Bikinishe Review

About Bikinishe

Bikinishe Review

A one-stop destination for summer fashion, Bikinishe is an international brand selling women’s swimsuits, beachwear, resort wear, and accessories

As a start-up company, Bikinishe may seem like a lesser known brand but it appears they’re dedicated to creating high quality and attention to detail from materials to design. With their striking styles, it’s not hard to see why they’re generating so much attention right now. 

My Bikinishe review will take an in-depth look at the brand and its products, any promotions, customer reviews, and how unique their swimwear is to help you decide if their products are worth the time and money. 

Overview of Bikinishe

Bikinishe Review

The mission behind Bikinishe is to have every woman striding with confidence at the beach, resort, or at a backyard pool party. The brand defines their pieces as sexy but simple, and most important of all, affordable.

My Bikinishe review is going to be focused strictly on swimsuits but the brand also sells a wide selection of activewear, while their resort and beachwear category contains dresses, tops, shorts, pants, skirts, matching sets, and more.

Let’s take a look at some of the brands initial highlights:


  • Affordable swimsuits and apparel ranging from $20-60
  • Plenty of prints, colours, and styles
  • Hundreds of sale items during promotions 
  • Helpful sizing guide provided 
  • Plus size options available (up to 4XL)
  •  Free shipping on all US orders 

Bikinishe Review

Let’s begin by steering this Bikinishe review into a look at some of the brand’s best selling swimwear covering the classic bikini, thong bikinis, a high waisted bikini, and a halter bikini. It should be noted that the brand also sells tankinis and high-cut one-piece swimsuits too. 

Another thing to note is that all swimsuits listed range between S-L sizes which run as a US size 2 to 10. The brand does come in plus sizes, but it is only for select styles.

Bikinishe Metallic Slide Triangle Bikini Swimsuit Review

If you want people to lower their sunglasses as you walk by, then this Bikinishe sexy bikini will have you looking like the beach goddess you are. 

A two-piece gold metallic swimsuit that comes with removable padding, halter straps, and a peach hugging brief bottom, the Metallic Slide Triangle Bikini Swimsuit is simple but stunning. 

What makes this bikini less of a hassle is how your only concerns are associated with the top half since the bottoms are meant to glide on like a dream. This Bikinishe review wouldn’t be complete if I failed to mention how this bikini looks against your fabulous tan!

The Bikinishe two-piece swimsuit retails at $43 and is on sale for $28.

Bikinishe Neon One Shoulder High Leg Thong Bikini Swimsuit Review 

In the mood for something retro and loud? Have an 80s beach party to attend but nothing to wear? Say no more. The Bikinishe Brazilian Bikini in neon green or rose is a good choice if you want two of the same thing or intend to twin with someone at a pool party or Coachella/

Featuring a single shoulder strap and high thong, the One Shoulder High Leg Thong Bikini is flattering while being comfy with stretchy material on the band. Best of all, you’ll definitely be spotted a mile away with its intense vibrancy. You’ll turn heads everywhere as you walk by. 

The One Shoulder High Leg Thong Bikini retails at $43 and is on sale for $28

Bikinishe Striped Knotted Halter Bikini Swimsuit Review

What better way to sail in a yacht across the waters than in this cool nautical design? This halter bikini comes with contrasting tied knots for an added effect.

The knots come in neon rose, which are a vivid contrast against the black and white stripes of the swimsuit and placed on the sides of the bottom as well as in the center of the top. 

If you’re looking for a swimsuit ideal for boating or water sport activities, then you could also pair the nautical bottoms with a black cropped shirt or cropped swim top. It’ll keep you looking sporty while you’re out enjoying the water. 

I’m also going to note in this Bikinishe review that this is a low-rise bikini with average coverage and the halter top provides more support as well as a lift for the bust.

The Striped Knotted Halter Bikini retails at $41 and is on sale for $26.

Bikinishe Leopard High Waisted High Leg Off Shoulder Bikini Swimsuit Review

Tap into your wild and sexy side with this leopard print high waisted bikini. This Bikinishe bikini shows off all of your curves while playing coy with its off the shoulder top. You’ll feel secure in the bra top with its removable padding and a nice tie you can knot yourself in the front. 

Not to be outdone, the bottoms are a comfortable high waist that will hide any stomach insecurities you have while giving you the leg length you’ve always wanted.

The high cut provides anyone with height challenges the illusion of being taller than they are. Best part of the bottoms? They’re fully lined so there’s nothing to worry about in the water. 

The top can easily transition from the beach to a party in no time flat, especially if you have a nice wrap skirt to put over the bottoms. Wild? Yes. Chic? Definitely. 

The Leopard High Waisted Off Shoulder Bikini retails at $46, now on sale at $30

Bikinishe Short Sleeve Knotted Thong Crop Bikini Swimsuit Review 

No one said being sporty couldn’t be sexy. This Bikinishe string bikini is meant for the active beach woman who likes to do activities such as surfboarding or playing in the water.

Featuring a cropped bikini top for coverage, protection, and removable padding. The top of this Bikinishe two-piece swimsuit also comes with sleeves and a knot at the front. 

This Bikinishe sexy bikini comes with a scanty matching thong bottom that actually has two layers to avoid being too sheer so don’t fret if you opt for the white version—your nether regions won’t be peeking out for the world to see. 

The strings themselves are elastic, resting comfortably and meant for constant movement so this really is ideal for water sport activities.

The thong cropped bikini comes in white, black, and yellow. The best part? The brand showcases the swimsuit in contrasting white and black so you could mix and match your top and bottom pieces to your liking. Since it is a solid colour, it could also be easily paired with a classier bikini top for more relaxing days on the beach.

