vVARDIS Review


vVARDIS Review

Teeth whitening can be an uphill battle. No matter how much you brush, floss, and rinse, those yellow stains are always staring back at you. You can hear them snicker. Their very presence eats away at your soul.

It’s about time you started eating away at them. It’s not like they’re paying you rent to live in your mouth. That’s why you should check out vVARDIS

They’re one of the most innovative companies in oral hygiene today with a one-of-a-kind formula that seeks to get rid of tooth decay for everyone.

They currently preside over an Instagram following that’s over 47k members strong. But are their products as powerful as their fanbase? That’s what we’ll seek to answer in our vVARDIS review by looking at their history, their ethos, their products, and more.

Overview of vVARDIS

vVARDIS Review

vVARDIS is the vision of doctors and sisters Haleh and Golnar Abivardi. They founded the company to lay the world’s most common disease to rest. That disease, surprisingly, is tooth decay. 

It’d be simple to tell people to brush their teeth more and to stay away from foods that can damage enamel, but based on tooth decay’s prevalence, there’s more that needs to be done. 

Everyone already knows to brush their teeth, which begets this question; what do people need to rid the world of tooth decay?

The answer is that people need products that perform better. That’s the path the Abivardi sisters walk with the vVARDIS brand. They’re trying to elevate global oral health standards with their unique technology.

That technology comes in the form of the WX formula. We’ll touch on it later in this vVARDIS review. All you need to know now is that it can fight tooth decay without irritating your gums or teeth.

vVARDIS is based in northern Switzerland. Unsurprisingly, given vVARDIS’ expert panel, the region is a hotbed for oral care research. 

vVARDIS Review

The brand does more than just attack the problems that plague our mouths. They work alongside UNICEF to expand the foundation’s ability to educate children about dental hygiene. 

vVARDIS also collaborate with Carequest to distribute their products to Medicaid patients and people living in underprivileged countries.

They also promote that their carbon footprint is 40% smaller than other companies that use plastic packaging. vVARDIS reduces the plastic content of their packaging by using wood and paper instead.

There’s a lot to love about vVARDIS from a macro level, but what about if we inspect them with a more focused eye? That’s what we’ll do in the next section of this vVARDIS review by looking at some of their greatest attributes.


  • Developed and patented their own oral care technology
  • Award-winning dental hygiene products
  • Some products are made cruelty-free, vegan, and with sustainable practices
  • Partner with foundations like UNICEF and Carequest
  • Use renewable materials in their packaging

Our vVARDIS review will go over the most important items in the company’s catalog. These include some of their whitening gels, kinds of toothpaste, mouthwashes, toothbrushes, and sprays

vVARDIS Review

vVARDIS Review

This upcoming section of our vVARDIS review will cover some of the brand’s best products. These teeth whitening tools, pastes, creams, and sprays can give you a smile so dashing that it’d make a car salesman blush.

vVARDIS Whitening Collection Review

vVARDIS Review

Sometimes the best approach is to attack a problem from all angles. The vVARDIS Whitening Collection can help you do just that. Each of its included products handles a different aspect of oral care, meaning that this set provides you with complete coverage.

These are all the included items:

  1. vVARDIS Enamel Caressing Toothbrush
  2. vVARDIS Enamel Anti-Aging Toothpaste
  3. vVARDIS Enamel Highlighter Mouthwash
  4. vVARDIS White Enamel Serum

If you take all these products according to the brand’s recommendations then you’ll be improving every facet of your oral hygiene. This set provides multifaceted care that’s preventative and rehabilitative.

The vVARDIS Whitening Collection is available for $199 in either soft mint or strong mint.

vVARDIS Aletsch Instant Healthy Whitening Gel Review

There are some stains that seem like they’d require a paintbrush to remove. However, the vVARDIS Aletsch Instant Healthy Whitening Gel is a much more convenient solution. It’s a week-long whitening process that whips tooth enamel back to its whitest shade.

vVARDIS claims that this gel can create new white enamel, leading to a smiler that can be 10 times whiter than it was before. It uses biomimetic technology to reduce tooth decay and rejuvenate the enamel. The gel also contains sorbitol, hydrated silica, and other chemicals.

The application process is simple to follow. You should use it every night for a week. All you need to do is dry your teeth after brushing them then apply the vVARDIS Aletsch Instant Healthy Whitening Gel before you head to sleep. 

The product shouldn’t irritate your gums or your teeth, which is something most whitening gels can’t say honestly. 

