Ben Hogan Golf Review

About Ben Hogan Golf

Ben Hogan Golf Review

Looking to up your game this golf season? Looking for a brand that delivers great quality while being affordable? If so, check out this Ben Hogan Golf review.

The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company provides avid putters from across the globe with customized, made-to-order clubs and assorted accessories to give you the best experience out on the turf.

The brand has compiled a dedicated community of 8.95k subscribers on YouTube, 34k Facebook followers, and 65.6k Instagram followers.

It’s also been featured in many business and golf-centric news outlets like Forbes,, and Golf Digest.

But is this brand really a hole-in-one? That’s what I’ll find out in this Ben Hogan Golf review by looking at their history, products, policies, and customer feedback.

Overview of Ben Hogan Golf

Ben Hogan Golf Review

Decorated pro golfer Ben Hogan accomplished much during his professional golfing career.

He came to be known as one of the best ball-strikers, one of the first golfers to match yardages with different clubs for better distance control, and the man tied with Gary Player as the fourth-best player in the sport.

All of it came from the dedication and hard work he put into his craft, a mentality carried over when he founded Ben Hogan Golf, based in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1953 – the same year he won The Masters, US Open, and Open Championship.

He was on a mission to use his expertise and love of the game to produce “the finest golf equipment money could buy.”

Over half a century later, the brand’s team still keeps that mission in the front of their minds when they create their irons, drivers, fairway woods, and putters.

All Ben Hogan golf clubs are forged in Fort Worth, with the intention of designing masterpieces of classic aesthetics and modern performance.

The brand is also highly conscious of their customer throughout the entire purchasing process.

The brand has simplified the process of buying custom clubs with their HoganFit tool, uses direct-to-consumer distribution to avoid markup pricing, and even has a program that will exchange your old gear with Dallas Golf to help fund new equipment.

Ben Hogan also offers the option to try a sample club for 14 days before placing an order, ensuring you’re getting the right style and feel for the way you like to play.

Now that we’re all a bit more familiar with the brand’s approach in this Ben Hogan Golf review, let’s check out some shopping highlights:


Ben Hogan Golf Review
  • Made-to-order clubs with a classic look and modern performance
  • Accessories and apparel also available
  • HoganFit: Online digital fitting tool to help you find your perfect fit
  • 14-day trial program
  • Outlet section for quality clubs on a budget
  • Financing options available with Klarna
  • Ships internationally

Nearly 70 years in business have produced quite an extensive catalog for the brand. In my Ben Hogan Golf review, I’ll be focusing on some of their best-selling club styles, so you can get a feel for what the brand has to offer. Let’s tee off!

Ben Hogan Golf Clubs Review

Any golfer knows that every game is an opportunity to encounter new obstacles on the turf. Luckily, there are just as many clubs to help you overcome them.

For this Ben Hogan Golf review, I’ll be looking at the Icon Irons, Edge Ex Irons, Equalizer II Wedges, and the Golf Drivers and Fairway Woods.

Ben Hogan Golf Clubs Icon Irons Review

Ben Hogan Golf Review
Ben Hogan Golf Clubs Icon Irons

Are you an experienced golfer looking for good irons to help you finesse the ball? If you’re making shots and want a club set that allows for more gradual adjustments, then the Icon Irons are a great way to go.

As you go up in shaft length, the concentrated center of gravity and weight in the club lowers.

Ben Hogan offers short shafted, higher-weighted clubs that can minimize ballooning and help achieve a lower ball flight, all the way to the longest shaft with the lowest weight placement for higher shots with more spin.

The increments between loft angles are also more gradual than in your typical club set – only a 4-degree difference – making transitions between your tools more fluent.

Plus, thanks to the v-shaped sole that all Ben Hogan golf clubs are known, for with a high-bounce lead edge and low-bounce trail edge, you’ll be getting better ball contact and much less digging into the fairway.

Shafts can be either steel or graphite. Club heads are available in two durable styles, a diamond metal black that resists groove wear and a nickel-chrome if you want more of a showpiece.

A set of Ben Hogan Icon Irons will cost you $865

Ben Hogan Golf Clubs Edge Ex Irons Review

Ben Hogan Golf Review
Ben Hogan Golf Clubs Edge Ex Irons

Whether you’re starting to build up your golf skills for the first time or don’t always have time to practice with precision clubs, those looking to improve their technique can benefit greatly from an Edge Ex Irons set. 

