9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

Finding The Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

For those who are all about putting in the hard work at the gym to help them shed some pounds and get in better shape, you might be routinely looking in the mirror, wishing for faster results. This is exactly where the best waist trainers for women come into play. 

Waist trainers are a type of undergarment worn over the stomach and abdomen area. Due to the nature of the thicker fabrics used and how it works to cinch the area in, waist trainers are said to help shape the midsection and could even help you lose weight in that area, especially if you wear one during your workout. 

This market has really exploded over the past several years with people like Kim Kardashian famously wearing one to help achieve that classic hourglass figure. And once a Kardashian puts something in the cultural zeitgeist, it’s not going anywhere! 

But First, How Safe Are Waist Trainers? 

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

As with most health and fitness trends, there are some things to be cautious of when looking into even the best waist trainer brands for women. 

Wearing a waist trainer can take some getting used to or may not be right for everyone. One thing to be particularly aware of is your overall lung capacity and if wearing a waist trainer has any impact on your breathing. 

It’s not exactly a comfort garment, so be careful and discontinue use if your body is telling you to stop. You can also look for adjustable models that allow you to modify your cinch according to your needs.

You should also be cautious wearing it while working out. Whenever you’re doing physical activity, your body will need more oxygen. You also rely on breathing properly so you don’t get injured, so don’t wear your trainer if it’s affecting your ability to get air.

If you’re looking to physically strengthen your midsection and core, it’s equally important to give it the right amount of exercise to properly form those muscles and tighten things up. Wearing a waist trainer too often can actually be counterintuitive and work to weaken your midsection over time, by affecting how your abdominal and back muscles move.

Also, when thinking about the best waist trainer for weight loss on the market, you’re often met with materials that are all about keeping things sucked in and super cinched. Though they may help you get the shape you want faster, wearing tight clothing for extended periods can cause nerve damage over time, generate skin rashes, and even cause stomach issues. 

As long as you’re keeping these things in mind, listening to your body, doing good research, and trying out options that feel right on your unique body shape, you can make wearing a waist trainer as safe and effective as possible. 

And if you’re not looking to go full Kim, you don’t have to wear a waist trainer full-time. Sometimes, you just want that retro silhouette for a night. Whether you wear it for its shaping benefits, or just to make a style statement, the best waist trainer brands for women certainly offer something special for anyone who’s interested. 

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

I’ve taken care of all the hard work for you. With out further ado let’s take a look at the 9 best waist trainer brands for women

1. Hiipps

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

Hiipps is an online shop for shapewear, corsets, and waist trainers founded in 2016. Hiipps is completely inclusive, as it offers waist trainer options for men and stocks a range of sizes from XS – 6XL. They also have some fun options that would be appropriate for sexy and playful dress-up and costumes. In need of something for Halloween? 

Hiipps doesn’t just sell one single waist trainer. There are options made of breathable latex to wear during workouts, weight loss shapewear corsets, and neoprene and nylon blend waist trainers as well. All of them claim to help you burn extra fat while you work out and help you achieve a flatter and more toned midsection. 

The price points for Hiipps are fairly budget-friendly. The Waist Trainer Angel Curves Latex Workout Shapewear Corset is available in a few patterns and retails for $53. The Hiips Waist Trimmer Wrap Fat Burning Sauna Trainer, an adjustable trainer made to fit all sizes, is only $20.

Almost every section of their website also has great sales, with some items up to 50% off the original price. They also offer 30 day returns on unused merch and international shipping.

If you’re looking to try out the best waist trainer brands for women, Hiipps is an amazing option due to the variety of styles, generous size options, and modest price points.


9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

ShaperX is an online brand that provides waist trainers, bodysuit fajas, corsets, and control panties for women. The brand was founded in 2015. “Empower Your Body” is their tagline, and they seek to connect women with accessible shapewear.

ShaperX focuses on giving women tools to succeed in their weight loss and physical fitness journeys. ShaperX has a variety of options when looking for the best waist trainer for working out, incorporating breathable fabrics and adjustable elements.

One core option in their line of workout-ready gear is the ShaperX Waist Trainer Belt ($50) which is fashioned out of neoprene with an easy Velcro closure. 

There’s also a variety of waist trainers that are more corset-style, made of boned latex as well as some polyester belt-style options featuring high-compression latex interiors.  

