Acorn Slippers Review

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Acorn Slippers Review

There are regular slippers, and then there are Acorn slippers. It’s a brand people choose time after time for its well-made, durable, and extremely warm slippers, not to mention its trusted reputation for comfort both in and outdoors.

The brand’s selection of men’s and women’s slippers ranges from at-home favorites to camp-worthy picks to take on your next adventure. A frequent name on ‘Best Of’ lists, Acorn has been featured in a heap of notable publications, including WhoWhatWear, InsideHook, Oprah Daily, and New York Magazine.

And with its growing following of over 25k across its social media pages, you may be wondering if this trusted brand is maybe one you should try out. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

This Acorn slippers review will give you the complete scoop on the company and its bestsellers. We’ll also cover customer feedback, promotions, FAQs, and more. There’s a lot of ground to cover here, so slide into something comfy and follow along.

Overview of Acorn

Acorn Slippers Review

40 years ago, it was a chilly day in Maine when Acorn’s founder David Quinn set out to create what would soon become The Original Slipper Sock. Maine is known for its unbearable winters, so Quinn sought to provide a solution to the struggle of his close friends, hand-sewing together ragg wool socks with leather soles.

That’s the reason this iconic brand got its start, these humble items were the seed that grew into a bountiful tree. But today, it makes so much more than durable slipper socks. Inspired by the colors of fall, you can find the brand’s products in small and large shops, as well as on the toes of many happy magazine editors and explorers alike.

Designed to get you through the chilliest of winters but into spring and summer too, Acorn slippers are perfect for all destinations—whether that’s your couch, back yard, or camping grounds

Like the very thing this brand is named after, Acorn has a natural heart. Working towards a greener, cleaner company, the brand intends to leave the earth in better condition than it found it.

What’s in store for this Acorn slippers review? We’ll stop in at the brand’s highlights before diving headfirst into a pile of its cozy favorites.


  • Great range of men’s and women’s slippers, sandals, socks
  • Well-made & durable
  • Uses natural, sustainable materials
  • Working to be more sustainable
  • Offers promotions & discounts
  • Free shipping
Acorn Slippers Review

Acorn does what other slipper brands can’t: merge comfortable slippers with the durability of outdoor shoes. The brand’s designs have a look of utter quality, almost as if hiking in a pair wouldn’t be too far from impossible.

Though we don’t recommend taking your slippers up a cliff, they do make the perfect campfire companion for brisk nights under the stars. Offering a broad selection of moccasins, slipper socks, sandals, and socks, this Acorn slippers review will zero in on the brand’s comfy classics that are perfect for keeping your feet toasty warm.

Acorn Women’s Slippers Review

Whether it’s hours of lounging, housework, or outdoor adventures, the Acorn women’s slippers collection has got it covered.

With a collection that ranges from at-home spa day go-to’s all the way to long slipper socks ideal for chilly camp nights on the trail, you can depend on this brand for durable, quality slippers you may never want to take off.

Acorn Women’s Spa Thong Slippers Review

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of free toes. The Acorn Women’s Spa Thong Slippers give you some wiggle room while soothing your feel with snuggly comfort.

Made from super soft terry, these shoes are really easy to care for if your pamper session turns out to be a little messier than you thought (foot mask, anyone?). With a raised heel and arch, these slippers are perfect for long wear occasions—so unlike regular thong flip flops that you can never wait to take off.

They’re made in both regular and wide sizes from S-XL and SW-XLW. Available in 15 colors to match your vibrant or classic personality, get a pair for $40.

Acorn Women’s Original Acorn Moccasins Review

Pink fuzzy slippers have their place, but not on everyone’s shoe rack. The Women’s Original Acorn Moccasins were designed to give you more from your lounge shoe. In fact, these durable slippers aren’t exclusively made for lounging.

Using micro-fleece for warmth and memory foam for comfort, these shoes are made for movement, wicking away moisture, and cushioning impact. You’ll also get a raised heel and arch for added stability, along with a weatherproofed sole.

It’s no wonder they made one of Oprah’s must-have lists. Get a pair in one (or a few) of five two-toned colors—we can’t get enough of the brown & Berber mix. Made in sizes S-2XL, add a set to your collection for $48.

Acorn The Original Slipper Sock Review

The thing about cold feet is that they often come with cold legs. Slippers are great for some, but for others, ankle and calf coverage is part of the cuddly equation.

The Original Slipper Sock is the product that started it all, and boy has it been on quite the journey. A must-have for camping trips or backyard stargazing sessions, the slipper sock has even made it to the moon aboard a NASA space shuttle.

Made from a blend of ragg wool and leather sidewalls, these comfortable socks repel water at their base, using genuine suede to help provide grip and warmth. Inside the sock lies a layered Cloud Cushion™ footbed for added comfort.

Available in nine colors in unisex sizes 2XS-3XL, you can grab a pair for $52.

