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About AG Jeans

AG Jeans Review

High fashion has never been so accessible. AG Jeans was founded in 2000 by “The Godfather of Denim,” Adriano Goldschmied, and Yul Ku, as they laid the groundwork for a brand filled with innovative washes and designs made to last. 

With over 154k followers on Instagram, this stunning brand has not only made a name for themselves in terms of quality but also sustainability. Their A Good Karma Initiative launched to advance technology and techniques in making their manufacturing process eco-inspired.

This AG Jeans review will give you a glimpse into this long-lasting brand and give you all the details on their pros and cons, products, and more to help you decide if their jeans are the right fit for you.

Overview of AG Jeans

AG Jeans Review

AG Jeans was born in California in 2000 to make way for a new denim experience. Since their foundation, AG Jeans has pushed boundaries on adopting environmentally friendly techniques and technology in their manufacturing process. 

Their design and construction have included solar energy, laser finishing, water recycling, and Ozone technologies. AG Jeans continues to pursue the latest eco-friendly alterations to production, manufacturing, and delivery, doing their best to make a positive change.

But surely there’s more to them than some good jeans made in an eco-conscious way. We’ll list some pros and cons for you to help lay out all you need to know:


  • The brand offers a wide variety of trendy clothing, including jeans, leggings, shorts, polo shirts, and more
  • Customers claim that the fits stay true to size for years and are incredibly durable
  • AG Jeans designs and produces through sustainable practices and materials, always working to make the company as environmentally friendly as possible
  • Ethical practices through their A Good Karma initiative
  • Financing options available via Klarna


  • Can be considered expensive
  • Some buyers complain of shoddy customer service and spotty return policies

AG Jeans Review

AG Jeans Review

What would an AG Jeans review be without taking a look at some of their products? 

We’re going big with this one to give you an overview of not only the AG Jeans women’s products but also the AG Jeans men’s line to showcase all the possibilities we can squeeze into just one article.

AG Jeans Women’s Review

Let’s take a look at some of the brand’s bestsellers in the women’s section to kick things off. Offered in various lengths and washes, there’s something here for everyone.

AG Jeans Leggings Ankle Review 

The Legging Ankle is one of the most popular AG legging jeans designs. Featuring a slim fit, this item molds to your body to give you a sleek appearance in all that you do. And we do mean all because with this Japanese comfort stretch denim, you can comfortably wear these all day! 

Get your vintage vibe going with a medium wash that looks as though you’ve been wearing them out for years.

With 9 denim shades to choose from, you can select one (or more, we aren’t judging) that works with your style. 

Are you a light wash girl that likes to pair with a darker shirt? Or do you really love dark wash jeans for that flare of mystery with a touch of attitude? Find your fit with a pair of these $225 jeans.

AG Jeans Farrah Skinny Review 

Make your statement with the Farrah Skinny Jeans. This AG Jeans white denim look brings a generous helping of uplifting vibes to any outfit. 

Perfect for cool summer nights or rocking that winter wonderland look you’ve always dreamed of, these flattering white pants are a favorite of this AG Jeans review.

Designed from a lightweight material (50% Cotton, 41% Lyocell, 7% Polyester, and 2% Polyurethane), you’ll be looking and feeling comfortably stylish all day. The flattering high-rise waist falls to a fit above your ankle for an effortlessly smooth silhouette.

These timeless jeans are available for $188.

AG Jeans Maternity Prima Ankle Review 

Take a look at the trendsetter of the AG Jeans maternity line with the Maternity Prima Ankle Jeans. Designed with a comfortable stretch, these jeans are made to be flexible to roll with you through the ups and downs of the parenting journey. 

You’re looking at a sleek silhouette that’s easily adjustable through the hidden elastic waistband. Just readjust the give as you grow and you’ll easily be looking fine from 2 months through to post-birth.

These $198 jeans only come in black, super black according to the company, making it simple to pair them with any item in your closet.

AG Jeans The Stilt Review

When you think of skinny jeans, what image comes to mind? Probably The Stilt Jeans – even if you haven’t seen them quite yet. 

The AG Jeans Stilt comes from a standard design of the slimming skinny jean we all know and love. Made at a perfect ankle length, these jeans are a dream through their slight stretch material that hugs you just right.

Everyone needs a pair of go-to skinny jeans, so why not add these to the list? These jeans are currently sold out (to no one’s surprise) but check back in often to be the first to grab a pair when they’re back in stock.

AG Jeans The Stilt Crop Review 

Add a little attitude to your style when you strut the streets in The Stilt Crop Jeans. This AG Jeans review would be remiss not to add a clear favorite when it comes to playing with the standard skinny jeans style. 

Leave ankle-length behind and give cropped length its time in the sun. With detailed stitching and a slight tear on the pockets, you’ll be feeling top tier in this fit.

The Stilt Crop jeans are currently $225, but that style might just be worth the cost!

