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allplants Review

allplants makes following a vegan diet a no-brainer. Its creative dishes are freshly made by chefs, frozen, and shipped to your door. Serving up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drool-worthy desserts, each dish is balanced by a nutritionist and includes at least two servings of fruits or veggies.

Choosing vegan is an important part of becoming more sustainable, while ordering tasty meals as part of a subscription can help combat food waste. An easy choice for those who are already plant-based or who wish to try out the lifestyle-turned-trend, a lot of people are choosing allplants simply because it does the earth a solid.

Kindness is catching on. It’s something that’s shown by the brand’s social media community of 160k followers, along with its numerous features in notable publications like Forbes, The Telegraph, and TechCrunch. Does it align with your values? The answer lies in this allplants review.

Coming up, you’ll find all the must-knows of the brand and its top-selling plans, discover customer feedback, information on discounts, answers to FAQs, and more. Get ready to dig in.

Overview of allplants

allplants Review

The vegan diet has come a very long way from what it used to mean in the 70s. The picture of hippies glugging down watery soy milk and picking at lettuce has been replaced by creamy cheeses and meaty roasts, the words “satisfying and wholesome” subbed in for “hungry and malnourished.”

The truth is that vegans get pegged with all kinds of labels, true or not, but there’s one thing about their diets that can’t be debated: it’s evolving. allplants proves that with its lip-licking menu of fan-favorites. One that pulls out all the stops in regards to flavor, but doesn’t skimp out on whole foods, fruits, and vegetables.

It’s vegan food done right, taking everything you love about convenient, fast meals and translating it into a nutritious diet you can feel good about eating. A draw for anyone looking to up their intake of plants, allplants takes sustainability to heart.

Created by brothers Jonathan and Alex Petrides, the service was launched in 2016 in an effort to get the concept of accessible food right. It needed to be sustainable, convenient, fresh, and nutritious—all of those criteria were met simply by choosing plants as the core of its dishes along with a subscription delivery platform.

Delivered in recyclable packaging with carbon-neutral shipping, it’s no wonder allplants is a Certified B Corporation—a business that’s working towards making this world a better place.

In the next part of this allplants review, you’ll find a list of the brand’s highlights. Check these out to get an overall feel for what it’s all about.


  • 30+ recipe options for busy bees
  • At least two servings of fruits and veggies in every meal
  • Offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and treats
  • GMO and palm oil-free
  • Certified B Corp
  • Mission for sustainability
  • Free delivery
allplants Review

allplants delivers 100% plant-based and 100% delicious meals to your home. Working just like your favorite meal delivery company, you’ll sign up for your preferred plan, set your preferred delivery date, and count the minutes until your meals arrive.

What’s the variety like? The next part of this allplants review will explore some menu options, but put it in short: amazing.

allplants Review

When you land on the allplants site, you’ll have two options: “Shop Now” or “Help Me Choose.” If you click on the first option, you’ll start building your own box for 1 or 2 people.

You’ll get to pick your meals from what seems like a never-ending list (30+ options) packed with familiar and exotic-sounding names, then choose your extras (sides, breakfasts, treats, smoothies). If you’d prefer a little assistance, click on the “Help Me Choose” button and you’ll be led through a quicky-licky quiz.

Want to pick from curated menus? allplants has you covered. If you decide to shop bundles, you’ll get to browse through pre-curated packages that save you money. What they come with varies. Some are all about the cheese while others prioritize top-shelf nutrition. You’ll see all your bundle options below.

allplants Cheesetarian Bundle Review

Cheese is one of the hardest things to give up as a vegan. But once you watch some horrifying footage of baby cows, there’s really no going back. Still, the cheese craving calls from time to time, and when it does, the allplants Cheesetarian Bundle answers.

