is priced at $170

Twelve South BookBook Review

Twelve South BookBook Review
Twelve South BookBook

Are you someone who enjoys carrying a book with you everywhere you go? Then, it’s time to check out the Twelve South BookBook for something incredibly beautiful and unique. 

This Twelve South BookBook is a hardback, protective case, made of quality leather, that’s available for any 13 or 16-inch MacBook. It’s super slim and studious looking since it literally looks like a vintage book you’ve just pulled off the shelf. So, people probably won’t guess that there’s a laptop inside it, which means it’s also less likely to get stolen. 

Plus, there’s a handy, hidden pocket located inside to store any important papers or documents. 

The Twelve South BookBook is priced at $100

Twelve South Forté Review

Twelve South Forté Review
Twelve South Forté

Wireless charging is the way of the future now, folks, and the Twelve South Forté is the way to do it! 

The Twelve South Forté was made for an iPhone 12, so all you have to do is snap your Apple Magsafe charger into the device and your cell will be wirelessly charged in no time. To top everything off, it holds your phone in place with a magnet, both vertically or horizontally, so you can easily use it while it charges— priceless! 

As an added bonus, the Forté can also charge your AirPods or AirPods Pro, and the compact design makes it easy to pack for travelling.

The Twelve South Forté is priced at $40

Twelve South BookArc Review

Twelve South BookArc Review
Twelve South BookArc

Are you in need of some extra room on your desk, but must have your MacBook nearby? The Twelve South BookArc Stand for MacBook is the way to do it! 

The Twelve South BookArc is ideal for when you want to set up your MacBook to work on a bigger screen, like an iMac, but you just don’t have the desk space. The nifty BookArc holds it up safely, securely, and vertically while it’s closed. So, you’ll have more room on your desk to get your work done. It’s essentially a Twelve South side device that comes in super handy. 

You might wonder how your MacBook can work while it’s closed. Well, it’s all thanks to the closed-display mode, which has been a feature of MacBooks for a long time. 

The Twelve South BookArc Stand for MacBook is priced at $60

Twelve South ParcSlope Review

Twelve South ParcSlope Review
Twelve South ParcSlope

Does your Macbook continually overheat? Or do you feel uncomfortable doing work on your iPad while it sits flat on your desk? The Twelve South ParcSlope was made to help correct these issues. 

The Twelve South ParcSlope works for both MacBooks and iPads as an elevation and sloping device. It’ll help your hands and arms sit more ergonomically and comfortably, and it also allows laptops to stay cooler and quieter. 

There’s built-in room to manage your cables if you have to hook up to something, and the metal design will look professional and stylish on any desk. 

The Twelve South ParcSlope is priced at $60

Twelve South PlugBug Duo Review

Twelve South PlugBug Duo Review
Twelve South PlugBug Duo

Do you find yourself always coming up short in terms of ports to do your charging? Or maybe you just bought the newest MacBook and your new charger won’t work on any of your other Apple gear. Luckily, the Twelve South PlugBug exists to solve these issues. 

How does it work? The Twelve South PlugBug plugs right into your MacBook charger in a super snug fashion, and it also adds two extra USB charging stations. So, you can conveniently charge up to three different electronic devices with just one gadget. It also features international adapters that will keep you charged in over 100 countries around the globe.  

The Twelve South PlugBug is priced at $50 (down from $60). 

Who is Twelve South for? 

Twelve South Review

The popular Twelve South Magic Wand and the Twelve South iPhone 7 BookBook really put the Apple accessories brand on the map in the early 2010s. And the company has continued to make a name for itself since then.

This brand is constantly expanding and adding to their product line— which they must due to the very nature of tech devices— which are always rapidly changing and evolving. So, this company is constantly coming up with innovative products that’ll help you use your devices in a safe, creative, and efficient manner on a daily basis. 

Twelve South is for those who are loyal Apple users and are looking for cool and practical items that will allow them to utilize their devices to their fullest potential. And, with their wide range of items to choose from, our Twelve South review thinks this brand will appeal to anyone who owns one or more Apple devices.

Comparison: Twelve South vs. Rain Design 

Twelve South Review

No Twelve South review would be considered complete without taking a look at a similar brand and playing a little game of compare and contrast. So, let’s compare Rain Design with Twelve South side-by-side.

Rain Design is an American tech products and accessories brand with a focus on the personal computer and digital media devices. 

Let’s take a look at some of the ways Rain Design is similar to Twelve South.  

  • Both tech accessories brands focus on Apple products and design innovative and cool gadgets to help with everyday use and protection 
  • Twelve South and Rain Design both feature a design aesthetic that’s sleek, stylish and cool 
  • Both brands offer a 30-day return policy and international shipping 

Some ways in which the two brands differ are below. 

  • Rain Design sits at a lower price point than a lot of the Twelve South products 
  • Twelve South’s product range is more extensive than Rain Design’s, since their main focus is on laptops, Macbooks, and iPhone accessories 
  • Twelve South offers a wider variety of options that cater to more people’s varied tastes

Overall, these two Apple tech accessory brands’ products are similar in their look, aesthetic, and functionality, but Rain Design is slightly better on the wallet, due to their lower price range.

Twelve South Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Twelve South Review

My Twelve South review simply wouldn’t be fair to true techies everywhere if it didn’t include some consumer reviews. So, let’s check out what the customers have to say about the brand. 

Firstly, let’s do a general overview of some of their most popular products on Amazon, and see how customers are rating them. 

