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Purple Carrot Review

About Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot Review

Purple Carrot is a meal Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meal Delivery service that delivers easy-to-make meals right to your door. Specializing in plant-based recipe kits, this company is catered toward vegans and vegetarians who want to take the stress out of cooking.

Evidence shows that plant-based diets offer several health benefits. In a systematic review[1] published in Nutrients, researchers analyzed data evaluating the impact of vegan and vegetarian diets on health outcomes. Compared with non-vegetarian diets, the Adventists’ diet reduced body mass index (BMI) while also preventing cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

The impact on these variables was more important among vegans. Additionally, they found a reduction in colon, prostate, and overall cancer. Although Adventists have a longer lifespan than the general population, vegetarian Adventists showed a greater life expectancy than their non-vegetarian partners. 

Even though plant-based diets have proven benefits to human health and the environment, only 5% of Americans consider themselves vegetarians. A survey[2] from Finland explored the barriers to adopting a plant-based diet. The main barriers identified were enjoying eating meat, food routines, health concerns, and difficulties in preparing vegetarian foods. 

Purple Carrot can help you break through some barriers by providing tasty and healthy meals. Purple Carrot’s meal delivery service has earned mentions in Eater, The Today Show, Shape, Fast Company, Inc., and Thrillist for its ability to make vegan and vegetarian lifestyles more convenient. The brand has amassed over 208k loyal followers on Instagram.

Can this brand make living a plant-based lifestyle easier? This Purple Carrot review will help you find out. We’ll provide details on the company, its delivery service, customer ratings, discounts, and more to help you decide if its convenient recipes are for you.

Overview of Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot Review

The popularity of meal delivery kits has skyrocketed over the past five years. Nowadays, people are busier than ever and don’t always have time to plan meals, shop for ingredients, and cook every night. So, delivery services can make our lives a bit easier.

In a study[3] published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers conducted a survey to identify the reasons that prevent people from eating healthy foods, which turned out to be a lack of time.

Purple Carrot first introduced the idea of entirely plant-based meal kits to the US in 2014. Most competing services cater to meat-eaters, with minor vegetarian options here and there. Andy Levitt noticed this lack of options for vegans and vegetarians and decided to do something about it.

Though he’s not vegan, Andy has Crohn’s Disease. He discovered that the more plant-based choices he made, the better he felt. After experiencing the effects of his disease significantly lessened after adopting such a diet, he decided to promote eliminating meat and animal by-products from people’s diets when possible.

Not only can vegans and vegetarians benefit from these meal kits, but also anyone who wants to eat healthier. These meals are easy to assemble, making it effortless to make good choices. Each recipe clearly states the ingredients, nutritional information, and prep time. Purple Carrot offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and packaged snacks for you to choose from.

Before getting further invested in this Purple Carrot review, let’s go over some highlights.


  • Offers a rotating menu of dinner, lunch, breakfast, and snack options
  • Recipe kits are delivered right to your door
  • Detailed instructions on how to prepare each meal, the nutrition content, and the time required
  • No animal products and promotes plant-based alternatives
  • Healthier options
  • Can choose to skip weeks
  • Free shipping
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Customers attest to delicious meals

How Does Purple Carrot Work?

Purple Carrot Review

Purple Carrot is a meal kit service that delivers your selections on a weekly basis. But, you can choose to skip a week or cancel if needed. The length of your commitment to the company is entirely up to you. There are also no additional subscription fees to worry about.

First, you’ll be instructed to choose your weekly plan, either a two servings plan or a four servings plan, which will depend on the number of people in your household. Then, you’ll be instructed to choose how many different meals you’d like. Those with the two servings plan can choose three or four meals per week, and those with the four servings plan can choose two or three.

Once you select your plan of choice, you’ll then be guided to the checkout page where you’ll fill out your shipping and billing information. After that, you’ll find yourself on the payment information page. This Purple Carrot review also found that customers can purchase products separate from the meal plans, but you still need to be signed up.

The following subscription plans include breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack menus. We will go over each meal plan in-depth, providing you with an overview of flavors, ingredients, and the different Purple Carrot recipes.

At the time of this Purple Carrot review, we are viewing meals and snacks available for the first week of May 2021. These meals are good representative examples—each week the brand offers a delicious selection of options to choose from.

