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NotCo Milk Review

Two words: artificial intelligence. Two more words: vegan substitutes. What are we talking about?

We’re talking about NotCo, a brand of plant-based alternatives to mainly milk but also ice cream, mayo, meat, and more to come if all goes according to plan at the Chilean headquarters. The not-so-secret ingredient? AI. 

Featured in Forbes, Reuters, Bloomberg, Washington Post, Business Wire, and passionate vegan media outlets like VegNews, the startup has amassed 11.7k followers on Instagram. Their follower base is engaged with the content and loudly enthusiastic about the brand.

For those curious to learn more, this NotCo milk review will dole out more info about the products and ingredients, the mysterious food-tech brand themselves, customer testimonials, and other FAQs you’ll want to hear the answers to. 

Overview of NotCo

NotCo Milk Review

In his own words, founder Matias Muchnick started NotCo in 2015 with the mission to “crack one of the most challenging enigmas of humanity: creating amazingly tasty food that can also be good for our bodies, the environment, the animals,” and resource conservation.

In other words, NotCo is a movement to make vegan food that matches the taste of non-vegan food in an environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free fashion. 

What makes the company extra special is the fact that the minds behind the magic non-milk milk formula is actually one mind, and that one mind is actually not a mind at all—it’s artificial intelligence.

They named the smart machine Guiseppe, and Giuseppe is the one who made Notmilk as well as the other successes like NotCo Not Mayo and NotCo ice cream. The names might not roll off the tongue, but the products certainly taste good on one.

Machine learning basically innovates new combinations of plant ingredients to make something that tastes the most similar to the real thing while keeping everything animal-free and eco-friendly.

BTW, the company isn’t an American invention, oh no. It’s headquartered in Chile, and only this year did they tap into the US vegan dollars via Whole Foods.

Speaking of which, here’s a bonus fun fact: if you search “notco notmilk amazon,” you’re likely to find a bunch of articles about how Jeff Bezos has invested millions into the startup and put the products in Whole Foods aisles across the States. 

Now it’s time for this NotCo milk review to get a nice snapshot of what the company is really all about:


  • Offers a variety of vegan products that imitate their animal-based counterparts
  • No GMO, soy, gluten, or lactose
  • Kosher and halal certified
  • Positive customer reviews about quality and taste
  • Uses AI to help the earth, animals, and human health
NotCo Milk Review

That’s the general outlook. If you’re starting to feel a little thirsty, his NotCo milk review will now go through all of the popular products in the milk category. Throw some cookies in the oven, get out your favorite mug, and let’s get into it.

NotCo Milk Review

In awesome news, the brand actually offers more than one type of Notmilk. Whatever your fat or low-fat preference is, Notmilk has whole milk and 2% available for oh-so-tasty consumption. 

Both Notmilks are packed with your daily 35% Vitamin B12, 24% Calcium, and 23% Vitamin D.

They also have these plant-based, natural ingredients in common: pea protein, chicory root fiber, pineapple juice concentrate, coconut oil, and cabbage juice concentrate. Yum!

Wow. Did you ever imagine technology would come so far that we could make milk out of cabbage juice?

NotCo Notmilk 2% Reduced Fat Review 

Notmilk 2% Reduced Fat is the lighter option. If you’re watching your fat intake or whole milk just isn’t your jam, then check out this very vegan, very milky 2% Notmilk.

On top of that, this product needs 74% less energy, 92% less water, and emits 74% less CO2 emissions than the regular animal version. Now those are some numbers we can get behind.

Speaking of numbers, the Notmilk 2% Reduced Fat has 90 calories, 5g of total fat, and 3g of saturated fat. At Whole Foods, you can purchase a carton for $5.

NotCo Notmilk Whole Review 

Notmilk Whole is the OG. Innovated carefully by a computer to recreate the sensory experience of whole cow’s milk, this carton of plant-based joy is tech-forward tastiness that can be enjoyed time and time again. 

A cup of NotCo not milk milk (yes, you read that correctly) contains 110 calories, 8g of fat, and 5g of saturated fat. And like her little sis who’s on a diet, Notmilk Whole is $5 at Whole Foods.

Is NotCo Milk Healthy?

NotCo Milk Review

Our NotCo milk review found that the products are indeed healthy: they’re non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, plant-based as can be, and armed with vitamins and minerals. 

Is NotCo Milk Vegan?

NotCo Milk Review

You betcha! NotCo prides themselves on being all vegan all the time.

Who is NotCo For? 

NotCo Milk Review

NotCo is great for vegans, dairy-loving lactose intolerants, health-conscious folks, and people wanting to reduce their carbon footprint with the little things. The price isn’t bad either, so it’s an easy switch to make considering all of the benefits.

Comparison: NotCo vs. GoodMylk  

NotCo Milk Review

NotCo is a party of its own, but how does the brand stack up against a competitor? Let’s look at them side by side with GoodMylk to see the sames and diffs.

NotCo and GoodMylk both have these things in common:

  1. Vegan milk substitutes
  2. Healthy, natural ingredients
  3. Focused on sustainability and helping the earth

Here are 5 things that GoodMylk does differently:

  1. Milk is bought in packets of powder that you add to water
  2. Offers almond and oat milk, plus creamers
  3. Organic, no artificial ingredients
  4. More expensive
  5. Sells directly from the brand site

So, that settles it: GoodMylk is better for people who like shorter ingredient lists with absolutely no artificiality or preservatives, have a larger wallet, and want to order conveniently from the brand’s website.

NotCo, on the other hand, is a great choice for people who are really looking for that true this-could-be-real-cow’s-milk experience rather than just trying some new nut or oat ‘milk.’ Both brands have their niches and we think they fill them well.

