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About Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung Review

Alexa Chung is a fashion label known for its combination of chic and rugged clothing styles that are fashion-forward. Their items are known for being part of the “cool girl” look while still being charming and versatile. 

The eponymous label’s contemporary and timeless nature has captured the attention of fashionistas everywhere. The brand’s founder garners a whopping 5.1 million Instagram followers and has been featured in Vogue and Marie Claire

Are the clothes worth the hype? With this Alexa Chung review I plan to find out. Join me as I take a look at the brand’s history, some of their best-sellers, customer ratings, and more so you can decide if it’s time for some new threads. 

Overview of Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung Review

Alexa Chung launched her brand in 2017, with the vision “to create clothes that people want to wear” by merging Parisian and New York fashion. The brand also paid homage to Chung’s home country with its British sensibilities

Chung grew up in England and began modeling at 16. She worked for notable publications and brands, including CosmoGIRL and Urban Outfitters. But after four years, she moved on, planning to pursue fashion journalism, with TV becoming her new artistic outlet. 

The English brand owner is also known for her personal style. She’s been praised by fashion magazines for her style and is often seen attending fashion shows in the front row. Her love for fashion and iconic aesthetics helped create the London-based company. But, after 5 years in the industry, the label is slowly winding down because of some financial struggles. 

Now that you know a bit more about the brand, my Alexa Chung review will go through some of their highlights:


  • The label offers stylish and classic clothing for women
  • Fashion-forward company that remains charming and versatile
  • Loved by the fashion industry
  • Led by a TV personality, writer, and model of the same name
  • Available in certain retailers online
  • Official website is currently unavailable

Cute dresses shouldn’t be confined to formal occasions. This brand’s adorable dresses can be worn anywhere at any time. So, keep reading this Alexa Chung review to learn about their most popular pieces.

It’s important to note that the original website is unavailable. Still, you might have some luck finding the featured products on other sites. So let’s get into it.

Alexa Chung Dresses Review

From adorable and edgy pinafore dresses to floral halters, these best-sellers might have you feeling like Alexa Chung herself. The timeless styles might stay in your closet for years to come. 

Alexa Chung Milla Leather Pinafore Dress Review

Alexa Chung Milla Leather Pinafore Dress Review
Alexa Chung Milla Leather Pinafore Dress

A classic pinafore dress is a great staple to have in your arsenal. The Milla Leather Pinafore Dress is no exception. Of course, it features a sleeveless design with front and back fastening and a double-breasted style. It does well in paying tribute to a leather-clad Milla Jovovich. 

Pinafores are created to be layered. The sleeveless Milla Pinafore’s four buttons and cross-back straps will look fashionable and edgy against any long sleeve top. If you want to merge two different styles, a frilly turtleneck and some chunky boots will give you the look of a studious gal with a rebellious streak. 

This flattering Alexa Chung dress regularly retails for $575. Even though the website isn’t available, you can check out the Milla Leather Pinafore Dress on Lyst..

Alexa Chung Truvy Halterneck Dress Review 

Alexa Chung Truvy Halterneck Dress Review 
Alexa Chung Truvy Halterneck Dress

Last in this Alexa Chung review is the Truvy Halterneck Dress. This flowy, mid-length dress is the perfect way to blossom into spring and summer with its blue and brown floral print. It’s elegant and flattering, and the viscose material will be comforting during your next Sunday brunch. 

This beautiful halterneck dress also has a cinched waist for a beautiful and sophisticated look. The colorway will also be easy to style, and it’d be best to match with neutral tones. With some dainty hoops, you could pair the Truvy Dress with brown platform sandals for an “I love to prance around in flower fields” vibe.

The Truvy Halterneck Dress was listed at about $345. As I said, the website is unavailable, but I did find it on BuyMa with a resale price of $504. Not too shabby. 

Who Is Alexa Chung For? 