AG Jeans Men’s Review

Let’s hear it for the boys in this review! Men’s fashion and comfort mean just as much as women’s, so we’ve pulled some of the best of the best for you to find a new favorite.

AG Jeans Graduate Review 

AG Jeans take men’s fashion to a whole new level, especially with the Graduate Jeans

The AG Jeans The Graduate Tailored Leg is a style that features a slimming and worn fashion that appeals to every man. The dark wash mimics genuine vintage jeans styled in a mid-rise design. 

With its relaxed fit from hip to knee, you can happily wear these for any day shift. Made especially with comfort stretch denim, these jeans are not ones to miss out on.

Currently part of the AG Jeans sale, these pants are listed as $65 rather than their original $215 price. That seems way too good to pass up, but maybe that’s just us!

AG Jeans Matchbox Review

Comfort is key when it comes to Matchbox Jeans. The AG Jeans Matchbox design is styled for peak comfort by cutting the waist to knee in a roomy (but not baggy!) fit. The legs are slim straight to give you a slimming image without making them too tight to your body. 

Two color options are available for this style, Jack and Robinson. Don’t know what those mean? They’re both a fairly dark wash shade that goes well with pretty much any top or jacket. 

The seams are done in a nice light brown that pops to give your jeans just a bit of extra detail. Nothing too fancy, just some quality hemlines.

These jeans are available for a cool $178.

AG Jeans Protege Review 

We had a choice: go big or go home when wrapping up the product section of our AG Jeans review – we chose to go big with the AG Jeans Protege bottoms

This favored design features vintage fade lines running throughout the indigo medium wash. It’s the perfect casual look to pair with any top for a fashionable night out or even a relaxing night in.

Made with a stretch fabric, you’ll be feeling comfortable throughout the day in these midweight denim jeans. Get yourself a pair for only $185.

How Much Do AG Jeans Shrink?

AG Jeans Review

The constant concern with jeans and pants tends to come in the form of shrinking. According to multiple AG Jeans reviews, you’re safe on that front when it comes to this brand. Many customers claim that the pants stay true to size even after multiple years of wearing them.

Who Is AG Jeans For? 

AG Jeans Review

AG Jeans is a brand made for men and women to provide comfortable denim options for everyday wear. 

Considering the sizes and styles available through the store, AG Jeans tend to lean towards patrons of 20 and up, with their jeans providing a comfortable stretch for all ages. 

Whether you want skinny jeans or slim fit, this brand will have you looking good no matter your age or gender. 

Comparison: AG Jeans vs. AGOLDE 

AG Jeans Review

When it comes to buying a solid pair of jeans, you want to shop around for something that will last. What’s the point in buying if you’ll just have a hole in a few months? 

The founder of AG Jeans, Adriano Goldschmied knows the jeans business well and, before launching AG Jeans, actually founded A. Gold E. jeans, now branded as AGOLDE. 

Despite having moved on from the business and finding a new owner, the quality and prices of both remain quite similar. Both also practice sustainable sourcing of materials as well as eco-friendly production practices.

The difference really comes down to style. AGOLDE was launched in the ‘90s and since the resurgence in 2014, the market has become geared to bagging that 90’s style. All AGOLDE jeans go for a vintage look and comfortable fit, all at a reasonable price point.

AG Jeans, as you’ve seen through the article, style their designs to have a more modern twist. They take traditional cuts and make them something new without overwhelming the design.

It really comes down to style preference. Do you lean towards the ‘90s or modern in your everyday fashion? No matter which way you go, both brands offer comfort and style with every step.

AG Jeans Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

AG Jeans Review

When it comes to finding the truth about clothes, we always have to consider customer reviews. 

Despite being a long-lasting brand, AG Jeans reviews can be a little tricky to find! We searched high and low to find you the best and most honest testimonials we could to help you decide if their products are worth your time.

The majority of written reviews and ratings online are positive! Yelp rates the brand at 4/5 stars from 39 reviews Many customers praise the material, size, and fit of the jeans. Men especially have taken to letting their love for this brand be known:

“This is the second pair of AG jeans I have purchased. These fit me better than most. They’re a slightly heavier grade of denim too and look like they’ll last a long time. I’ve come to really like AG jeans and that could be a problem because they’re not cheap.”

The durable material and classically slimming designs provide a stylish choice for men and women that pairs nicely with any top or jacket. The variety in washes and slight stretch in material offer the perfect amount of give and style without leaving the pants too loose. 

What people really love is how the true-to-size jeans stay that way after years of use. Multiple reviews claim their jeans have lasted in a perfect fit after several years: “Fit, wash, durability. AG jeans take the cake along all dimensions.”

