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West and Willow Review

We all know that loving on our furry friends isn’t new. Pet owners love to shower their animals with affection for as long as they can. But, they can take it a step further with West and Willow’s modern pet portraits to “bring life to any room” and show off their devotion for their pet. 

The furry homages would grab anyone’s attention. With 201k followers on Instagram and features in Marie Claire, CNN, Refinery29, and more, it’s clear that people can’t get enough of the pet-themed home decor

But is their bark worth the bite? And are these products worth the hype? By the end of this West and Willow review, I intend to find out. Join me as I look at the brand’s history, company process, customer reviews, and more so you can decide if they’re worth buying.

Overview Of West And Willow

West and Willow Review

West and Willow launched in 2019 with Ben Lebowitz at the helm. It all started when Ben unsuccessfully searched for a pet portrait that fit his home aesthetic. Once he realized the gap in the market, he launched West and Willow from his New York apartment. 

The company started with a sample portrait of Lebowitz’s French Bulldog, Zoey. Lebowitz felt “an instant rush of joy” and thought it brought them closer together. From that point on, he aimed to spread the same joy to pet parents everywhere.

With ten years of advertising experience, Lebowitz got to work optimizing the brand’s website and crafting online ads. To this day, West and Willow is still based in New York, and it offers tastefully designed pet portraits” for modern homes worldwide. 

I’ll kick off this West and Willow review with some highlights about the company: 


  • Offers custom pet portraits for your favorite furry friends
  • Featured on many prominent media outlets
  • Available internationally 
  • Free shipping is available with an order minimum

Starting your gallery wall off with a pet portrait will give your home some charm and, of course, you’ll be showcasing your love for your fur baby. So keep reading this West and Willow review to learn about the portrait process and possibly get some inspiration for your next decor item.

West and Willow Pet Portraits Review

The West and Willow pet portraits are great for modern homes. They’re not too flashy and will fit well in any home. The samples feature a plain white background with adorable illustrations of one to three animals. The price will vary between $83 and $166 depending on how many subjects are in the photo. 

First, you’ve got to choose your photo. You can select a dog or a cat and submit it to the company’s artists with your order. During this West and Willow review, I also found that they provide a few guidelines to get the best results possible.  

Once you choose how many animals you want in your portrait, you can customize it to your liking. Background options range from white to gray. At the time of writing, the company offers a few limited edition backgrounds too. 

They also offer limited edition backgrounds every season, which could make your portrait an adorable collectible. In addition, the sample portraits are simple and vibrant. So it’s an excellent piece for a minimal home aesthetic. 

Next up, you can choose your frame. The brand’s neutral options will look good on any gallery wall and won’t clash with your personal frames. There is also an option to get the poster only, which will reduce the total price.

The price will also change depending on the portrait size you choose. For example, a 12”x16” portrait of one pet will cost you about $110. Then, you can upload your photo and leave additional notes for the designer. You can also opt to receive a digital download of your pet for $10

In the end, you’ll get your “gallery-worthy portrait” on high-quality paper and a ready-to-hang frame (if you opted for one). You can also Skip the Line, which will speed up the artists’ process. 

These portraits will make a beautiful statement piece or gift for your loved ones. As I mentioned, it’s also an adorable way to show love for your fur babies. Plus, the brand’s available frames will go with any contemporary pieces. But, again, if you’re going for a specific look, you can opt for the poster alone and use your own frame

Who Is West And Willow For? 

West and Willow Review

West and Willow is an adorable contemporary portrait for pet owners looking to show their pets some love while simultaneously decorating their homes. The portraits have a minimalist look while still capturing your pet’s likeness accurately. 

How Does West And Willow Work? 

West and Willow Review

As I’ve mentioned, you need to choose your photo based on the brand’s guidelines for the best result. This includes getting a close-up shot of your pet, taking the photo at their level, and of course, taking it in good lighting. 

You should be able to see as much of your pet’s upper half while they’re sitting or laying down. That way, the artists will be able to do your pup or cat justice.

Then, you make it your own. As I said above, you pick your portrait’s background, frame, and size. Sizes range from 8”x10”-18”x24”, and they have several backgrounds to choose from, including a few limited-edition options. 

After that, the waiting begins. West and Willow’s team of digital artists will illustrate your pet(s) so you can marvel at the cuteness in person. In addition, the brand will print your pet’s name on the portrait in their signature font, but if it doesn’t match your home’s aesthetic, you can opt out. 

