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AquaTru Review

I’m rather picky about my water. But just the same as the next person. I am trying to do better for the planet, I don’t want to buy bottled for the sake of purity–even though I might feel better about drinking it.

Water filters seem like a simple solution, but their abilities only go so far. That’s where AquaTru comes in. The brand has garnered more than 100k customers thanks to their intensive four-step water filtration process

Using a multi-stage reverse osmosis system, their purifiers can turn standard, slimy, sour, or subpar tap water into a mineral-rich, smooth drink. Removing the contaminants that can potentially harm us and degrade our water, they retain all of the goodness in H2O such as healthy minerals so we can stay hydrated and happy.

Looking for a better kind of water? Have a look at this AquaTru review. I’ll dive into the details of the brand’s most popular products, how they work, who they’re best suited for, and tell you what experts think about them. But first, let’s check out the brand’s highlights:


  • Offers an esteemed line of water purifiers and accessories
  • Long-lasting and effective filters
  • Offers an alkaline remineralizing PH filter
  • Gets rid of up to 83 contaminants
  • Products are widely available
  • Great customer reviews

Why You Should Trust Us

Our mission is to help you make better, more informed purchase decisions. 

Our team spends hours researching, consulting with medical experts, gathering insight from expert professionals, reviewing customer feedback, and analyzing products to provide you with the information you need.

AquaTru Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Review

I really like the idea of having pure water flowing from my tap, but do I want to go through the hassle of calling in a plumber or fumbling around with it myself? No. That’s why I’m such a fan of the Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier. It’s incredibly convenient and doesn’t require any special installation.

With a large reservoir that holds 3 quarts of water, it ensures you always have a fresh supply of clean water on hand for your entire family. Using AquaTru’s patented 4-stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology, it’s certified to NSF standards and will remove the following from your H2O:

  • fluoride
  • chlorine
  • NFAs
  • toxic heavy metals
  • arsenic
  • nitrates
  • and more

Regular water filters don’t remove everything on that list, nor do their filters last 6 months to 2 years like these do. For reference, normal water filters should be changed monthly, or at most, every 2 months depending on how much water you drink. By the time your filter needs to be changed, you’ll have prevented 4,500 plastic bottles from ending up as trash.

The Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier integrates easily into every kind of home. With a tech-forward Wi-Fi-enabled option, you can control your purifier via an app. Not the techy kind? Choose the Classic model for straightforward everyday use.

Your purifier normally comes with a Classic VOC Filter, but opt for the Alkaline Mineral Boost VOC Filter to ensure your water aligns with your pH and mineral goals.

If you’re considering an under-the-sink purification system but want something less costly and equally as effective, get the Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier for $449-$519.

What customers say: Very impressed with the system, it is easy, fast and works great. You can tell it is cleaning the water from the scaling from the returns. – Tristan,

3 Best Selling AquaTru Products

AquaTru Carafe Review

Countertop water purifiers aren’t optimized for modern times, but then again, most aren’t the AquaTru Carafe. It has all the necessary filtration in-house so you don’t have to rely on external plumbing or installation.

Using a proprietary reverse osmosis water filter, the AquaTru Carafe is certified to remove up to 83 contaminants. Not only can these contaminants damage your health, but they can also give water an unpleasant grainy texture. 

AquaTru’s multi-stage reverse osmosis process uses water pressure higher than regular osmosis filters to remove contaminants. With other brands, filters tend to remove the good minerals from the water along with the bad. With the AquaTru Carafe, water is cycled again and they have a remineralizing option to re-add these beneficial nutrients. 

The result? Not only is the AquaTru Carafe capable of improving the taste of standard tap water, but it can also improve the mineral quantity and purity. Plus, it’s better for the environment than buying bottled water.

Did I mention how easy it is to use? You can plug it into any outlet to begin the filtration process. The AquaTru Carafe can hold up to 64 ounces of water and the filters have a long life cycle. When it comes time to change the filter, the Carafe will tell you via its indicator light.

