Good American Jeans Review

About Good American Jeans 

Good American Jeans Review

Jeans are supposed to be feel-good apparel, but finding the right fit hasn’t always come easy for me.

Good American is a size-inclusive women’s clothing brand founded by Emma Grede and Khloé Kardashian. The L.A-based brand is known for its wide selection of denim and activewear in sizes ranging from 00-30. It also sells dresses, leather, workwear, outerwear, as well as a line of Good American swim and maternity wear. To put it plainly, this brand is all about feel-good clothing.

Getting to know the brand, I found them featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, Forbes, and Elle. No doubt helped by the media profile of its co-founder Kardashian, Good American has a mighty 2.2M followers on Instagram.

Looking for find your perfect fit? Check out this Good American Jeans review. Here, I’ll take a close look at the brand and its bestsellers, feedback, promotions, and more to help you decide if it’s the inclusive clothing line you’ve been searching for.

Overview of Good American Jeans 

Good American Jeans Review

London-born fashion industry veteran Emma Grede and professional celeb Khloé Kardashian founded Good American in 2016. The co-founders were inspired to create the brand due to their own frustrating personal shopping experiences, as they found that they often had to alter denim to obtain their own perfect fit. I’ve often walked out empty handed after trying on 17 pairs of jeans, so I feel this.

Initially a denim-only line, Good American was founded on the principle of providing denim options that catered to a “curvier, sexier, and stronger shape.” The brand’s popularity rapidly increased, and in 2018 Grede and Kardashian expanded their product line to include activewear and other clothing. 

Good American Jeans Review

Good American is based on an ideal of self-empowered womanhood and a determination to challenge industry norms pertaining to inclusivity and diversity.

It’s easy to get caught up in perfectionism, but I’ve come to realize that perfect doesn’t exist. Photoshopping does. Good American gets that too and that’s why all the brand’s collections are photographed on three size ranges of models. Looking through its website, I saw small chests, rolls, and wobbly bits normally concealed by photoshopping. While the company is still focused on glam looks, it feels real.

I also love that it’s devoted to nurturing the next generation of women. A portion of the proceeds from every Good American clothing item goes to Step Up, a charitable organization that “helps girls to fulfill their potential.” 

Social and ecological consciousness is another pillar of the mission at Good American—a name I’m starting to understand. In an interview with Elle, Grede said that the brand name derived from the founders’ conviction that their company should “behave like a good American” by paying fair wages, emphasizing diversity, and manufacturing its products in the US. 

Good American also strives for sustainable production. As of 2020, 90% of Good American denim products are made from sustainable components like recycled and organic cotton. The brand has also removed plastic from shipment packaging, and introduced QR codes to its denim products so that customers can be in the know on how their jeans were made. 

I’m actually kind of surprised at how truly honest and good Good American is and genuinely excited to see what their products are like.

Good American Jeans Review

If you are too, it’s all coming up in this Good American Jeans review.


  • Clothing comes in sizes that most mainstream brands do not carry
  • Eco-conscious denim line made using sustainable manufacturing methods
  • Sizes from 00-30
  • Focus on diversity, inclusivity, and female self-empowerment
  • Installment payment plans available via Klarna
  • International shipping
  • Free shipping on orders of $125+
Good American Jeans Review

While I’ll focus on the brand’s best-selling denim in this Good American Jeans review, keep in mind that you can also shop for Good American activewear, dresses, and pants as well, and the brand has a fantastic selection of Good American shorts, jackets, blazers, and shoes.

The denim styles I’ll detail in this review include flared, distressed, and skinny straight, as well as the iconic denim jumpsuit. Note that some popular items, such as Good American Good Cuts Jeans and Good American side zip jeans, have been discontinued, and thus you won’t find them here—just in case you came looking.

As I go through the bestselling items below, remember that Good American Jeans sizing is broken down in the brand’s denim fit guide, which will make it easy for you to find a size that adheres to your specific body type.

Good Boy 

The vintage-inspired Good Boy is a high-rise jean with a faded, medium blue wash and a subtly and stylishly distressed appearance. It caters to a curvy body type with its “flat tummy technology,” which is Good American speak for the stretchy core panel that holds everything in place while still allowing for comfortable movement.

I quite like their slightly retro look and think they’d be an incredibly versatile wardrobe staple.

These jeans also have what GoodAmerican calls a “gap-proof waistband,” which refers to the four-piece trouser waistband that hugs your form and keeps your jeans from scrunching. The size range for this product is 00-26.

Now brace yourself for the price, because the Good Boy jeans sell for a whopping $169. Did you think all of those ethical, sustainable, and thoughtful details would come cheap?

Always Fits 

The Always Fits lives up to its name with its super-stretch design that adapts to your body’s changes. Whether you lose or gain weight, these jeans will move down or up with you, ensuring a perfect fit for the perfect you.

I believe every woman should have a pair of these in her closet. The average woman fluctuates in weight from year to year, and I think it would be nice to have that one pair of pants that always fits.

