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About L’ange

L'ange Review

Hands up. Put down that 7-year-old flat iron that sets off the fire alarm every time you use it. We repeat: put down the iron and no one will get hurt. No one has time for burnt hair. 

L’ange aims to reset your routine with products that perform exactly how they’re supposed to, not only protecting your hair but enhancing it, and at an affordable price, too. Whether you’re on the hunt to replace that flat iron or in need of a hair treatment to bring your curls back to life, this company has what you’re looking for. 

The brand has also been featured in Byrdie, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan for its wide selection of products that help all users achieve their hair goals. 

Ready to get your hair care routine in order? Keep reading this L’ange review — we’ll smooth over all you need to know about the brand, including in-depth product reviews, customer testimonials, and promotions, to help you decide if these products are what your hair needs.

L’ange was founded in 2017 by Dalia Lange herself with the belief that “styling your hair should be fun, expressive, uncomplicated (and affordable!)”

Lange has two daughters with different hair types, and neither of them knew what to do with their hair and had difficulty finding resources.

So, she created a brand to help them. With a variety of tools, products, and educational videos, L’ange has since been on a mission to provide people with different types of hair to explore styles and learn more about how to properly care for their hair type

Since then, the brand continues to release products involving the newest designs and trends so you can achieve the look you want. Plus, you can follow the brand’s socials for tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to best use the products. 

Because of the company’s focus on hair care, they have also worked alongside foundations to raise awareness for cancer in women and the effects of hair loss during chemotherapy, such as  The Susan G. Komen Foundation, The Rapunzel Project, and HairToStay. 

All things considered, L’ange’s commitment to providing people with all the tools they need to feel confident and most like themselves is evident. That being said, they’re always taking customer feedback into consideration to provide the best products possible.

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

Pros & Cons

L'ange Review

Now that you know a little more about the brand, this L’ange review is going to brush over the pros and cons before getting into the features and products:


  • Wide Range of Products: L’ange offers a diverse range of products, including curling wands, flat irons, hair dryers, styling brushes, hair care products, and cosmetics. This variety allows customers to find multiple options for their specific needs.
  • Quality and Performance: Many users appreciate the quality and performance of L’ange products. Their styling tools are often praised for their durability, heat distribution, and ability to create various hairstyles effectively.
  • Innovative Features: L’ange introduces innovative features in their products to enhance user experience. For example, some of their curling wands include advanced technologies such as ceramic or titanium barrels and adjustable temperature settings, which can help achieve desired results while minimizing heat damage.
  • Stylish Design: L’ange products are often recognized for their sleek and aesthetically pleasing designs. Their tools and packaging have an upscale appearance, which can be appealing to customers who value both functionality and style.
  • Hair Care Products: In addition to styling tools, L’ange offers a range of hair care products like shampoos, conditioners, serums, and styling sprays. These products are formulated to address specific hair concerns and can be complementary to their styling tools.


  • Price: L’ange products are often considered to be on the higher end of the price spectrum. This can be a disadvantage for customers who are on a tight budget or prefer more affordable options. However, the higher price is often attributed to the perceived quality and performance of the products.
  • Availability: L’ange products are primarily sold through their official website and select authorized retailers. This limited availability can be inconvenient for customers who prefer to purchase products in physical stores or have limited access to online shopping.
  • Learning Curve: Some users may find that certain L’ange styling tools, such as curling wands, have a learning curve. Achieving desired results may require practice and experimentation with different techniques, especially for those who are new to hair styling.


L'ange Review

Hair care is personal. Trust us, we know the early morning battle with endlessly tangled locks, strands that simply won’t hold a curl, and oily roots even though you just washed. 

Luckily, L’ange offers plenty of options to help you finally achieve that dream style. From hot tools and hair brushes to treatments and finishing products, the brand has it all, making it your one-stop shop for every hair necessity. 