One bottle of vVARDIS Aletsch Instant Healthy Whitening Gel costs $149.

vVARDIS Edelweiss Whitening Toothpaste Review 

What do you do when brushing your teeth twice a day isn’t enough to freshen your bad breath? You could brush more, or you could brush more intelligently (you could also stop eating so much garlic, but we don’t condone torture here). 

The smartest way to improve your brushing routine is by swapping out your current toothpaste with the vVARDIS Edelweiss Whitening Toothpaste.

This toothpaste is reportedly so effective that GQ Magazine granted it one of their Grooming Awards in 2021. vVARDIS claims that this product can brighten your smile in two-weeks time.

It uses the brand’s WX formula alongside fluoride to do more than just prevent cavities. The vVARDIS Edelweiss Whitening Toothpaste can bring life back to your teeth and strengthen enamel. It’s a real triple threat of a product. 

This item also includes alpenrose and edelweiss, two natural ingredients with antiviral, antioxidant, and protein-building attributes. You can add this toothpaste to your daily routine for $29.

vVARDIS Weissbad Revitalizing Mouthwash Review

Toothpaste is the lazy man’s oral hygiene of choice. All you’ve got to do is swish it around your mouth a few times, rinse it out with a glug of water, and you’ve essentially told tooth decay and cavities to go touch grass.

Or at least that’s what we’d like to believe. In reality, mouthwash is only one part of a complete oral care routine. The vVARDIS Weissbad Revitalizing Mouthwash does more than just remove bad breath. It could be one of the best instruments in your toolkit.

This mouthwash coats your teeth with nourishing ingredients to protect them from harmful acids. These ingredients include sodium fluoride which is equally effective at removing stains from food and drink.

It can also repair your tooth’s enamel, which will brighten your teeth in turn. Oh, and it does in fact remedy bad breath, though don’t take that as a reason to stop brushing your teeth entirely.

One bottle of the vVARDIS Weissbad Revitalizing Mouthwash in either soft mint or strong ming costs $25.

vVARDIS Rheinholz Wooden Toothbrush Set Review

The toothbrush is the most important weapon in the war against poor dental hygiene. There’s a reason that dogs’ mouths are cleaner than humans, and it’s because they do a better job of not putting toxic materials into their mouths (isn’t that a downer).

And while the vVARDIS Rheinholz Wooden Toothbrush Set can’t offset the negative health effects of drinking three wine bottles in one sitting, it can certainly help you look like you didn’t just finish all the wine at the dinner party.

This toothbrush was the recipient of one of the Men’s Health 2021 Grooming Awards. Its user-friendly design allows it to scrub teeth from nearly every angle. That means it can polish the tight nooks and crannies that most toothbrushes miss.

Its base is made of Swiss Beachwood, but the real marvel is its bristle layout. There’s a bilayer of bristles wherein the inner ones are rounded while the outer row of bristles is tapered

There’s also a row of charcoal bristles. This combination allows the brush to conquer tough stains and remove debris anywhere in your mouth.

The vVARDIS Rheinholz Wooden Toothbrush Set is available for $19.

vVARDIS Sils Mouth Spray Review

The final product that we’ll cover in our vVARDIS review is their bespoke mouth spray. It’s built to handle most surface-level issues that cause bad breath. It’s not so much of a dental care tool as it is a way for you to freshen up at a moment’s notice.

The vVARDIS Sils Mouth Spray can remove bad breath, fizz food stains away, and moisturize your mouth. A dry mouth can easily cause bad breath, so this last function is especially important.

This mouth spray is available in three irresistible scents: 

  • Radiant musk
  • Beaming pedals
  • Citrus fresh

Regardless of which flavor you choose, one bottle of vVARDIS Sils Mouth Spray costs $29.

Who Is vVARDIS For? 

vVARDIS Review

vVARDIS’ products are for anyone who is either looking to prevent tooth decay or wishes to rectify their current oral problems. Their products are more expensive compared to other companies, but that comes with the promise of swift results and unique technologies.

With that being said, we believe that those who have the money to afford these top-of-the-line treatments are the brand’s target audience.

How Does vVARDIS Work? 

vVARDIS Review

vVARDIS products work by combining holistic medicine with 21st-century technology. Their WX formula is an active ingredient in all of their products. It helps whiten teeth and reduce dental decay.

The WX formula contains biomimetic compounds that act like tooth’s natural enamel and natural minerals. Together, these ingredients stick to your teeth, remove plaque and build-up, and can foster teeth whitening.

