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Upguys Review

What’s Upguys? Nothing much, how about you?

We’re sorry, but we couldn’t resist that one. 

Just like how we can’t resist the idea that men’s care is often overlooked due to how our culture dictates what men should be. 

We promote strength as the most important quality for men, and while that’s not a bad thing, our current perception limits how much medical help men are allowed to seek out.

That’s why we’re delighted to tell you about Upguys, a small brand operating out of British Columbia that is looking to make a difference in the way men monitor their health.

They work by supplying men with medication to help with problems that are frequently experienced by men like erectile dysfunction, hair loss, and performance anxiety.

Upguys has over 1.9k likes on Facebook and 2.5k followers on Instagram. They’ve received praise and spotlights from companies like The Daily Hive and Vancouver’s local news syndicate.

How can you know if they’re the right brand for you? The first step is to read through this Upguys review where we’ll cover their history, their philosophy, their available products and prices, their shipping requirements, and their customer reception.

The second step, if you like what you read here, is to try out this positive and empowering company for yourself. With that being said, let’s get started with an overview of Upguys.

Overview of Upguys

Upguys Review

Upguys is a Canadian company that’s all about helping guys get it up. They hail from Burnaby, British Columbia, which is also where they distribute all their prescriptions from.  

The brand doesn’t work to reinforce stereotypes about what men should be. Instead, they want to foster men to feel good about themselves by giving them the medications they need to remedy their ailments. 

They want men to become the best they possibly can but know that sometimes things get in the way. 

We cannot control medical issues like hair loss, erectile dysfunction, and performance anxiety. These problems aren’t usually adequately addressed. Society at large ignores them at best or mocks them at worst.

Thus, many men can feel emasculated if they cannot receive the necessary care. Upguys noticed that. 

Founder Mat Rezaei created the company to empower men. He didn’t want to tell men how they should be, but instead build the link between medications, men, and doctors to help men actualize their true selves.

It’s a refreshing perspective that props up vulnerability and masculinity as not mutually exclusive. Their business model normalizes that men have issues and needs while rejecting the oft-touted notion that men should take all their problems with an iron jaw. 

The process to receive medication is simple and straightforward. Upguys asks you to fill out a questionnaire to provide them with information about your health and medical history. Next, they’ll connect you with a licensed practitioner. This consultation is totally free.

The practitioner will work with you to find the medication that best meets your needs. Once they approve your prescription then your medication will be on its way to your desired location.

The process is even simpler if you know exactly which medication you need. You can purchase their products directly from their website, meaning you don’t need to fill out the survey or consult with their team.

Upguys is a proud member of the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia and British Columbia Pharmacy Association, as if you needed any other reason to trust them.

In case you did want more reasons, in this Upguys review we will look at some of the company’s most exemplary features.


Upguys Review
  • Connect clients with practitioners that can properly prescribe them medications
  • Has generic versions of expensive prescriptions
  • Recognized by the College of Pharmacists of British Columbia and British Columbia Pharmacy Association
  • Free shipping across Canada
  • Consultations are free

Upguys’ catalog of men’s care falls into four categories:

  1. Erectile dysfunction products
  2. Hair loss products
  3. Premature ejaculation products
  4. Performance anxiety products

Many of these items can be used to treat multiple ailments at once.

Upguys Viagra Review

This portion of our Upguys review will feature some of the distributor’s best available erectile dysfunction items. The name Upguys viagra may lead you to believe that these products are all manufactured by Viagra, but they’re actually made by the Upguys brand themselves. 

Upguys Sildenafil Review

This item is the generic Viagra that you’re used to hearing so much about, but don’t take generic as an insult. This product can be a reliable way to treat erectile dysfunction.

The Upguys Sildenafil can take action in as little as 2 hours. This means it’s best used in the moment instead of as a daily pill. One dosage can support erections that last up to 2 hours, giving you plenty of time for play. 

Four 50mg tablets of Upguys Sildenafil are available for $44.

