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Zaca Review

Some of the most exhilarating activities in life unfortunately involve feeling sick afterward. Skiing, hiking, drinking your face off—all can be fun, but unless you’re superhuman, they come with a price.

Thankfully, Zaca Recovery Chewables work to level the playing field between too much partying, dehydration, or high elevation. They neutralize the oncoming onslaught of nausea, headaches, and the like.

Thanks to its unique formula of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that are derived from four powerhouse ingredients, Zaca has attracted a faithful following of 20k+ athletes and partygoers on Instagram. It’s also been a talking point in many popular publications like Men’s Health, Forbes, and BuzzFeed.

Do these miracle tablets really work? What’s in them exactly? The answers are all coming up in this Zaca review. We’ll also look at customer feedback, details on promotions, and more, so you can decide if you want to schedule that trip or plan that party.

Overview of Zaca

Brothers Mark and James Aleks had a wholesome, farm town upbringing. Exposed to the benefits of a healthy diet at an early age, it was one particular line said by their mother that stuck with them forever: “What you put into your body will either build your health or take it away.”

Seeing the difference that healthy choices make in life, the duo was determined to help others by offering a solution to a problem many face.

Naming their solution Zaca, the brand’s recovery supplement proved to be natural and truly good for the body. They launched it in 2008 from their base in Denver, Colorado.

Before diving further into this Zaca review, let’s take a look at some brand highlights.


  • Made with natural and fermented science-backed ingredients
  • Sugar-free & made with natural sweeteners
  • Vegan, keto, and paleo-friendly
  • Offers discounts & deals
  • Subscribe to save 15%
  • Ships internationally
  • Money-back guarantee

Shortly after landing on the brand’s homepage, we discovered that the brand revolves around just one tasty chewable that tackles multiple issues. This Zaca review will dive into the details in the very next section, along with the specs on its party-friendly kits and helpful subscription plan.

Zaca Recovery Chewable Review

As humans, our bodies have limits. And though we know drinking too much isn’t good for us, it’s a fun part of life that we willingly participate in regardless of the consequences. The Zaca Recovery Chewable can help.

By hydrating, protecting, and detoxifying our cells, its functional ingredients escort toxins out of our bodies while negating the painful, nauseating effects. With a tasty berry flavor, this science-backed solution can help you live in the moment without fearing what’s to come the next day.

The chewables are sold in individual packs perfect for bathroom cabinet stashes or the emergency compartment of your purse. Give your life a little more freedom with six packs for $30.

Ingredients Label

The Recovery Chewables are made up of four functional ingredients: Japanese raisin tree, glutamine, prickly pear, and glutathione. The formula also contains natural sweeteners xylitol and stevia leaf extract, natural berry flavors, and natural beet color.

As described in a review published in Molecules, Japanese raisin tree extract (Hovenia Dulcis) has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for several conditions, including acute alcohol intoxication.

In preclinical studies, H. Dulcis was proven to reduce blood alcohol levels by stimulating liver enzymes responsible for alcohol metabolization.  

Glutamine has also proven to reduce the symptoms caused by excessive alcohol consumption. A publication by L. Sammalist highlights that glutamine decreases signs of alcohol intoxication in animal models. In addition, prickly pear extract was shown to reduce some hangover symptoms. 

In a clinical trial published in Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers evaluated the efficacy of prickly pear extract (Opuntia ficus) for hangover symptoms. 55 young, healthy volunteers were randomized to receive prickly pear extract or a placebo 5 hours before drinking alcoholic beverages. 

The results? Participants who received prickly pear extract were less likely to experience dry mouth, anorexia, or nausea than the placebo group. Additionally, prickly pear extract administration reduced the risk of a severe hangover by 50%.

Glutathione is an antioxidant that may relieve hangover symptoms caused by alcohol intake. In a recent study, S.P. Kim and colleagues found that the administration of black bran rice and glutathione-enriched yeast extract reduced hangover signs in mice.

The preparation decreased blood alcohol levels as well as acetaldehyde concentrations. 

Acetaldehyde is a highly toxic component that results from alcohol metabolization. A publication by R. Rajendram and colleagues highlights that this toxin, classified by the WHO as a human carcinogenic, causes cellular and genomic harm.

Finally, a few binding, anti-caking, and freshness-keeping ingredients are added to the mix, including stearic acid, citric acid, magnesium stearate, and silica.

Nutritional Value

Each packet contains two Recovery Chewables and just 5 calories. With just 2 grams of carbohydrates and 0 grams of sugar, these keto and vegan-friendly tablets fit into any lifestyle.