Available in a medium blue wash or blue grey wash, this jean has a skinny fit with a high-rise waist and distressed knee caps, a zip fly with button closure, and a classic five-pocket design.

It’s also part of Good American’s Responsible Denim collection, meaning that the denim is made with recycled materials and produced with reduced water and energy usage.

The Always Fits comes in sizes 00-4, 6-12, 14-18, 20-26, and 28-32, and retails for $139.

Good Waist Crop 

I hate it when my jeans stretch out in just one day. Like all stretch jeans in the Good American denim collection, the deep-blue Good Waist Crop is made with recovery fabric, which enables more wears between washes so that they preserve their shape for longer.

Skinny and high-rise, they’re equipped with a gap-proof waistband and that signature “flat tummy tech” to really define your waistline. The Good Waist Crop runs from size 00 to 26 and cost $149.

Good Legs 

This super-skinny version of the Good American Good Legs denim style has the same fit and construction as its sisters, but extra stretch to really hug your shape. Its minimalist style and dark blue wash makes it easy to dress up and down, so I think they’d work equally as well as casual office apparel or classy date-night wear.

Available in sizes 00-28, the Good Legs has another great selling point: it falls on the more affordable side of the Good American price divide, coming in at $99

Good Straight 

The Good Straight is a classic-cut jean, in a soft, slightly faded light-medium blue wash. I think the color strikes a happy medium between those old jeans you love but are too faded to wear and a new pair that looks unworn, making these perfect for casual day-to-day wear.

As demonstrated by the Good American models, I’d say the wash on these jeans makes them pair beautifully with white—a T-shirt on the more casual end, or a blouse if you’re classing it up. The cropped ankle is also perfect for showing off heels, or even a tall boot.

Made of 95% organic cotton that lifts and sculpts your figure, the Good Straight comes in sizes 00-30 and retails for $175

Good Flare Twisted Slit 

Can I just take a minute to appreciate how incredible this outfit looks on the model above? Talk about jeans that hug in all the right places!

The Good Flare Twisted Slit jean is a little classy, a little sexy, and a little boho, with centre peekaboo-style ankle slits that are perfect for showing off a cute pair of heels, and also make you look a little taller by contouring your ankles. They’re really the perfect jeans.

Combining a vintage wash with a modern flare style, these jeans also have a stylish tinge of aging with the single, distressed back pocket. Made of 92% cotton to make them extra-soft, the Good Flare Twisted Slit jeans come in sizes 00-30 and retail for $169

Good Waist Palazzo 

White pants are notoriously hard to pull off, but the gorgeous Good Waist Palazzo combines a strong structure with a perfect, off-white “bone” tone that isn’t too bright and material that’s thick enough so that transparency isn’t a concern.

While a straight leg or skinny style might give the white a stiffer appearance, I think the wide flare on these jeans makes them look effortless and casual. Totally groovy, I’d love to pair them with a wedge heel and a flowy white blouse.

The Good Waist Palazzo is a high-rise jean in a slender style that hugs your body down to just above the knee, at which point that marvelous flare begins. They also feature eye-catching silver hardware, a long inseam to elongate the appearance of your legs, and Good American flat-tummy technology to lock that midsection comfortably in place.

Additional details include five pockets, reinforced belt loops, a long inseam to elongate the appearance of legs, silver hardware, zip fly closure and a clean hem, as well as flat tummy technology and gap proof waistband.

Part of the Good American Responsible Denim collection, the Good Waist Palazzo is made up of 72% cotton and 7% recycled cotton. Choose your size from 00 to 30, and pick these beauties up for $179

Vacay Palazzo Jumpsuit  

I love the ease of a good jumpsuit. The fitted Vacay Palazzo Jumpsuit gives you an entire outfit in one go, allowing you to look amazing with very little effort. This tank-style suit has a dark blue wash, a square neckline and strappy open back, flare bottoms, and a long inseam to elongate the look of your legs. It’s super 70s.

The Vacay Palazzo Jumpsuit has a small amount of stretch, which makes it comfortable while still holding and molding your shape. The lace-up straps at the back also make the top completely adjustable, so you can customize the fit to accommodate your bust. Channel your inner flower power and go braless with this babe. 

Made of 90% cotton, the Vacay Palazzo Jumpsuit comes in sizes 0-8 and sells for $149.

Good American Jeans Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Good American Jeans Review

This brand says all the right things, but what do customers really have to say about it? Stay tuned as I give you the skinny on buyer feedback in this part of my Good American Jeans review.

Let’s start at itself. Here’s a lot at ratings for some of its best-sellers:

  • Good Legs: 4.4/5 stars, 234 reviews
  • Good Waist Crop: 4/5 stars, 127 reviews
  • Good Boy: 3/5 stars, 94 reviews
  • Good Waist Palazzo: 4.5/5 stars, 14 reviews
  • Always Fits: 4/5 stars, 322 reviews

The Vacay Palazzo Jumpsuit pulled in 4.4/5 stars from 34 reviews. Buyers raved about how the jumpsuit proved to be a great fit for all body types.