Ready to brush that chip off your shoulder and take another stab at shiny, luscious locks? Keep reading this L’ange review, because up next we’ll take you through all the brand’s top-selling products to complete your regimen. But first, here’s what sets the this brand apart from the pack:

  1. Advanced Heating Technology: L’ange styling tools, such as curling wands and flat irons, often incorporate advanced heating technologies. These may include ceramic, tourmaline, or titanium barrels or plates. These materials help to distribute heat evenly, reduce frizz, and minimize heat damage to the hair.
  2. Adjustable Temperature Settings: Many L’ange styling tools have adjustable temperature settings, allowing users to customize the heat level based on their hair type and desired style. This feature is particularly useful for preventing excessive heat exposure and reducing the risk of hair damage.
  3. Multiple Barrel Sizes: L’ange offers curling wands with various barrel sizes, allowing users to achieve different types of curls or waves. The availability of different barrel sizes caters to different preferences and hair lengths.
  4. Ergonomic Design: L’ange products are designed with user comfort in mind. Their tools often feature ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip and make styling easier. This design element enhances user experience and minimizes hand fatigue during prolonged use.
  5. Ionic Technology: Some L’ange styling tools incorporate ionic technology, which emits negative ions to neutralize positive ions in the hair. This helps to reduce static, frizz, and flyaways, leaving the hair smoother and shinier.
  6. Dual Voltage: L’ange styling tools often have dual voltage capabilities, allowing them to be used worldwide. This feature is particularly useful for travelers, as it enables the tools to be used in different countries without the need for voltage converters.
  7. Hair Care Formulations: L’ange offers a range of hair care products formulated to address various hair concerns. Their shampoos, conditioners, serums, and styling sprays often contain nourishing ingredients to promote healthy hair, enhance shine, and provide moisture or volume, depending on the specific product.
  8. Stylish Packaging: L’ange products are known for their stylish packaging. The brand often incorporates elegant and visually appealing designs, making their products visually attractive and gift-worthy.

6 Best-Selling L’ange Products

For sleek and shiny hair that lasts all day, whether you’re twisting it into curls or going for a simple and straight style, opt for a L’ange straightener.

The different types are made for different hair textures and potential styles, but this L’ange review will walk you through the most popular choices to get an idea of what they offer. After that, we’ll shine the spotlight on the brand’s brushes and accessories.

L’ange Hair Le Ceramique Review

If you’re looking for an all-in-one, the L’ange Hair Le Ceramique is your one! This flat iron is ideal for straightening, curling, or making waves with your hair by doing a few simple and quick passes.

The plates are 1” thick for optimum coverage and ideal curl width, with curved edges that make it easy to glide through your hair and twist the paddles. The ceramic coating provides a smooth pass while relaxing frizz and flyaways. 

It also has some extra features, such as heating and cooling rapidly so you can do your style in minutes and then toss it in your travel bag. There’s also an ergonomic handle and swivel cord that allows you to comfortably hold the iron and never worry about tangled cords.

This simple baby pink hot tool retails for $59, so be sure to snag it while it’s hot!

L’ange Hair Le Rêve Review

If you find yourself coating your mane in so much hairspray that it’s hard as a rock, it might be time to try out the L’ange Hair Le Rêve.

This tool will curl or straighten your mane with an infrared heat strip and rose gold titanium plates, penetrating every strand of hair to mold them into a specific shape without frying. Plus, these special plates lock in moisture, increasing shine and luster for the most luscious locks.

Whether you’re looking for bouncy curls or a long flowing mane, you can achieve your style and make it last with Le Rêve for $109, on sale from $179.

L’ange Hair Le Duo Review

If you’re a ride or die hair curler, but you’ve got short strands and feel threatened by most hot tools close to your neck, the L’ange Hair Le Duo might be the solution you’re looking for!

This baby takes on a unique design with hot plates in the center like a flat iron, but a round barrel that’s easy to wrap your hair around and perforation for the hot air to flow through, allowing the hair to cool and hold the curled shape.

Plus, these smooth plates are also crafted from titanium to ensure no snags or pulls, only glossy tresses. The handle is a soft baby pink, made from a lightweight rubber that is slip-free, and a swivel cord to keep the waves rolling. 

Le Duo retails for $119.

