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Yaasa Review

These days, getting a good night’s sleep seems to be a fevered dream. But there are some great tools to help you get there, weighted blankets being one of them. With a brand like Yaasa, you can add a beautiful aesthetic to your home while you drift off to dreamland. 

With 11k followers on Instagram and being featured in Forbes, Architectural Digest, Vogue, and Fast Company, this bed brand is gaining in popularity fast. And who wouldn’t fall in love with a brand that can enhance the coziness of your home? 

With all the hype around Yaasa, would they be a good fit for you? After all, investing in a bed, bed frame, or sleeping tools can take a lot of research. Depending on a company’s products to help you get a good night’s sleep is not to be taken lightly. Chill out while this Yaasa review reveals whether they’re worth snuggling up to. 

Overview of Yaasa

Yaasa Review

Founded in Switzerland by current owner and CEO, Johannes Sauer, he was dedicated to developing a company that creates affordable, stylish, and most importantly, comfortable products that help those who need an extra bit of attention for a good night’s sleep.

Fast forward a few years, and this company is thriving against competitors and gaining notoriety from popular sources and magazines, not to mention all the great feedback from their customers.

Before this Yaasa review burrows any deeper into this company’s blankets, let’s start with a list of highlights:


  • Beds and blankets come with 30 day risk free trial periods
  • Mattresses, pillows, and sheets have a 100 day trial period
  • Different sizes and weights available
  • 10% off for signing up to newsletter
  • Payment plans through Sezzle
  • Free shipping & free returns (continental US only)
Yaasa Review

You’ve probably heard the buzz around using weighted blankets to take a long, luxurious nap or just to sleep better at night. And this Yaasa review knows we could all use a good night’s sleep, but the company isn’t only known for their blankets, they’ve got great bedding and mattresses too. 

Next up, we’ll go over the best sellers and see why people love this relaxation-centered company so much.

Yaasa Weighted Blankets Review

Do weighted blankets actually help you sleep better? This Yaasa review is going to help you discover the great features for these cozy wonders, starting with the company’s customer favs. 

Yaasa Serenity Weighted Blanket Review

If you haven’t tried a weighted blanket because you hate sweating, this Serenity Weighted Blanket will change your mind. This stylish and knitted blanket gives you the weight but in a breathable format. 

When wrapped up in this luxurious cover, it creates the feeling of deep touch therapy to calm your nervous system down. Made from 100% cotton, this Yaasa blanket has been designed to give you the best sleep possible. This hand-knitted companion is available in two weights: 15 lbs or 20 lbs.

Coming in 4 gorgeous colors, including sand, mist, and twilight, this blanket retails between $249-$269.

Yaasa Luxe Organic Weighted Blanket Review

Relax your body and brain with the Yasa Luxe Organic Weighted Blanket.This finely knit, organic cotton companion has been created with equal weight distribution and a soft fabric so you can rest easily underneath this blanket. Made big enough to be shared, this vegan-constructed blanket is all you’ll need for a good night’s sleep.

Like all Yaasa weighted blankets, this less than 1” thick organic throw was made with breathable fabric, and is available in 3 colors, with weight ranging between 10 (75”x 50”) to 15 (80” x 80”) lbs, and retailing from $299-$329.

Yaasa Signature MINI Weighted Blanket Review

The Yaasa Signature MINI Weighted Blanket has been designed to be portable, versatile, and perfect for your kids. With a fuzzy exterior, any child will love curling under this 5 lb weighted blanket for some comfort and relaxation. With a 100% fleece exterior crafted from a bamboo rayon/polyester fabric, this is the snuggliest blanket your children will ever have.

With a washable overlay and dimensions of 40” x 60”, this blanket is available in 3 soothing colors and retails for $149. The filling of this throw is composed of silicone beads and polyester fibers.

Yaasa Signature Weighted Blanket Review

The Yaasa Signature Weighted Blanket is this company’s core companion. With a breathable fleece exterior and cooling bamboo interior, this Yaasa classic has been crafted to provide relaxation and support, plain and simple. 

Coming in 10 lbs, 15 lbs, or 20 lbs options, all with the same dimensions of 72” x 48”, this calm-inducing throw is all you need for a restful sleep. Coming in 3 colors, this blanket is currently on sale, ranging from $159-$179 (regularly $209-$229).