ShaperX products are very conscious of women’s bodies. They offer sizes from XS-3XL, and come in a variety of shapes that accommodate different builds, like the ShaperX Sweat Belly Band Sauna Waist Trainer Belt ($50). 

ShaperX is extremely affordable with prices ranging from $20 – $75. They have international shipping available, along with free 30-day returns or exchanges if something doesn’t quite fit right, or if you’re unsatisfied with the look.

3. Ann Darling

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

Are you a dedicated Amazon shopper, or someone looking for more of a girdle-style waist trainer? Look no further than Ann Darling!

With health being their “lifestyle,” Ann Darling waist trainers promise to help reduce fat in the midsection and unveil ideal curves.

Noted as a best waist trainer brand on Amazon, they have two girdle-style waist trainer options to choose from: the latex tummy control panel and the hourglass waist trimmer. Both available models are fashioned out of a high-compression latex fabrication.

Their Waist Trainer For Women Fajas Colombianas Tummy Control Girdle sits at a rating of 3.8/5 stars from more than of 1k customer reviews as of July 2023. 

Plenty of Anne Darling’s customer reviews note the quality of the materials and how they get a nice snug fit that does the job of a waist trainer, without cutting off breathing or circulation. Some even noted how long they had been using it for and how many inches they’d lost while using the trainers.

You can get your Ann Darling waist trainer in sizes XS – 3XL and the price range sits between $40 to $77.

4. Squeem

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

Looking for a longstanding and trustworthy waist trainer brand that’s been in business for nearly 100 years? Squeem is a fashion brand founded in the 1930s that transitioned into shapewear in the early 1970s after the founder, Antoine Pasos, took an inspiring trip to Brazil. 

Pasos helped develop a proprietary fabric the brand would use to create their highly lauded line of shapewear. Since then, Squeem has become a legacy brand. Their products have been worn by celebrities on the red carpet, including Molly Sims, Ashley Graham and Dove Cameron, and regularly appears on runways and in fashion shoots.

Today, Squeem focuses on bodysuits, panties, leggings, and their By Compression collection of cinchers and waist trainers. At the core of this waist trainer brand is a focus on helping women feel sexy and confident. All of their styles put an emphasis on slimming the midsection while giving your breasts or bum a lift.  

At Squeem, you’ll find their By Compression line to be high-compression and made out of a combination of natural rubber and cotton, with all waist trainers made in Brazil.

It’s also one of the best waist trainer brands for women with their sophisticated aesthetic and inclusive sizes ranging from XXS – 3XL. 

Both the By Compression Perfect Waist Contouring Cincher and the Seductive Open Bust Vest are fabricated in both black and beige, and sit between $60 – $80 in price.

Squeem ships internationally and has a zero risk policy for orders. If you’re unsatisfied with your order in any way, you can exchange or return your item within 30 days of purchase.

5. Yianna

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

Looking for the best waist trainer brands for women that work to trim your midsection, but want something that won’t look outright silly underneath your clothes? Yianna offers made-for-the-gym gear with style and discretion in mind.

Founded in 2018 as a women’s lifestyle brand, Yianna sells waist trainers, shapewear, leggings, bras and bralettes, as well as their “Sauna vest.” 

At its core, Yianna hopes to provide fashionable yoga and activewear to those who are all about living a healthy lifestyle. One of the best waist trainers for working out, there are several different latex styles that you can wear to the gym or for a home sweat session.

There’s also the Yianna Sweat Neoprene Sauna Suit Tank Top Vest, that’s fashioned out of neoprene ($38), and various tummy belts in different fabrications, as well. 

Yianna’s gym-ready gear is designed to be easy to wear on its own, or under your clothes. They’re careful to have straps and fasteners that are sleek, not bulky. They’re also available in muted colour options as well as the neons favoured by some other brands.

Yianna features inclusive sizing with sizes ranging from XS – 6XL. Most of their styles are said to work well for those with long torsos, but they also have a few options for short torso body types.

Customer reviews on the Yianna website note how comfortable their waist trainers are and how Yianna’s trainers helped tone up their midsections with daily use

Various sales and promotions are happening all the time on the Yianna website. You can also check out their Instagram page to keep track of special offers as well. Most of the waist trainers sit between $35 – $50 in price. 

Yianna ships internationally and asks customers who need a refund or exchange to get in touch with the company.

