437 Swimwear Review

About 437 Swimwear

437 Swimwear Review

437 Swimwear is for anyone comfortable in their own skin. Designed for “real women with real bodies,” these in-your-face stylish swimsuits have made a powerful impact, earning the brand features in The New York Times and Vogue and drawing nearly 300K followers to the 437 Swimwear Instagram.

This 437 Swimwear review will go over the brand’s best-selling products and look at their pricing, sizing, and more to help you decide if these swimsuits sported by such celebrities as Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, and Megan Thee Stallion give you the right stuff to strut your stuff in.

Overview of 437 Swimwear

437 Swimwear Review

437 Swimwear was founded by Canadians Hyla Nayeri and Adrien Bettio, university pals who were inspired to create the brand during a European vacation. Surveying the beach scene on Italy’s Amalfi coast, they found the swimsuit styles woefully inadequate for the tastes of younger generations, who don’t feel that they have to starve themselves to take a swim.

In July 2017, Nayeri and Bettio launched the brand while doing internships and completing their studies at Queen’s University. With no financial backing apart from the few thousand dollars they personally invested, the founders stored their first collection of items in their parents’ homes, and did all the packaging and shipping from the local post office.

Their hard work and long hours paid off: as of 2020, 437 is a multimillion-dollar company whose revenue has grown 500% year over year. Now headquartered in Toronto, the brand isn’t resting on its laurels, and is still branching out into new areas, like the Pink Label 437 Swimwear luxe lounge wear line.

437 Swimwear Review

Stick with this 437 Swimwear review as we go over the pros and cons of the brand before taking a deep dive into their top-selling products.


  • Female-run business headed by young women who know the latest fashion trends, and manufactured in female- and family-run factory in China
  • Philosophy of empowering women and helping them achieve body positivity
  • Pink Label sweatsuit line donates 50% of profits to Black Women in Motion, grassroots organization dedicated to the advancement of Black women and survivors of sexual violence
  • Stunning and daring designs for any body type  
  • Installment payment option via Sezzle
  • Free shipping on orders of $100 and up
  • Worldwide shipping 


  • No customer support phone number
  • No refunds available, only in-store credit or exchange 
  • Higher end pricing

437 is at the forefront of a new fashion movement that celebrates body positivity in women. Their swimwear is designed to show off rather than conceal curves, and help their customers feel secure and sexy in their own skin.

This 437 Swimwear review will now take you through some of the brand’s best sellers.

437 Swimwear Tops Review

You don’t need to starve yourself to feel secure in yourself—437’s three top tops, spotlighted below, will make you fall in love with your body just as it is. We’re sticking to the brand’s bikini line in this section of our 437 Swimwear review, but you can also check out the 437 Swimwear pink sweatshirt and other items from the Pink Label line for year-round wear. 

437 Swimwear The Sanders Top Review

437 Swimwear Review

The Sanders Top is a sexy and revealing triangle two-piece swimsuit. Wear it to flaunt your body and feel confident in yourself, but also to soak up the sun: the minimal covering makes it ideal for tanning. The espresso color is most popular, but customers also like the simple black and white options.

A mega bestseller that sold out over 5 times (thanks not a little to the endorsement of TikTok star Addison Rae), the Sanders Top can be tied in three different ways, and you can opt to size up if you want to go a tad more modest. Get it now for $55.

437 Swimwear The Kenzie Top Review

437 Swimwear Review

437’s most popular top, the Kenzie Top can be tied and worn in six different styles, ranging from super-sexy to sporty. Because of this versatility, it’s a great long-term purchase that you can repurpose for all kinds of settings and situations.

Available in black, rose, white, and espresso, the Kenzie Top accentuates curves and provides great support. You can buy one now for $85.

437 Swimwear The Leo Top Review

437 Swimwear Review

Sexy and glamorous, the strapless Leo Top comes in rose, white, espresso, and black, as well as a special flora pattern. It can be worn in eight eye-popping styles, making it the most adjustable and customizable 437 Swimwear top.

Capable of being tied in the front or the back, the Leo Top can give you full coverage or very little. Personalize it according to your preference and get ready to turn some heads. Order it for $65 and try for yourself.

437 Swimwear Bottoms Review

Cover grandma’s eyes and get ready to find out what has women of all body types in love with these 437 Swimwear best sellers, from sexy bottoms to top-and-bottoms kits. Note that at the time of this 437 Swimwear review, the popular leopard print 437 Swimwear Concrete Jungle kit appears to be discontinued. 

437 Swimwear The Aubrey Bottoms Review

437 Swimwear Review

The Aubrey Bottoms is a high-cut piece that does an amazing job of showing off your natural curves and figure. The front gives you a considerable amount of coverage and sits high on your hips, while the daring back looks like something out of a Drake video or one of those Fast & Furious car rallies.

Available in black, rose, and white, the Aubrey Bottoms are particularly great for lengthening and showing off your legs. It goes for $75.

437 Swimwear The Sanders Bottoms Review

437 Swimwear Review

In keeping with the Sanders Top, the Sanders Bottoms are Brazilian-cut and super-exposing. Responding to customer feedback, 437 re-engineered the initial design to sit higher and offer more coverage at the back while still leaving plenty of rump exposed so you can get that coveted all-over tan.

As with the top, you can size up the Sanders Bottoms if you’re looking for something a bit more modest while still showing off your goods. Get them in espresso, black, or white for $55.

437 Swimwear The Kenzie Kit Review

437 Swimwear Review

Containing 437’s most popular top, the Kenzie Kit is a great choice for people new to sexy and high-end bikinis. The super-customizable top can be worn in at least six styles, so you can start out with something you’re comfortable with and experiment with different looks at your leisure.