West And Willow Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

West and Willow Review

I can’t finish this West and Willow review without checking out some customer feedback. So, I searched the internet for ratings and found some on the brand’s main site, Trustpilot, and the Better Business Bureau. 

The reception from loving pet owners is pretty positive. The company’s website has a whopping 9.8k West and Willow reviews. And, I’m happy to report that most of the reviewers are beaming about their pet portraits. 

For instance, one happy customer wrote this review: “This was a birthday gift for my daughter’s birthday, and she got misty! The whole process from ordering to delivery was very easy, and it arrived very quickly. The picture was exactly what I expected!” 

Another thrilled pet parent had this to say: “This is the cutest! It was supposed to be a gift for my husband, but I got it and couldn’t wait to show it to everyone immediately. The quality is top-notch, the depiction is spot on! You won’t be disappointed!” 

How sweet is that? The brand also gets love on Trustpilot with an “Excellent” 4.3/5 star rating based on 8k reviews. Again, customers are satisfied with the service and the result of their custom artwork. 

West and Willow Review

On Trustpilot, one reviewer was happy with their purchase: “I had to get my order fixed and replaced. Carl was very prompt and nice in helping with this. Customer service has been great and fast! I am very satisfied with my product and will order again in the future.” 

Another repeat customer couldn’t contain their joy: “We’ve purchased several pet portraits from West and Willow. […] We’ve been so impressed every time! Each time we’ve opened the package and cried tears of joy! We can’t wait to buy more!” 

So, it seems that consumers can’t get enough of the artwork. But while writing this West and Willow review I also found some criticism regarding the brand’s customer service on Better Business Bureau. 

Unfortunately, the company has 1.38/5 stars on BBB based on 13 reviews. There aren’t any replies to these queries, but their customer service team promptly responds to any issues on their Trustpilot page. Hopefully, everything gets resolved behind the scenes. 

Is West And Willow Legit?

West and Willow Review

West and Willow seems pretty legit. Despite a few complaints on the Better Business Bureau page, it doesn’t seem like the company is active on the website. Plus, the negative comments seem pretty rare. On the flip side, customer issues receive responses from the company’s team on their verified Trustpilot page within less than a week

Is West And Willow Worth It?

West and Willow Review

The bonds we develop with our pets last a lifetime, and after they’re gone, there are many ways to cherish their memory. West and Willow acknowledges pet owners’ devotion to their furry friends. 

I think the company’s products are worth buying based on this West and Willow review. The portraits are beautiful, accurate, and just plain adorable. The prices might be high for some customers, but it’ll definitely be worth seeing your fur baby on your wall for years to come. Also, it’ll probably be the cutest investment/conversation starter you purchase. 

West And Willow Promotions & Discounts 

West and Willow Review

I know you love a great deal. Luckily, when writing this article, I did find a West and Willow discount code. The company is currently offering a Mother’s Day 15% off discount with the code MOM15. But, there might be another discount around the corner, so you can sign up for their emails to stay informed! 

Where To Buy West And Willow

West and Willow Review

Did something in my West and Willow review convince you to purchase a custom portrait? If so, you can get your paws on the artwork at  


West and Willow Review

Who owns West and Willow?

Ben Lebowitz is the founder and owner of West and Willow. 

Does West and Willow ship internationally?

West and Willow ships to select international locations. I’ll get into more detail about that in the following section. 

What is West and Willow’s shipping policy?

West and Willow offers free shipping on all orders over $100. The company estimates that USA and Australian customers will receive their order within 2-3 weeks of purchasing it. UK, Canadian, and European orders can take 2-4 weeks. Here are the shipping rates if your order doesn’t meet the required minimum: 

  • USA: $10 
  • Canada, UK, Australia: $15 
  • Europe: $15 

If you opt to ‘Skip the Line,’ your portrait will be moved to the front of the artist’s queue. But note that this won’t speed up shipping times. Also, the company does not ship to military addresses. 

What is West and Willow’s return policy?

Due to the nature of West and Willow’s products, they don’t offer returns for portraits. But, you can contact the customer service team if you’re unhappy with your artwork. For example, if you receive the wrong product, incorrect measurements, or it arrives damaged, contact the team within 48 hours of receiving it. 

In addition, if you decide to cancel your order, you can do so within two hours. If you miss the deadline, West and Willow will grant the cancellation at their discretion. 

How To Contact West And Willow

I hope you enjoyed reading this West and Willow review. If you’re going barking mad for a portrait or have some questions for the company, you can contact them via their contact form or email their team at [email protected]. They typically answer within 1-2 business days.

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