Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies: Brand Showdown

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

It’s the “world’s most comfortable underwear for men” versus the “insanely comfortable” innovative technology of a company “reinventing men’s basics.” Mack Weldon and MeUndies are premium underwear and loungewear brands, but what makes them different? 

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

This Mack Weldon vs MeUndies clothing review breaks down some of their most popular items, along with the quality and value attached to them. We took a deep dive into both brands to write this comparative review, which will help you make the most informed purchasing decision. 

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Underwear

Both brands focus on their underwear, so for this Mack Weldon vs MeUndies clothing review, it made sense to start there. Each company approaches brand development and product design in their own way. Let’s get to it.

Mack Weldon uses premium fabrics from around the world, including pure silver and high quality cotton to create classic-looking designs for men in a variety of colors. MeUndies uses sustainably-sourced material to create an extensive array of patterns, from bold and adventurous to quirky and fun. We unpacked what this means for some of their most popular products. 

Mack Weldon Silver Boxer Briefs 

Mack Weldon Silver Boxer Briefs
Mack Weldon Silver Boxer Briefs 

Mack Weldon was one of the first brands to use real silver in their underwear, following the lead of US Special Forces and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The Supima cotton and anti-microbial silver blend fights odor and is used for increased softness. The Silver Boxer Briefs feature a no-roll elastic waistband and cool mesh to keep things airy.

The silver line is offered in 12 different colors and patterns, including navy camo, blue dots, stone grey, hunter green, and more. 

MeUndies Fly Guy Boxer Briefs 

Focused on softness and support, the fly guy pouch feature adapts to your daily needs. A no-roll elastic waistband and vertical fly reinforces them. It’s available in a solid set of colors, like white, black, grey, cabernet and goblin blue.

There are over 20 options of what they call their “Adventurous” patterns—the highlights, in my opinion, are the featured pizza slices, robots, and cute narwhals that I might want to wear when I go on my next fishing trip. 

Mack Weldon AIRKNITx Boxer Briefs 

Mack Weldon AIRKNITx Boxer Briefs
Mack Weldon AIRKNITx Boxer Briefs 

Described as a “light-as-air” boxer brief, the AIRKNITx is designed to keep you both comfortable and dry throughout your workout or the daily grind. Its lightweight microfiber increases airflow, which spreads in every direction.

Combined with moisture-wicking technology and an odor-fighting finish, the AIRKNITx briefs appear to be unparalleled in the marketplace. Major points for Mack Weldon. The AIRKNITx is available in 10 warm or cooler colors, including three interesting stripe designs.

MeUndies Trunks 

Called the “in-between” briefs, these short-legged, form-fitting briefs are made to prevent bunching and are very breathable. Similar to other MeUndies briefs, their trunks are available in the same huge variety of colors and patterns, from quirky octopi and mermaids, to red lipstick kisses and Valentine’s Day hearts. 

Winner: Mack Weldon  

Based on the features and aesthetics of each underwear brand, Mack Weldon wins. Their pure silver and AIRKNITx technology appear superior to MeUndies.

Although Mack Weldon technology might be hard to compete with, maybe you are looking for more design options, and MeUndies certainly has that over the former.

This Mack Weldon vs MeUndies clothing review unpacks more than just aesthetics and features, however, so you might want to keep reading for a better picture of company offerings. 

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Lounge Pants

Mack Weldon Sunday Lounge Pant 

Mack Weldon Sunday Lounge Pant
Mack Weldon Sunday Lounge Pant 

Purchasing a good pair of sturdy, comfortable pants to wear when you are at home can be a good investment.

Mack Weldon describes their lounge pants made of peached cotton as “insanely comfortable” and are designed to help you embrace those relaxing Sundays, or maybe even for people who like to be comfy while working from home. 

But these lounge pants appear to be useful for leisure activities outside the house too. These versatile and classic-looking pants might be what you are looking for.

They feature a black flex waist, interior drawcord, zip fly with button closure, and stretch ankle cuffs. Mack Weldon lounge pants also have side and back pockets for your phone, snacks, or whatever else. They come in four darker neutral shades, so not as much variety as other products we’ve seen so far.

MeUndies Lounge Pants 

These being “just undies in pant form,” MeUndies describes their lounge pants as your weekend warrior uniform. So they’re kind of like long john underwear, but much cooler looking.