Acorn Men’s Slippers Review

Though slippers are traditionally made for indoor lounging, today, we need more from what we wear, including our slippers. The Acorn Men’s Slippers collection is packed with classic designs with modern, rugged features like no-slip bottoms and moisture-wicking linings.

Ahead, this Acorn slippers review will take you through the brand’s three best-selling pairs of slippers, each one the perfect fit for modern needs.

Acorn Men’s Original Acorn Moccasins Review

One of the reasons Oprah is so loved is that she recommends the best of the best. Her crew is used to sniffing out top-notch quality products, so it only makes sense that the Men’s Original Acorn Moccasins made her list.

With a classic moccasin shape, these cozy guys put in the work to keep your feet happy. Made from a blend of ragg wool with genuine suede sidewall, they’re the perfect at-home shoe that can also handle light outside wear like drives to the store when that ice cream craving hits.

Their Cloud Cushion™ footbed means you’ll be extra comfortable, while the skid-resistant outsole means you’ll be protected. Get them in 11 different colors in sizes S-2X. Have a wide foot? You’ll find them in SW-XLW as well. All are $49.

Acorn Men’s Digby Gore Slippers Review

So here’s the thing about regular slippers…they’re so unsupportive. Not all feet are the same, and for those who have a higher arch, folate slippers can not only be uncomfortable, they can be painful—the very thing they’re designed not to be.

The Acorn Men’s Digby Gore Slippers feature a medial gore to give you a reliable fit. Made from Italian wool with a berber lining, the slippers have a Contour Cushion along the base to mold to your feet like a hug. On the bottom, a TPR rubber cup sole provides extra arch support for those who really need it.

Available in classic black and earthy brown, you can get a pair in sizes S-2X for $60.

Acorn Men’s Slouch Boots Review

The Acorn Men’s Slouch Boots are similar to The Original Slipper Sock, but they’re a little more substantial. They come in both charcoal and gray colors with a look that already has us planning to never take them off.

Another pick from this brand that has made it to the moon, these incredibly comfortable and cozy boots are loved for their superior insulation and non-slip sole that will take you from washing dishes to playing in the front yard with your dog. Grab a pair in sizes S-XL for $71.

Who Is Acorn For?

Acorn Slippers Review

Acorn’s collection is made for those who need a little more out of their slippers. They give you the comforts of regular slippers but integrate smart features (like skid-proof bottoms and moisture-wicking material) to help you take your favorite lounging shoe to new heights.

With a range of durable styles for both men and women, the ideal Acorn customer is someone who frequents the outdoors or who requires ample support from their shoes—no matter where they are.

Acorn Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Acorn Slippers Review

Here’s the thing about comfort: it’s personal. With that said, it’s still important to get a feel for what customers have to say about Acorn slippers. Let’s dive into it.

We’ll get things started with some feedback from the brand’s website, and below, you’ll find ratings for a few of its bestsellers.

  • Women’s Spa Thong Slippers: average of 4.6/5 stars from 519 reviews
  • Original Acorn Moccasins: average of 4.4/5 stars from 263 reviews
  • The Original Slipper Sock: average of 4/5 stars from 305 reviews
  • Original Acorn Moccasins: average of 4.5/5 stars from 169 reviews
  • Men’s Slouch Boots: average of 4.3/5 stars from 59 reviews

In regards to the material and construction of the Original Acorn Moccasins, one review revealed “they are lightweight and skid-proof. Others have even noticed [them] when wearing them outside. They are very comfortable…The slipper speaks for itself.

By the last part of this comment, we figure it means that the moccasins have a look of quality. The simple fact that people wear them outside means that they’re durable and reliable enough you can count on them for unstable, slippery, or wet surfaces.

Still scoping out the brand’s website, we checked in on The Original Slipper Sock since it’s one of its signature products. Mentioning their usefulness and quality, one customer wrote an Acorn slippers review that read:

I’m female and have worn the classic style for decades… I wear them 9 or 10 months out of the year here in Oregon… mine last a couple years… the wool is NOT scratchy… these are for lounging (not activities) but you can hang outdoors in them no problems.

Another example of how well-made the brand’s slippers are, it’s comforting to know that the wool they’re made from isn’t scratchy like others on the market. To check in more about the brand’s durability, we headed off of and over to

This Acorn slippers review was for the Original Moccasins, to which 165 shoppers awarded a 4.3/4 star score. It read:

These were highly rated by others and they did not disappoint. They keep you warm and you hardly notice them on your feet. So far the fabric and soles are durable and well made. They are also easy to get on and off. Would buy again.”

With a sturdy look, it’s valuable to learn that the Original Moccasins don’t feel heavy or cumbersome. Other slippers can make your feet strain to hold onto them, or worse, make them incredibly sweaty. We read from more than one comment that these ones are warm but breathable. That’s probably got to do with the natural moisture-wicking properties of wool.

