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About VineBox

VineBox Review

VineBox is an American company that brings the wine tasting experience to your door. This unique service delivers wine in curated tasting boxes (or by the bottle!) directly to your home. 

Our VineBox review has found that this new brand has gained a great reputation for selecting excellent wines from unique and small-scale wineries across Europe and making them accessible to customers across the US.

VineBox explains that their service is “about discovery and expanding your wine drinking horizons” for adventurous and curious drinkers. Their curated boxes are meant to help you learn more about new wines (or wines that are new to you!) and uncover new favorites

Their tasting boxes contain individually bottled servings of wine, sourced from a wide range of producers. These boxes are arranged around changing themes, seasons, and varieties. So, if you’re a red wine fan you can go for their Fresh Reds box, or you can branch out and try a bit of everything with their 12 Nights of Wine

VineBox also gives you an opportunity to send a VineBox Wine Tasting gift, which allows the recipient to choose from a changing selection. 

In this VineBox review I’ll look at this special brand’s product line, customer feedback, and buying highlights, so you can decide if you’d like to take a tasting tour with VineBox!

Overview of VineBox

VineBox Review

VineBox was founded in San Francisco in 2015 by Matt Dukes and Rachel Vodofsy. 

Finding his high pressure job in law unfulfilling, Dukes left his career to volunteer on a wine vineyard in France. While there, he learned more about the winemaking process as he helped to transform their harvests of grapes into 6,000 bottles of wine! 

Dukes developed the idea for VineBox when he came across small tasting vials of wine. He realized that these small bottles were a perfect way to expand the possibilities of wine tasting – you could try a glass of wine at home without committing to drinking a whole bottle!

After he teamed up with Rachel Vodofsy, these former lawyers channeled their passion for wine into VineBox, a home delivery wine service that brings a selection of tasting bottles of unique, high quality wines to everyone who wants to give them a try. 

These co-founders explain on the brand’s website that they wanted to help connect American customers with small-scale European wineries rather than the mass produced wines typically found in chain stores or liquor stores. 

As they put it, “You won’t find anything mass produced here. We are about the little guys, the stories behind the wine, the towns and the terroirs. After all, that’s what makes good wine great.”

Join us as our VineBox review takes a look at buying from this inventive new brand!


VineBox Review
  • Great opportunity to expand your wine knowledge
  • Experience new and classic wines
  • Comes with info on your selection of wines and further recommendations
  • Tasting portions mean you don’t have to commit to full bottles
  • Option to order full-sized bottles of any wine you enjoy
  • Products conveniently delivered to your door
  • Beautiful packaging – makes a fun gift!

VineBox Review

Keep reading my VineBox review to learn more about this company’s best-selling products.

We’re going to shop through the brand’s tasting collections of rosé, red wines, single varietals, and their popular VineBox 12 Nights of Wine!

VineBox The Rosé Collection Review

VineBox Review
VineBox The Rosé Collection

This VineBox will give you a chance to taste a collection of six different rosé wines. Some of the wines from The Rosé Collection are made from Grenache and Nebbiolo grapes, which VineBox explains are classic wine grapes, while others are more experimental offerings.

Another rosé in this collection is a pink wine made from Sumoll grapes, a black grape from Catalonia known for its use in cava. VineBox promises that this wine will have hints of “passion fruit and creamy peaches.”

While writing this VineBox review I found that these wine tasters comes in a small bottle of 100 ml each, bottled from the source wine via a patented process that ensures the wine is never exposed to oxygen and will be good for 3 years. It’s the perfect size for one glass of wine

Raise a glass with The Rosé Collection for $77.

VineBox Fresh Reds Review

VineBox Review
VineBox Fresh Reds

VineBox’s Fresh Reds is a great choice if you want to focus on a red wine-only tasting list

VineBox explains that the Fresh Reds box contains a variety of recently available red wines. This tasting set contains their “Cellar Picks” – older wines being released at height of their flavor – and their “New Releases,” new wines from Europe not yet available on the American market. 

The Fresh Reds box’s selections include:

  • A French Malbec
  • An Italian Nebbiolo 
  • A Spanish Tempranillo 
  • An Italian Dolcetto 

The Fresh Reds box contains 9 wines in total, all in 100 ml tasting bottles.