These loungers feature a tapered leg, drop crotch, and faux fly. They’re a bit more form-fitting than the Mack Weldon pants, and also feature side pockets.

Built from sustainable MicroModal fabric, the company says its comfort is unrivaled. We’ll see if that’s true when we take a look at customer feedback later in this Mack Weldon vs MeUndies clothing review.

True to the MeUndies form, their lounge pants are offered in an extensive range of entertaining designs, such as penguins, panthers, and lightsabers, along with more classic one-color looks. 

The Winner: MeUndies 

The Mack Weldon lounge pants appeal to me more aesthetically. And they look like you might be able to wear them in public more, or use them for more leisure activities.

But it’s unclear whether or not they will fit comfortably. Based on several reviews, which have criticized the Mack Weldon lounge pant as bunchy and not fitting comfortably, it appears that MeUndies has more options to help you find the most comfortable lounge pant. 

MeUndies also has way more designs to choose from. Considering the number of different lounge pant options available, it’s difficult to not give MeUndies the nod on this one. However, maybe the Mack Weldon lounge pant is the perfect look and fit for your taste. In the end, you know what’s best for you.  

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies T-Shirts

I don’t normally think too hard about what kind of undershirt I should buy, but after doing this Mack Weldon vs MeUndies clothing review, I think I might be more careful. Rather than buying cheap shirts that wear down after a few washes, it makes more sense to invest in a selection of high quality tees.

MeUndies T-Shirts 

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

MeUndies almost exclusively offers soft jersey crew and v-neck t-shirts, which are made from 50% cotton and 50% modal—a type of rayon and semi-synthetic fiber taken from beechwood trees.

MeUndies t-shirt styles use different material blends, such as the Heather Grey shirts, which use 50% Polyester, 38% Cotton, and 12% Rayon. MeUndies t-shirts come in over 10 colors each, from shades of grey and blue to bright and lively colors.

Mack Weldon T-Shirts 

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

Finding a comfortable and reliable t-shirt that lasts can be challenging. Mack Weldon t-shirts are built for all-season comfort. Using thermolite technology, their tees come in over 20 colors and shades, so they have that over MeUndies.

Their pima crew and v-neck shirts are made from 100% pima cotton. If you are interested in their pure silver offerings, the silver crew neck t-shirt is a sleek option. Like other garments in the Mack Weldon silver line, these shirts are made for freshness and durability with 84% Supima Cotton, 10% Polyester and 6% Lycra. 

The Mack Weldon DRYKNIT crew neck t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and patented TransDRY technology, which is used to wick and evaporate moisture. A relaxed fit designed for leisure, it’s said that this shirt can keep you up to two degrees cooler. The DRYKNIT is available in blue, black, and heather grey.

The Mack Weldon AIRKNITx crew neck t-shirt is made from lightweight microfibre and a four-way stretch, available in four darker colors. Like other Mack Weldon pieces, the moisture-wicking and odor-fighting technology make these t-shirts ideal for traveling, leisure, and activity. The AIRKNITx crew neck is made from 50% Polyamide, 33% Polyester, and 17% Elastane. 

The Winner: Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon’s innovative fabric technology, and the fact that they have more t-shirt options to choose from, gives them the edge over MeUndies for this round.

It’s difficult to pick a winner for some of the categories in this Mack Weldon vs MeUndies clothing review because the superior offering often depends on your needs, not mine.

Mack Weldon’s technology is incredibly alluring and they have more t-shirt options for men than MeUndies. Yet maybe you are looking for something simple and don’t care about pure silver technology.



Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

MeUndies brands themselves as “sustainably-sourced softness.” MeUndies underwear is knit with Lenzing Modal, the environmentally-friendly fabric, which originally comes from Austrian beechwood trees.

The end result is a naturally soft material that prevents bacterial growth. MeUndies uses a fair trade model and audits factories overseas before outsourcing their manufacturing needs to ensure people have fair working conditions. The factories they work with are in the U.S., Turkey, Sri Lanka, China, and Guatemala. 

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

Mack Weldon’s fabric innovation has created some of the most flexible and durable undergarments. Whether it’s using 37.5 Tech to regulate body temperature, TransDRY technology to wick odor and vaporize moisture, or using anti-microbial silver, Mack Weldon underwear is high tech.