For one more, final bit of feedback, we headed over to trusty ol’ Amazon to check out the comment section for the Women’s Moc Slipper. We frequent Amazon to hunt out reliable reviews since its customers are known for their honesty.

The Women’s Moc Slipper received an overall score of 4.4/5 stars from 8,649 shoppers. Here’s how it breaks down:

  • 5 stars: 69%
  • 4 stars: 13%
  • 3 stars: 9%
  • 2 stars: 4%
  • 1 star: 5%

Acorn slippers are for everyone, but people with foot issues find them especially comfortable. One buyer with plantar fasciitis wrote, “These are awesome slippers…they are perfect, snug, and feel great! They give my foot the support it needs while keeping it warm.”

The Acorn slippers review went on about the quality construction and durability of the shoe. Among other comments, there’s a consensus that they’re great for indoor and outdoor use should you ever need to head out of the house to get the mail or chase your escaped dog down the street.

Though there are so many positive reviews for this brand, there is one issue in particular that crept up across the sites we checked out. It’s one about the embroidered acorn logo on the heel. Folks say it can feel annoying at times but, in the grand scheme of things, this little issue certainly isn’t a deal-breaker and can be solved by wearing a sock.

All in all, the feedback for this brand was really positive. Acorn looks to be a trusted and reliable brand that people count on for quality, well-made slippers.

Is Acorn Worth It?

Acorn Slippers Review

Depending on where you live in the world, slippers can be something you depend on daily to keep your feet warm. Whether you work, walk, or lounge around the house, Acorn slippers provide your feet a service that regular, flimsy slippers or socks just can’t do.

Breathable, moisture-wicking, durable, and warm, Acorn slippers outperform other brands that just focus on one of the above. And since they’re extremely well made, you’ll likely have these slippers for years to come.

Acorn Promotions & Discounts

Acorn Slippers Review

Just because a product is worth it and has incredible value doesn’t mean a little discount here and there isn’t appreciated. While we scoped out the brand’s website for this Acorn slippers review, we came across several ways it helps you save, including free shipping and a great sale section.

Should you want access to any other deals the brand releases (who wouldn’t?), you can subscribe to the mailing list to get notifications about annual discounts and promotions.

Where to Buy Acorn

Acorn Slippers Review

Acorn started its journey in small hometown shops in Maine. Today, you can find the brand in an assortment of retailers like MEC, Nordstrom, and Amazon.

Not into the hustle and bustle of busy malls and shops? Head to to shop the entire collection and get access to web-exclusive deals.


Acorn Slippers Review

Who owns Acorn?

Though founded by David Quinn 40 years ago, totes»ISOTONER Corporation now owns Acorn. Its headquarters are located in Lewiston, Maine.

Can you wash Acorn slippers?

Yes, totally. You can toss your slippers into the washing machine, but be sure to set it on a cool cycle. Once they’re done, don’t put them in your dryer. Instead, let them air-dry to prevent any damage that rolling around in the dryer may cause them. If you’d rather keep them out of the washing machine, you can also hand wash them.

What are Acorn slippers made of?

It depends on the slipper. The majority of Acorn slippers are made from a mix of recycled wool and yarn. The durable and breathable blend means that they wick away moisture, negate odors, and most importantly, keep your feet warm.

The bottom of each slipper is fitted with a duffel sidewall and rubber outsole which helps reduce slippage on slick surfaces.

Does Acorn ship internationally?

At this time, the brand only ships within the USA. For more details on its shipping policy and options, check out the very next section of this Acorn slippers review.

What is Acorn’s Shipping Policy?

Acorn offers free standard shipping to all 50 states. See below for a list of all other options, as well as their ship times and costs:

  • Standard: 3-8 business days $7
  • 2-Day: 2 business days $20
  • Next-Day: 1 business day $30

Once your order ships, you’ll receive a confirmation email with a tracking link that you can use to keep an eye on your order’s progress.

What is Acorn’s Return Policy?

Acorn offers a return policy that guarantees a full refund of your order as long as it meets certain conditions. They are:

  1. You need to make contact within 60 days of purchase
  2. You can only return products purchased on
  3. The item(s) need to be in original, like-new condition

To make a return, be sure to include your current Acorn order number (starting with ACOR), a list of specific items you are returning, and the tracking number from your returned package in your email request. You’ll be responsible for all return shipping fees, but Acorn will send you a prepaid shipping return label if requested. Keep in mind if you do use the prepaid shipping label, the cost of it will be deducted from your refund.

Mail to: Isotoner Acorn Customer Care, Acorn Processing Center, 9655 International Blvd., Cincinnati, OH 45246

How to Contact Acorn

Have questions this Acorn slippers review didn’t quite get to? Head over to the brand’s webpage and fill out the contact form with your inquiry.

The company’s customer service hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm EST and they’ll get back to you with the answer as soon as possible.

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