L’ange Hair Le Curl Review

If you’ve got a lengthy mane that claims to be too heavy to hold a good curl, it has definitely met its match with Le Curl.

With a simple, shiny rose gold titanium barrel, this wand is ideal for twisting long and loose curls. It also heats to 410°F, which is the Goldilocks of heat for hair. The handle is grippy so it won’t slip out of your hand and burn you. There’s also a heat resistant glove so you have full control over your hair with your other hand.

For blowout style curls that you’ve only ever seen your hairdresser achieve, try out the L’ange Hair Le Curl for only $59.

L’ange Hair Siena Paddle Brush Review

Ideal for straight and wavy hair types, the L’ange Hair Siena Paddle Brush will smooth frizz and work softly through tangles, never tugging or pulling your strands from your scalp.

The convex cushion creates a full shape as your brush, while the nylon and boar bristles pull the natural oils through the hair, hydrating ends and redistributing the shine. Not to mention the handle is crafted from a silky smooth rubber that’s comfortable to hold. 

Your new go-to friend in detangling your mane, the Siena Paddle Brush totals at $35.

L’ange Glass Hair Review

Move over, Rapunzel, there’s a new mane character in town. Protect your tresses and add a little shine to those long and flowing locks with the L’ange Glass Hair treatment.

Simply spray this primer into your hair before your blowout to protect it from thermal damage while activating the ingredients to smooth out your hair, calm frizz, and create a barrier against the nemesis that is humidity (just saying the word sends shivers down our spine).

Free of sulfates and parabens, this primer, heat protectant, all-in-one treatment retails for $30

Who Is L’ange For? 

L'ange Review

L’ange is made for people with all different types of hair and textures. The tools can be used on wet or dry hair and make styling super easy, whether you’ve got the tightest curls, limp, or damaged hair. 

Plus, there’s heat protectants and styling creams to protect your hair and calm the pesky flyaways. On top of that, if you’ve got thinning hair there are plenty of treatments to choose from to help, along with thick conditioners ideal for revitalizing brittle and dry hair.

Technically, we could go on and on about all the different hair types and the products that are ideal to help everyone reach their hair goals. Our point is that these products are inclusive and made to suit specific needs so you can tackle your problem and get your hair where you want it to be (literally and figuratively). 

Now, if you’re not sure exactly what it is that your hair needs, you can take the hair quiz to narrow your search. You’ll enter the kind of hair you have, your goals, and more, and the brand will determine your hair type and what products will work best for you. 

L’ange Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

L'ange Review

To help this L’ange review determine if this brand is worth it, it only makes sense to take a look at what customers are saying as of June 2023. We found thousands of reviews on the brand’s website, TrustPilot, Influenster, and Better Business Bureau.

With such a following and well-developed products, it only makes sense that there would be plenty of comments! 

Before we dive in, let’s take a look at how the best-sellers are rated:

  • Le Ceramique: 5/5 stars out of 458 reviews
  • Le Duo: 5/5 stars out of 21,237 reviews
  • Déjà Vu Dry Shampoo: 5/5 stars out of 29,000 reviews
  • Siena Paddle Brush: 5/5 stars out of 7358 reviews

On the brand’s website, nearly a million shoppers rate L’ange an average of 4.62/5 stars. One of the most popular items, Le Ceramique, is rated highly for how sleek it makes the hair and how easy it is to use: 

This is by far the best and easiest straightener I have ever used. Not only does it straighten very nicely after one pass but it’s also super easy to use to curl your hair. It is my first Lange straightener and I honestly am so impressed. Love all the things from Lange”

On Trustpilot, the brand is rated 4.4/5 stars out of 41,877 reviews. One shopper is impressed, reporting that they use less heat and waste less time, having finally perfected their hairstyle with the brand’s products: 

“I kept hearing about how awesome the L’ange hot brush was and I finally bought it during a hefty product sale. All I can say is that I would have paid much more for it now that I know how awesome it is. It heats up in like 5 seconds and it feels soooo pampering to brush your hair with a hot brush. It gives my hair great volume and straightens it in under two minutes.”