Alexa Chung Review

Alexa Chung’s brand is perfect for fashionable ladies. Chung’s personal style inspires her pieces, and anyone looking for modern and trendless items can find their favorite things at the label.

That said, their retail and resale prices are pretty high compared to competitors, so it might not be as budget-friendly for some customers. 

Alexa Chung Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Alexa Chung Review

Of course, I can’t finish this Alexa Chung review without looking at some customer feedback. So, I searched the internet for ratings to help you make an informed decision.

Unfortunately, since the main site is unavailable, there aren’t many testimonials to choose from, and reviews around the internet are hard to find. I did find a small amount on Trustpilot and New Inspired. 

The brand has a 2.9/5 star rating on Trustpilot from 3 reviews. One 5-star reviewer wrote: “I love Alexa Chung. The shipping is fast and easy. Nevertheless, I must say the garments are so beautiful, but the material is not the best. Some pieces pull threads quickly. […] Much love!” 

That’s some fair criticism. I also found a review article about the brand on New Inspired. The author was skeptical of the launch but still found the dresses flattering and breathable. They also praised them for their high quality and noted that they were worth the price. 

They love it so much that they actually resent it, writing: “I hate that I love this dress because it’s ruined all expectations of other dresses.” So that is some high praise. 

On the flip side, I found some negative Alexa Chung reviews on Trustpilot. Two customers had trouble with unresponsive customer service and quality issues. Hopefully, customer service solved everything behind the scenes before winding down. Plus, customers have had good experiences with stockists like FarFetch and Lyst. 

Is Alexa Chung Legit?

Alexa Chung Review

Since the brand website is unavailable, I can’t really say much about shipping or customer service red flags. So, the shopping experience may vary depending on where you’re buying from.

But, it looks like Alexa Chung’s clothing design and quality are legit. Despite a few criticisms, Alexa Chung has made quite a few splashes with her company, constantly praised for her style.

Is Alexa Chung Worth It?

Alexa Chung Review

Finding your style as an adult can be daunting, and following fashion trends is usually a reflex. Alexa Chung herself is a prime example of creating a distinct look that’ll resonate for years, and her designs are a result of that. 

Based on this Alexa Chung review, I think the brand is worth checking out if you have the means. They have beautiful designs that will make anyone look and feel good. The items are on the expensive side and hard to find, but you might be able to find a good deal with third-party retailers and resellers. 

Alexa Chung Promotions & Discounts 

Alexa Chung Review

Unfortunately, there aren’t any promotions or discounts offered by the company at the time of this Alexa Chung review. But, if you shop with a retailer like FarFetch, you can get a 10% off deal when signing up for their emails. Plus, they’re currently holding a sale for Alexa Chung items. 

Where to Buy Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung Review

As I said, the products in this Alexa Chung review are no longer available on the primary website. But, I’d stay tuned to websites like FarFetch, Lyst, or BuyMa for reselling posts. 


Alexa Chung Review

Who owns Alexa Chung?

Alexa Chung was the owner and founder of the eponymous brand. It launched in 2017. 

Who is Alexa Chung?

Alexa Chung is a model, TV presenter, writer, and designer. She’s recognized as a trendsetter within the fashion world. 

Does Alexa Chung ship internationally?

Alexa Chung stockists’ shipping policies may vary depending on who you shop with and which pieces you choose. But many third-party retailers offer worldwide shipping, including BuyMa. 

What is Alexa Chung’s Shipping Policy?

As I said above, the shipping experience will depend on the pieces you choose and who you shop with. For example, FarFetch carries a few Alexa Chung items and ships internationally.

What is Alexa Chung’s Return Policy?

I might sound like a broken record, but Alexa Chung’s returns policy will depend on the store you purchased the from. Reseller websites like BuyMa require authorization from the seller for returns. 

How to Contact Alexa Chung

I hope you enjoyed reading this Alexa Chung review. Unfortunately, since the main website is down, there’s no way to contact the brand directly. But, you can sign up at to receive the latest news and updates on Chung’s next venture.

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