Changing the face of pure drinking water as we know it, the AquaTru Carafe costs $349

Customers say:AquaTrue is absolutely the best in all aspects — beautiful, elegant design, very small footprint, extremely easy to operate, you will notice the difference in water quality immediately, excellent customer care… and I can keep on going — strongly recommended!” – Elena K.,

AquaTru Classic Pre/ Carbon Filter Review

I mentioned filters a few times thus far in this AquaTru review since they’re the pivotal instrumental in the AquaTru Carafe. It’s worth giving the AquaTru Classic Pre/ Carbon Filter the spotlight for a bit to see how it works.

What does it do? This filter can reduce contaminant buildup in your drinking water. It can clear your water from the following contaminants:

  • Sand
  • Silt
  • Sediment
  • Rust

Since this is just the pre-carbon filter, it isn’t responsible for the second half of the reverse osmosis process that reintroduces helpful nutrients to the water. However, this AquaTru water filter is in charge of improving the water’s taste.

This filter uses activated carbon to dampen the taste of chlorine that ruins tap water for many people, including myself. It also preps the water for the reverse osmosis process that’s to come. 

The AquaTru Classic Pre/ Carbon Filter should last for up to half a year or filter through 600 gallons of water. AquaTru advises that you switch it based on whichever marker comes first. You can pick one up for $20.

Customers say: Not much to review other than this replacement worked and is easy to install. Just make sure to reset the filters button on the back after resetting and running 3 water cycles before drinking. Drink the 4th.” – Sarah,

AquaTru Carafe Replacement Tap Tank Review

You might be wondering where all of the contaminants go after the AquaTru Carafe purifies your water. Right into the AquaTru Carafe Replacement Tap Tank. This extra storage holds all the wastewater produced by the AquaTru Carafe.

This tank is the overflow container for the filtration process. Essentially, after the AquaTru Carafe finishes purifying water, the AquaTru Carafe Replacement Tap Tank will hold all the contaminants, meaning you can dump it or use it for other tasks that don’t require spotless water like laundry or mopping.

You shouldn’t have to replace the AquaTru Carafe Replacement Tap Tank as the contaminants it holds won’t damage it. However, regular cleaning is recommended.

This product is available for $25

Customers say:The water taste amazing, it taste as though you just got it from a spring. The ice it makes from ice trays Taste like you took an icicle off a house during a rain and snow. That I’m saving bottles from being in the environment makes me feel like I’m not only doing something incredible for myself but for the planet. I love it so much I bought one for my daughter and her fiancé. You will not be sorry that you bought this product.” – Kcampbell,

Does AquaTru Work?

AquaTru Review

You bet! The AquaTru Carafe and their other similar filters all work well to clean your water and improve the overall taste. In fact, AquaTru offers a 30-day guarantee that promises you the best water you’re ever tasted or they’ll give you your money back.

Who do I recommend AquaTru for?

Anyone heavily dependent on bottled water would benefit from the products I’ve written about in this AquaTru review. 

The brand’s filters can improve the taste considerably while cutting down the environmental impact of water bottles. Seeing as how many people choose water bottles for their taste, this is an easy change to make.

Furthermore, those who don’t consume enough water should look into the reverse osmosis filter in this AquaTru review as it inspires you to drink more. 

Seeing how much progress you’ve made into a water pitcher can help you consume more. Realistically, we all need to drink more water anyways.

Who I don’t recommend AquaTru for

Unless you already have another reverse osmosis water filter that you’re happy with, there’s nobody I wouldn’t recommend this product to. 