Packed with six meals for one person, you’ll also get two sides and three treats. What do these cheesy meals consist of, you ask? Think: all your old favorite dishes you broke up with but dream about nightly. You know, the ones like that guy who treated you like trash but you can’t stop thinking about. Say hello to the new guys:

  • Kale & Sunblush Tomato Pizza
  • Roasted Veggie Lasagne
  • Cheesy Broccoli Gnocchi
  • Rigatoni Carbonara
  • Mac & Cheese 
  • Broccoli, Kale & Sunblush Tomatoes

Now may be a good time to dab up that drool. In the bundle, you’ll also get side portions of both the Truffle Cauliflower Cheese and the Creamy Potato Dauphinoise, along with Vanilla Berry Cheesecake, Sticky Banoffee Pudding, and Golden Apple Crumble. Heaven does exist.

Get the Cheesetarian Bundle for £46 (a value of £57).

allplants Meat Lovers Bundle Review

Faux meat is a tricky one. What we love about vegan “meat” is that it’s its own thing. Though designed to mimic real meat, it has its own unique taste and texture profile and brings something completely new to a favorite dish.

For those who are missing that meat in their lives, the allplants Meat Lovers Bundle is packed to the brim with your old-time faves. You’ll get one portion of six different meals along with four sides. The ideal dinner time combo. Here’s what’s inside:

  • Chicken Katsu Curry
  • Protein Bolognese Bown
  • Lentil Moussaka
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Spicy Szechuan Noodle
  • Portobello Mushroom Stroganoff

This mix is really cool because not all the above items have a meat substitute. They use veggies in place, proving that the taste you love in your favorite dish doesn’t completely have to do with the meat. Your sides:

  • Spice Pilau Ride
  • Truffle Cauliflower Cheese
  • Creamy Potato Dauphinoise
  • Crispy Roast Potatoes

Get this satisfying savory bundle for £44 (normally £55).

allplants Plant Hero Bundle Review

If you want to see what plants can really do, get ready to dig into this plant-powdered bundle. With six meals perfect for one person, you’ll also get four sides for sharing (if you’re feeling kind), along with two breakfast pots.

The breakfast pots come in Mango + Turmeric Chia and Wild Blueberry Bircher flavor and are the perfect light, but filling breakfast on hurried days. As for your sides, you’ll chow down on Aromatic Spiced Grains, Spiced Pilau Rice, Garlic + Chilli Greens, and Sesame Miso Rice.

These sides work great along with the protein of your choice, but they can be enjoyed alongside any of the meals in your bundle. Those meals include:

  • Teriyaki Udon
  • Kale + Chickpea Daal
  • Butternut + Spinach Curry
  • Rigatoni Bolognese
  • Cauli Tikka Masala
  • Three Mushroom Risotto

A mix of spicy and mild dishes, they include a range of tasty veggies and dreamy sauces. Pick up the allplants Plant Hero Bundle for £48 (a value of £60).

allplants Veganuary Starter Bundle Review

First of all—awesome choice. Going vegan for a month has a ton of benefits from personal health, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare. The allplants Veganuary Starter Bundle is a great starting point for anyone who wants to give the diet a try.

It includes six single-portion meals, with a taste of one of each of the following: Truffle Cauliflower Cheese, Cocoa Banana Oats, Breakfast Berry Smoothie, and Salted Caramel Cheesecake. A blend of the variety allplants has to offer, your main dishes will be:

  • Teriyaki Udon
  • Kale + Chickpea Daal 
  • Mac + ‘Cheese’
  • Nacho Bean Chilli
  • ‘Chicken’ Katsu Curry
  • Cheesy Broccoli Gnocchi 

Try something new with the Veganuary Starter Bundle for £44 (normally £55).

allplants Ultimate Health Kit Review

You: take your health seriously. This bundle: seriously good. The allplants Ultimate Health Kit is ideal for anyone who wants to merge nutrition with taste. It comes with six one-portion meals, but you’ll also enjoy one breakfast pot and two superfood smoothies, which are both fantastic options to start your day off right.

