Alain Dupetit Suits Review

About Alain Dupetit

Alain Dupetit Suits Review

Alain Dupetit designs the sharpest looking, affordable, and high-quality men’s suits you will find online. They operate as an e-commerce platform and offer their customers low prices. The cost of their suits starts at just $39. 

The brand has over 52k followers on Facebook and 53k followers on Instagram. They are loved by men who are looking for a reliable, attractive suit from a brand they can trust to deliver on quality at an affordable price. 

This Alain Dupetit suits review will take an overall look at the brand, customer ratings, deals, and more, to help you decide if they are the right fit for you.

Overview of Alain Dupetit

Alain Dupetit Suits Review

Alain Dupetit used to manufacture suits for big designer brands. Noting that it’s the norm for big brands to markup the retail cost of suits by 10 times what the actual cost is, Alain Dupetit threw the suit market a curveball and began their direct-to-consumer website.

Founded in 2014, the brand’s mission is to make the “best, most stylish suits accessible to everyone,” believing that “looking your sharpest should not cost a fortune.” Alain Dupetit owner, Alain Dupetit, is a second-generation tailor. At the age of 21, he moved to the US and opened his first store.

Alain Dupetit has been designing suits for over 40 years. In the last six years, he grew his namesake brand into a $4 million company

Alain Dupetit Suits Review

This Alain Dupetit suits review will now highlight some pros and cons of the brand. 


  • Vast collection of suits including Tuxedos and 3-Piece Suits 
  • Selection of shirts specialized for suit pairings  
  • Alain Dupetit is a second-generation tailor with a lifetime of experience working for big brands
  • Low price for high-quality pieces
  • Large size selection


  • Only one shipping option
  • No exchanges
Alain Dupetit Suits Review

Alain Dupetit designs are seriously suave. Within each suit, you can clearly see and appreciate the craftsmanship and the lifetime of experience that has gone into designing each style.

Their best selling items, including suits, shirts, and accessories, are a more affordable option than any other in-store or online retailer. The sleek, modern lines and attention to detail give other suit companies a run for their money.

Alain Dupetit Suits Review

Alain Dupetit suits let your ensembles look expensive without breaking the bank. A lot of men require different daily suits for work, and of course, for special occasions. But the age-old issue with suits is that they are very expensive.

Alain Dupetit strives to design suits that can stand the test of time, without the added stress of the price tag. Next, you’ll find their most popular suits which feature smart, classy cuts for a variety of occasions. 

Alain Dupetit Black Three Piece Suit Review

There’s something so suave about a man in a three-piece suit. This Alain Dupetit suits review enjoys how put together a man looks in a three-piece suit, with the option of removing the jacket for a look that still exudes confidence and style.

This Black Three Piece Suit has a two-button closure and comes in either classic or slim fit. The shell is made from AD-TR (65% tetron, 35% rayon), which is breathable and moveable, despite looking so polished.

The lining of the suit is 100% rayon and the jacket itself features a custom straight pocket, non-functional buttons on the sleeves, and is double vented on the sides. The pants are unhemmed and slightly tapered towards the open bottom, measuring 36” in length. 

What’s more, they have a non-pleated flat front, belt loops, and a zip fly with button closures. It’s important to note that this suit is dry clean only. Make an impression without breaking a sweat (or the bank) in the Black Three Piece Suit for $69-$79 (originally $345).

Alain Dupetit Light Grey Two Button Suit Review

This Light Grey Two Button Suit reminds us of an English gentleman. To achieve a sophisticated look, complete the outfit with a classic white shirt, blue tie, and matching pocket square. Comfortable enough to wear to work daily, but classy enough to wear to a wedding, discover the versatility of this breathable, attractive looking suit. 

The suit is offered in a light grey color and has two front buttons. You can pick from either classic or regular fit, whichever suits your own personal style and form. This suit is created from AD-TR, Alain Dupetit’s signature fabric made from 65% tetron and 35% rayon. The lining is also 100% rayon. 

The jacket has a custom straight pocket, non-functional buttons on the sleeves, and is double vented on the sides. The pants are unhemmed and slightly tapered towards the open bottom, measuring 36” in length. 

This style also features a non-pleated flat front, belt loops, and a zip fly with button closures. Be sure to dry clean this suit and check the website for a range of sizes. Be the picture of upper class with this Light Grey Two Button Suit. No one will know you only paid $49-$59 ($295 value). 

Alan Dupetit Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel Review

The classic tuxedo has changed over the years, and this Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel is tailored to suit the modern man. You have a choice of regular or slim fit to fit your style and preference. 

Tuxedo-required events usually involve a long night where standing, dancing, and sitting are on the menu. That’s why it’s important to have a comfortable tuxedo. This one features an AD-TR (65% tetron, 35% rayon) shell that is comfortable, breathable, soft, and easier to move around in and care for, compared to wool or cotton fabrics. 

The jacket has a custom straight pocket, non-functional buttons on the sleeves, a single front button, and it is double vented. The pants are slightly tapered towards the bottom and feature a flat front and an unhemmed, open bottom measuring 36” in length (you’ll need to get the pants tailored). 

The Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel also has a non-pleated front design, a zip fly with button closures, and belt loops. To clean, be sure to drop this suit off at the cleaners. With a value of $295, this sleek, modern suit retails from $59-$69.

Alain Dupetit Shirts Review

Whatever the occasion, Alain Dupetit has you covered. Every Alain Dupetit shirt is tailored to work with an accompanying suit to make your overall ensemble clean and polished.

You can feel confident knowing that a second-generation, life-long tailor has your back. This Alain Dupetit review will move onto the brand’s bestselling shirts.

Alain Dupetit Traditional Point Collar Dress Shirt Review

The Traditional Point Collar Dress Shirt is your perfect go-to shirt for any occasion. The modern fit streamlines your body with a sleek silhouette. The shirt features: 

  • A traditional point collar
  • Regular single barrel cuffs
  • A gently rounded hem
  • Removable stays 

This shirt is made from 80% Egyptian cotton and 20% polyester, and is machine washable. It features non-breakable buttons and a chest pocket for a pocket square, or perhaps a pen, depending on where you’re going. The Traditional Point Collar Dress Shirt will help you to show up looking your best for only $16. 

Alain Dupetit Dress Shirt with French Cuffs Review 

The Dress Shirt with French Cuffs embodies European style at its finest. Made from 80% Egyptian cotton and 20% polyester, this white dress shirt is breathable and moveable. It has a modern and regular fit, french cuffs, a spread collar, and a gently rounded hem. 

The shirt also features unbreakable buttons, so you can keep it for a lifetime (or for however long it fits). To care for, machine wash on cold and hang to dry. The Alain Dupetit Dress Shirt with French Cuffs is available for merely $16 (originally $98). 

Alain Dupetit Formal Tuxedo Shirt Review

If you’re in a tuxedo, then you’re clearly off to a formal, fancy event. If you’ve worn a tux before, then you know the shirt matters. This Formal Tuxedo Shirt provides a sleek silhouette to keep your finely tailored aesthetic looking finely tailored – not like a disheveled prom date.  

Even if you’d like to wear this shirt without the jacket, you can feel confident that it will make you look put together. This white shirt is made from 80% Egyptian cotton and 20% polyester, with glass buttons and a presidential collar

To keep this shirt in tip-top shape, it’s recommended to machine wash on cold and hang to dry. The Formal Tuxedo Shirt offers a modern, regular fit, with a spread collar, gently rounded hem, and convertible shaped cuffs. Hold onto your seat because this shirt is priced down to only $16! That’s quite the savings from the original price tag of $98.

Alain Dupetit Accessories Review

What is a clean-cut, beautiful suit without some equally beautiful accessories? Alain Dupetit accessories include neckwear and hardware to keep you looking sharp. Throw on a pair of cufflinks to add a bit of luxury, or pair a suit with a sleek tie.

You’ll find their most popular accessories next up in this Alain Dupetit suits review. 

Alain Dupetit #31 Black Woven Tie Review

Every man should own a good black tie. Of course, there are a few specifications of what good refers to. This Alain Dupetit suits review regards a ‘good’ necktie as one that looks good, is durable, as well as affordable. Pair the #31 Black Woven Tie with a tuxedo on a special occasion, or with an Alain Dupetit 3-Piece Suit in grey for work. 

This Alain Dupetit tie is a classic style made from 100% microfiber for a smooth, satiny appearance. To care for, hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Score a deal with this wardrobe staple that is currently $9 – a seriously reduced price from the original price of $45. 

Alan Dupetit #120 Bow Tie Review

Bow ties give off a sense of pure class and sophistication. The #120 Bow Tie is made from 100% woven microfiber and has a silky, white look to it. This style comes pre-tied, so you won’t need to worry about the perfect knot as you rush out the door. 

This Alain Dupetit bow tie comes with a trendy handkerchief to complete the look, which you can slide into the front pocket of your suit as a pocket square.

To care for your bow tie, wash it in cold water and lay flat to dry. This smart piece of neckwear can be yours for only $9. 

Alain Dupetit #10 Cufflink Review

The key to a completely put-together look? Cufflinks. The right pair of cufflinks can add an edge of luxury, whether you’re wearing them to work every day, or to a wedding. Plus, you can take them to your local shop to be engraved for an added personalized touch.

The #10 Cufflink give an understated but classy appearance to work-wear or suits for special events. Made from 100% high-grade stainless steel, these cufflinks also come with a case for safekeeping. Get this outfit finisher for $9 per pair. 

Alain Dupetit Tie Bar Review

Every man (and some women) have experienced issues with their tie getting stuck in something, blowing around in the wind, or falling down their chest in disarray. You can now solve that problem with the Tie Bar.  

Wearing something simple doesn’t mean you won’t stand out. This 5 cm Tie Bar is an understated way to keep your look polished, and lets others know that you mean business. It’s made from 100% high-grade silver stainless steel that does not tarnish. Grab one today and secure your tie for the incredibly low price of $9. 

