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About Alton Lane

Alton Lane Review

Alton Lane is a made-to-order men’s luxury fashion company for an affordable price based in New York. Think it sounds too good to be true? They even have dedicated showrooms to give you the full tailored experience across the US, by appointment only. 

The company has a decent social media presence with 17k likes on Facebook, and nearly 14k followers on Instagram. But the company’s true media accolades come from being featured in notable publications like GQ, Esquire, and The Wall Street Journal.

In this Alton Lane review, we plan to look at the different items the company offers in a range of high-quality fabrics and colors. After that, we’ll take a look at what some previous customers are saying and tell you if this company is worth it. 

Overview of Alton Lane

Alton Lane Review

Founded in 2009 by Colin Hunter and Peyton Jenkins, the company designs its suits at their HQ in New York City. And if you go to one of their showrooms, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into the future as they have full body 3D scanners to make sure they create a suit that will fit you perfectly. No need to worry about too short pant legs or sucking in your stomach here! 

With backgrounds in corporate America, the founders saw a huge gap in the market — luxury and tailored suits weren’t available for most consumers. With a goal of disrupting the menswear industry, they set out using high tech to do it. Instead of heading to Italy or England to have a suit made for you, Alton Lane brings those same experts to you. 

Before we suit up and check out the products in this Alton Lane review, let’s go through some of the highlights:  


  • Custom-tailored clothing
  • High-quality fabrics 
  • Reasonable prices 
  • Ethically sourced materials 

Let’s move into the product section of our Alton Lane Review and see which well-made men’s clothing items you should consider putting in your closet. 

Alton Lane Review

Alton Lane offers a lot of different bespoke items and from what we can tell, it’s a hit. This Alton Lane review couldn’t cover them all, so we’ve picked a best seller in each category from this men’s fashion brand.    

Alton Lane Tollegno 1900 3D Wool In Blue Review

This Alton Lane Tollegno 1900 3D Wool is by far the most unique item in our Alton Lane review and here’s why. The suit actually uses 3D printing methods to produce the Italian wool used in this suit for a lighter feel. 

The suit has an everyday utility as you can dress up or down the blazer with its textured cross-hatched fabric blend. The pants have no cuffs and come in short, regular, or long lengths. As always, you can customize your single-breasted blazer with your particular chest size, ranging from 36 through 50.

The Tollegno 1900 costs $1495.

Alton Lane Scabal Image In Medium Blue W. Green Pinstripe Review

Look like an extra from American Psycho with this Alton Lane Scabal Image In Medium Blue W. Green Pinstripe. Both the blazer and the pants are made of 100% Italian wool and the lining of the blazer is razor-thin. If you’re into the minutiae and want to leave a lasting impression, you’ll love this suit. 

The suit’s Scabal signature fabric is made using the traditional English method from Savile Row in London. The pants come with cuffs and are available in three lengths: short, medium, and long. The brand offers chest sizes from 36 through 50 so you can choose the perfect fit. Even Patrick Bateman would be impressed. 

The Scabal Image In Medium Blue costs $2495.

Alton Lane Mason Everyday Premium Shirt In Light Blue Oxford Solid Review 

This is the only shirt in our Alton Lane Review, so we picked the best. This is exactly what the Alton Lane Mason Everyday Premium Shirt In Light Blue Oxford Solid is. The master clothiers at this company have refined every detail on this shirt from the collar to its buttons. 

The material is 100% cotton and comes with great details like the mother of pearl buttons that elevate this shirt from ordinary to extraordinary. Keep cool in heated situations with this shirt on your back.

The shirt comes in US sizes S to XXL and retails for $155.  

Alton Lane Secco Premium Blazer In Purple Windowpane Review

This dark-toned blazer with thin grey squares across the jacket will have people doing a double take on the streets as you pass. The Alton Lane Secco Premium Blazer In Purple Windowpane is a blazer worthy of any man’s wardrobe. 

Made from a soft wool-cashmere blend, it will have people trailing their hands up and down your jacket in admiration. The half canvas construction brings attention to the single-breasted feature, keeping it up-to-date and making you look like you’ve just stepped from the pages of GQ.