Alternatives To AquaTru

AquaTru Review

Here are some alternative products to AquaTru:

  1. The LARQ Pitcher. It’s a water-filtering pitcher that looks great, but it doesn’t have as robust of a filtration process as AquaTru’s.
  2. The Primo Water Dispenser, which provides filtered water at a higher quantity than AquaTru, but you have to purchase the water from them rather than filtering it at home.
  3. ZenWTR, an alkaline bottled-water brand that uses recycled ocean plastic for their bottles. Their water only comes in bottles rather than in a bulkier pitcher like AquaTru’s.

What Do Experts Think?

Most research into the reverse osmosis process comes from experts who work alongside companies that produce reverse osmosis filters. This makes it tough to decipher how honest their research is, though it’s nearly all positive. This goes for AquaTru as well.

AquaTru Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

AquaTru Review

We know that AquaTru works, but how well does it work? Here’s a list of customer AquaTru review scores from various websites to give you an idea of what customers think:

  • Site Jabber: 5/5 stars based on two pieces of customer feedback
  • The Home Depot: 4.6/5 stars based on more than 50 pieces of customer feedback for the AQUA TRU AquaTru Reverse Osmosis Counter Top Water Filtration System with BPA Free Clean Water Tank
  • Amazon: 4.2/5 stars based on more than 50 pieces of customer feedback for the AquaTru Connect Smart Countertop Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System with App

As you can see, most customers enjoyed AquaTru. They praised the product’s functionality and the ways it improved their water.

After all that it’s been great.. My water tastes better than ever before… No leaks, and mostly quiet operating.. Love it so far… Finally I have fresh, clean water to drink,” wrote one buyer.

Unsurprisingly, the majority of AquaTru reviews focused on how the device improved taste. While this is a little disappointing as it doesn’t tell us much about AquaTru’s purported health benefits, it at least shows that the products make drinking water easier.

This is the best purchase we have made in a very long time! I absolutely love this device and the tap water now tastes amazing because it is going through the filters of AquaTru. The taste is much [cleaner] and fresher!” said one customer. 

The only criticism I could find in customer AquaTru reviews was that the devices occasionally leaked. However, this was a minor gripe as most buyers didn’t experience this problem. This is how one AquaTru review summarized the benefits of these products: 

Better taste than any other bottled or purified water in my experience. Long-lasting filters eliminate heavy metals, flouride, chlorine and another handful of dozens of toxins and contaminants. This visible countertop system reminds me to hydrate and suddenly I’m consuming half my body in ounces of water daily… effortless. No plumbing, no hauling home bottled water, then tossing out all that plastic.

Is AquaTru Legit?

AquaTru Review

There wasn’t sufficient inflammatory evidence to make me believe this brand is disingenuous. In short, AquaTru is a legit company.

Is AquaTru Worth It?

AquaTru Review

Regular water filters do not effectively remove all dissolved minerals, bacteria, viruses, and nitrates, but we often settle for them. Why when products like the AquaTru Carafe exist that remove 83 different contaminants?

There are quite a few reasons I would recommend this brand, starting with how effectively their products purify water. Customers say that the water they produce is indeed incredibly clean tasting, and I also love that they add healthy minerals back in.

Regular water filters don’t do that and they certainly don’t come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. While Aquatru’s products aren’t cheap, they’re a small investment with a big payoff which I believe to be worth it.

Where To Buy AquaTru

AquaTru Review

Ready for truly pure water or need to buy some AquaTru filter replacements? The best place to purchase the brand’s products is from their website at Alternatively, you can also find select items on websites like Amazon, Home Depot, and Vita Express.


Who owns AquaTru? 

Peter Spiegel is the owner and founder of AquaTru.

What is AquaTru’s Shipping Policy? 

AquaTru ships to all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and Canada

What is AquaTru’s Returns Policy? 

You can contact AquaTru up to 30 days after receiving your filter to return it. They’ll refund you the total cost minus shipping and handling.

How To Contact AquaTru

For answers to questions I didn’t address, I’ll wrap up this AquaTru review by telling you how you can reach out to the company. Speak to them on the phone by calling 800-220-6570 or via email at [email protected]

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