Mack Weldon says they are committed to ethical manufacturing practices and their products are manufactured in WRAP-certified (a type of social compliance) factories around the world. Their factories are also ISO-certified to ensure responsible manufacturing. 

The Winner: MeUndies 

Based on transparency and available company information, the winner is MeUndies. There is no doubt that MeUndies uses incredibly soft, high-quality material. The only thing to keep in mind is that MeUndies’ Modal fabric can stimulate a reaction to people who are allergic.

Mack Weldon’s technology appears to create incredibly durable products. But the company needs to provide more “nitty-gritty” information on its website. When comparing the manufacturing process between both companies, it’s clear that MeUndies has made more of a concerted effort to inform consumers how their business model works. 

Customer Ratings 

Considering that companies have a tendency to endorse reviews they like, and disgruntled customers tend to flock to the Internet in small packs, it’s hard to determine how representative customer ratings really are of a company’s particular brand. 

But we did a quick scan for this Mack Weldon vs MeUndies clothing review and found the following: 


Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

The average customer rating for products on the MeUndies website is hovering at around 4.6/5 stars, based on hundreds of ratings. The company does not currently have ratings on Amazon. On, they have a 3.2/8, based on 38 reviews.

Most of the complaints are based on shipping and receiving. The Better Business Bureau has given MeUndies an A+, which really emphasizes how reliable the brand is.

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

The average customer rating for products on the Mack Weldon website is also hovering at around 4.6/5 based on hundreds of ratings. Based on 32 customer ratings on Amazon, the company received a 2.3/5 star rating.

On, they have a 3.1/5 stars based on 39 reviews, which are mixed. The Better Business Bureau has given Mack Weldon a D- for not responding to eight complaints (yikes). 

The Winner: MeUndies

Due to a better grade from the Better Business Bureau, and arguably less negative reviews, the winner of this round goes to MeUndies. Keep in mind that satisfied customers might not feel as inclined to write a review. If you search both companies on the BBB, you can read some of the reports, which explain how they were graded. You can also read the reviews for yourself. 

Promotions & Discounts

Mack Weldon 

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

Mack Weldon offers coupon codes intermittently so it is worth checking their website on occasion. They also offer a customer loyalty program, which includes free shipping on all orders if you choose to make the commitment to spending more.

Alternatively, you will also receive free shipping if your first order is at least $50. Level one perks include 10% off $100 purchases and 20% off $200 purchases. Level two perks include 20% off all orders for a year and exclusive access to new products. 


Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

On their website, the MeUndies “MatchMe” option allows you to match your undergarments for yourself and others. Signing up for membership will also help you save 30% on your orders, and initial registration will give you 15% off your first purchase.

On occasion, various discount codes and specials can be found on their website. So if you’re not interested in membership, try to check their website frequently. 

The Winner: MeUndies 

MeUndies appears to have superior membership benefits with more purchasing options. The fact that you can save 30% on bundles, matching brands—and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee—makes the betting man more likely to invest in their brand. 

Considering that undergarments must be replaced somewhat regularly, investing in a company that has superior savings and membership programs might be the best idea for you. 

Shipping & Returns 

For this Mack Weldon vs MeUndies clothing review, we broke down some of the key differences in shipping options for both companies. If you like to try on your clothes to see how they fit, we also broke down return and exchange policies. 

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

Mack Weldon ships to locations across North America and shipping options depend on exact locations, amounts ordered and whether a customer is a member of their loyalty program. 

Shipping Policy:

  • Free shipping for loyalty program members 
  • Free shipping for orders of $50 or more
  • Express shipping to Canada costs $32 
  • A cost of $8 for standard order shipping less than $50

Return Policy:

  • Members can exchange an item within 30 days of purchase 
  • Members can request a full refund (without having to return the item)
  • Exchanges are only made in the US (sorry Canada)

For more information on orders and returns, visit 


Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

MeUndies offers international shipping across the globe. The cost of orders will depend on how far away you are from the US and membership includes discounted shipping. 

Shipping Policy:

  • Free standard shipping for the U.S. 
  • Expedited shipping in the U.S. is available
  • Standard shipping to Canada costs $6
  • Standard shipping to Canada for members costs $3
  • Shipping costs for other international orders are $12

Return Policy:

  • Full refund or exchange within three months of purchase (international shipping fees are not included in refunds)
  • Free return postage for U.S. orders 
  • Exchanges are handed in-store for items purchased at retail locations

For more information on orders and returns, visit

The Winner: MeUndies 

Based on the flexibility or orders, shipping, and returns, the winner is MeUndies. Many of Mack Weldon’s negative customer reviews are about shipping and returns.