Unlike the Icon Irons’ centralized weight system, the weight of the Edge Ex Irons’ heads is evenly distributed around the edges. 

This not only stabilizes your swing and allows you to use less power to obtain your desired result, but also allows the design to include a bigger face that can be more forgiving with missed hits.

It also doesn’t hurt having lofts that are 2 degrees stronger than your typical irons.

Ben Hogan’s forged clubs are also designed to provide exceptional impact feedback so you can feel what’s working and what needs improvement, making these irons the perfect teaching tool.

Depending on your personal specifications, these Ben Hogan Edge Ex Irons sets can go for $675 to $870.

Ben Hogan Golf Equalizer II Wedges Review 

Ben Hogan Golf Review
Ben Hogan Golf Equalizer II Wedges

Need to get really technical out on the green with your close-range shots? The Equalizer II Wedges are here to help.

The large faces of their heads, combined with the same mass weight progression system seen in the Icon Irons, allow for excellent control.

The face is also CNC milled to be extremely smooth, with a bit of added texture between the grooves to facilitate even more ball spin. Those aggressive u-shaped grooves also help your shots stop better on the green.

Even better, the typical v-shaped sole has a new configuration to further reduce ground contact and keep your hits from ending up chunky.

Best of all, these all-condition wedges are incredibly cost-effective. Pick up the Equalizer II Wedges for just $140.

Ben Hogan Golf Drivers and Fairway Woods Review 

Ben Hogan Golf Review
Ben Hogan Golf Drivers and Fairway Woods

Got a lot of ground to cover? If distance is the name of your game, I’d suggest the Drivers and Fairway Woods.

The GS53 Max Driver is the best thing for distance off the tee, thanks in part to a carbon composite crown keeping the weight of your clubhead lower and further back.

The driver’s heavy tungsten sole weight and aerodynamic speed slot – a Ben Hogan signature – also allow you to put more power into your swing

And if you have trouble hitting your ball head-on, the GS53 Max Driver’s large face will help compensate – much like the Edge Ex Irons

Wish you could make adjustments to your club to help your shots get better? Ben Hogan has you covered. Loft, lie, and face angles can all quickly be reconfigured with the included wrench.

This GS53 Max Driver set will cost you a very reasonable $390.

If greater accuracy on a long shot is what you want, then take a swing with the classic-looking GS53 Fairway Woods. It’s an alternative to the Max Driver, and Ben Hogan assures this club isn’t a smaller, inferior version.

You’ll, of course, get great distance with this club thanks to the large face, its thick center, and thinner edges. Combine it with the Ben Hogan speed slot on the toe, and you’re still getting all the power you need – even when your shot is off.

The GS53 Fairway Woods’ face also has an irregularity-free uniform grain structure and precision-milled score lines to allow for easy course adjustments. It’s ideal for getting a shot to line up correctly and keeping trajectories steady.

Pick up the GS53 Fairway Woods for $250.

Who Is Ben Hogan Golf For? 

Ben Hogan Golf Review

With all the research done for this Ben Hogan Golf review, I recognize that this brand is making professional clubs for discerning players.

Ben Hogan is making golfing gear for people who care for the game, understand and respect its intricacies, and want their equipment to reflect their reverence.

While a beginner can certainly make a purchase from this brand, it helps to know the details of your game and have a sense of how you want to play before you take the HoganFit questionnaire.

These expertly forged clubs are customized to each customer, meaning the brand is best suited to those who play it passionately at the casual level or even play professionally.  

The brand also takes pride in their products’ more traditional aesthetic, incorporating cutting-edge tech and materials with a style that echoes Hogan’s own heyday.

The entire line is ideal for players who want a club that looks vintage but still functions like a modern model.

Ben Hogan Golf Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Ben Hogan Golf Review

The Ben Hogan Golf reviews I found really drive home how much people love this brand. Golfers love the feel of their clubs out on the course, as well as all the features that help them improve and make consistent shots

One customer reviewing the Icon Irons on the brand’s website says: “They have made my swing more repeatable because I focus on making good contact, not how far I hit […] You definitely know where you strike the club on the face. I love the V sole and I can’t count how many times that has saved a poor swing from dead grass and the rough.” 