Another customer describes their experience with both the products and the service as being excellent: 

I’m very happy with L’Ange customer service and products. Something was missing from my last order, I contacted customer service and within minutes the product was being shipped. Very impressed. I love the tools and hair products that I purchased, they work on my natural grey hair and smell really nice.”

Over on Influenster, 247 happy customers rate the brand 4.3/5 stars. One shopper gave the L’ange Hair Aplatir Straightener a 5/5 star rating, marveling at how it cut their styling time in half: 

I have super thick, curly, and unruly hair. Normally it takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to get my hair straight but not today! My hair is so soft and I got it straight in less than 20 minutes! I am in love with this straightener!”

The brand also has an A+ rating on BBB, with over 90 complaints resolved in the last three years. Issues tend to surround slow shipping or missing packages. Despite this, L’ange replaces packages, ships items quickly, and offers refunds for lost items. 

Is L’ange Worth It?

L'ange Review

The verdict is in: this L’ange review deems this brand worth the buy. With piles of glowing customer reviews, it’s clear this brand is well-loved. Plus, plenty of buyers comment on how easy the products are to use, reducing styling time significantly

We’ve all wasted hours practicing with our curling irons, trying to achieve that flawless beachy wave, or twisting and pulling at bangs that never seem to sit quite right… Whatever it is, the fact that L’ange helps people achieve their hair goals, and quickly too, is definitely an impressive feat.

We also admire the brand’s commitment to listening to customer feedback, improving the products as shoppers explain issues and consistently providing the highest quality. Plus, the inclusivity and products for all different hair types and the hair quiz makes it easy to find a solution, even if you couldn’t identify the root of your problem in the first place. 

L’ange Promotions & Discounts 

L'ange Review

Looking for a deal on your new haircare routine? Here’s what we found for this L’ange review:

  • Free shipping in the contiguous US for orders over $50
  • VIP access to special offers and product releases when you sign up for emails

Where To Buy L’ange 

L'ange Review

L’Ange is available at plenty of common third-party retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Ulta. Of course, you can also purchase directly from the brand’s website.


Shopping around? Here are two brand alternatives to L’ange in the hair styling tools and hair care products space:

  1. ghd: ghd (Good Hair Day) is a popular brand specializing in hair styling tools such as straighteners, curling irons, and hair dryers. They are known for their professional-grade products that deliver consistent heat, durability, and excellent results.
  2. T3: T3 offers a wide range of hair styling tools that focus on cutting-edge technology and performance. Their products, including hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons, often feature customizable heat settings, tourmaline-infused ceramic barrels, and ergonomic designs.


L'ange Review

Who owns L’ange?

L’ange is owned and operated by its founder with the same name: Dalia Lange.

Does L’ange ship internationally?

L’ange does offer worldwide shipping, but there are a few exceptions. Any items that are sold in aerosol cans cannot be shipped because they tend to be volatile, but otherwise, all products are available! For a specific list of items that can’t be shipped, take a look at their website.

What is L’ange’s Shipping Policy?

L’Ange’s website only offers up a few details on shipping:

  • Orders are processed within 3-5 business days
  • Some items may ship separately depending on inventory to get to you faster

And there’s free shipping for orders over $50, but only within the contiguous US. 

What is L’ange’s Return Policy?

If you’re not in love with your order, this L’ange review found you can easily return it. The brand offers clear guidelines for its return policy, but it only applies to items bought from the company’s website: 

  • Start the return within 60 days of the shipping date
  • Items must be in original packaging
  • No returns on international orders at this time

To start a return:

  1. Head to their return center.
  2. Fill out the products you’d like to return with an explanation of why.
  3. Confirm all information is correct.
  4. Download and print your return label (a return shipping fee will be taken from your refund).
  5. Ship from the nearest location.

Your return should be processed within 2-5 days once it has arrived at the return facility. 

How to contact L’ange 

We hope you enjoyed our L’Ange review! If you have any further questions for the brand, please contact them through the following methods:

  • The Live Chat function on the website
  • Submit an Email request
  • Text (+1) 650-456-0936

The brand’s customer service operates weekdays between 5 am to 5 pm PST.

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