From help with recovery after a long night of drinking or a tough week of workouts, Zaca helps to hydrate your cells while protecting them with antioxidants. 

Packed with minerals and electrolytes, along with functional ingredients that enhance them, the Recovery Chewable is claimed to be more effective than sports drinks and works to feed your muscles. It also detoxifies your system.

How Does it Work

Each of the ingredients in Zaca is there for a purpose. As summarized in a review by J. Pizzorno, L-Glutathione is a potent antioxidant that facilitates the transport and excretion of endogen and exogen toxins.

It’s important to human cell function — our bodies naturally produce the substance, but ingesting more of it may boost natural detoxification processes. 

Rich in potent antioxidants like vitamins C and E, prickly pear combats the damage caused by oxidative stress and may provide hepatoprotective effects. This ingredient supplies your body with crucial electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and magnesium for proper mineral replenishment.

To help with absorption of fluids and electrolytes, Zaca also contains L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine. Plus, one of the ingredients to which this supplement owes its liver detoxification properties is Japanese raisin.

How to Take & Dosage

To take when drinking, chew two tablets every couple of glasses, along with another two before you hit the sheets. For other activities, take two before you start and another two whenever you feel the need.

Zaca Recovery Kit Review

Whether your bachelorette party involves a party boat in Miami or a hike up a snowy mountain summit, the Recovery Kit is a crucial resource to help your guests feel bright and ready to go at it again the following morning.

Each kit contains two individual packs of Recovery Chewables inside a 3” x 5” cotton muslin bag with a drawstring. On the outside of the bag, you have your choice of a Red Cross, gold cross, or “I Do Crew” graphic. Each kit is on sale right now for $7 (normally $12).

Zaca Subscription Review

Brands offer subscriptions when their products are life necessities. Whether you like to party or you’re no stranger to a weight bench or mountain trail, Zaca’s Recovery Chewables fit right into an active, social, or adventurous lifestyle. 

Its subscription plan gives you a 15% discount on your monthly or bi-monthly order. Like its one-time purchase options, you can order 6, 24, or 48 pouches at a time based on your needs. And if those needs change, just go into your account settings and change your plan any time. You can always pause or cancel too. 

Who is Zaca For? 

Zaca Review

Zaca is all about recovery. It’s used heavily as a hangover relief, but also for hydration, and to combat altitude sickness

Let’s be honest, hydration can only be accomplished by drinking fluids, essentially water. But Zaca provides micronutrients for mineral replenishment. 

Although evidence is limited, the intake of magnesium, glutamine, vitamin C and E, as well as drinking plenty of water are recommended strategies to prevent altitude sickness.

Since the packs are super convenient, they’re easy to take with you anywhere, easy to rip open, and easy to eat — you don’t need water. 

Sugar-free and vegan, keto, and paleo-friendly, they work with all kinds of diets and don’t contain anything artificial. In other words, there aren’t many folks that Zaca’s chewables won’t be for.

They’re safe for kids 12 and up and don’t have any caffeine. If you’re pregnant or nursing, be sure to talk to your doctor before taking it.

Zaca Side Effects

Zaca Review

The brand says its Recovery Chewables don’t cause any side effects. Using natural herbs and fermented ingredients, there aren’t many risks associated with its supplement. With that said, it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor before adding anything new to your diet.

Even though the brand doesn’t report side effects, it’s important to know the risks of certain ingredients when taken in excess, such as xylitol, l-glutathione, and magnesium.

In extreme cases, too much of all three have been linked to intestinal upset and abdominal cramping, and an excess of l-glutathione has also been linked to allergic reactions and breathing difficulties.

Zaca Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Zaca Review

When a company dedicates itself to just one product, all we can hope is that it will work. In this part of our Zaca review, we’ll hear from customers to find out if the Recovery Chewables do what they promise. You’ll find a variety of ratings and reviews ahead, but we’ll start close to home on the brand’s website.

  • Recovery Kit: 5/5 stars from 14 reviews
  • Recovery Chewable: 4.5/5 stars from 369 reviews

From help with dehydration, altitude sickness, and hangovers, people say these really work. Not only that, they taste good and work quickly. For use in regular life, one customer wrote a Zaca review that read:

I work a lot of overnights and have a hard time recovering when I need to be awake with my kids during the day. I drink water constantly and still get migraines. But these have really taken that all away!! And they taste pretty good too!

