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Behno is looking to revolutionize how fashion and conscious-production practices interact. They’re a forward-thinking company in terms of design and policies, making them among the most attractive bag makers for the modern luxury shopper.

Behno’s mission and attractive bags have earned them some popularity in the fashion world. They have been covered by Vogue, Oprah, Elle, and more, and have gained over 26.4k followers on Instagram.

This Behno review will examine some of the brand’s best bags along with their practices, their prices, their customer reception, and more. Once you’re done, you’ll have a better idea of whether or not this brand is for you.

Overview of Behno

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Operating out of New York City’s Garment District, Behno is an ethically-focused handbag production company that proves that style doesn’t have to come at sustainability’s expense. 

They work closely with Indian factories that must adhere to their 6-part ethical framework that ensures each one optimizes employee mobility, family planning, women’s rights, health, worker satisfaction, and environmental responsibility.

They’ve also created the Behno Garment Worker Project to share the spotlight with those responsible for their products behind the scenes. This project seeks to represent the trials of the workers who are most responsible for many of the products in the fashion industry.

Yet it’s not just their processes that make them worthy of an entire review. Their bags have appeared under the arms of world-famous models, and actresses, and in places like Buckingham Palace. 

With all of that considered, let’s dive into the highlights section of this Behno review.


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  • Awe-inspiring handcrafted bags that are ethically made
  • Products include authentic luxury materials like Italian leather
  • All bags are made following strict ethical guidelines
  • Financing payment options are available 
  • Free shipping available

Behno carries a ton of different bags including crossbody bags, shoulder bags, clutches, wallets, and more. If you want to shop responsibly and look good doing it, Behno is the company for you. Let’s take a look at some of their best-selling products next.

Behno Bags Review

I’d love to cover all the aforementioned bag types in my Behno review but I know you’re on a tight schedule. So I’ve only included the bags that I think showcase the brand’s personality and appeal the best.

Behno Ina Bag Large Pebble Bone Review

The first bag in this Behno review was styled by Whitney Port. It’s a plump shoulder bag made out of Italian leather that’s large enough to carry everything you need.

The Behno Ina Bag Large Pebble Bone’s size is made to appear smaller thanks to its clean finish and light colorway. These touches make it an easy addition to any warm-weather outfit.

You can grab the Behno Ina Bag Large Pebble Bone in either bone pebble or red pebble colors for $725.

Behno Ana Tote Large Pebble Ruched Apricot Review

The Behno Ana Tote Large Pebble Ruched Apricot has an intricate leather exterior with subtle texturing that ripples when in motion. It gives the bag a bit of life to complement its overwhelming amount of personality. Its character comes not only from its charming colorway but also its interesting opening.

See, this bag has a drawstring opening rather than a zipper, so you can loosen and tighten it with a more natural touch.

You can add this unique bag to your closet in one of four colors for $395.

Behno Elizabeth Baguette Mini Nappa Orchid Review

The next bag to grace our Behno review has a crystal-like shape that’s earned praise from multiple sources. Vogue, Forbes, The New York Post, and many more have all complimented the Behno Elizabeth Baguette Mini Nappa Orchid for its angular yet pleasing design.

It’s a quaint mini bag that speaks more with its shape and colors than it does with size. That shape is hardened by the Italian Nappa leather exterior that acts as a sturdy shell, making this a bag you’ll want if you want an accessory with a life of its own.

The Behno Elizabeth Baguette Mini Nappa Orchid comes in 7 colors and can be added to your collection for $425.

Behno Mary Bag Mini Pebble Black Review

Everybody needs a little black bag that they can rely on in a pinch, and there probably isn’t a more reliable option than the Behno Mary Bag Mini Pebble Black. After all, it has been touted by the likes of Oprah, Tori Kelly, and Caelynn Miller-Keyes.