Alain Dupetit Suits Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Alain Dupetit Suits Review

This Alain Dupetit suits review will take a look at reviews on Reddit, Amazon, and the company website, to offer you an idea of what customers think about the brand. 

In an Alain Dupetit Reddit thread, we came across some standard responses. “Their suits are an excellent bang for the buck…As far as quality, the product is better than I expected. It has a good feel to it,” said one user. Another buyer noted, “you’d be better off saving your money for something nicer.” This is definitely true, but not everyone has the money to splurge on a suit.

There is only one Alain Dupetit suit available on Amazon, which has 4.2/5 stars out of 363 reviews. A satisfied buyer noted, “it was of very good quality and fit him perfect. No ironing required and no wrinkles. Do not hesitate to buy this if you need a suit for work or a wedding.” On the other hand, a disappointed customer said, “I was extremely disappointed with this suit. It was ill-fitting and binding. Not what I was used to from Alain Dupetit.”

Alain Dupetit Suits Review

On the Alain Dupetit website, customers wrote of the Black Tuxedo with Shawl Lapel, “Fast delivery, quality product. Couldn’t be happier.” Impressively, this suit has a full 5/5 stars out of 61 reviews.

Another buyer for the same suit: “I bought a white shirt with French cuffs and a skinny black tie. When I put it on, I could pass for a gentleman in Frank Sinatra’s or James Bond’s entourage. It’s a great classic look.” That seems to be the consensus for Alain Dupetit suits.

Here’s how other pieces featured in this Alain Dupetit suits review perform on the site:

  • Light Grey Two Button Suit: 4.9/5 stars out of 121 reviews
  • Black Three Piece Suit: 4.9/5 stars out of 146 reviews
  • Traditional Point Collar Dress Shirt: 4.8/5 stars out of 67 reviews

It’s clear that the majority of Alain Dupetit users are satisfied with their suits. With that being said, these low-cost suits certainly cannot compare to their more expensive, tailored counterparts.

Are Alain Dupetit Suits Worth It?

Alain Dupetit Suits Review

According to reviews, Alain Dupetit is worth buying from. Just the cost alone makes the risk of buying an entire suit from this brand very low. But risk aside, their suits look great. 

As you read in the previous section, one reviewer did mention that the thread count isn’t as high as an expensive suit, but no one expects that for the cost of an Alain Dupetit suit. So, in terms of quality, is it the best suit in the world? Maybe not. But this Alain Dupetit suits review regards their suits as amazing quality for the price

Some people are still skeptical about a brand, even with a lot of positive reviews. But the review site, Fakespot, analyzed the brand to have less than 10% fake reviews. This definitely says something. The only Alain Dupetit shipping review this Alain Dupetit suits review found was that a customer’s package arrived quickly

Alain Dupetit Promotions & Discounts 

Alain Dupetit Suits Review

Alain Dupetit offers all the deals, all the time. You could say their business model already has Alain Dupetit discount codes worked into it. However, if you would like to stay informed of any Alain Dupetit promo code the brand may offer, be sure to subscribe to their newsletter

Where to Buy Alain Dupetit Suits

Alain Dupetit Suits Review

You can order these suits on, Amazon, or through Alain Dupetit RedFlagDeals. 


Who is Alain Dupetit? 

Alain Dupetit is originally from France. He moved to the US when he was 21 and opened up his first shop shortly after. He is a second-generation tailor with over 40 years of experience in the industry. 

What sizes does Alain Dupetit offer? 

For shirts, Alain Dupetit typically carries sizes between S-4X. For their suits, there are a few more variants, like neck size for example, that make the list of sizes Alain Dupetit offers quite lengthy. For more information on Alain Dupetit sizing, refer to the size guide on the product page. 

How long does Alain Dupetiti take to ship?

All Alain Dupetit shipping costs are calculated at checkout and cost approximately $20. When you place your order, it can take up to five business days to process it and ship it out. 

All orders are shipped through UPS Ground shipping. Alain Dupetit shipping time can take up to 5 business days. The company does not offer expedited shipping, and they do not deliver to APO, FPO, or P.O. boxes.

What is Alain Dupetit’s Return Policy?

The Alain Dupetit return policy states that return requests must be emailed to them within 14 days of purchase. The items you wish to return must be unaltered, undamaged, unwashed, and unworn. 

Alain Dupetit Suits returns process is as follows:

  1. Create an email to [email protected] 
  2. In the subject bar, write: Return “#order number” i.e. Return 56789
  3. In the body of the email, include your order number, the full name associated with the order, the items you wish to return, and your reason 
  4. Allow 2-4 business days for a response

The company does not offer Alain Dupetit free shipping on returns. Refunds will be credited on the original form of payment. Alain Dupetit is unable to offer exchanges on orders at this time.

How to Contact Alain Dupetit

If you need to get in contact with Alain Dupetit customer service, you can get in touch through:

This Alain Dupetit suits review must mention that their available phone number is for sizing questions only. All other questions must be sent through email. Customer service hours are Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, excluding holidays.

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