Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots Review

Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots: Brand Showdown

Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots Review

The decision to purchase luxury boots should never be taken lightly. Faced with two promising brands like these, you just have to pit them against each other and see what happens. Only one will be deemed winner in this Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots review, so let’s see who deserves the title.

Thursday Boot Company designs handcrafted boots, shoes, and accessories for men and women. They’re fully committed to honest pricing and reliability. Their products meet at the point between durable work boots and sophisticated fashion boots. Thursday Boots wants its customers to feel confident and empowered, wherever the day takes them. 

Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots Review

Taft specializes in high quality boots, shoes, and sneakers for men. The concept for Taft started with one married couple’s search for the best shoes in the world. This couple built an empire out of their shared love for shoes, one they continue to stand by today. Taft offers the best possible prices for its customers, and prides itself on boots that feature ornate designs and patterns.

No matter the season, we all want reliable boots that can conquer any weather conditions—and as we strut around in these babies, they simply must be stylish. In this Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots review, we’ll dive into the materials, features, and aesthetics of each brand, focusing on the men’s lines.

Thursday Wingtip vs Taft Saint 

Thursday’s Wingtip boot features hand-finished full grain leather and an attractive brogue pattern. Goodyear welt construction makes these boots durable, but stiffer in feeling, and a studded rubber outsole gives them traction. The Wingtips are fully lined with a supple leather interior for comfort. The corkbed midsole naturally forms to your feet, so the more you wear them, the more these boots become part of you. Aching heels will never be an issue: Thursday’s Wingtips have shock-absorbing insoles that make even the longest treks pain-free. The Wintip boot comes in three colors: black and two shades of brown.

The Saint boot is Taft’s own interpretation of the Wingtip style, with woven full-grain leather and broguing details. The Saint is fulled lined with super soft calfskin. Blake-stitched construction gives them durability and flexibility. A stacked leather sole with rubber injections adds traction. The Saint boot is vegetable tanned and chromium-free, with leathers that are painted and stained by hand. It’s almost like you’re wearing a piece of art. The Saint comes in four colors: black, shades of brown, and a bold camo option.

Winner: Thursday Boots

Choosing the Wingtip over the Saint was a tough decision. The Saint clearly has a more intricate design, and one extra color option, but appearances aren’t all that matter. The Wingtip has added features that the Saint lacks, like a shock-absorbing insole and foot-molding midsole.

Thursday Limited Edition Captain vs Taft Jack

Next up in the Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots review, we’ll take a look at two competing styles of lace-up boot, featuring exterior fabrics paired with leather toes and heels.

The Limited Edition Captain Boot features black weather-safe suede and Italian leather. It’s got a retro look to it that could give your boot collection a much-needed switch up. As always with Thursday Boots, Goodyear welt construction makes them very hardy. The Limited Edition Captain forms to your feet with its corkbed midsole. A highlight of these boots is their 18 Karat Gold Plated Eyelets, so if you’re looking to impress or dress up a casual look, this Captain is a sweet option. he Captain boot comes in three colors, including golden brown, bourbon, and black.

Taft’s Jack boot is much less showy, and tasteful in an understated way. The Jack boot’s upper is made from full grain calfskin and water-resistant wool, so it is much more compatible with damp weather compared to the suede Captain boot. Even though the Captain boot’s suede is weather-safe, this material will always be more vulnerable than wool. The Jack boot has a leather sole with rubber inserts for durability and comfort. Blake-stitched construction offers longevity and flexibility. There are considerably more color options for the Taft boot, which is offered in 12 shades between light beige and black, as well as camo.

Winner: Taft

The Limited Edition Captain boot is undeniably cool. I mean, it’s got laces made of gold, but again, appearances are not everything in this Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots review. The Jack boot comes in way more color options, and its look is more versatile compared to the Captain. The Jack boot would pair with more outfits than the Captain, due to its subtlety. Another key factor in this decision was the Jack boot’s wool material, which fares better than suede against the elements.

Thursday Duke vs Taft Outback 

In this part of the Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots review, we’ll compare the timeless Chelsea boot styles of each brand. We chose two suede models for the sake of comparison.

