10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

How To Choose The Best Wallet Brands for Men

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

A thick collection of gift cards accumulated from birthdays, IDs and credit cards, spare change you hold onto for city parking and that Tuesday morning coffee…

All of these items need to be accessible from your back pocket, so why not make accessibility an accessory with one of the best wallets for men on the market? 

While a wallet is valuable in keeping your important items safe and all in one place, it’s most definitely a statement about who you are, demonstrating your taste and style. Just like rings and shoes you choose to wear on the daily, wallets are something that belong to your everyday wardrobe and can become a signature piece.

In recent years, carrying cash has become less and less necessary since many stores prefer card use, yet many small businesses survive off of cash purchases. Having a wallet is still and will likely always be a necessity because carrying your ID is important, cash will still be used in many places, and you can’t always rely on your phone to make purchases. 

Things To Consider When Buying Men’s Wallets

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

Peeling pleather and card slots that have become stretched out and loose after the coming and going of so many different pieces of plastic are not a pretty sight. Everything your wallet carries is valuable and it’s time for it to look the part! So, here’s what you should consider when looking for the best wallets for men: 

  • Size and space
  • Colour and material
  • RFID
  • Price and warranty

When choosing a wallet, the most important thing is if it’s the right size for you and your needs. If you’ve only got a few cards and a lot of cash, it’s beneficial to have less card slots and more space for bills and even a zipper slot so you don’t need to worry about loose change getting lost in the dryer! 

If you have many cards, of course your main concern is card slots. With both of these things in mind, the wallet also needs to be compact so that it can fit comfortably in even the tightest jeans. 

Since wallets are more than just money holders, the best wallets for men are also accessories that can amp up any outfit. Whether you go for timeless shades of black or brown, or want something bright that pops, there is a wallet out there for you.

Wallets come in all different types of materials as well, but it’s important to choose one like leather that will stand the test of time (and friction from being stored in your jean pockets on the daily).

In today’s world, protecting what matters most is necessary, whether that’s your ID or your credit card information. When you’re on the hunt for a new wallet, you should consider how it will benefit you when you need it most. 

In this case, RFID-blocking wallets will protect your info from electronic pickpocketing. So stop worrying about identity theft or credit card fraud when you know your wallet has your information covered.

When it comes to investing in a quality piece of your wardrobe that also protects your valuables, there is a broad range of options and prices. Depending on the material and aspects of the wallet, you may have to spend a little more to get what you’re looking for. 

Plenty of brands offer warranties to ensure that you truly are getting the proper bang for your buck and you can rest easy knowing your money is in good hands.

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

Wallets play a role in almost everything we do and make a statement about personal style. Where’s the harm in choosing something cool and casual to match all your favorite looks? Let’s take a look at the 10 best wallet brands for men.

1. Hentley

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

It’s all about simplicity and timelessness for Hentley, a brand with a mission “to craft an item that has serious longevity and timeless aesthetics.” The brand is based in Australia and was launched in 2014. It is now an independent retailer that produces minimalist leather wallets that age like fine wine. 

Hentley focuses on making quality handmade wallets, as well as portfolio and passport covers. There are plenty of wallet options, such as cardholders, bifolds, and classic styles all sold in black and red. 

You can even opt for some custom monogramming, making these some of the best wallets for men—especially as gifts! With over 500 5/5 star reviews, Hentley is clearly a popular choice for those who like the classics.

Hentley’s line of wallets sells from $147 to $224.

2. Harber London

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

Harber London carries a selection of quality leather goods and lots of options when it comes to wallets. The brand is based in London and was founded in 2012. Budding entrepreneur Armando Isaac noticed a gap in the market for leather items that would last. 

Now, the company seeks to “create honest products that reflect our unique point of view, our style, make the little stuff better, and we don’t stop until we get it right.” It really is in the small stuff for this brand as they will engrave even the tiniest detail onto your wallet so it is truly a representation of you.

It’s all about functional fashion for Harber London. Almost all of their wallets come with RFID protection. All of the wallets come in warm masculine shades of brown, black, and blue, but their more popular options come in more colors like deep aubergine. 