While Mack Weldon’s shipping model is mainly designed to benefit people living in the US, MeUndies is offering competitive shipping rates to consumers around the world.

MeUndies’ 100% satisfaction guarantee also appears to offer more flexibility for exchanges and returns. 

Price & Value

While writing this Mack Weldon vs MeUndies clothing review, we compared some of the brands’ most popular items for a clear breakdown of the costs. It helps us see the differences.


Mack Weldon MeUndies 
18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief $24
3-Pack 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs $72

Men’s Boxer Brief W/ Fly $24 ($16 for members)
Men’s Boxer Brief W/ Fly 3-Pack $57
AIRKNITx Boxer Brief $28
3-Pack AIRKNITx Boxer Briefs $84
6-Pack AIRKNITx Boxer Briefs $158
Men’s Boxer Brief $24 ($16 for members )

Silver Boxer Brief $34.00
Men’s Trunk $24 ($16 for members)

Lounge Pants 

Mack Weldon (product, cost, material, features)MeUndies (product, cost, material, features)
Sunday Lounge Pant $68 Men’s Lounge Pant $68 ($50 for members)
97% Cotton, 3% Stretch 92% MicroModal, 8% Elastane
Peached cotton flannel, black flex waist, interior drawcord, back flex waist, interior drawcord, zip fly with button closure 
Dual pockets, tapered leg, drop crotch, faux fly, flatlock stitching 


Mack Weldon MeUndies 

18-Hour Jersey V-Neck or Crew Neck Undershirt $32
2-Pack 18-Hour Jersey V-Neck or Crew Undershirt $64

Soft Jersey Crew Tee $24 ($20 for members)
Pima Crew Neck T-Shirt $32Men’s Graphic Crew Tee $28 ($24 for members)

Silver Crew Neck T-Shirt $42
No t-shirt packs available

DRYKNIT Crew Neck T-shirt $42

AIRKNITx Crew Neck T-Shirt $42

The Winner: MeUndies 

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

Having to replace our underwear and t-shirts is so common that we often do not even think about it until it’s too late. The idea of having a membership that empowers you to choose from a variety of soft, high-quality undergarments, allows you to make sure you have a steady stream of them that you can actually enjoy wearing. 

While writing this Mack Weldon vs MeUndies clothing review, it became clear that Mack Weldon costs more. Despite Mack Weldon having a loyalty program of its own, MeUndies membership appears to be superior, considering the savings and variety of purchasing options.

We Choose: MeUndies

Mack Weldon vs MeUndies Clothing Review

On the surface it might have seemed like Mack Weldon would run away with this one, considering the innovative technology they are using to develop their fabrics. But a deeper dive into cost, value, and variety of purchasing options, gives the edge to MeUndies. 

There were a number of factors identified that put MeUndies ahead on the scorecard, including: 

  1. Superior membership savings of 30%, plus 15% off first purchase
  2. More design and style options to choose from
  3. More purchasing options such as the “MatchMe” and “Build-a-Pack” function for underwear
  4. 100% satisfaction guarantee regarding exchanges and returns
  5. The company will ship to anywhere in the world
  6. Better transparency regarding sourced material and manufacturing practices

This is not to say you should not buy Mack Weldon products. As outlined in this Mack Weldon vs MeUndies clothing review, both companies produce premium undergarments, only in different ways.

If you’re an athlete or traveling a lot, perhaps investing in Mack Weldon is the right choice for you. But we’re confident that MeUndies will not let you down, regardless of your circumstances.  

If you’re predominantly considered with savings—both short-term and long-term—MeUndies’ packages and membership options are much stronger than Mack Weldon’s.

Although MeUndies might not use the same material used by NASA and the US Special Forces, their fabrics are innovative, soft and sustainable in their own right. MeUndies were also good enough to be endorsed by former US president Barack Obama. 

The fact that MeUndies audits factories before outsourcing their manufacturing also shows a commitment to fair trade practices, which consumers are starting to appreciate more.

Be aware that some people are allergic to Modal fabric, which MeUndies uses for its product lines. 

For a closer look at each brand, check out our reviews for Mack Weldon and MeUndies.

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