To really round out this section of my Ben Hogan Golf review, I also checked out the user ratings for all of the best-sellers in my review. Here’s what I found:

  • Icon Irons – 4.9/5 stars based on 68 reviews
  • Edge Ex Irons – 4.8/5 stars based on 57 reviews
  • Equalizer II Wedges – 4.7/5 stars based on 101 reviews
  • Golf Drivers and Fairway Woods – 4.8/5 stars based on 58 reviews, and 4.9/5 stars based on 234 reviews, respectively

Responsive and helpful customer service is also a major draw for the brand. And it no doubt contributes to their collective 4.5/5-star rating on Facebook. 

Of their 138 Facebook reviews, I noticed a number of posts saying how well the brand treats their shoppers, including this one: “Great customer service! I made a change to my order after I had received partial shipment. They immediately responded to my request, and questions, and painlessly walked me through the process.

Finally, there’s the brand’s direct-to-consumer business model that provides affordable pricing. For this Ben Hogan Golf review, I found that their price point was a big hit with customers looking for reliable, high-end golf clubs online. 

One of the 3,803 Ben Hogan Golf reviews on TrustPilot – where the brand is ranked at 4.7/5  stars – puts it simply: “Quality and price point make these a very good bargain.

Is Ben Hogan Golf Legit?

Ben Hogan Golf Review

Aside from all the positive reviews suggesting Ben Hogan is a reputable brand with great service, the brand has been featured by many news outlets, both mainstream and industry-specific.

The company has also been in business since the ’50s, and I found several Reddit threads with long-time golfers singing their clubs’ praises while researching for this Ben Hogan Golf review.

In other words, yes, Ben Hogan is as legit as it gets.

Is Ben Hogan Golf Worth It?

Ben Hogan Golf Review

In short? Absolutely. This brand gives you quality equipment with modern features to optimize your game while preserving a classic look that echoes the timelessness of the game. 

Then, Ben Hogan golf takes it a step further, offering custom fitting from your own home, a two-week trial period, and consistently affordable prices and reliable customer service.

The verdict of this Ben Hogan Golf review is that I definitely recommend this brand to all the passionate golfers out there. 

Ben Hogan Golf Promotions & Discounts 

Ben Hogan Golf Review

While conducting the research necessary for this Ben Hogan Golf review, I found that updates, promos, and access to product releases can be received by signing up for the insider club newsletter.

Where to Buy Ben Hogan Golf

Ben Hogan Golf Review

Your options for purchasing Ben Hogan products are as follows:

  1. Buy brand new from the BH website or Facebook store
  2. Buy from the brand’s Outlet selection on their website.
  3. Buy used from sites like Amazon, eBay, 2ndswing, and golftownpreowned


Ben Hogan Golf Review

Who owns Ben Hogan Golf?

Scott White was brought on as CEO by an investor group to revitalize the brand in 2014. After that group filed for bankruptcy in 2017, he became the current private owner.

Does Ben Hogan Golf ship internationally?

Yes, they do. The brand ships to the following destinations:

  • US
  • Canada
  • UK and Ireland
  • EU
  • UAE
  • South Africa
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Australia and New Zealand

What is Ben Hogan Golf’s Shipping Policy?

US orders are delivered via FedEx ground shipping and typically arrive within 1-5 business days, or up to 3-4 business days if you’re in a remote or foreign location using 2nd-day shipping. Shipping fees are calculated at checkout.

To learn more about shipping to international destinations, please select your destination country from the dropdown menu at the right of their official site. 

What is Ben Hogan Golf’s Return Policy?

The brand recommends ordering a sample club for its 14-day risk-free trial program before you commit to your final purchase. As the clubs you buy are tailored to your specifications, they can not be returned.

Every club is covered by a 1-year warranty. If your purchase is damaged due to a craftsmanship defect, you can get it replaced or repaired within that time.

How to Contact Ben Hogan Golf

Ben Hogan Golf Review

Here’s how you can get in touch with Ben Hogan Golf:

  • Phone: 844 534 6486
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Address: Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, 9210 Oak Grove Rd Ste #130, Fort Worth, TX 76140

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