Purple Carrot Dinner Menu Review

The Purple Carrot Dinner Menu features several different delicious meals that start at $10 per serving. Your choices vary depending on which serving plan you choose.

The meals available for this specific week are Eggplant Parmesan, Caribbean Sweet Potatoes, Romesco Grain Bowls, Brothy Coconut Chickpeas, Spanish-Style Tofu, Veggie Tortas, Thai Mango Noodle Bowls, and Middle Eastern Tabbouleh Bowls.

Each meal balances good-for-you ingredients with deep flavor profiles. For example, the Thai Mango Noodle Bowls recipe is loaded with nutritious ingredients like extra-firm tofu, sweet potato, mango, and rice noodles. But, this Thai-inspired meal is still loaded with flavor, thanks to the lime, mint, and chile garlic sauce.

The company provides all of the nutritional info, including calories per serving and dietary notes (i.e. gluten-free), for each recipe. The cook time is also listed, allowing you to see how long it will take to prep and cook your food so you can plan accordingly. Most recipes take 25-35 minutes to prepare.

Purple Carrot Breakfast Menu Review

For this week, the Purple Carrot Breakfast Menu only features two meal options. Each serving starts at just $4. Both of these meals are labeled as quick and easy, as breakfast should be!

The two breakfast meals available for this specific week are Farmer’s Market Tofu Scramble and Strawberry and Cream Cheese Toasts. In the brand’s breakfast kits, you’ll notice vegan and vegetarian-friendly substitutes for traditional breakfast items, such as crumbled tofu to replace scrambled eggs or vegan cream cheese.

Purple Carrot’s breakfast options have great balance, but we wish we saw some more options for this week.

Purple Carrot Lunch Menu Review 

Similar to the Breakfast Menu, the Purple Carrot Lunch Menu is limited. With only two meals available for the first week of May, each serving costs $9. These light and easy meals don’t take long to make, at roughly 15 minutes each.

The two lunch meals available are Coconut Ginger Congee and Brown Rice Banh Mi Bowls. Both options are loaded with plant-based protein and delicious carbohydrates, so you’ll stay full and satisfied until dinnertime.

Purple Carrot Snacks Menu Review

With a couple more options than the Breakfast and Lunch menus, the Purple Carrot Snacks Menu features four snack choices for the week. These snacks make for easy, tasty snacks that’ll keep you on the plant-based track.

The snacks included on this week’s menu are Cookie Box, Oaxacan Sampler, Chocolate Chunk Blondie 4 Pack, and Dark Chocolate with Pink Himalayan Salt. These options are all pre-made, so you can simply grab a treat and enjoy it whenever hunger strikes. These Purple Carrot snack choices vary in price from $4 to $11 each.

Our Favorites from the Menu

Purple Carrot Review

This Purple Carrot review has some meals to share with you. Below, you’ll get a peek at the ingredients and nutritional information from some of the company’s favorite choices. We think these recipe kits and snacks are good representative examples from the brand’s menus, providing a taste of what you can expect if you choose to sign up.

Strawberry & Cream Cheese Toasts

Purple Carrot Review

These Strawberry and Cream Cheese Toasts will only take up five minutes of your precious morning time, ensuring a quick option for a healthy breakfast. Half of the time, breakfast is skipped by people due to lack of time or creativity. With this recipe, you’ll have no excuse to skip breakfast—and you won’t want to!

There are 220 calories in this meal, with 7g of fat, 6g of protein, and 32g of carbs. The main ingredients included with this meal kit are sourdough bread, pistachios, vegan cream cheese, fresh mint, and strawberry preserves. Plus, all you’ll need to use is a toaster!

Mafaldine Pasta

Purple Carrot Review

The Purple Carrot Mafaldine Pasta with Melted Leeks and Garlic Herb Cashew Cream is a delicious spring and summer recipe that’s quick and easy to make. Prep and cook time is only 25 minutes, ensuring that you won’t have to spend too much time in the kitchen on a lovely sunny day.

All you need to make this meal is a nonstick skillet and a large pot. This recipe kit is loaded with nutritious ingredients, like mafaldine pasta, sliced leeks, cashew cheese, and arugula. But it is also bursting with fresh flavors, thanks to the tarragon, walnuts, garlic, and Dijon mustard.

At 630 calories, 32g of fat, 76g of carbs, and 20g of protein, this is a great indulgent meal that will satisfy your cheesy pasta cravings without any animal cruelty.

