Alfa Western Wear Review

About Alfa Western Wear

Alfa Western Wear Review

Cowboy boots aren’t just for rodeos and country bears. Styled correctly, they can be perfect go-to boots. That’s why I’m going to be checking out one of the most popular cowboy boot distributors online, Alfa.

This Texas-based company has over 102k Instagram followers and more than 400k likes on Facebook. However, ‘fools run in where angels fear to tread,’ which is why you should read this Alfa western wear review before you commit to purchasing from the brand.

Overview Of Alfa Western Wear

Alfa Western Wear Review

Al and Faizan Alim founded Alfa in Texas in 2001 as a distributor and producer of allAmerican cowboy boots and apparel. Their products conjure up feelings of the Wild West, and with five locations in Texas and a large online roster of products, they have the stuff to help you live out your cowboy fantasy.

Their boots and apparel are all made by hand by some of the most trustworthy craftsmen in the United States. While that fact is impressive on its own, it’s one of only a few highlights worth mentioning. Allow me to bring up some more in the next section of this Alfa western wear review.


Alfa Western Wear Review
  • Premium selection of cowboy boots and apparel 
  • Texas-based company
  • Financing payment options available through Afterpay
  • Selection of discounted products on the brand’s website
  • Free shipping on all US orders over $50

Coming up, my Alfa western wear review will only showcase the brand’s cowboy boots for both men and women. However, the company has a larger catalog that extends beyond footwear. It also produces apparel for men, women, and children, as well as work boots.

Alfa Western Wear Men’s Boots Review

Have you ever seen a cowboy without boots? It’s highly unlikely—which is why I’m going to be looking at the most essential component of a cowboy’s outfit: footwear. Next, I’ll highlight some of the best Alfa western wear men’s boots.

Men’s Handmade Alfa Matte Black American Alligator Square Toe Review

Alfa Western Wear Review

This boot comes with all sorts of danger. The Men’s Handmade Alfa Matte Black American Alligator Square Toe projects a venomous appearance that’s perfect for cowboys with a black heart and a devil-may-care attitude.

These boots are made from leather that lines the soles, heels, and exterior. They were crafted by steady hands too. Sadly, the Men’s Handmade Alfa Matte Black American Alligator Square Toe is currently out of stock, so I can’t provide you with a price estimate.

Men’s Handmade Alfa Matte Black Cherry Giant Python Square Toe Review

Alfa Western Wear Review

The next pair of men’s boots in this Alfa western wear review recall the fearsome and strong nature of the python. The base of these boots has a serpentlike scale with patches of red piercing between the cracks of black.

The Men’s Handmade Alfa Matte Black Cherry Giant Python Square Toe boots were handcrafted from tip to toe with genuine cowhide leather. Unfortunately, they’re also out of stock so I cannot tell you how much they cost.

Alfa Western Wear Women’s Boots Review

Where would country-western music be without the contributions of Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, and those of similar ilk? You can capture their spirits with these Alfa western wear women’s boots.

Women’s Handmade FD Brown Sunflower Snip Toe Review 

Alfa Western Wear Review

These women’s cowboy boots are giving me Kacey Musgraves vibes. Maybe it’s the sunflower, the pale white outlines, or the lighter colorway, but they all seem on point for the “Space Cowboy” singer. 

The Alfa Women’s Handmade FD Brown Sunflower Snip Toe boots are made from 100% real leather. Plus, they stand upon lemon wood pegs to add an extra inch or so of height. 

Fortunately, the Women’s Handmade FD Brown Sunflower Snip Toe boots are available for a fraction of their regular price. Normally they’d cost $250, but you can buy them for only $50.

Women’s Alfa Black Ostrich Square Toe (7RC2) Review 

Alfa Western Wear Review

The final pair of boots I’ll feature in this Alfa western wear review are these no-nonsense stompers. They have a ‘take-no-crap attitude’ with their pitch black leather top. However, the lemon wood pegs contrast well with that darkness, giving them a subtle hint of earthy appeal.