To check in on what folks have to say outside of the brand’s website, we turned to the Zaca review section on Amazon. The chews received a 4.4/5 star average from 1,091 customers. You’ll find the rating snapshot for that score below:

  • 5 stars: 69%
  • 4 stars: 14%
  • 3 stars: 8%
  • 2 stars: 4%
  • 1 star: 5%

Just like the comments on the brand’s website, Amazon shoppers report that the Recovery Chewables are great for a lot of different purposes. They’re like one of those handy things all people should keep in their purses or medicine cabinets. Of its many uses, one customer wrote in their Zaca review:

This is an expensive product, but when you feel like death and need immediate relief, it is definitely worth it. I take a few packets with me for when we travel, have another packet in the car, and then a couple at home in the medicine chest.”

For our final bit of feedback, we headed over to a Zaca review on Drink Hacker. Awarding it an 8.5/10-star score, the author basically told us that the chews are a much better alternative to what’s out there for hangover relief. They wrote:

I tried them out and they seemed to offer some help on a tough morning, and they were far easier to get down than most sickly-tasting hangover beverages, which often taste so bad you end up wondering whether the cure is worse than the malady.”

There are all kinds of hangover remedies out there, and the folks at Drink Hacker have tried them all. For them to write this says a lot about Zaca’s chews, and they make a really good point.

So this Zaca review has come to a conclusion. Instead of chugging down more liquor or a concoction that is one newt’s eye short of a witches brew, chewing two tasty tablets seems like the better pick!

Is Zaca Legit?

Zaca Review

From all the research this Zaca review has conducted, it looks like customers receive their orders on time and find the tablets useful.

From what we’ve found, the brand is legit. Even though it doesn’t work 100% of the time for everyone, we’re all built differently, and that’s bound to be the case for any supplement.

Zaca has a money-back guarantee in place too. So if you find they aren’t what you’re looking for, you can get a full refund.

Is Zaca Worth It?

Zaca Review

Zaca is a lifesaver. Anything that’s going to pull you out of a hangover, help you recover more quickly, and let you enjoy activities at high elevations is alright in our books.

Even though there are other products out there that are designed to help those areas, Zaca was formulated with purpose, and its ingredients are potent.

And while we’re on the topic of ingredients, the Recovery chews are super clean. Made with natural ingredients used in ancient medicine, along with science-backed acids proven to be effective, its sugar-free, vegan, and even kosher formula is pretty flawless.

Zaca Promotions & Discounts

Zaca Review

During this Zaca review, we were diligent in looking out for deals—after all, there’s nothing better than getting away from a hangover and saving money at the same time. For easy reference, we put together a list of every last discount we could find. Take a look:

  • Sign up for the mailing list to get 10% off
  • Get a special discounts code for 15% off by inputting your email in the pop-up
  • Refer a friend: Get a free product

Where to Buy Zaca

Zaca Review

To load up on Recovery chews or sign up for a subscription, head over to Zaca.com. Want to meet your weekly Amazon quota? You can find the chews there as well.


Zaca Review

Is Zaca vegan?

Zaca could have very well loaded its Recovery Chewables with milk proteins, but it didn’t. Its formulas are 100% vegan, which means they’re totally free of animal-derived products like milk, eggs, gelatin, and honey.

Instead, the chews are sweetened with stevia and xylitol to keep them sugar-free but sweet!

Is Zaca gluten-free?

With more and more people finding that they’re sensitive to gluten, it’s important that products like Zaca be gluten-free. The Recovery Chewables are completely gluten-free and soy-free.

What is Zaca’s Shipping Policy?

Zaca currently ships within the US and internationally. Offering both standard and expedited shipping, you’ll find the delivery times for all options below.

  • US Standard USPS First-Class Mail: 3-7 business days $5
  • Expedited: 1-2 business days (depending on the option) $TBD
  • International: 14-30 business days $TBD

Orders take about 1-2 business days to process, and once they’re in the mail, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link. Click the link to keep tabs on your package’s progress.

What is Zaca’s Return Policy?

Zaca offers a 100% refund guarantee on one product from every first order. That means that if this is your first time ordering from the brand and you order just one unit, you can get a full refund of your order. If you buy more than that, the brand cannot refund any more past the cost of one unit.

Though there’s nothing that outright says how to make a return, the best course of action is talking to customer service. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. Create an email to [email protected]
  2. In your email, include your name, order number, and why you’d like a refund
  3. No need to ship the item back

A customer rep will be in contact with you shortly and they’ll let you know that your refund has been processed.

How to Contact Zaca

If you need any other information that wasn’t included in this Zaca review, you can get in touch with the brand via:

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