Best Gifts For Him 2022

Roundup of Best Gifts For Him 2022

Dads, husbands, brothers, boyfriends, sons…Sometimes they’re the easiest people in your life to shop for. They’ll simply hand you a list of things they’ve been needing for months, and off to the mall you go.

Other times, our man just won’t tell us what he wants! Either he doesn’t think too much about presents in the first place, or he doesn’t know the answer himself.

Luckily, we can use this to our advantage and explore some options that might introduce him to something new. So, without further ado, let’s look at a list I’ve compiled of the best gifts for him.

#1 Johnny Bigg

Best Gifts For Him 2022

We all love to use the holidays as an excuse to sneakily help our man upgrade his fashion. But sooner or later, he’s going to get tired of receiving the same plaid shirt in different colors.

Enter Johnny Bigg—an Australian company that offers stylish clothing, shoes, and accessories for men with larger, taller frames. The brand carries spiffy suits, hats, and everything in between.

The clothing might just last him for years to come (which is a relief if it replaces the too-small pants he’s been wearing to every wedding, right?). Browse the website to check out the collection for yourself.

Johnny Bigg Deals:

Johnny Bigg offers the following deals:

  • Free delivery over $50 (US Only)
  • 70% off on select styles
  • Sale section on the website

#2 Stately Men

Best Gifts For Him 2022 1

We all know at least one man who makes a beeline for a black t-shirt in the department store and is out of there in 10 minutes. It’s very rare to meet a guy who likes to explore his options and try on clothes he wouldn’t normally wear.

But that doesn’t mean that he enjoys the gruelling shop-till-you-drop experience either! The solution? Stately.

Stately is a brand that delivers a curated box of mens’ apparel straight to the doorstep after you fill out the online style quiz. You can choose to set up the subscription so your man receives new items every month or every second month.

Stately Deals:

Use the code CYBER200 to get $200 worth of bonus clothing in your first shipment!

#3 Howler Head Whiskey

Best Gifts For Him 2022 2

“Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey….water, water, water, sleep…” sings John Mayer on Born and Raised. Perhaps it reminds you of your grandfather who is always dozing off with a glass of whiskey in his hand at family gatherings. Or, your 21-year old nephew has taken a strange liking to it.

Howler Head Whiskey offers a banana-flavored Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey that stimulates your senses with its deep, opulent notes. The brand has shared many cocktail recipes on its page for any aspiring mixologists in your family.

Howler Head Deals:

There are currently no deals offered on the brand’s website.

#4 Blue Bottle Coffee

Best Gifts For Him 2022 3

So, after that night of partying with banana-flavored bourbon, grandpa’s going to need to sober up with a cup of Joe. Blue Bottle Coffee is a strong contender.

The brand has curated holiday gift sets to bring the cheer into your cup. Not only do they contain the Winter Blend, but also classy mugs, cupping spoons, candles, and on-the-go brewing accessories.

Blue Bottle Coffee Deals:

Enjoy free shipping on subscriptions of $35+, and enter your email for a complimentary first delivery either way.

#5 RZE Watches

Best Gifts For Him 2022 4

Although we have smartphones and fitness trackers to tell the time, traditional watches instantly add a touch of sophistication to a man’s outfit and makes him appear sharper.

RZE Watches are built from titanium, the same material used in the construction of airplanes. They are coated with the brand’s patented UltraHex™️ titanium coating for a scratch-proof exterior.

I recommend casually asking your guy if he’s more of an ‘azure blue’ or ‘vintage salmon’ type of person before heading on over to the brand’s website.

RZE Watches Deals:

Take 10% off your first watch by signing up for emails.


#6 Dr. Squatch

Best Gifts For Him 2022 5

You know how kids eat their veggies if they’re in a recipe they enjoy? Much like you’d arrange peas and carrots into a silly face on the plate, Dr. Squatch‘s marketing is eye-catching enough to entice any dude to transform from a sasquatch to a sweet-smelling prince.

After all, who wouldn’t want to try a soap called choccy milk?! If your son keeps coming home from rugby practice smelling like his gym bag, leave a Dr. Squatch Gift Box on his bed and let him dig into the shampoos and soaps.

Dr. Squatch Deals:

Take 60% off and receive a mystery offer by signing up for emails, and use the code CM35 for 35% off sitewide on orders over $65.

#7 Bowflex

Best Gifts For Him 2022 6

If you regularly go to the gym, I’m sure you’re already groaning thinking of how busy January is going to be. If you’ve got a roommate who’s planning on improving his fitness in the new year, try suggesting building a home gym together!

Bowflex can help you complete a full-body workout from the comfort of home. The brand’s large selection of devices is suited for professional trainees or novice fitness enthusiasts alike. 

Bowflex Deals:

Bowflex is offering the following holiday deals:

  • $600 off + free shipping Cyber Monday special
  • Free shipping on select products
  • Sale section

#8 Bombas

Best Gifts For Him 2022 7

I challenge you to not to think of Dobby with this next one. Socks! I’m not suggesting that your loved one is a house elf, but if his toes are poking through his last clean sock, he might as well be.

Don’t worry, Bombas is here to save the day. The brand’s signature honeycomb support technology is one of the many features that make their socks high-performance.

They come in many cool colors and patterns for folks with out-of-the-box personalities. Which one will you go with? (Psst, bonus tip: don’t use them as stockings and fill them up with melty chocolates!)

Bombas Deals:

Take 20% off by signing up for emails and apply code BigSale20 for 20% off sitewide.

#9 Hentley

Best Gifts For Him 2022 8

It’s the end of a romantic dinner. You’ve just had a great time with your fiancé, and he insists that he’s got this one covered. Then, he pulls out a Ziploc bag filled with coins and starts counting out the coins on the table, one by one…

Although I’m sure you have many charming stories to tell, it might be time to slip your man a new wallet for Christmas. Might I suggest a Hentley? These hand-crafted leather beauties can even be monogrammed free of charge. Talk about a sentimental gift idea!

Hentley Deals:

The brand offers free worldwide delivery.

#10 SAXX

Best Gifts For Him 2022 9

Finally, we’ve arrived at a classic holiday present for men: a set of new comfy underwear. SAXX keeps “everything in place” with its collection of simple and whimsical designs for the holidays.

You know your loved one better than anyone. Is the type of guy to look at his briefs and enjoy a good chuckle? Or does he prefer to line his underwear drawer with 5 identical black pairs? Whatever his needs are, Saxx has got him covered.

SAXX Deals:

Order by December 9 for special holiday delivery, check out their sale section. You can also get 10% off by signing up for emails or 15% off by subscribing to emails + texts.

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