6. Ecowalson

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

If you’re looking for the best waist trainer on Amazon, you must check out Ecowalson. This waist trainer-slash-corset cincher brand came onto the scene in 2019 and has become one of the best-selling, most reviewed waist trainers on Amazon. 

As of July 2023, The Ecowalson Waist Trainer for Women Corset Cincher Body Shaper sits at a 4.1 out of 5 star rating out of a whopping 30k customer reviews.

Numerous customers note the superior quality of the cotton and spandex-blend interior and 100% latex core, and the high-end construction. Many reviews also credit this trainer for helping get their midsection into better shape. 

According to Ecowalson, they are one of the best waist trainer brands due to their unique design and construction. The brand offers:

  1. 3 height options – with thorough instructions on how to determine the right size. 
  2. Eyelet extenders – to help achieve a perfect fit and adapt the trainer to your shape.
  3. “Memory steel bones” – to maintain shape and give you intense results.

That boning makes it great for working out because it’s pliable and won’t lose its curves with repeated wear. That said, it’s a heavy-duty cincher, so the brand recommends not wearing it more than 8 hours a day.

The sizing for the Ecowalson waist trainer is vast. It comes in 3XS – 6XL, so there’s a size for most body types. It also comes at the very inclusive price of $32.

7. Sweet Sweat

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

Sweet Sweat was founded by Joel Guevarra in 2013 as a “workout enhancer” brand that includes everything from waist trainers to supplements.

The brand’s products are intended to increase your sweat production in the gym and keep your body warm to assist with recovery.

Their Sweet Sweat Waist Trimmer is an adjustable belt-style trainer designed specifically for working out. It’s just one of the brand’s inventive workout solutions. For something really unique, check out Sweet Sweat Sticks, their line of gels and oils that you can use with their trimmers to up your sweat game.

The brand’s tagline is “train hard, sweat harder,” and they help to make that possible with the best waist trainer for working out and keeping your muscles moving. Sweet Sweat waist trainers are made with a 100% neoprene contoured interior and a nylon exterior, for maximum movement.

Not only does it offer a flexible fit that helps in supporting your back as well as your midsection, but the absence of a more traditional latex core means your body is less restricted. Sweet Sweat even sells a Pro Series Waist Trimmer, which is even thicker and has more straps, allowing you to adjust it even more precisely to your body as it moves. 

The Sweet Sweat waist trimmers come in fun colors, such as yellow and pink. They range in size from XS – XXL with a budget-friendly price point starting at $28.

They’ve also recently come out with arm and thigh trimmers, which are compression-based, area-specific sweat enhancers designed to target your major muscles. Sweet Sweat really has their bases covered when it comes to the world of workout enhancers!

Sweet Sweat ships within Canada – you can get in touch with the company directly to learn more about their international shipping and return options.

8. Nebility

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

Nebility is a unisex activewear and shapewear brand that was founded in 2015. The brand actually got its footing with a start on Amazon, but has since expanded to their own e-commerce store in 2020. 

With stellar customer service at the forefront, Nebility’s mission is to help motivate people to achieve their body goals to feel healthier and more confident.

Nebility makes my list of the best waist trainer brands for women thanks to their large selection. They sell expansive product lines for both men and women, including:

  • Waist trainers
  • Bodysuits
  • Shapewear
  • Sportswear
  • Post-pregnancy supports
  • Undergarments 

The brand features everyday corset-style waist trainers like the Nebility Women Breathable Waist Trainer Corset ($28). It has hook-and-eye closures and is made from a breathable, perforated polyester/spandex blend. They also offer elastic and other breathable blends best suited for achieving a snatched shape with no sweat.

For those looking to crank the heat, Nebility also sells personal sauna shapers and Velcro-adjustable belted styles. They also sell slimmers that wrap down to include the upper thigh area, like the Nebility Women 3 in 1 Thighs Trimmer Bands ($32).

Many of their site’s customer reviews note the waist trainers from Nebility are comfortable, adjustable, and definitely help to get you extra sweaty at the gym! 

Their sizing is extensive, with most styles in both workout and everyday trainers in sizes S – 3XL. There are many affordable options, with average prices ranging between $20 – $45.

Nebility ships internationally and has a flexible return policy. If you are not satisfied with your order, they will honor returns of unworn merchandise within 30 days of delivery. If you aren’t satisfied with your fit, they can’t accept returned merchandise but will give you a refund of 30% of the cost of your item.