The Secco Premium Blazer costs $1395.    

Alton Lane Mitchell Technical In Olive/Clay Review

We are looking at our first casual clothing option in our Alton Lane Review and its the 

Alton Lane Mitchell Technical. This coat is for men who need a tailor-made piece of outerwear that doesn’t sacrifice quality for the cost. Not too flashy or bulky, the Mitchell Technical coat is business casual while projecting a confident air. 

The Mitchell Technical comes in clay, olive, black, or navy. Made of polyester, this helps keep you dry in any downpours, and has an inside-out design. This way you can wear it however you wish as the zipper is double-sided, so you are really getting two different coats in one.

The coat comes in US sizes S to XXL and retails for $295

Who Is Alton Lane For? 

Alton Lane Review

Alton Lane is aimed at those working in a company who wish to look stylish and professional, but if you are the kind of man that needs perfectly fitted clothing then it is also for you. 

This brand focuses on clothing that appeals to practical men going for a business casual look.  Alton Lane is for men who want to avoid flashy pop fashion trends and want clothes made to last from natural materials like cotton and wool.

Alton Lane Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Alton Lane Review

In this part of our Alton Lane Review, we take a look at what their customers are really saying. Let’s start with Yelp. 

A happy customer rated them 5/5 stars. “I needed a couple of suits for work. Alton Lane delivered as expected. The quality of the workmanship is absolutely amazing and the fabric is even better.” What else do the customers on Yelp think? This is what another had to say,

“Amazing experience! A friend referred me to Alton Lane after she got a few shirts with her BF’s monogram in the sleeve. I took my BF here as a Christmas present and he LOVED IT. It’s the ultimate, luxe/high-end man cave. A fine array of alcohols, TVs playing sports games, silks ties and leather couches. My bf was in heaven!”

On, this happy bride and groom said, “We went to Alton lane for my Husband’s tux and the groomsmen’s suits. They had great options it was almost overwhelming but the staff was great helping us decide on fabric and style. When they came in a few weeks later there was a small issue but they took care of it quickly and professionally.” 

After making a purchase from the Tribeca location, this customer was blown away by the Alton Lane experience, giving them 5/5 stars, “Alton Lane is the place to go for casual and work clothing and shoes. I enjoyed a bourbon while their style expert guided me through their hundreds of options. I jumped in the 3D body scanner to get the perfect fit.”  

Is Alton Lane Worth It?

Alton Lane Review

Our Alton Lane Review has come down to the final question and the answer is clear.

Yes, since the clothing is custom made to your body, it will be worth the cost. If you are looking for a fast-fashion solution, then this is far from where you want to be. Good things come to those who wait.  

In fact, tailored clothing is often a little more expensive than this, so Alton Lane is quite competitive in this regard.   

Alton Lane Promotions & Discounts 

Alton Lane Review

If you sign up for the newsletter then, you get 20% off your first order.

Where to Buy Alton Lane

Alton Lane Review

Purchase Alton Lane directly from their website or visit one of their showrooms across the US.


Alton Lane Review

Who owns Alton Lane?

As previously mentioned in our Alton Lane Review, the company is owned by Colin Hunter and Peyton Jenkins.

Where is Alton Lane made?

Alton Lane is made in the US with materials mostly from Europe. 

Does Alton Lane ship internationally?

No, Alton Lane only ships items within the US.

What is Alton Lane’s Shipping Policy?

The company has a unique shipping policy, where the total cost is calculated based on the items you ordered:

  1. Each shipment has a flat shipping fee of $10 (includes not customized items).
  2. If you ordered a blazer, pants, shirt, or tie, then an additional $3 (per item) is added to the shipping cost. 
  3. For suits, Tuxedos, or overcoats, an additional $5 (per item) is added to the shipping cost. 

What is Alton Lane’s Return Policy?

As everything is personalized to your measurements, Alton Lane does not accept returns on any of its products.

How to Contact Alton Lane

There are three ways to contact Alton Lane:

Their hours are Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 8 pm EST.

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