Eggplant Parmesan

Purple Carrot Review

Replacing classic chicken parmesan, this Eggplant Parmesan with Garlicky Tomato Sauce & Lemon Basil Couscous is the perfect plant-based alternative. Keep in mind that this meal takes a little bit longer to cook. After 40 minutes, your meal will be ready to eat and enjoy.

Sitting at 460 calories per serving, you don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying such a delicious meal—nor should you ever! This meal contains 91g of carbs, 5g of fat, and 15g of protein. Purple Carrot puts another modern spin on this traditional dish by replacing traditional spaghetti with Israeli couscous.

Feeling a bit fancier than the rest, this Eggplant Parmesan is a great meal to cook for a date, loved one, or anyone special (including yourself). It is a great example of the Purple Carrot meals that are available.

Farmer’s Market Tofu Scramble

Purple Carrot Review

Throwing it back to another breakfast option, the Farmer’s Market Tofu Scramble with Mushrooms and Spinach is a meal that can be eaten for breakfast, brunch, or lunch. This 220 calorie meal only takes 15 minutes to prep, so you can’t really go wrong when you want to grab and go.

Packed with ingredients including tofu, root vegetables, leafy greens, brown rice, and beans, your satisfaction is basically guaranteed. This meal will sustain you for a while, making it an easy, healthy option for weight loss. This tofu scramble has 7g of fat, 13g of protein, and 27g of carbs.

How Much is Purple Carrot?

Purple Carrot Review

The Purple Carrot pricing varies based on your choice of plan and how many servings you require. Here is the price breakdown of different meal plan options:

  • 2 serving plan, 3 dinners per week: $72 before any discounts
  • 2 serving plan, 4 dinners per week: $96 before any discounts
  • 4 serving plan, 2 dinners per week: $80 before any discounts
  • 4 serving plan, 3 dinners per week: $120 before any discounts

Purple Carrot Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Purple Carrot Review

Though the brand’s vegan and vegetarian take on the super-popular meal delivery service trend looks promising, this Purple Carrot review wanted to see what customers had to say. Because the company does not include ratings on its website, we turned to Yelp and SiteJabber to uncover truths about taste, convenience, and customer service. Let’s get into it.

On Yelp, Purple Carrot has 319 reviews with an overall rating of 2.5/5 stars. A good portion of customers reports delicious recipes. One woman says that the food is tasty and of restaurant quality:

I’ve been doing it for about 9 weeks. I love their meals. Tasty,  ethnic, not boring, and spicy. A lot of them have great heat and they’re flavorful. Filling. I feel as though I’m going to a nice vegan restaurant,  but only I’m in my home. Plus, I’m learning a lot about plant based cooking and preparation.

Purple Carrot plant based meal delivery service has a 2.6/5-star rating from 49 reviews on SiteJabber. One customer was pleased with every aspect: “I tried this service for the third time. I like everything. I don’t have to bother what to cook and or counting calories. And I have already discovered delicious dishes that I did not even know about before. The box arrived without delay; everything was fresh, neatly, and hermetically packed. Wicked!

This company is doing something different than other meal kit brands by catering solely to vegans and vegetarians. We think that people who follow these diets should have options available for them on the market, so we hope that Purple Carrot improves on its packaging and customer service in the future.

Is Purple Carrot Subscription Worth It?

Purple Carrot Review

This Purple Carrot review found a lot of evidence regarding the product taste, delivery system, customer service response, and overall efficiency. So, is a Purple Carrot subscription worth it?

The company has a great, clear vision to promote plant-based eating. With the lack of vegan and vegetarian meal kit services on the market, Purple Carrot has the right idea in mind. While we can support this mission, we think it needs to match the brand’s actions.

The company also recently launched Purple Carrot frozen meals in retail stores. If you’re curious about the company, you can test these options before deciding whether you want to try its subscription.

We understand that each customer experience is different. However, we definitely think Purple Carrot is worth a try!

Purple Carrot Promotions & Discounts 

Purple Carrot Review

Right now, the company is offering $20 off of customers’ first orders with the code PURPLE20. This Purple Carrot coupon doesn’t apply to its Share A Box program or gift purchases.

Once you try out the brand, you might be lucky enough to receive a Purple Carrot free trial code, which you can pass on to a friend.