Yaasa Sleep Review

The next stop on this Yaasa review is going to be their best-selling mattresses and beds category. Here, we’ll show you some impressive products where the main goal is to give you support to ensure that you’re going to get the best sleep of your life. Check out their customer favorites below.

Yaasa Adjustable Bed Review

The Yaasa Adjustable Bed is this brand’s most popular frame for setting a mattress and designed to give you an ultimately restful and structural sleep. This Yaasa bed moves with your body to complement the most comfortable positioning, with hydraulics that can be adjusted at the back area by 60 degrees and leg area by 28 degrees. 

Complete with USB outlets, this bed frame comes in 4 sizes, going from twin XL to a split king, made for those who like to have their bed adjusted differently on either side. Everyone can sleep more comfortably in this Yaasa bed. Pricing ranges between $999-$1949, depending on size.

Yaasa Mattress Review

The Yaasa Mattress is this comfort brand’s most innovative design yet. By using a combination of coils and memory foam, this multi-layered mattress gives support and flexibility with its perfect firmness and soft cushioning. Available in both firm or soft, this Yaasa mattress will be loved by all customers, thanks to its versatility and construction.

The Yaasa mattress comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from twin to California king, and retails anywhere from $899-$1499.

Who Is Yaasa For?

Yaasa Review

Yaasa is for those who are particularly invested in getting a great night’s sleep. A lot of us have unique needs for an environment where we can relax — maybe a certain temperature or mood lighting can help you relax. But if you’re in need of a weighted blanket to help you cruise into getting those zzz’s or a perfectly versatile bed and frame, then this company is for you.

This company’s weighted blankets are also great for anyone who might feel restless when they’re trying to drift off to sleep. There have been several studies that show people with special needs would benefit greatly from this sort of weighted blanket, as it provides them with a sense of security. 

With their variety in products, all geared towards comfort and a good night’s sleep, Yaasa has what you need, we can pretty much guarantee it.

Yaasa Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Yaasa Review

At this point in our Yaasa review, it would be super easy to say this brand is great. We’ve looked at their comfortable, peaceful, and nap-inducing best sellers, but what are customers saying once they get this company’s products home and take them for a test snooze? We needed to know.

So, we tracked down some helpful ratings, reviews, and overall information about Yaasa, so that we could offer you a well-rounded opinion of whether this brand stands up to its comfort claims. Let’s begin with some ratings on their best sellers from their site:

  • Yaasa Serenity Weighted Blanket: 4.8/5 star average, from 276 customer reviews
  • Yasa Luxe Organic Weighted Blanket: 5/5 star average, from 113 customer reviews
  • Yaasa Signature MINI Weighted Blanket: 5/5 star average, from 21 customer reviews
  • Yaasa Signature Weighted Blanket: 5/5 star average, from 109 customer reviews
  • Yaasa Adjustable Bed: 4.9/5 star average, from 110 customer reviews
  • Yaasa Mattress: 4.9/5 star average, from 72 customer reviews

The Sleep Foundation, who are experts in the field of a good night’s sleep, did a feature on the company, and gave a fantastic Yaasa review on their weighted blanket in particular:

“Yaasa’s color selection also gives you the chance to purchase a blanket that’s not only comfortable but also matches your other decor. All in all, the high-quality materials of the Yaasa Weighted Blanket make it a great option for consumers who care about comfort, style, and durability.”

They went on to compliment the uniqueness of the Yaasa blanket design:

“What makes Yaasa’s weighted blanket unique is that it is a chunky knit, which not only makes it visually distinctive but also allows for greater airflow. Because of its extra airflow, the Yaasa Weighted Blanket can help prevent overheating while still maintaining a certain degree of warmth.”

Among its reviews on a multitude of weighted blankets in the market, Wired Magazine chose Yaasa as their number one choice, saying: “The Yaasa is the best weighted blanket I (Medea) have tried. It’s sufficiently heavy, cooling, and pretty to look at. At 45 inches wide, the 20 pounder is just shy of covering the top of a full-size bed.”

“It feels heavier than blankets that weigh more because it’s stiffer and its weight is evenly distributed; there’s no filling inside that can pool to one area. The open-knit design allows air to circulate, so you shouldn’t feel like you’re heating up. And unlike other blankets, it doesn’t look messy hanging off the back of a couch or in the background of your Zoom meetings.”