The first thing to know about the Duke is that its outer is weather safe suede. That gives you some ease of mind, since regular suede and bad weather do not mix. Goodyear welt construction is at it again, same goes for the shock absorbing insole and studded rubber outsoles. The sides of the Duke feature DuraEVA™ comfort strips. No other information is provided on what this material is, and an internet search also turned up nothing. It appears to be a stretchy fabric, which, like the pull tab, makes the boots easy to pull on and off. The suede version of the Duke is offered in two shades, honey and olive.

Taft’s Outback is slightly shorter than the Duke, which offers more ankle coverage. The upper is made of Spanish suede, which, sadly, is not weather safe. The sole is made of stacked crepe, which upon further research, proved to be a kind of coagulated latex. This material contributes to flexibility and comfort. The Outback has Taft’s signature fully lined calfskin interior and Blake-stitched construction, so there’s flexibility in two elements of the boot. This boot is available in taupe, beige, olive, and camo. Like the Duke and virtually all Chelsea boots on the market, the Outback has a stretch fabric on the sides and a pull tab so you can slip the boots on and off easily.

Winner: Thursday Boots

In writing this Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots review, it’s been interesting to see how differently two brands can approach the same Chelsea style in suede. Thursday Boots went more rugged with the Duke, whereas the Outback has a gentler look. The boots are clearly designed with different aesthetic preferences in mind. Thursday Boots is our winner due to its weather-safe suede and shock-absorbing insole.


Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots Review

A reliable pair of boots has to keep up with the pace and demands each day brings. When choosing between premium brands like Thursday Boots and Taft, it’s important to know their nature of production, and the level of thought and skill put into their designs.

Thursday Boots products are designed with high quality materials, including Italian and chrome leather, and weather-safe suede. They feature a trustworthy Goodyear welt construction, which is hand-stitched to bring extra strength, durability, and comfortability to every wearer. They partner with highly experienced artisans from around the world in Mexico, Portugal, Spain, and the United States, to ensure all of their footwear is handcrafted with care.

With some of the most stunning footwear in Europe, Taft ensures that each boot is hand-cut and hand-stitched by experienced artisans. Taft boots are created to last with its Blake-stitched construction method to better the overall comfort, flexibility, and sleek finish. Taft uses the finest leather, wool, and suede materials to create highly original designs. They carefully craft their shoes as though they are a painted canvas, created with unique broguing patterns and color combinations.

Winner: Taft

Taft provides us with high-quality, creative, and trustworthy boots. They are the most promising when it comes to their overall quality–Their effort is evident within their hand-cut stitching details and raw materials. We also don’t usually see wool used to make weather-resistant boots. Taft has managed to impress their customers with materials that can be both reliable and original. The fascinating patterns on their boots and the care that goes into creating them makes Taft a well-deserved winner in this section. 

Customer Ratings

Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots Review

For this Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots review, we hunted for customer feedback on each brand website and their respective Facebook and Instagram accounts. For both brands, customers consistently commented on similar traits, and common trends emerged. Here’s a sum up of customer feedback for Thursday Boots and Taft:

Thursday BootsTaft
High-quality leather with the perfect number of style optionsThe most unique and beautifully handcrafted shoes
The price is reasonable considering the quality, craft, and designRates are higher, but understandable considering the quality and options that you have
The boots are amazingly comfortable and easy to break-inComfortable and stylish – everything that was expected

There are many positive reviews for both brands, but naturally negative ratings as well. Here is a breakdown of some of the red flags associated with each brand:

Thursday Boots

  • Their boots were scratched and damaged after one wear
  • Customer service did not help with return/exchange issues
  • Their sizing is not as accurate as indicated – one pair fits, but one pair is too large


  • Their production needs to improve – their sales are affordable but sizes run out too quickly

Winner: Taft

Both brands seemed to have their fair share of positive feedback and red flags, but Taft is the one that stood out in terms of customer satisfaction. The favorable comments for Taft provide an extra boost of confidence in their products. As online shoppers, we should pay more attention to claims from customers, rather than the hype that brands surround themselves with. Taft has managed to prove themselves in a meaningful way: through their valued customers.