I’m large busted and tall (especially through the torso) so I knew this was a risk but I’m so happy with the fit!” wrote one happy commenter. “Because the top portion is essentially completely adjustable I think this top will suit a lot of women. The top allows tall ladies to gain a little extra length where needed. I can’t wait to wear it!”

Good American Jeans Review

How about the Always Fits jeans, with their promise of adjusting to your fluctuations in size and shape? Most Good American reviews had great things to say. One commenter recounted how she was surprised at how comfortable and flattering the stretch fit was:

I was seriously skeptical that these jeans would 1. fit 2. be comfortable. For me, they are both. They are made of really soft material, yet seem very durable…. These do feel a little like a jegging material (think about it, they have to be if they stretch) but they don’t seem, look, or feel cheap to me…. I think the price (and quality) is well worth it.”

Comments on Good American Jeans review Reddit threads mostly agree with the assessment of the Always Fits above, saying that the jeans fit true to size, but a little tight (in a similar fashion to jeggings). I found a review in the Fall 2020 Cosmopolitan advised that, due to the tightness, you may want to consider going a size up if you’re at the high end of your size category.

I did find some issues regarding quality, sizing, and one surprising comment about the jeans being see-through—but none of these issues were common enough to raise a red flag.

All things considered, the feedback I dug up for this part of my Good American jeans review was mostly positive.

Good American Jeans Review

Is Good American Jeans Worth It?

Good American Jeans Review

So, are Good American jeans worth it? While it’s possible that many people are vibing on this brand merely because of the Kardashian Konnection, I’ve seen enough evidence in this Good American Jeans review to determine that the products themselves are the real selling point for this brand. 

Good American denim reviews in major fashion magazines have attested that the jeans are true to size and do what they say they will. Good American also has an empowering social message, and steers well clear of fast fashion by continuously striving to be more environmentally friendly and ethical.

Overall, my conclusion in this Good American Jeans review is that the brand is worth it, so long as you’re willing to spend over $100 on your denim.

Good American Jeans Promotions & Discounts 

Good American Jeans Review

If you click the Good American jeans sale tab on the brand website, you’ll can access offers of up to 60% off select items. You can also sign up to the mailing list to get 15% off your first order.

Where to Buy Good American Jeans

Good American Jeans Review

There is no brick-and-mortar Good American store, but you can buy the brand’s clothing directly from, as well as at Amazon. You can also find the brand at select locations of retailers like Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, and Neiman Marcus—I recommend checking out the “Find a Store” page on the brand website. 


Good American Jeans Review

Is Good American a good brand? 

As I outlined above in this Good American review, customers generally have great things to say about the quality and fit of the brand’s clothing. The major cons are that the price point is a bit high, and many buyers have had issues with the brand’s customer service. 

Who owns Good American jeans? 

Good American is owned by company CEO Emma Grede and Khloé Kardashian. While Kardashian has used her celebrity to help promote the brand, Grede is often the face and voice of the company in media profiles.

Where are Good American clothes made? 

According to its website, Good American clothes are made in Los Angeles, but an investigation by the Alliance of American Manufacturing revealed that the materials for the products are imported.

Who sells Good American jeans? 

If you’re just tuning into this Good American Jeans review now, I’ve included a range of the brand’s partner retailers a few scroll up. A quick recap: you can find it online at and through Amazon. The brand is also available at select retailers, as per the “Find a Store” page on the brand website. 

Do Good American jeans fit true to size?

As I determined through my research for this Good American Jeans review, customers say that most styles fit true to size, but the stretch styles fit a little more loosely, as they are designed to accommodate weight change. For this reason, some customers said that they had to move down one size for these styles.

Does Good American ship to Canada?

Yes! Good American started shipping to Canada in 2019. You can easily shop in CAD on the brand website.

How long does Good American take to ship?

Good American offers shipping within the US and internationally via Borderfree.

US shipping options are Standard (7-14 business days), Ground (3-7 business days), and 2 Day (2-3 business days). The brand offers free shipping on orders of $125 and up.

Flat rate shipping is available for Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the EU. Duties and taxes are calculated at checkout for international orders, but the landed costs are guaranteed (meaning no unexpected charges upon delivery). 

Does Good American have free returns?

Good American accepts returns and exchanges of items purchased on if requested within 21 days of the date your order was shipped. A $5 restocking fee will be automatically deducted from your refund. 

To request a return or exchange, go to and fill out the Good American return form. You will receive a pre-paid return shipping label via email, and you can then drop your package at any USPS location. 

How to Contact Good American Jeans

Have any questions I didn’t answer in this Good American Jeans review? You can get in touch with the brand by texting +1(213) 320-5214. Alternatively, if you prefer to send an email, use the contact form at the bottom of the ‘Contact Us’ page.

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