And finally, we found this Yaasa review on a site called Memory Foam Talk, where they gave the brand a 9.2/10 rating, saying:

Overall, the Yaasa mattress is a great hybrid bed that combines various layers of proprietary foam and pocketed coils to provide you with the best of both worlds. It is more of a medium-firm mattress and it provides an ideal balance of pressure relieving comfort and support necessary for all sleeping positions and all types of sleepers.”

The review continued, to give an overall summary of how Yaasa stands up in the mattress market:

“The mattress also sleeps quite cool due to the special cooling technologies used in its construction which prevent the retention of excessive body heat. The Yaasa is an interesting hybrid mattress made of high quality materials that can provide you with good pressure relief and with the right balance of comfort and support necessary for a restorative night’s sleep.”

When we went digging, we weren’t sure what we would find. But at the end of the day, this Yaasa review was impressed with what the brand is offering customers to help them find relaxation, rest, and a good night’s sleep

They’ve got great word of mouth and a bounty of top notch Yaasa reviews. What more could we ask for?

Is Yaasa Legit?

Yaasa Review

Yaasa has worked its way to the top of the bedding and furniture food chain, and it’s largely because they’re running a trustworthy and legitimate operation. Since 2016, they’ve worked to become a household name and are adored by their consumers, predominantly because they’re being trusted with giving customers a good night’s sleep, which is so important.

In their efforts, Yaasa has done a great job. They’ve got lots of great feedback from customers, and stand by their quality promise. This Yaasa review did not find any red flags that would stop us from recommending the company. 

Is Yaasa Worth It?

Yaasa Review

With their quality products comes a quality price, but surprisingly, Yaasa blankets and furniture are surprisingly comparable to their competitors. 

With their stylish knitted throws and multi-layered mattresses, you’d think you would be paying a premium price for top-notch products. But Yaasa keeps their supplies at entry level prices, making them totally worth it. Plus, if you’re in the market for a cover that’ll soothe you to an easy sleep, why wouldn’t you want to try it? 

Yaasa Promotions & Discounts 

Yaasa Review

Currently, Yaasa does have a few sales happening on some of their most popular products. Plus, they’ll give you 10% off your first order if you sign up for their newsletter. Otherwise, this company isn’t offering any specific promotions or discounts at this time.

Where to Buy Yaasa

Yaasa Review

Yaasa has such a great selection of products right on their website, it’s hard for us to tell you to buy anywhere else.

And to be fair, Yaasa isn’t really available in many other third-party retailers, But for those of you outside of the US (and therefore outside of their shipping region), Sport Chek is a retailer that sells Yaasa blankets. 


Yaasa Review

Who owns Yaasa?

Johannes Saur is the owner, founder, and CEO of Yaasa, and has a headquarters in Santa Barbara, CA as well as in St. Gallen, Switzerland. However, the brand was originally a European company, founded in Switzerland when it was first discovered and launched.

Does Yaasa ship internationally?

Currently, Yaasa only ships within the continental US. However, they still encourage you to get in touch with them if you’re curious about international shipping, and will give you a possible quote if you’re dying to get your hands on their products but don’t live in the US.

What is Yaasa’s Shipping Policy?

Yaasa offers free shipping within the continental US. They typically ship their items within 1-3 business days of your order being placed, and then another 2-7 business days from the date your package shipped.

If you’re desperate for your Yaasa items, then you can reach out to the brand to have it shipped express. 

What is Yaasa’s Return Policy?

Sometimes the actual product doesn’t live up to your expectations. And this Yaasa review totally gets it. What’s good about the company is that they have different return windows for specific products, as listed below:

  • Weighted blankets: 30 days
  • Mattresses, linens, sleep masks: 100 days
  • Adjustable bed: 30 nights

To start your return, you’ll need to email Yaasa with the order number as the subject and add in the reason for the request within the body of the text.

Once they receive your request, they’ll provide you with extra instructions on how to return it. (Note: it’s best to keep your original packing if you’re unsure about the item in question). 

After you’ve returned the item and it’s inspected, it’ll take about 5-10 business days to process your refund. There will be a $20 fee for blankets as they’ll need to inspect it thoroughly. 

How to Contact Yaasa

The best way to get in touch with Yaasa regarding returns, questions, or concerns is to email them at [email protected].

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