Sign Up For Purple Carrot Subscription

Purple Carrot Review

To sign up for a Purple Carrot subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Let’s Do This!”
  3. Choose your desired meal plan
  4. Proceed to fill out your personal shipping information
  5. Insert your payment information
  6. Make sure you’ve applied any discounts
  7. Click “Complete Subscription”
  8. Continue to customize your Purple Carrot recipes


Purple Carrot Review

Where is Purple Carrot located?

Purple Carrot headquarters are located in Needham, Massachusetts.

Does Tom Brady own Purple Carrot?

No, Andrew Levitt is the founder of Purple Carrot. Purple Carrot has partnered with celebrities, and Tom Brady is one example. It launched the Purple Carrot TB12 meal program so you could eat based on the nutritional guidelines that Tom Brady follows himself.

Are Purple Carrot meals healthy?

The Purple Carrot menu includes plant-based meals that cater to vegans and vegetarians. Its recipes are mainly developed from whole foods rather than processed ones, so all in all, they’re pretty healthy. But according to a review article[4] by J. Hever, vitamin B12 does not come from plants. Another systematic review[5] also found that vegan diets are usually low in proteins, vitamins B2, B12, D, iodine, zinc, calcium, potassium, and selenium. When planning to follow a vegan diet, getting advice from professionals is key to meeting all nutritional requirements. You can find additional Purple Carrot nutrition information on the brand’s website.

Is Purple Carrot expensive?

The Purple Carrot vegan meal delivery service is offered at different price points. Shipments range between $72 and $120, depending on your serving size and how many meals you order. This amount might be more or less what you’re spending on groceries each week. We’ve included a couple of price examples:

  • Four meals per week for two people: $96
  • Two meals per week for four people: $80

Is Purple Carrot good for weight loss?

The brand offers a selection of plant-based meals to choose from every week. While it is not advertised as a weight-loss company, this Purple Carrot review noticed that its meals include mostly healthy ingredients, like vegetables and whole grains. We think that its meals can be incorporated into most healthy lifestyles and diets. A narrative review[6] by G. Turner-McGrievy and colleagues concluded that plant-based diets are associated with low BMI and therefore have the potential to be effective for weight loss.

How do you recycle Purple Carrot packaging? 

When your Purple Carrot box is empty, break it down and recycle it. As for the liners within the box, there are three different types:

  1. TemperPack Climacell: recyclable, compostable
  2. TemperPack Fiber Liner: plastic wrap is plastic #4, insulation inside goes in the garbage
  3. Bubble Liner: plastic #7

The plastic around the cooling packs is plastic #4, and you can throw the content inside the cooling packages right into the garbage. Its jars are plastic #6, while the jar caps are plastic #5. The bottles are plastic #1. Lastly, plastic bags are made of plastic #4.

Check to see which plastics your community recycles and go from there.

How do I cancel my Purple Carrot subscription?

If you want to cancel your Purple Carrot vegetarian meal delivery subscription, proceed with the following steps:

  1. Sign in with your Purple Carrot login
  2. Click on “My Account”
  3. Go to “Account Settings”
  4. Locate “Subscription Status” and click “Change”
  5. From there, click “Cancel My Account”
  6. Complete a short survey
  7. Follow the further cancelation instructions

This Purple Carrot review thought it was important to mention that you have the option to skip any deliveries you don’t want.

Where does Purple Carrot ship from?

The company has distribution centers located in Chicago, Las Vegas, and New Jersey.

How does Purple Carrot ship?

Purple Carrot offers free shipping, but the brand only delivers within the US. Depending on your location, expect to receive your weekly meal delivery sometime between Monday and Wednesday. You will receive an insulated box that holds all of your meals for the week, as well as a recipe booklet.

If you’re wondering if Purple Carrot ships to your specific location, ask a Carrot Coach on its website, and they can assist you.

What is Purple Carrot’s Return Policy?

If you’re unhappy, unsatisfied, or concerned about your shipment, Purple Carrot advises you to contact them within seven days of receiving your order.

How to Contact Purple Carrot Customer Service 

If you have any questions after reading this Purple Carrot review, you can contact the brand via:

The brand’s customer service team is available Monday through Friday, 9 pm to 5 pm EST.

If you are looking for more ways to get meals delivered to your home, here are a few other options to consider:


Factor 75

Blue Apron Weight Watchers


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