The process should be safe and irritation-free. It’s even better because vVARDIS only uses vegan ingredients and cruelty-free practices, so you can rest assured that they’re committed to enriching the planet and their customers.

vVARDIS Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

vVARDIS Review

It’s important to take into account the vVARDIS reviews that customers have written. It may seem like this brand is too good to be true, and real-life testimonials can paint a clearer picture of what their products are really like.

The first place we consulted for customer reviews was the brand’s own website. There, consumers were head-over-heels for vVARDIS. They said that the company made it easy to whiten their teeth.

Buyers said that the processes were simple and effective. Here’s how one customer felt about the vVARDIS Whitening Collection: 

vVARDIS Collection is the most amazing whitening kit, especially after hiding behind a mask for a long time. The 5 step directions were super simple and easy to follow. The Vardis whitens, protects, and contains fluoride. The soft mint is gentle and not overwhelming. Now my smile is ready to face the world.

People frequently mentioned that vVARDIS’ products made their teeth look whiter than they ever imagined. They were surprised with how quickly the company’s goods overcame their dental issues.

Another customer pointed out that, among the product’s cleaning power, they were most impressed by how little the whitening gel irritated their teeth:

I’m shocked with this product! I’m pretty OCD with my oral hygiene/ aesthetic. Throughout the years, I’ve spent lots of money on whitening gels, strips, etc, but they all just leave my teeth very sensitive and I lose lots of calcium. About a month ago, I switched to vVardis, and I’m so happy with my results and how white my teeth look, without having any sensitivity.

vVARDIS Review

The next place we sourced for customer testimonials was Facebook. Users loved vVARDIS on the site, giving the brand an overall score of 5/5 stars from more than 340 reviews. One enthusiastic user had this to say about the brand:

Being an avid coffee drinker, I’ve tried various brands to combat coffee stains and whiten my teeth. Not a single brand can hold a torch to the impact vVardis has had on my smile within days…Thank you, vVardis! I just wish this came in a larger size because I’m going to need a lifetime supply! I’m hooked!

Deeply buried within that piece of feedback is a backhanded compliment that other customers expanded on. Some people felt that the company’s products were too small and not worth their price. 

That’s a shame because most customers found that the products worked beautifully for them. It seems like you may have to pay a premium in order to get premium results. 

But, with customer testimonials like the final one we’ll include in this vVARDIS review section, the end result may justify the price tag. 

I haven’t been able to use most whitening products because my teeth are too sensitive. These products worked so well and did not cause any sensitivity so I recommend them.

Is vVARDIS Legit?

vVARDIS Review

We believe that vVARDIS is a trustworthy brand based on the number of positive customer reviews. These VVardis reviews spoke highly of the speed at which the products whitened teeth. It’s hard to argue with all that resounding praise

Is vVARDIS Worth It?

vVARDIS Review

The only aspect of vVARDIS that could potentially deter some shoppers is their prices. They’re definitely more expensive than other oral care brands. However, you must keep in mind that no other companies use the same technology as vVARDIS.

That being said, we believe that vVARDIS is a worthwhile purchase if you want the best oral care available

vVARDIS Promotions & Discounts 

vVARDIS Review

The only promotion that we could find in the course of our vVARDIS review research was that you could receive free delivery. Besides that, there weren’t many ways for you to earn a discount with this company.

Where to Buy vVARDIS

vVARDIS Review

The best place to buy vVARDIS’ products is through their website,


vVARDIS Review

Who owns vVARDIS?

The brand’s co-founding sisters, Golnar and Haleh Abivardi, own the company.

Does vVARDIS ship internationally?

We assume that vVARDIS is capable of shipping their products internationally because their website is available in different languages and countries. 

What is vVARDIS’s Shipping Policy?

According to the vVARDIS website, most of their orders should arrive in 3 to 5 business days. They’ll provide you with a tracking number so that you can watch your shipment’s progress.

What is vVARDIS’s Return Policy?

vVARDIS offers their customers a 30-day window after receiving a shipment to return any product. The products must be unopened and unused

Once the company has received your returned item, they’ll refund you in the form of company credits within 7 to 10 business days.

How to Contact vVARDIS

We’ll conclude our vVARDIS review by listing all the ways that you can contact the company if you want to ask any further questions:

  • Speak with them through the live chat feature on their website
  • Give them a call at 866-909-1357
  • Send them an email at [email protected]
  • Fill out a customer service form that’s available on their “Contact Us” page

vVARDIS’ staff is available to speak with you on the phone or via live chat from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET.

They typically respond to customer service inquiries within one business day.

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