Upguys Vardenafil Review

The Upguys Vardenafil is the company’s version of the popular prescription Levitra. It functions similarly to sildenafil in that it’s meant to be used for short durations. 

The difference between the two is that vardenafil lasts slightly longer than sildenafil. That isn’t to imply that could keep you erect after you finish, but that its effects will be potent for a longer period of time.

This item may be useful in treating premature ejaculation as well. You should find out for yourself with four 10mg tablets of Upguys Vardenafil for $60.

Upguys Tadalafil Review 

The other popular brand of erectile dysfunction medication is Cialis. The Upguys Tadalafil is their available version of that medication.

This pill functions much more like a daily prescription. You should take one dose per day, though that dosage may vary depending on what your doctor recommends. While you can get other dosage levels, the Upguys website lists this item as including four 10mg tablets.

Upguys Tadalafil works on a steady-release schedule. It takes about half an hour to activate in your system and its effects linger for 36 hours. That’s why it’s best to take this every day. It has a slower – but more consistent – release than the prior products.

Upguys Delay Spray Lidocaine HCl Review

Let’s say that you don’t like taking pills or that you have an aversion to swallowing. You might think that you’ll never find a medication to treat your erectile dysfunction. You’d be incorrect, as the Upguys Delay Spray Lidocaine HCl is a topical treatment.

It’s a great alternative to oral pills. All you need to do is spray it on your penis as if you’re a 13-year-old boy showering himself with Axe bodyspray after gym class. 

Much like that Axe cologne, the Upguys Delay Spray Lidocaine HCl will ramp you up for any form of sexual activity.

The product slightly numbs the nerves on the genitals, which decreases sensitivity and prolongs how long you will last before you climax. 

A single package of Upguys Delay Spray Lidocaine HCl containing 150 sprays costs $56.

Upguys Hair Review

This section of our Upguys review will move from the crotch to the top of the head. These Upguys hair products are designed to combat hair loss that occurs at the top of the scalp.

Upguys Finasteride Review

This product is usually sold under the brand name Proscar. Currently, it has over 8 million prescriptions in the United States, inferring that it can be quite effective for treating hair loss. 

Upguys Finasteride is one of the only two drugs that treat male pattern baldness that has been approved by the FDA. It’s best considered as an option to delay the onset of baldness because it slows down the hair loss process. 

The drug is effective only if you continue to take it. That means that if you start a daily amount and see results, you’ll have to continue to ingest that amount to maintain those results.

28 1mg tablets of Upguys Finasteride are available for $49.

Upguys Monoxidil AM PM Review

This is the second hair loss medication that received approval from the FDA. Upguys Monoxidil AM PM was originally created as a treatment for ulcers in the 1950s. 

It works as a medication for high blood pressure, but the Upguys dosages are based on the recommended amounts for male pattern baldness.

It works differently than Upguys Finasteride. While that product works to delay hair loss, this item promotes hair growth. You’ve probably heard of it being promoted under the brand name Rogaine.

The Upguys Monoxidil AM PM costs $69 and contains a 30 mL bottle for the morning and nighttime applications. You apply a set amount twice per day to the top of the scalp.

Who Is Upguys For? 

Upguys Review

Upguys is for men that wish to improve their health in regards to matters that are frequently glossed over. Their quick delivery ensures the products will arrive right at your door.

Since their product line is rather small, the brand’s products will be best used by men who suffer from the specific issues each medication treats.

Upguys Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Upguys Review

This section of our Upguys review will examine what real customers have reported about the company. This will give you an inside look at what it’s like to work with Upguys so that you can see if they are the right brand for you. 

The first place we gathered customer reception from was Upguys’ own website. Their audience gave them a rousing score of 4.9/5 stars based on nearly 700 pieces of customer feedback.

Customers frequently pointed to how the company made them feel at ease with the entire process. Some men aren’t open to discussing their sexual health issues with their family doctors, so they enjoyed Upguys’ model. 

As one 5/5 stars review says, “Very impressed with the Upguys service. It was something I was uncomfortable talking about with my family doctor. They make it very easy and comfortable… this went very smoothly very secure, delivered in under seven days I’m very happy that I have this service Thank you.”