9. What Waist

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

Armed with a delightfully cheeky name and a fashion-forward look, What Waist is a lifestyle brand that provides activewear and shapewear to those looking to tone up in a hurry.

The brand was founded in 2014 by Marina Tyson, CEO of fitness brand Warrior Lifestyle, in the hopes of bringing supreme self-confidence to women by helping them work out with style and support. 

What Waist features a number of different fun colors and styles, including cheetah print waist trainers. They support their trainers with their specialized “ThermaTech lining,” which helps to get you nice and sweaty while also offering back support and compression during strenuous workouts

Their White Leopard Printed MT VaporTech Sweatband made of neoprene and ThermaTech both induces sweat and wicks it away quickly, and has no boning or zippers to impede movement while exercising ($40). It’s also unisex, as are a few other trainers on the site.

They also offer breathable options meant for support and cinching. They even have the Wonder Waist Band ($75), a breathable, elasticized trainer made from proprietary, 3D Printed PolyStretch that has a compression belt you can add, so you can wear it in the gym or for a night out.

Not only does What Waist make my list of the best waist trainer brands for women because of their ingenuity, but I also love that their trainers are so stylish and versatile.  

Waist trainers from What Waist come in sizes XS – 3XL with the price points ranging from $45 – $95. They ship internationally and will exchange any garment that doesn’t fit within 30 days of delivery.

How To Choose The Best Waist Trainer?

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

The market for waist trainers, shapewear, and cinchers is so saturated with options that it can be difficult to know how to pick the right style and brand for you. 

It’s crucial to know what’s important to you and your lifestyle to determine the best waist trainer brand for women for your needs. That means thinking about when, how, and why you’ll be wearing it

There are a few things to tick off your list as you think about the best waist trainer brands and what makes the most sense for you. 

For instance, are you simply looking for the appearance of a cinched in waist, or do you want a waist trainer that will take you through hard workouts and get things really nice and sweaty in the ab area? Are you looking for a sporty style or do you want it to blend into your outfit?

Let’s take a look at what to keep in mind for your waist trainer shopping checklist. 


One of the top things you may come across while perusing even the best waist trainer brands is that some women decide they just can’t wear them due to high levels of discomfort.

The truth is, a full-body corset-style trainer isn’t going to feel like a second skin – at least not at first. Some types are made to keep you tucked in. Others offer support at the gym and will let you move more freely – but they won’t give you the same shape.

Keeping that in mind, there’s likely to be a style out there that will work for your body type. 

There are some styles that feature latex or rubber on the interior of the waist trainer and with these, it’s crucial to make sure you’re wearing the correct size, because they keep their shape. When in doubt, especially with a restrictive fabric, always size up or look for adjustable options. 

Some women find waist trainers that fit more like corsets and have the steel boning or eyelets for adjustability more comfortable to wear. Others really take to the waist trainers that feature Velcro enclosures because you feel as though everything is snug, comfortable, and in its proper place with a bit less constriction. 

Some women might find that switching things up between a few different styles is the way to go.

For instance, you might find a corset-style waist trainer in a lingerie fabrication more logical to put on under your clothes to go to work. Then, when you hit the gym or go shopping, you can switch to something more intense.

You want to wear a vest-style trainer for sitting at your desk, and switch to a waist-only option for other activities. You may even want to get a trainer with easy fasteners like zippers, so you can take it off and put it on easily wherever you are.

Whatever feels the most comfortable and fits your daily life, while providing your body with structure and support, is likely the best option for you. 


Typically, the best waist trainer brands for women feature three distinct designs when it comes to coverage: under the bust, over the bust, and the vest or faja shape. 

When you’re trying to figure out what will work the best for you, it may be helpful to think about what kind of bra you enjoy wearing. Are you all about the supportive underwire or do you appreciate something more fluid and breathable? 

  • Under the bust: If you choose a waist trainer that sits below your natural bustline, you’re likely to find that you’ll experience a lift in that area. Your bust will perk up and you may even experience less back pain, if you have a larger chest. You can also wear any bra you want.
  • Over the bust: If you go with a waist trainer that sits over the bust, you’ll have to consider bust size while buying, but you likely won’t need to wear a bra. You can also get minimizing or bust-boosting enhancement, depending on the style you choose.
  • Vest trainers: These come up to the bust (or even cover it) and have shoulder straps. These may also be called faja supports, which is a term borrowed from the medical enhancement world, for garments worn after procedure recovery to provide healthy compression and speed healing.