Purchase VineBox’s Fresh Reds for $95.

VineBox Peaks & Valleys Review 

VineBox Review
VineBox Peaks & Valleys

Peaks and Valleys is perfect for people who want to sample a wide range of wines! It includes 9 100 ml tasting bottles of both “bold reds and crisp whites.”

This VineBox comes with 2 rosés, 3 white wines, and 4 red wines.

VineBox shares that one wine from this box, the Dumas Alchimie, is quite a special choice. This wine is aged the old-fashioned way in barrels, which VineBox says gives it a range of delicious flavor points including vanilla, which enhances this toasty, smoky wine’s natural berry undertones.

Buy the Peaks and Valleys box for $85.

VineBox Single Varietals Tasting Review

VineBox Review
VineBox Single Varietals Tasting

What is a single varietal anyways? During this VineBox review I found that these wines are unique because they do not contain any blending of grape types, unlike “varietals,”  which are made of a dominant grape but are permitted to include up to 20% of another grape.

A single varietal wine is made from only one type of wine grape – with absolutely no blending – allowing you to experience the particular mouthfeel, taste and flavor each grape has to offer!

The VineBox Single Varietals Tasting box includes the following single-grape wines:

  • Malbec  
  • Frappato   
  • Viognier
  • Montepulciano

The Single Varietals Tasting box contains 9 wines in all5 red, 3 white, and 1 rosé – made of 9 different grapes. Each wine comes in VineBox’s 100 ml single-glass bottle. 

Order the Single Varietals Tasting box for $99.

VineBox 12 Nights of Wine Review

VineBox Review
VineBox 12 Nights of Wine

Dubbed a “wine advent calendar” by Woman’s Day magazine, VineBox’s 12 Nights of Wine is an inventive way to greet the year ahead with a toast!

Their 12 Nights of Wine box was designed with holiday enjoyment in mind and is wrapped in a beautiful white and gold confetti-covered box, although we’re sure you could work your way through this box any time of the year! Regardless of the date on the calendar, it’s a delightful way to celebrate yourself or someone you love. 

This festive box includes 12 100 ml servings of 12 wines, including reds, whites, and a pair of rosés. This year’s selection celebrates Europe’s female winemakers and covers a diverse range of tasting notes.

All of Vinebox’s unique tasters are selected by VineBox sommeliers for their flavor and quality. In keeping with the theme, VineBox explains that the pours in the 12 Nights of Wine were also picked by female experts who are trained vignerons, cellar masters, and chef de caves. 

The wines selected come from Europe’s wine producing regions in Spain, France and Italy, and include:

  • Crisp white wines and bold reds from Spain
  • An Italian rosé with notes of almond and cherry 
  • Mineral-rich white wines by the De Andres winemakers

Say cheers with the 12 Nights of Wine box for $129.

Who Is VineBox For? 

VineBox Review

Whether you are new to the wine world and want to try out a variety of high-quality wines, or you’re already a wine lover looking to diversify your palate, VineBox has some beautiful wine options for you.

This brand understands that modern customers love the convenience of home delivery and the ability to send their packages as gifts, too. In this way VineBox really delivers (literally!) and will help customers push beyond the limits of the local liquor store and get the chance to experience a broader range of wines.

VineBox will particularly appeal to young people who are interested in wine, but may be turned off by some of the more serious or pretentious aspects of wine culture. This brand is different – it’s light, bright, and fun! Their website has a peppy and inclusive vibe with wine information that is accessible to everyone

Amateur sommeliers will find a lot to love about Vinebox, but you absolutely don’t have to know a lot about wine in order to appreciate their product. They obviously delight in wine and want you to, too!

How Does VineBox Work? 

VineBox Review

Visit the brand’s website to browse their selection of wine boxes. Each product page will describe what kind of wine samples they will send you. For example, some boxes contain only red wines while others will have a variety. 

Each box will have a certain number of individual taster bottles, containing 100 ml, or about one glass of wine.

Once you know which box you would like, add it to your cart and begin your checkout process. Your VineBox wine will be delivered to your door!