So what’s ultimate health like? It’s all about a variety of veggies and grains and a ton of flavor. Here’s what you’ll get for breakfast/lunch:

  • Roasted Veggie Lasagne
  • Smoky Corn + Spanish Rice Bowl 
  • Lentil + Chutney Chana Bowl
  • Protein Bolognese Bowl
  • Peri Peri Strips + Spicy Rice
  • Tofu Saag Paneer

The breakfast pot is Coconut + Berry Chia flavor and the smoothies come in both Almond + Berry and Mango + Greens varieties. Feel extra good about what you eat with the Ultimate Health Kit for £41 (value of £52).

allplants Veganuary Bumper Bundle Review

Looking to kick off your Veganuary with a clean menu? The Veganuary Bumper Bundle has a varied menu that’s packed with flavor, veggies, and fruits. 

With 2 superfood smoothies, 1 breakfast pot, and 6 crowd-pleasing dishes, you’ll nosh down on exotic and home-cooked dinners like:

  • Roasted Veggie Lasagne
  • Smoky Corn + Spanish Rice Bowl 
  • Lentil + Chutney Chana Bowl
  • Protein Bolognese Bowl
  • Peri Peri Strips + Spicy Rice
  • Tofu Saag Paneer

Infuse some digestion-friendly fiber and fruit into your day with the Almond + Berry and Mango + Greens smoothies, as well as the Coconut + Berry Chia Pot. Enjoy the best of Veganuary with this impressive bundle for £41 (a value of £52).

Who Is allplants For? 

allplants Review

In short, allplants is for everyone. Anyone of any age (who eats solid food) can enjoy these meals. Perfect for busy families, periods when time is scarce, or those who want to try out a vegan diet, this service is extremely friendly on all fronts.

Because they’re nutritious, with at least two servings of fruits and veggies in each dish, they’re a great idea for you if you want to up your intake of plants, love delicious food, or just simply eat better.

How Do You Cook allplants Meals?

allplants Review

Your allplants meals will arrive frozen on your doorstep. Though freshly cooked, they’re frozen to protect them from the transit process and so that you can get the most out of your dishes.

That means that when they arrive, you have one of two choices: store them in the freezer or let them defrost in the fridge. Keep in mind that once defrosted, you should enjoy them within 24 hours.

Pro tip: only defrost one at a time as you plan to eat them. Other dishes can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months.

When it’s time to eat, pick a dish and follow the instructions on the packaging. You’ll only ever have one of two options: microwave or oven. The instructions will tell you how long to do what for.

allplants Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

allplants Review

As big plant-eaters ourselves, we know our way around a vegan dish or two. We’ve eaten our fair share of tasty dishes as well as a few we wouldn’t try again, so we know the importance of finding out what food tastes like before buying it.

Though sometimes surprises can be fun, when it comes to food (and especially vegan food), in order to feel satisfied, meals need to meet a few requirements. Taste is a big one, portions are another, and then there’s consistency. This section of our allplants review exists to get to the truth about the brand by way of customer feedback.

Our first bit comes from Trustpilot. Showing a 4.5/5 score from 6,113 customers, before we dive into some allplants reviews, have a look at how many awarded it what:

  • Excellent: 77%
  • Great: 13%
  • Average: 5%
  • Poor: 3%
  • Bad: 2%

The comments section is full of happy feedback, with members expressing gratitude for the convenience of the brand’s meal plans as well as the taste of the dishes. Since taste is a big one, we’ve included one allplants review here that gives us some insight. It reads:

Delicious, interesting vegan food. I’m not vegan but happy to eat less meat.” Now, the keyword for us here is “interesting.” If you’ve never tried vegan food before, there’s a good chance you think you’ll be plugging your nose or picking through bland, grey dishes.

Though we hope you’ve learned about the variety of vibrant, varied dishes in this allplants review, the above comment serves as a welcome reminder. To back it up, here’s another one that read: “Everything I tried is so tasty and hassle-free – no chopping and cooking needed!

Unlike other meal delivery services that provide a limited vegan menu and make you do the cooking, this one is all about taste and convenience. Let’s move on to the brand’s Facebook page to see what its customers had to say there.