NotCo Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

NotCo Milk Review

NotCo has no reviews on their own site since they don’t sell the products directly on there. Fortunately, we can still look at feedback left on Amazon, Reddit, Instagram, and Go Dairy Free.

Firstly, the Notmilk Whole Milk on Amazon is rated 4.6/5 stars from 383 customer ratings. Clearly, it’s woo-ing the alternative-milk crowd.

One such NotCo milk review on Amazon stressed that while “it has the mouthfeel of cow’s milk,” it actually tastes tropical, punctuated by pineapple and coconut, pleasing your taste buds as if you’re drinking a pina colada.

A few customers agreed that the milk tasted a lot like coconut milk rather than cow’s milk. The vast majority of buyers were raving about the no-milk milk, even calling it “the BeyondMeat of cow milk.” Certainly high praise in the veggie community!

Customers said it was miraculous how it really truly “tastes just like milk” and explained what makes NotCo special from other non-dairy milks:

Not only taste but also color and texture. Wow! The way they do it is by combining various plant ingredients to create a flavour very similar to actual milk. It beats all other one main ingredient milks like soy, oat, coconut, almond, flax, pea, etc. when it comes to taste.”

Over on Reddit—the vegan subreddit to be exact—one customer raised some interesting points about the potential negative side of a non-milk that tastes like real milk, saying that it tastes too close to regular milk.

Lesson learned: if you’re a vegan who likes your vegan stuff to taste vegan, then Notmilk might not be for you… but wait a minute… Not all hope is gone. The customer edited the post later on to point out this silver lining:

“The NOT-MILK works great in cooking. I made waffles with it and they were great.” 

Awww. Beautiful, heartwarming reconciliation. Who doesn’t love an enemies-to-lovers trope?

On the Go Dairy Free site of non-dairy folks (mostly vegans) reviewing substitutes, the Notmilk Whole Milk and 2% Reduced Fat received a collective rating of 4.6/5 stars from 69 customers. 

One skeptical omnivore shared their experience with the milk, only taking off 1 star for the fact that it doesn’t totally taste the same as ‘real’ milk to them, but even still, everything else is impressive:

I wanted something that had the consistency of milk without upsetting my stomach. I was very pleasantly surprised with this product. The consistency is just like regular dairy milk. It does not taste the same but not in a bad way. I really enjoyed it.”

Harsh criticisms of the product are rare. Most customers leave a cruelty-free NotCo milk review like this one:

I don’t even like milk. I just had a whole glass of this NOT MILK and it is refreshingly tasty. I will only drink this and use it for cooking from now on. I used it yesterday when I made mac and cheese and it came out so good.

Other customers compliment the brand and products for being healthy, versatile in the kitchen and tummy, and crazy similar to cow’s milk: “I can’t believe how close they got to the real thing. The consistency is what was missing in the other options.

Lastly, the brand’s Instagram is just full of people gushing about how much they love the product…Plus a few trolls who are angry at nothing besides the simple fact that vegans exist. Of course.

Most reviews on Instagram say Notmilk works in cereal, baking, and cooking amazingly, and is “by far the best tasting plant milk” on the market today. Unsurprising, considering it’s an AI’s recipe.

Families are a common theme, too, like this NotCo milk review written by a mother who expressed her love for the brand in helping seamlessly transition her household into a plant-based life:

my 7 year old LOVES dairy milk.. drinking upwards of a half gallon a day.. I swapped his milk to this today and he didnt even notice!

Overall, customer reviews are smashing. Non-milk drinkers often mention how accurate the texture, mouthfeel, and consistency is, aspects of the cow milk experience that are lacking from other non-dairy milks.

Customers are die-hards on social media and passionate about their love of the product’s health factor, certifications like gluten-free and GMO-free, versatility in cooking, and its shockingly tasty taste.

The few negative reviews left by customers were about it not tasting the same as cow’s milk, tasting too much like cow’s milk, and tasting too sweet with pineapple and coconut. These contradicting reviews are overpowered by the passion of happy customers.

Is NotCo Worth It?

NotCo Milk Review

NotCo is worth it. AI-made vegan milk that tastes like real milk + a laundry list of ingredient certifications + positive customer reviews = yes, please! Not only is supporting this brand good for health, but for the environment as well.

Unfortunately, Americans do take this L because not all the products are available for them. At least for right now, you can’t find NotCo chocolate chips or the delicious-sounding NotCo Caramelo Salgado ice cream flavor at Whole Foods. But maybe someday… someday…

NotCo Promotions & Discounts 

NotCo Milk Review

At this time, our NotCo milk review came across a $1 off printable coupon available on the brand’s website. We also recommend subscribing to their email newsletter for updates and future deals.

Where to Buy NotCo

NotCo Milk Review

Since you can’t buy Notmilk or NotCo cacao chips directly from their website, check out these spots for more purchasing options:

  • Whole Foods
  • Vejii
  • Imperfect Foods
  • Amazon


NotCo Milk Review

Where is NotCo made? 

It’s not totally clear where the products themselves are made, but this NotCo milk review does know that the brand is based in Santiago, Chile

What is NotCo’s Shipping Policy?

NotCo doesn’t sell directly from their US site, so there’s no shipping policy besides the no-shipping policy.

What is NotCo’s Return Policy?

N/A. There’s no return policy if there’s no buying from the brand site. Check out the return policy of Whole Foods or whichever other store you might pick up some non-milk milk.

If, however, you place an order on an international site like Argentina, you can return your NotCo milk chocolate, or whatever else, within 7 days of delivery.

How to Contact NotCo

Our NotCo milk review found these contact methods for when you wanna get in touch with these vegan techies:

  • Contact Form on site
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 569-6425-6336
  • Social media: Instagram or Facebook

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