I decided to include this bag in my Behno review because it shows how the brand crafts bags that each have their own personality. This bag is no exception as its rectangular shape and bold black color give it a mighty appearance. However, it still has a feminine touch courtesy of the Italian pebble-grain leather and magnetic clasp.

You can wear the Behno Mary Bag Mini Pebble Black as a shoulder bag or a handbag depending on how you adjust the strap. Either way, it costs $345 and is also available in bone pebble.

Who Is Behno For? 

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Behno bags are for people who enjoy the look and feel of designer handbags but not the malpractice that runs rampant throughout the industry. If that sounds like you, you should definitely check this brand out.

Behno Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

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To give you an idea of the quality of the bags in this Behno review, I’ve pooled together the average customer ratings from the brand’s website for each of them:

  1. Ina Bag Large Pebble Bone: 5/5 stars based on 19 reviews
  2. Ana Tote Large Pebble Ruched Apricot: 4.5/5 stars based on 3 reviews
  3. Elizabeth Baguette Mini Nappa Orchid: 5/5 stars over 16 reviews
  4. Mary Bag Mini Pebble Black: 5/5 stars from 10 reviews

However, these scores only represent what people think about certain products. I also looked at Behno reviews from other websites to see what people thought of the brand as a whole:

  • 4.8/5 stars based on 247 reviews
  • AllReviews: 5/5 stars from 1 review

Overall, buyers were happy with their purchases from Behno. Many claimed that they felt relieved shopping from a brand that placed such an emphasis on sustainability and were happy to support a company that could lead the way in the future.

As one customer wrote: “I loved the 3 bags I bought I can’t remember the style names at the moment but your styles are elegant and I appreciate that you are as environmentally conscious as you can be as a company.”

As you can probably tell from the designs of the bags, most Behno reviews were extremely complimentary of the company’s aesthetics. In short, people were head over heels for how their Behno bags looked. 

One happy customer said: “This bag is unique in style, beautifully crafted, and easy to access. It holds the needed amount and gets delightful compliments everywhere. I am so enjoying it!”

One final note is that Behno reviews frequently praised the brand’s customer service. Employees routinely earned praise for how they handled customer questions and concerns.

As one person said about their entire experience: “What a beautifully made bag, simplistic in design yet so different from what is out there in the bag world. The leather is outstanding and the service incredible.”

Customers seemed to love this brand. From their mission and commitment to ethical practices to their uniquely fashionable high-quality bags, Behno is a hit.

Is Behno Legit?

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I did not uncover anything that made me think that Behno is not a trustworthy company.

Is Behno Worth It?

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If you’re already looking for designer handbags then you may as well go with one of the items featured in this Behno review. They cost around the same as a standard luxury bag but are just as rare and produced under more sustainable conditions. As such, I’d recommend looking through Behno’s catalog before going anywhere else.

Behno Promotions & Discounts

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You can earn a 10% Behno discount with little to no effort. All you need to do is sign up for their email newsletter and they’ll send you a promo code that can reduce the price of your first order by 10%.

Otherwise, if you’re bored and looking for luxurious handbags on sale then check out Behno’s Limited Sale page, wherein you can find some of their products being offered for ludicrous discounts.

Where to Buy Behno

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You can only buy Behno products through the brand’s website,


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Who owns Behno?

Owner and creative director Shivam Punjya owns Behno.

Does Behno ship internationally?

Yes, Behno can ship their orders internationally. They are all subject to a $50 shipping fee.

What is Behno’s Shipping Policy?

Behno uses a variety of shipping options for US customers. They have second-day delivery options which cost $45, next-day delivery options which cost $30, and ground shipping. Ground shipping costs $12 for orders under $250 and is free for all orders over that amount.

What is Behno’s Return Policy?

All Behno products that are on sale or with marked-down prices are final sale, but you can email the brand to ask about a return request up to 7 days after you receive a full-price product.

How to Contact Behno

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You can contact Behno by texting “HELLO” to +1-855-516-2919 or by emailing their team at [email protected].

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