With appearances in popular magazines like Forbes and news outlets like The Huffington Post, it is clear that these wallets have grabbed the attention of anyone who loves stylish yet practical items that only make life easier.

Prices for Harber London’s wallets range from $53 to $108.

3. Bellroy

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

On the hunt for some perfect travel necessities? Bellroy has you covered. Founded by Andrew Fallshaw and Hadrein Monloup in 2009, the brand started out on a mission to “inspire better ways to carry” and now sells some of the best wallets for men. 

There are different types of wallets to choose from, all of which are made with you in mind, using RFID protection as well as maintaining a slim and sleek appearance.

The brand has not only lots of different options for wallets, but also plenty of colors to choose from, from moody hues of blue and green to slate gray and shiny black. If you only like to carry a few cards or need something to hold your passport if you’re constantly on the go, Bellroy has the wallets for you. 

With millions of happy customers, the brand has made a name for itself in the wallet and travel goods industry. With designs that focus on what we need most when we’re out and about, these products deliver when it comes to not only timelessness, but lasting through the test of time.

Purchase a Bellroy wallet from $69 to $219.

4. Louis Vuitton

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

We couldn’t write a list of the top wallets for men without including Louis Vuitton! This brand has always been a cult favorite, and for good reason, too. The label was founded by Vuitton in 1854 and was all about luggage, but that was only the beginning. Now a luxury staple in fashion, the brand sells everything from travel necessities to fashion accessories. 

For Louis Vuitton, “elegance and creativity” are of the utmost priority, and the wallets do not fall short of this. The logo can be bold or subtle, depending on what you’re looking for, and so can the designs. 

Maybe bulky isn’t so bad when it comes to this brand, as the bigger the wallet the bigger the fashion statement (also, the more you can fit). You can choose from hundreds of wallets; if you want a chain one to carry with you, or something slim that will fit nicely into your jacket pocket, there is something for everyone. 

Louis Vuitton’s wallets are available from $295 to $6,750.

5. Hermes

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

When you think of Hermes, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Luxury goods and accessories, of course! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but there is no way that the craftsmanship and quality of an Hermes wallet would ever go unnoticed.

Founded by Thierry Hermes in 1837, the company’s mission is to “create and manufacture quality objects designed to last, to be passed on from one generation to the next, to be repaired.” Each wallet is manufactured by hand from quality leather, so you know that even the most finite details are sewn together with care. 

If you’re looking for a lifetime piece, even an heirloom, an Hermes wallet is for you. The brand focuses on merging tradition with modernity, offering different wallets that will suit any lifestyle so you can choose fun patterns and textures of today, while having a wallet that will last you forever. 

Hermes wallet products range from $230 to $8,600.

6. Ekster

Best wallet brands for men

So, how did your wallet end up in the fridge that Sunday morning after a very busy night out? You’ll never know, but you’ll always wish you had an Ekster trackable wallet. The brand was founded in 2015 by Oliver Momma who felt that there weren’t enough options on the market when it came to wallets that changed with the times and adapted to the needs of today’s world, such as RFID protection and space saving design. 

Forbes magazine named the company “the most successful smart wallet brand in the world,” highlighting their popularity with customers and their innovation in the wallet industry. Ekster sells mostly card holders since traditional bi-fold wallets aren’t as common as we move away from carrying bills and loose change. 

The brand truly looks to the future since ease and practicality are a main focus. The slim designs increase comfort and the tracking technology allows the user to simply click a button from their phone to locate the wallet, so say goodbye to the two biggest problems of having a wallet: sitting on a bulky hunk of fabric or forgetting where you left it last!

Ekster wallets sell from $37 to $142.

7. Montblanc

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

Charming, sophisticated, suave. Does this sound like you? It sure sounds like Montblanc! The brand makes life on the go easy with its large selection of travel goods and caters to men who like to travel in style which has garnered them a healthy 1.6M followers on Instagram. 

The company describes everything that goes into its products: “sustainable value, highest quality, excellence in craftsmanship, and creativity make our products elegant and refined objects, which enrich the individual style of our customers.”