The brand doesn’t have individual product reviews on their website, but their Amazon page does! Let’s take a look and see how some bestsellers shake out:

  • The Graduate: 4.4/5 stars out of 92 ratings 
  • The Ex-Boyfriend: 4.3/5 stars out of 11 ratings
  • The Lux: 4.5/5 stars out of 37 ratings
  • The Tellis: 4.6/5 stars out of 26 ratings
  • The Dylan: 4.4/5 stars out of 17 ratings

Looking good all around! One Amazon AG Jeans review puts it simply and best: “Comfortable to wear and snug in the right places after a wash or two.” What more could you ask for?

The brand continues to be received very positively by customers on Zappos. The website hosts a score of 4.6/5 stars out of 34 reviews for AG jeans. Many buyers were quick to note how comfortable the products are and that they run true to size.

All in all, we’ve learned that the products are of great quality and are worth their price tag. Sometimes it’s worth it to shell out for a nice pair of jeans that will last a long time, and this seems to be one of those times.

Is AG Jeans Worth It?

AG Jeans Review

AG Jeans is definitely more expensive when it comes to other clothing brands. The prices are often listed in the $150-$250 range, making it harder to justify purchasing more than one item at a time. 

With that being said, no complaints have been lodged against the quality of the material and many claim that their jeans have lasted them years! If you consider that an average pair of jeans costing around $50 lasts only a few years, it does tend to even out.

We recommend adding a pair or two of AG Jeans to your collection. Aim for a sales price or promotional code but give this brand a shot regardless. 

The quality of their clothing makes it worth a slightly emptier wallet. You’ll be set when it comes to jeans for many years – plus you’ll have that perfect fit!

AG Jeans Promotions & Discounts 

AG Jeans Review

AG Jeans offers a variety of sales online and in stores. While discount codes are constantly changing, the Final Sale section offers a lot of selection to choose from with typical deals ranging from 50%-70% off original prices. 

If you’re looking to save money on a good brand, that’s your best place to start.

Where to Buy AG Jeans

AG Jeans Review

AG Jeans are available on more than just their website at They have over 15 physical locations to buy from and have paired with many other retailers. Looking for a place near you to buy? Check out some options below:

  • Channer’s
  • Hudson’s Bay
  • Holt Renfrew Canada
  • Anthropologie
  • Nordstrom
  • Body Blue
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • And more!


AG Jeans Review

Where are AG Jeans from? 

Despite being marketed as ‘Made in the USA,’ AG Jeans are actually made in multiple countries. The materials are international while the brand runs from a California office. Materials have been said to come mainly from Mexico and Italy.

Do AG Jeans fit true to size?

According to a number of AG Jeans reviews, their clothing does fit true to size. You can rock anything from AG Jeans Stevie ankles to any of the AG Jeans Phoebe line with no concern as to sizing issues. 

Listed at the bottom of the website is an AG Jeans size chart designed to help you figure out what fit will work best for you!

What is AG Jeans’s Shipping Policy?

When it comes to shipping in the US, AG Jeans has you covered with 2-day shipping throughout the country on orders over $100

You can also select Ground or Overnight as an option. Different prices apply depending on the service you select in combination with the order cost. Take a look at the AG Jeans shipping chart to find out what kind of cost you’re looking at:

Delivery in 2 Business DaysDelivery in 5-7 Business DaysDelivery by Next Business Day

AG Jeans ships internationally as well as domestically, but costs are dependent on order price, weight, and the location you’re shipping to. To find out what your shipping fees would be, take a look at the AG Jeans website under your listed country for prices.

All AG Jeans shipments come with a tracking number you can use through the Track Order page. A number will be provided as soon as your delivery has shipped.

What is AG Jeans’s Return Policy?

AG Jeans offers returns for days – 14 days that is! If you want to send back an item purchased, you have two weeks after delivery to request a return. 

For returns later than that, you’ll have to take your item to the closest store. Those returns are done at the store’s discretion and aren’t guaranteed.

When it comes to international returns, the process is all guided online through the AG Jean international section. Just click on returns, fill in your information, and follow the instructions provided.

For US returns, the process looks a little different:

  1. Use the online return process to fill in your information and receive a prepaid FedEx label. If you choose to use a prepaid label, it’s a $7 fee that will be taken out of your refunded amount
  2. Repackage your item. It’s best for AG Jeans if you use the original box, but it’s not completely necessary
  3. Ensure the invoice is included in your package
  4. Secure the label and make sure no other tracking info from previous shipments is visible
  5. Send your package off through FedEx

Your refund will be given within 7-10 days of the package being delivered to the facility.

How to Contact AG Jeans

AG Jeans knows how to communicate, and they offer several options when it comes to getting in touch. 

We’ve listed the most popular forms and hours available for customers, but if you’re part of a wholesale retailer looking to get in touch, go online to the AG Jeans website to find the best forms of communication for your business.

  • Toll-Free Phone: 844-693-3646

Monday – Friday 8 am – 5 pm PST

  • Written or in-person service:

2741 Seminole Ave.
South Gate, CA 

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