  • Twelve South Bookbook for iPhone 12 Leather Wallet Case: an average of 4.5/5 stars based on 966 reviews, with one customer saying, “I always keep coming back to the bookbook”
  • Twelve South Airsnap Pro: an average of 4.7/5 stars based on 311 reviews 
  • Twelve South ParcSlope for Macbooks and Laptops: an average of 4.8/5 stars based on 2,428 reviews, with one customer calling it an “Apple quality laptop stand”
  • Twelve South HiRise Pro for iMac: an average of 4.5/5 stars 
  • Twelve South MagicBridge: an average of 4.4/5 stars 

Those are just a few of the many positive Twelve South reviews and ratings on Amazon, which shows that lots of individuals love these Apple tech accessories and goodies, and they’re not shy about telling the world. 

Another unique item that’s featured on Amazon is their Twelve South New Mac Candle. The item has a 4.1/5 stars rating based on 49 reviews. One customer left a comment about how this Twelve South candle makes them feel: 

Love this candle. Inspires me whenever I look at it. It fits perfect in my living room wall bookshelf.”

A lot of Twelve South customers continue to buy their high-quality products because they’re designed in a creative manner, which allows them to use the tech devices in new and innovative ways. 

One satisfied shopper left a five-star Twelve South review on the Best Buy website discussing their new Twelve South BookArc Stand for Macbook

“Very artistic looking stand for my 2019 Macbook Pro 16″.  Highly functional, vertically well-balanced.  Priced a little high in my opinion but other than that I have no complaints.  This vertical stand saves a lot of space too if you have your Macbook connected to one or more external monitors.  Turns your laptop into a desktop.” 

Another happy customer left a positive review on the brand’s Instagram page. Their short and sweet Twelve South review was about their AirFlyPro

“I bought the AirFlyPro… and now I recommend it to all my friends, family, relatives, everyone.”

That sounds like a pretty stellar recommendation! Speaking of which, if you’re curious about the brand’s customer service, even if you have an issue with something, have no fear. A customer left a Twelve South review on TrustPilot about their fantastic customer service experience, and they also had a lot of other great things to say: 

“I just arranged for a return on MacBook stand that wouldn’t be ideal for me; and the customer service was incredibly friendly and accommodating and honest too. Did I say motivated? Absolutely!!

I own 2 Iphone Journals

1 BookBook for iPad

1 MacBook Pro Journal and CaddySack!

All of the above 5 stars! Intuitive, Beautiful, functional, meant to be used to develop a beautiful patina. It’s also nice camouflage for the Precious contents.

My best compliments!!!”

Overall, there are a number of positive Twelve South reviews from enthusiastic and loyal customers who have purchased not just one thing from the Apple accessories brand, but several. There’s also lots of buzz online pertaining to the great customer service team at Twelve South.  

Is Twelve South Worth It?

Twelve South Review

For this Twelve South review, I’ve looked at all the brand’s most popular and bestselling items, and also many customer ratings. And we’ve come to one final conclusion: if you’re an Apple device person, you’ll likely find that shopping for this tech accessory brand’s items is well worth your time and money

Twelve South is constantly evolving and changing with each new device that enters the market, so you’re bound to find something that’ll work for your unique tech collection.

Plus, if you’re working from home, it’s vital to have the right gear to increase your productivity, and keep yourself comfortable while staring at screens all day long, and Twelve South can help with that. 

Twelve South Promotions & Discounts 

Twelve South Review

There are currently no promotions to take advantage of on the Twelve South website. However, there are some popular items on sale: 

Where to Buy Twelve South

Twelve South Review

If anything in this Twelve South review caught your eye, hop on their website: You can also find their products on Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, Target, The Source, and Walmart. 


Twelve South Review

Where is Twelve South made? 

Twelve South is based in Charleston, South Carolina. 

What is Twelve South’s Shipping Policy?

Twelve South offers free shipping on orders within the U.S. that are over $50, and delivery time is 2 – 10 business days. 

If customers choose standard shipping, there may be additional charges, and the delivery time will be within 1 – 6 business days. For two-day shipping, Twelve South orders should arrive by 8:00 p.m. on the business day after your item(s) has shipped. 

And for next-day shipping, you can expect your Twelve South order to arrive by 8:00 p.m. the next day. Additional charges for expedited shipping will be calculated at checkout. 

For international orders, excluding the U.K., customs charges, taxes, fees, and duties are not included in the cost of shipping. They’ll likely be collected at the time of delivery. For international orders shipping to the U.K., VAT, as well as duties and taxes are calculated at checkout. 

Delivery times to locations outside the U.S. will vary due to delays and restrictions. Most customers can expect their Twelve South order to arrive somewhere between 2 – 10 business days after the order has been shipped. 

International deliveries are shipped via FedEx or DHL Express. FedEx International Priority shipping should take between 2 – 6 business days. 

What is Twelve South’s Return Policy?

Twelve South offers a 30-day return policy for items purchased from Any shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping charges for the original purchase are nonrefundable. 

For returns needed through the Authorized Resellers section of Twelve South, refunds are not obtainable. But, you can submit your Authorized Reseller merchandise for a warranty replacement. 

For any other concerns pertaining to returns or exchanges, you can reach out to the company via email at [email protected].

How to Contact Twelve South

I hope you enjoyed my Twelve South review! There are a couple different ways to contact the customer service team. 

  1. You can email them at [email protected] and they’ll usually respond within one business day
  2. If you have a warranty concern, you can submit a request here

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