Founded by August Eberstein in 1906, Montblanc’s story begins with a fountain pen, but there is no end in sight as it continues to come out with innovative designs. The tradition of the written word is still important to the brand, as is the symbol of a wallet, both of which are storytellers in this fast paced world.

It’s time that your accessories speak for you and not themselves. The smooth leather and deep colors elevate even the most casual ensemble, while being the cherry on top for your fanciest fit. Whether you’re in need of a business card holder or a bifold for all your necessities, this brand has it all. 

Purchase a Montblanc wallet for $130 to $965.

8. Goyard

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

Traditions never go out of style and that’s what makes them so great. Goyard is well aware of this fact, with a steady selection of the most popular types of wallets across the ages. 

Established in 1853 by Pierre-Francois Martin in Paris, the brand is all about ageless leather goods. Because what’s good if it doesn’t last through time? Goyard itself is a timeless beauty, its role in the world of luxury fashion reified by celebs of the past like Coco Chanel, and of today like A$AP Rocky. 

Remember what we said about tradition? Well, who said tradition doesn’t mean we can’t have fun? Goyard truly believes in wallets that stand out, just like you do, so you have plenty of cool color options to choose from, like neon orange and sunflower yellow. 

It is with items that are both classy and exciting that Goyard meets its mission to “represent the most refined qualities of quintessentially Parisian and tasteful craftsmanship around the world.”

Please contact Goyard’s Distant Sale department for pricing details.

9. Mulberry

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

Beginning as a small seed planted by a young Roger Saul in 1971, Mulberry has grown into a coveted accessories brand and is deemed a luxury source for daily fashion essentials. The brand is rooted in tradition but blossoms from rebellion, idealizing innovation and reinvention. 

The label is known for its quality over quantity ideology, as their wallets and accessories are built to last.

With deep rooted beginnings in a love for nature, Mulberry strives to reach a sustainable manufacturing and sourcing process in order to be a company that builds a better tomorrow, that plants life for growth, for generations to come, and is transparent about its efforts to make change. 

If you’re looking for items that are effortlessly stylish and also dependable, a Mulberry wallet is just that. The brand definitely carries the most diverse color and size selection out of this list of the top wallets for men. 

Mulberry’s wallets range from $130 to $375.

10. Bally

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

Hey, it’s hard to find a wallet that can suit your every need. But Bally offers a large selection of some of the best wallets for men, whether you need one that will fit your phone or that will fit in the same pocket as your phone, or even wrap-around zipper options so you don’t ever have to worry about losing the contents. 

Founded by Carl Franz Bally in 1851, the brand has a heavy focus on functionality and modernity, yet with an everlasting and simple design

The wallets come in traditional shades of black, brown, and blue so they will blend seamlessly with any outfit. Yet if you take a closer look at the details, whether it’s the embossing or flawless stitching, the simple is suddenly stunning.

Marked a brand to be cherished by its 552k Instagram followers, Bally has never sacrificed its quality for anything, and as the times have changed it has too. It has adopted sustainable methods and remains committed to the value of handmade pieces. 

Many of the wallets are crafted from recycled leather and the brand openly shares its plans to improve, making Bally one of the top brands for the best wallets for men.

To purchase a Bally wallet, please contact the company directly for pricing information. 

What Is The Best Material For Wallets?

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

The best wallets for men are made from only the best materials. You need something you can conquer the world with, which means durable and long lasting, and the material of your wallet plays a role in this. When considering which wallet you want to buy, you need to consider the benefits of different materials, and there are three things that make or break the quality of your wallet:

  • Durability
  • Style
  • Weatherproofing

A wallet should accompany you everywhere: on camping trips where you don’t know what the elements will throw at you, through seasons of trends and ever changing fads, and even through the ten thousand times you put all your weight on it since its home is your back pocket. So, let’s take a look at the best materials for wallets for men. 

As is evident through this article’s look at the best wallets for men, leather is one of the most popular and versatile options when it comes to material. While leather is not always vegan or sustainable, many brands are heading in that direction through the sourcing of recycled materials. 

Tanned or full grain leather are usually better choices than genuine leather because they do not have that plastic-y feel that tends to disfigure over time.