Much like the previous pair of women’s boots in this Alfa western wear review, the Women’s Alfa Black Ostrich Square Toe boots are available at a heavily discounted price. You can purchase them for $100 instead of $250.

Who Is Alfa Western Wear For? 

Alfa Western Wear Review

The products in this Alfa western wear review are great for people who want handcrafted, 100% leather cowboy boots for agreeable prices.

Alfa Western Wear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Alfa Western Wear Review

I wasn’t able to find many Alfa western wear reviews with ratings, though I did find plenty of customer testimonials. Many customers praised the brand’s ability to ship its products quickly and effectively. Several buyers reported that they received their orders in a week or less.

On the Better Business Bureau’s site, I found an Alfa western wear review from one satisfied customer that speaks to the quality of the delivery service and the boots. 

Looking for a well made working boot and found a pair that fit my needs. Ordered the next day and received them a week later, opened the box to my surprise looked to good to be a working boot. Tried them on the fit and feel were perfect.”

In multiple positive Alfa western wear reviews, customers wrote that the boots met their expectations since they’re both tough and well made

Here’s another buyer review I found on Yelp that mentions that point: “I have ordered twice from them. Order same size as a similar boot on Justin. This really is a legit boot. Quality build with great materials. Shipping was about a week to western Colorado.

Unfortunately, there were numerous pieces of negative feedback that claimed that Alfa didn’t ship its products to customers, or that its boots weren’t all that great. 

However, it’s hard to verify these statements and to know if they actually reflect the majority of customers. Plus, they seem to be overshadowed by the positive comments that read like this next one: “I got my boots within four days of ordering from them and the workers there were helpful.”

Is Alfa Western Wear Legit?

Alfa Western Wear Review

Due to the high number of customer complaints, I’d say that you should proceed with caution if you want to shop with Alfa.

Is Alfa Western Wear Worth It?

Alfa Western Wear Review

If you’re a big bargain hunter who wants a pair of cowboy boots as quickly as possible then Alfa’s western wear may be worth your while.

Alfa Western Wear Promotions & Discounts 

Alfa Western Wear Review

If you subscribe to receive Alfa’s email newsletters then the company will reward you with its own brand of Southern hospitality. It’ll send you an Alfa western wear coupon code that’ll save you 10% off your first purchase. You can unsubscribe from this newsletter whenever you please.

There are also big savings to be found on the brand’s website in the clearance section. For example, the Men’s Handmade Alfa Chocolate Brown Fish Scale – Square Toe boots usually cost $250, but you can buy them for only $100.

Where To Buy Alfa Western Wear

Alfa Western Wear Review

These are all of the Alfa retail locations:

  1. 4170 S Zapata Hwy, Suite 4, Laredo, TX 78046
  2. 1600 Water Street, Laredo, TX 78040
  3. 1101 E Saunders Street, Laredo, TX 78041
  4. 1209 S 10th Street, McAllen, TX 78501
  5. 1507 W Theo Avenue, San Antonio, TX 78225

But, if Texas is too far away from you then you can purchase Alfa’s western wear products from the brand’s website:


Alfa Western Wear Review

Who owns Alfa?

Al and Faizan Alim own Alfa.

Does Alfa ship internationally?

Alfa can ship to Canada and internationally. However, the company doesn’t list all the countries that it can ship to.

What is Alfa’s shipping policy?

After the orders have been processed, shipping should take anywhere from 2-3 business days for all US purchases. The company ships all packages to the lower 48 United States for free.

What is Alfa’s return policy?

While Alfa doesn’t provide returns or refunds, it can exchange products for you. You must contact the company’s customer service team if you wish to begin the exchange process. 

How To Contact Alfa 

Alfa Western Wear Review

I’ll wrap up this Alfa western wear review by telling you how you can contact the company if you have any questions or concerns.

  • Phone: 956-269-4402
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Send the company a message on its Facebook page

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