If you fall in love with any of the wines from your VineBox, you’ll receive instructions with your VineBox purchase on how to order a full-sized bottle or something very similar. VIneBox makes full bottles available on a quarterly schedule, and your tasting box purchase comes with a credit towards purchase.

You can also purchase VineBox Wine Tasting gifts. These boxes can be curated, or can allow your recipient to choose from a selection of currently available wines to customize their tasting experience. They also have a coffee and tea tasting option for those who don’t drink alcohol.

VineBox Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

VineBox Review

VineBox shares customer reviews on their website. Many of their customers are really pleased with their purchases and give this company a ton of love for their unique approach to wine tasting. Many customers mention they enjoy the quality and taste of the wines, and the variety they were able to try with each box.

Other buyers love that these beautifully packaged wines make a convenient and interesting gift. One customer’s VineBox review of the Fresh Reds says, “Gave this to good friends of ours. They loved it – beautiful packaging. Enjoyed the fabulous wines.”

Another customer who bought the 12 Nights of Wine as a VineBox gift shares in their review: Couldn’t be more happier with the service. Got it for a friend for Christmas and she kept raving about it for the 12 days that followed.”

The writer at tested out the VineBox service and was very impressed with their product. He shares in his VineBox review, “We love the VineBox experience. The quality of the wine is exceptional, and all of the wine is selected by sommelier Tyler Kennedy. The packaging is a compact box containing glass tubes of wine. Except for the fact that you pour it yourself, it’s like visiting a wine tasting room with a selective inventory of mostly European wines.”

This brand was also reviewed by the reviewer at, who was pleased with the high quality of the wines in his delivery. He shares in his VineBox review: “They deliver a glass worth of 9 different amazing wines in each box…It’s an awesome subscription to try if you want to expand your palate and flavor profile, taste wines, or try wines from a variety of regions (different types of wine).”

Overall, this brand has earned a loyal following by taking the time to send only the best wines to their customers with careful attention to the details and presentation.

Is VineBox Worth It?

VineBox Review

Writing this VineBox review, I recognize that this company has taken the time to find unique, flavorful wines and make them available to customers across the US. 

This company understands that wine can sometimes be intimidating or confusing, and they have figured out a way for all wine drinkers to broaden their experience and taste buds by trying small tasters of new wines

VineBox has a joyful and infectious enthusiasm for all things wine, and the variety they provide consumers is impressive.

When you buy their products, you can enjoy varieties you might otherwise miss. If you want to learn more about different wine grapes and their unique flavor profiles, they’ve got you covered there, too. VineBox’s selections are made by trained sommeliers and have been praised by both casual sippers and wine enthusiasts happy to try something new.

Based on the brand’s customer reviews, it’s also clear that many people value VineBox’s products as thoughtful and unique gifts. Their beautiful presentation and home delivery service makes it an easy choice to send to a friend, colleague, or family member. 

For these reasons mentioned in my VineBox review, I can certainly recommend making a purchase from this innovative home wine tasting experience!

VineBox Promotions & Discounts 

VineBox Review

VineBox doesn’t currently have any promotions. Check back at their official website for occasional VineBox discounts and VineBox coupons.

Where to Buy VineBox

VineBox Review

You can purchase all VineBox products from their official website.


VineBox Review

Who owns VineBox?

VineBox is owned by parent company SugarWish, an online gifting service.

Does VineBox ship internationally?

No, VineBox only ships to select states within the US.

What is VineBox’s Shipping Policy?

This brand will ship to many states within the contiguous United States. Unfortunately they cannot ship to PO boxes or to these states: 

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arkansas
  4. Delaware
  5. Hawaii
  6. Kentucky
  7. Mississippi
  8. New Hampshire
  9. Rhode Island
  10. South Dakota
  11. Utah
  12. Vermont

What is VineBox’s Return Policy?

VineBox explains that because of shipping laws related to alcohol products, they cannot process returns and they do not offer refunds. However, if your package was damaged during the shipping process get in touch with them through the contact email below.

How to Contact VineBox

VineBox Review

I hope you enjoyed this VineBox review! For any lingering questions, you can contact this company by email at [email protected]

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