Leather is long lasting and only gets softer with wear so you don’t need to worry about your wallet peeling, flaking, or wearing down. It is also definitely the most timeless material since leather has lived through every trend, being a popular choice for every season. 

Waxed and waterproofed canvas is also a good option if you are looking for something that will be long lasting. It’s not too stiff so you can comfortably fit it in your pockets, but it’s still sturdy enough to protect your cards and cash. The material is dense and durable while the waterproofing means it won’t get ruined when you get caught in a rainstorm. 

Usually, canvas wallets are more affordable than leather wallets, but they can still last a long time. They may not be as minimal and sleek, but canvas can still be stylish or casual.

There are options outside of leather and canvas when it comes to wallets, but none of them match up to the durability, style, or weatherproofing that these materials offer. You want your wallet to be an all-in-one, and since switching out your wallet for every look isn’t practical, it should have a material that lasts through everything you do for years to come.

Is A RFID Blocking Wallet Necessary?

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

As technology has advanced, everyday items have had to adapt to what is considered the new normal. Keychains tend to carry more key fobs than actual keys, bus passes are now apps on our phones, and buildings are accessed by scanners that recognize us rather than by keys or names. 

This rings true for our wallets as well, since technology has allowed for quick and easy theft that doesn’t involve physical pickpocketing. Instead, a passerby using RFID skimming, or radio frequency identification, can access everything you’re carrying in your wallet that has an electromagnetic field. 

When it comes to the contents of your wallet, your credit card info isn’t the only thing you should be concerned about. Identity theft is a very real problem that doesn’t get noticed as quickly as a stolen or used credit card and therefore you’re more at risk for a much bigger loss. 

RFID blocking wallets help you to avoid a theft scenario of this caliber by simply providing insulated protection around your cards that doesn’t allow them to be read by these skimmers by blocking the readable electromagnetic field. 

The best wallets for men come with RFID blocking technology, so not only are you getting a great accessory and a perfect place for all your belongings, but you’re also getting the protection you need in this day and age. 

Which of The Best Wallet Brands For Men Are The Most Timeless?

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

Timelessness is always a factor when considering whether or not to buy a new piece for your wardrobe. Since you are investing in materials that will last, it’s important that the style does too! 

Bifold is the most classic style because of the minimalist design: there are no fancy zippers, chains, or anything of the sort that might go out of fashion in the future. Of course a modest color choice that will always match your outfit is black or brown. So, if bright orange isn’t in the cards for the 2030s, you won’t have to worry.

Brands like Hermes and Louis Vuitton will always be at the forefront of fashion since their pieces don’t belong to trends, but instead use quality materials and designs that will last through the ages.

Since a wallet goes everywhere you go, it’s important that it lasts through the transitions you go through in life as well. The brand and style of the piece tend to determine its role as a trendy or timeless option, so be sure you’re going for the classics if you want something that will last for years to come!

Which of The Best Wallet Brands For Men Have The Best Features?

10 Best Wallet Brands for Men

When it comes to the best wallets for men, the most important features are the most convenient ones. 

Montblanc carries the most options so you’re able to choose the best size of wallet for you. When choosing a size, it’s best to think of how many cards you tend to carry and how much cash you like to have on hand, and then determine what the smallest wallet size could be for you that could still fit all that you need. 

Ekster also has a lot of size options, as well as the tracking feature. We all know that sometimes you just take your jeans off as soon as you walk in the door and toss them in the hamper without thinking, only to panic the next morning when you don’t remember where you put your wallet (it’s still in your jeans, now in the hamper).

You no longer have to fret over your short term memory or ensure that your belongings always stay in one place with wallets like Ekster’s. 

The best features are the ones that suit you most—whether that’s a lot of card slots, a zipper space for your spare change, or a tracking app that saves you that 20 minute search every morning.

How We Chose the Best Wallet Brands for Men

Before choosing any brand, we scour the web and all the biggest e-tailers to ensure we know all the available options on the market. We look at customer reviews, star ratings, brand ethos, processes, materials, accessibility, and so much more. We weigh the pros and cons, so you don’t have to, helping you make informed shopping decisions.

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