The page shows an overall score of 4.6/5 stars and 215 comments. One allplants review that provides an excellent example of who the brand is for reads:

I genuinely wouldn’t have survived the first week without allplants! Super tasty, nutritious, and filling meals ready with no hassle. Exactly what a first-time mum needs. Loved the variety of options found it so easy to change up the menu for my next delivery. All plants surpassed my expectations.

For our final pinch of feedback, we headed over to the review site Product Hunt. We found an overall score of 5/5 stars from 7 customers, with all reviews speaking highly of users’ experience with the brand. One customer who has been using the service long-term wrote:

I’ve been using allplants for over 6 months and I am a very happy customer. Delicious meals, chef prepared & frozen so you know they are yummy, fast & easy to prepare & all plant powered so you can feel great about eating them! I can’t say enough good things about this company.

When you’re a fan, you’re a fan. Every now and again we’re so lucky as to bump into the perfect product or service that fits our needs. From the look of the reviews we found online, allplants fits the bill for thousands of people. Maybe it will for you too.

Is allplants Worth It?

allplants Review

allplants isn’t a super cheap meal service, but it’s not crazy expensive, either. For about £7 per lunch or dinner dish, you can get one meal per day squared away for less than what you’d pay for a boring, takeaway salad.

Anything but boring, the service offers a large range of dishes, from the cheesy to the meaty to the green, there’s something for every type of vegan at allplants—even if you’re the type of vegan who’s not really a vegan at all. Welcoming people of all walks of life, the brand has a no-judgment policy and people of all diet backgrounds agree: allplants makes tasty food.

With great taste, amazing variety, and tons of options, things like free delivery, recyclable packaging, and discounts are just the cherry on top.

allplants Promotions & Discounts

allplants Review

Choosing to go vegan (or try it) has never been so easy. And we mean that in terms of the options available today, but also by the ease of this brand’s meal delivery service.

As if having delicious meals, snacks, and treats delivered to your door wasn’t beneficial enough, during this allplants review, we discovered even more ways the brand helps its customers out. Take a peek:

  • Sign up for the mailing list & get a 10% off discount code
  • Refer a friend: Give £20, get £20
  • Students get 25% off
  • Buy any Bundle & get 20% off

Where to Buy allplants

allplants Review

An e-based subscription service, the only place you can get your hands on the brand’s tasty dishes is right from


allplants Review

Who owns allplants?

Jonathan and Alex Petrides own allplants. Inspired by his own plant-based lifestyle and awareness of the importance of choosing plants to help the planet, Jonathan created the brand in 2016 with the help of his brother.

How much does allplants cost?

It depends on your plan. Custom boxes for one start at £40, while bundles start at £42. Keep in mind you’ll likely get more in a similarly-priced bundle as you would in a basic meal kit. Bundles are pre-curated and have discounts of up to 20%.

Where is allplants based?

allplants is located in London, England. Its meals are all made by chefs in a completely plant-based kitchen.

Does allplants ship internationally?

Since this is food the brand deals with, it’s vital that they only ship to destinations they can guarantee short delivery times for. For now, that means the UK only.

What is allplants’ Shipping Policy?

allplants delivers its meals across the entirety of Great Britain. Once you hit the checkout line, you’ll get to set a weekly date for your box to arrive. You can expect it to show up at your home on the same day each week. Delivery is free.

What is allplants’ Return Policy?

Here’s the thing about food: it’s perishable. For that reason, you can’t send back any of your allplants dishes for a refund, but two meals in your first order are covered by the First Dish Promise. That means you can get a refund or replacement of any two meals that didn’t quite fit your fancy.

Refunds will show up back in your account in about 5-10 business days from the time they’re processed. allplants will notify you by email once your refund has been processed.

How to Contact allplants

Need to know more than what was included in this allplants review? We get it, diets are a personal thing. To get the answers you need, direct all questions to the brand’s customer service team:

  • Phone: +442080681700
  • Website contact form
  • Website chat service

allplants’s phone hours are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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