Vests also help with back and shoulder support and can help with posture correction, in addition to full-body compression.

Torso Length 

In order for your waist trainer to help sculpt the midsection, it actually has to sit on your stomach and extend lower, slightly past your waist toward your hips. Which means you need the right length of trainer for the length of your waist.

Even if you’re tall, you might have a short waist. Alternatively, a shorter body can still have a long torso. That’s why it’s important to find a waist trainer that’s not too short or too long for your body – which is why brands like Echowalson and Hiipp come in different heights or lengths.

Regardless of your torso length, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a trainer with enough room to fasten properly and sit in.

Women who use waist trainers note that even though you’re looking for something tighter and more restrictive, you’ll want to pay attention to size charts, fabric choices, and not worry about going up a size or two in order to get a trainer you’ll actually use.

When Should You Wear a Waist Trainer? 

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

Many women that hop on the waist trainer bandwagon get into a real routine with them. They put them on in the morning, head to the gym and continue to wear them all day long. This can work for a lot of women, but you should also remember to give yourself a break and to take it off after 4 – 8 hours of use, which is what most brands recommend. 

For some women, it might make more sense to use their waist trainer exclusively during physical activity and sweat it out for an hour, rather than keeping it on from the time you drop the kids off at school to when you’re sitting down for dinner. It all depends on what you want it to do.

It’s also helpful to keep in mind that you might be someone that needs to take off their waist trainer after an hour or two, even if you’re looking to sculpt your midsection. It’s important to pick the right size, but we’re not all meant to be cinched 24/7 and that’s fine! 

If you experience trouble breathing, develop rashes, or encounter any stomach issues, you’ll want to take your trainer off and try another shaping solution.  

Also, if you’ve given birth within the past 4-6 weeks, putting a waist trainer on your midsection is not recommended right away for new moms. Your body has just gone through something major and it needs the proper time to heal. If you’re interested in a post-natal support trainer or getting back into your gym routine, always follow brand recommendations and chat with your doctor. 

What Are The Long-Term Effects Of Waist Trainers? 

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

Though there are some side effects that you should watch out for, such as difficulty breathing, skin irritation, or even acid reflux, there can be some health benefits to wearing a waist trainer. 

The best waist trainer brand for women offers help in sculpting the midsection, reducing water weight to get a more cut look, and even help with burning substantial fat. That said, these claims are often anecdotal, so you’ll want to do your own research.

In the gym, some waist trainers can also provide support – though very restrictive ones may actually interfere with how your muscles move and may counteract your hard work. It’s important to get a trainer you can move in and that works with, not against, your body.

If you’re someone that sits behind a desk every day for work or doesn’t have the best posture, waist trainers are said to help reduce back pain as they force the spine into a supportive upright position. 

Lastly, you may even experience a solid boost in confidence when you put your waist trainer on. By cinching everything in and getting those curves accentuated, it can help you feel more playful and sexy, and that’s never a bad thing! 

What Are Waist Trainers Typically Made Of? 

9 Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women

There are typically a few different materials that the best waist trainer brands for women usually use. 

First, you may come across waist trainers that are two-fold, or multi-layered, with something like a breathable cotton blend on the exterior and latex on the interior. The latex works to give supreme compression and can handle some wear and tear in the gym.

Another popular material used in the construction of waist trainers is neoprene. Neoprene works well in shapewear and waist trainers because it helps to raise the core temperature in your midsection, but it’s said to be more comfortable, breathable and possibly durable than latex. 

You’ll also find the best waist trainer brands will have options in their look. 

Some brands will have really sporty offerings, with thick Velcro, bright colours, and logos. These often have the ability to be worn with nothing on top at the gym because they look like regular activewear, but may be too bulky for daily wear. 

Then, there are some trainers that are more traditional in their appearance, like boned corset styles that resemble lingerie. They might be very restrictive, or have hook-and-eye closures and fabrics with some give, making them more wearable. 

You can also get a bit of sexy style with these trainers, too! They can go under your clothes, but can just as easily get worked into an edgy or vintage-inspired outfit. With the best waist trainers for women, the options are endless.

How We Chose the Best Waist Trainer Brands for Women 

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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