Promotions & Discounts

Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots Review

This section of the Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots review is quite brief, with good reason. Both brands follow a direct-to-consumer approach: they save their customers money without the markups by eliminating the middleman. Neither Thursday Boots nor Taft offers many sales, promotions, or discount options. Thursday Boots does not provide any sale options, but Taft has had some in the past. You can occasionally find a “Last Chance Shoe” section where all footwear is 40% off.  They also have regular seasonal sales, like their 2019 Holiday Sale.

Winner: Taft

Although promotional options are scant with these brands, Taft is the clear winner over Thursday Boots. It’s always nice to see seasonal promos and sales pop up to assist you with your purchase, especially with luxury shoes.

Shipping & Returns

Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots Review

In this section of the Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots review, we’ll compare shipping and return details from both brands, to see which is more flexible with their policies. Take a look:

Thursday Boots – ShippingTaft – Shipping
Free shipping for orders over $50 within the USFree shipping and returns within the US
International shipping costs are not covered Ships to the US, Canada, and has a separate website for international orders found on their FAQ page
Takes about 2-3 business days for orders to arrive – They do not ship to every country Standard shipping will take 4-7 business days, and anything to Canada will take about 1-2 weeks
You can exchange your order of over $100 for free within the US – the return request must be made within 14 days of getting your packageAll returns must be requested within 14 days of the time that you get your order
Any item purchased as Final Sale cannot be returned/exchangedReturns cannot be made on Final Sale products
International returns can be made within 14 days of receiving the order, but customers are responsible for any return shipping feesThe first shipment for exchanges/returns will be free, but if it’s returned again, then the customer covers the cost
If you have to change your shipping address and the order already went through, then there will be a fee of $16.40Exchanges are only offered within 30 days on full price products
If any of your products are defective or flawed, you can contact their customer service team to resolve the issueIf your order has been lost in transit, then they will wait seven days from the original expected delivery date to see if it arrives. This is usually enough time for the issue to be resolved.

Winner: Taft

After analyzing the details between both brands, you can see there are some similarities in the timing of their shipping for returns. Most of their policies have slightly different characteristics that you should keep in mind before ordering. Taft seems to be the brand that is the most flexible in its systems. They give you a grace period if you suspect your order to be lost. Exchanges are also given a decent amount of time, and they appear more lenient when returning a sale item. In this Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots review, we learned that overall, the latter provides its customers with the most reasonable options possible to support their needs. 

Price & Value

Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots Review

The prices do vary between Thursday Boots and Taft, but we’ll take a look at the products featured in this Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots review:

Thursday’s Wingtip: $235 

Taft’s Saint boot: $295 

Thursday Captain boot: $349 

Taft’s Jack boot: $250

Thursday’s Duke boot: $199 

Taft’s Outback boot: $250

Winner: Thursday Boots

For the most part, Taft’s prices are not as reasonable compared to Thursday Boots. Granted, the hand-stitching and painting for Taft boots would naturally cost more. Both brands make high quality boots, so in terms of value: Thursday Boots products are cheaper but still trustworthy in their make.

We Choose: Taft

Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots Review

In writing this Thursday Boots vs Taft boots review, we decided that Taft shoes are the overall fan favorite. While Thursday Boots was a worthy competitor, Taft really impressed us in 5/8 categories.

The quality of footwear is crucial. Both brands claim to have the best quality boots, but looks don’t deceive with Taft. The careful thought they put into their shoe designs is evident at first glance. The combination of quality craftsmanship and original aesthetics is truly an artform. Although Taft products are more expensive compared to Thursday Boots, even as a direct-to-consumer-brand, there are promotions to look forward to throughout the year.

Customer feedback is always something we should take note of. If multiple customers have positive shopping experiences and keep coming back, then we’ll feel more inclined to explore their brand. Taft has a reputation of excelling in customer care. The brand values customer feedback, and the customers themselves inspire Taft to greatness. 

Both brands sell beautifully designed boots, but in this Thursday Boots vs Taft Boots review, it all came down to what it takes to please their customers. Taft has proven itself to be a trustworthy brand that you can depend on. Congratulations to Taft! 

For a more in-depth look at these brands, check out our full reviews of Thursday Boots and Taft Shoes.

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