The brand’s delivery service earned customer adoration. Buyers were thankful for how quickly Upguys was able to send out their medications, often reporting that it only took days to get their products even if they lived on the other side of the country! 

This customer review pointed to that seamless delivery process as well as the brand’s streamlined products:

They’ve simplified the process. Everything from placing the order to consultation to getting updates was seamless. I would surely recommend Upguys ! I liked how they’ve not over-complicated by adding too many products.

Reviewers also left plenty of pleasant comments on the Upguys’ Google reviews page. Actually, 250 customers gave the brand an average score of 4.9/5 stars.

These reviews included much of the praise we found on other corners of the internet. Upguys is seen as speedy, reliable, and easy to work with. It’s almost like they were the perfect partner in a relationship.

Here’s a review from Google that sums up how many customers felt about Upguys:

My experience with ordering, shipping, and assistance with information, was very professional. Also the delivery is prompt and exact!! My whole experience with up guys has been great! I will continue my orders .

You’ll notice that many of these reviews center around Upguys and not their medications. That’s because the company’s business model is about product distribution, not product development. 

Thus, if you want to know how effective medications like the Upguys Delay Spray Lidocaine HC are, then we recommend speaking to one of their consultants. 

We’ll conclude this section of our Upguys review with a customer comment that sums up what most buyers love about the brand. This short piece of feedback encapsulates what makes Upguys such a stalwart company to their clients: 

Over a year ago when I was starting to have ed I contacted them a little bit out the blue.I didn’t have a clue what to expect. They replied quickly, professionally .they are straightforward and polite. Within the same day or so they mailed what I needed. They are good!

Is Upguys Legit?

Upguys Review

Upguys actually answer this exact question on their FAQ page! Here are all the reasons why we consider them to be a safe brand:

  • They are a fully licensed pharmacy
  • They’ve received recognition from the College of Pharmacists of BC
  • All customer consultations are performed by licensed Canadian medical practitioners
  • They act in accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, ensuring that your personal and private information will be safe and held discreetly
  • They adhere to British Columbia’s Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) 

Is Upguys Worth It?

Upguys Review

Medication can be a powerful tool in anyone’s life. Taking that into consideration, we believe that Upguys are worth exploring if you live in Canada and need to receive care for issues that prevent you from being the person you want to be

Upguys Promotions & Discounts 

Upguys Review

Sorry, folks, our Upguys review writers couldn’t find any available promotions or discounts at the time of writing. 

Where to Buy Upguys

Upguys Review

Upguys is only available on their website ( or their Burnaby, BC storefront.


Upguys Review

Who owns Upguys?

Upguys is still owned by founder Mat Rezaei.

Does Upguys ship internationally?

Regrettably, our Upguys review team has to report that the company does not ship outside of their native country of Canada.

What is Upguys’ Shipping Policy?

The brand will send out your prescription up to 3 business days after they get approval from the prescriber. 

Their standard shipping is completely free for all Canadian residents. It usually takes 3 to 5 business days for the shipment to complete. If that’s too slow then you can choose the FedEx Overnight shipping option for a premium price.

The company also goes to great lengths to ship your items discreetly. They claim that they don’t label their packages with anything that indicates it contains medications. Plus, their deliveries are shipped in small enough boxes to fit into most mailboxes. 

What is Upguys’ Return Policy?

Our Upguys review writers discovered that the company doesn’t offer returns or refunds on any of their products. This isn’t surprising given their business model. Most prescriptions can’t be returned to pharmacies.

However, you can contact them if you did not receive your shipment. We’ll tell you how to connect with them in the next part of this Upguys review. 

How to Contact Upguys

Upguys Review

The parting gift of this Upguys review will consist of the company’s contact information. Here are all the ways you can get in touch with the brand’s team:

  • Shoot them an email at [email protected]
  • Text or call their customer service number at 778-400-3868
  • Reach out to their Facebook or Instagram page via direct message

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