The Short Sleeve Knotted Thong Crop Bikini retails at $43 and is on sale for $28.

Who Is Bikinishe For? 

Bikinishe Review

Bikinishe is really for millennials and teenagers, with its sexy, bold, and vibrant styles and prints. To sum things up in this Bikinishe review, I would categorize the age range Bikinishe is targeting between 16-29, but there are some mature pieces for 30+ individuals as well, especially in the one-piece swimsuit category. 

During this Bikinishe review I also found that many of the bikini tops and one-pieces can be worn outside of the beach as well, as long as you’re comfortable. Throw on a skirt or a pair of jean shorts and you can dance the night away or enjoy dinner watching the sunset! 

Basically, go for whatever your heart desires since there are no limitations when it comes with experimenting and purchasing swimwear. The more solid colored pieces are ageless, so what it really comes down to is your own level of comfort and willingness in regards to body exposure.

Comparison: Bikinishe vs. Beachsissi  

Bikinishe Review

For this Bikinishe review I’m all about checking what other brands are doing so we’ve taken a look at another competing website in order to see what other alternatives are available.

Beachsissi does not specialize in swimwear in the same way since Bikinishe has over 600 swimsuit items to browse through. Instead, the site sells yoga clothing, dresses, rompers, and tops in addition to swimsuits whereas Bikinishe is centered on beach and resort fashion, and does not move beyond that to include streetwear or casual, everyday fashion.

Beachsissi has also created an additional category that Bikinishe does not have. The brand has a category for surfing but a lot of their pieces can be substituted in for surfing or with water-resistant activewear. 

The brand contains an additional size category for larger women in regards to their swimwear. In addition to the regular sizing, Beachsissi also offers women between the sizes 12-14 an option to shop as well.

Lastly, Beachsissi offers international shipping with expedited offers and has an embedded conversion option for you to select your region’s currency.

Bikinishe Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bikinishe Review

This Bikinishe review wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t look at some customer feedback about the brand’s products. Let’s take a look.

Unfortunately at this time, Bikinishe does hold many limited reviews online, but it does have comments for individual products with most of them being positive. 

For instance, the Sexy Short Sleeve Knotted Thong Crop Bikini Swimsuit contains detailed customer reviews and photos as testimonials to the brand’s quality, fit, and size.

Many women are pleased to note the support feature of the bikini tops and the speedy shipping with packages usually arriving within a week’s time.

Bikinishe has a F rating on BBB, with the main issues stemming from their product and service. Still, several customers found the quality met their standards.

Is Bikinishe Worth It?

Bikinishe Review

If you are a resident in the United States, Bikinishe offers hundreds of bathing suit options and is great for anyone looking for a swimwear haul.

At first glance, Bikinishe sizing appears to only cater to thin people, however, when you take a deeper look, you’ll find the brand also offers plus sizes ranging from XL-5XL. If you’re thinking that’s only for one-pieces, don’t worry, you can still get a bikini in those sizes as well. 

To conclude this Bikinishe review, I’d say the brand is worth checking out during your next online shopping spree. 

Bikinishe Promotions & Discounts 

Bikinishe Review

Bikinishe runs annual sales during the season with a range of about 70 products to choose from. My Biknishe review has included sale items and they’re roughly $10-$20 cheaper. If you live in the States, it appears to be worth it since your order includes a full set.

Where to Buy Bikinishe

Bikinishe Review

Bikinishe merchandise and products are exclusively available on the brand’s website.


Bikinishe Review

Where is the Bikinishe warehouse? 

The brand updated their site in 2019 to include information that orders are shipped from China. However, the current Bikinishe website does not state where their warehouse is located. 

Where is Bikinishe made? 

Product details and materials are not provided, and therefore Bikinishe products do not state the origins of merchandise anywhere online. 

What sizes does Bikinishe have? 

Bikinishe sizes run S-L or US sizes 2-10 for a better understanding of their range. The brand also includes a plus size range of XL-5XL or sizes 12-18. However, the plus size category is only available for swimwear and not any of the other clothing categories. 

The brand also has a one size option, but this means that particular item only comes in one size and should not be mistaken for a universal fit. 

What is Bikinishe’s Shipping Policy?

All items ship for free within the United States only and are sent out of Bikinishe’s warehouse between 2-3 business days, excluding all holidays and weekends.

Estimated delivery time is between 3-7 business days. Once the order has been shipped, it may take up to 48 hours for the tracking label to come into effect. 

What is Bikinishe’s Return Policy?

I’m happy to report in this Bikinishe review that the brand provides a very detailed return process and policy, including:

  1. You must directly contact their customer service support in order to file and report a return or exchange to receive a return shipping label. This needs to be completed within 15 days of your purchase, so if it takes a total of 7 days for you to receive your items, you have about 8 days to make a return.
  2. All returns have to contain their original tags, be unworn and unwashed. If there is obvious use or the items have been worn, your return may be rejected if it fails to adhere to a high sanitary protocol.
  3. If an item is being returned due to fit, color or you’ve decided to change your mind, then the cost of return is placed upon the customer.
  4. Once Bikinishe has received the return items, the company will confirm by email before arranging an exchange or refund that will occur within 7 business days
  5. All sale items are final and cannot be considered for returns.

With such a tight turnaround time for returns and final sale on discounted items, it might be best to go to your local store to purchase your bathing suit.

Of course, if you have fallen in love with a specific design or style from Bikinishe, it’s best to be aware of the return policy and times so you can be satisfied with your purchase. 

How to Contact Bikinishe

I hope you enjoyed this Bikinishe review. For any other questions, the brand can be contacted by email at [email protected] or through a submission form on their website. 

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