Pairing the espresso top with matching bottoms, the Kenzie Kit encourages your creativity while pushing your confidence in your body. A $150 value, this kit is now available for $135.

437 Swimwear Kenzie X Aubrey Kit Review

437 Swimwear Review

The Kenzie X Aubrey Kit has all the customization options of the Kenzie Top and all the high-cut cheekiness of the Aubrey Bottoms. The bottoms will always be ultra-sexy and flattering, but the top can be adjusted to either amplify that oomph factor or balance it out.

Available in bright-pink rose, this top-and-bottoms combo is the perfect fusion of cuteness and come-hither. Get it at a 10% discount for $144.

437 Swimwear The Johnson One Piece Review

437 Swimwear Review

A stunningly sultry number, the Johnson One Piece can be adjusted with the straps crossing your back and going around your midsection, or with a clear-back style held up by a halter.

Available in either black or white, the Johnson One Piece is ideal for a day at the beach, or you can throw it on with jeans and heels for a girls’ night out. Size up or down depending on the amount of coverage you’re looking for, and snap it up now for $155.

437 Swimwear The Sarong Review

437 Swimwear Review

Whether there’s a bit of a chill on the beach or you haven’t quite reached your ideal level of comfort with your cheeky 437 bottoms yet, the Sarong is a great way to cover up a bit more when you want to chill and relax outdoors. 

But the Sarong’s possibilities don’t just stop at a makeshift skirt. You can also adapt it to function as a headscarf or a top, tying and styling it however you want. It comes in flora, daisy, and bloom patterns and costs $50

Is 437 Swimwear ethical?

437 Swimwear Review

437 Swimwear is a special brand for their ethical practices. Co-founders Nayeri and Bettio personally travelled to China before launching the brand to find the right manufacturer for their swimwear—one that has best practices at the heart of everything they do.

The two young entrepreneurs eventually met Rita, whose manufacturing center pays its workers a good wage, limits them to reasonable working hours, and ensures that all safety regulations are adhered to. The factory’s bona fides are verified by the fact that members of the owner’s family and others from the local community work there.

This 437 Swimwear review must stress that very few brands go this far to ensure the ethical manufacture of their products, and fewer still form long-lasting personal relationships with their overseas manufacturing partners, as Adrien and Hyla have with Rita and her family. 

Additionally, the brand has partnered with the grassroots organization Black Women in Motion and donated 50% of the profits from the Pink Label line to BWM’s Black Youth Employment Assistance Program. 

Previous to that partnership, a 437 Swimwear ABC Food Tours collaboration donated proceeds from a 437 collection to help take kids from underserved elementary schools to restaurants in their communities.

437 Swimwear Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

437 Swimwear Review

437 Swimwear was able to build a powerful following on Instagram and TikTok thanks to extremely positive customer support. Many customers have shared stories about how their purchase helped them gain confidence in their bodies, while the already confident simply showed it off through incredibly sexy photos that let the style speak for itself.

A representative Instagram post shows how 437 Swimwear has aided in the cause of body positivity: “I naturally have wider hips and never loved the way the low rise bikini bottoms looked on me. Thankfully the high rise bottoms came into style and I feel so much more confident in them.”

The official 437 Swimwear website has thousands of reviews from customers of many weights and heights, producing a 5/5-star average. Reviews commonly say that the brand’s customer service is excellent, but they are even more taken with how comfortable their swimsuits are. 

One Kenzie Top review says, “This is honestly the best swimsuit material I have ever felt! It’s so soft and comfortable, and the swimsuit looks so flattering… Love it.”

This 437 Swimwear review also tapped into YouTube, where many upcoming influencers make unsponsored reviews that comment on the swimwear’s fabric, comparing its quality (as well as the higher-end pricing) to Lululemon. They also think the styles are seriously on point and will remain a quality investment that you will want to wear for years to come.

Is 437 Swimwear Worth It?

437 Swimwear Review

This 437 Swimwear review thinks that the brand is definitely worth it for women who are confident and happy in their own skin, or are learning to gain that confidence. The products are revealing, flattering, and show off a lot of skin with their sophisticated and industry-leading designs.

No matter what piece you choose and how you wear it, 437 Swimwear luxury swimwear will draw a lot of attention—even 437 Swimwear one pieces have open backs and exposed, “cheeky” bottoms. Some wearers are going to want to push that eye-catching look to the most daring extremes, while others may want to tone it down for a more low-key approach.

If you keep in mind that the swimsuit designs are flattering for every body type, you should have no worries about showing yourself off in one of them. Trust this 437 Swimwear review, or see for yourself by checking out the thousands of pictures on Instagram that show women of all shapes and sizes flaunting their new look.

437 Swimwear Promotions & Discounts

437 Swimwear Review

If you’re looking for a 437 Swimwear discount code or promotion, check out their Instagram—that’s where the brand posts their most up-to-date, time-sensitive offers on certain products.

You can also save money by referring a friend. They will get a $20 discount on their first order, and as soon as they spend it, you’ll get the same discount on your next order as well.

The only long-running discount this 437 Swimwear found was for their kits, which give you 10% off the regular price of buying the tops and bottoms separately. 

Where to Buy 437 Swimwear

437 Swimwear Review

The 437 Swimwear shop is the only legit place online where you can shop the brand’s catalog. The brand doesn’t use Amazon or any third-party online retailer, but items from the 437 collection are available in select brick-and-mortar retailers.


437 Swimwear Review

Where is 437 Swimwear located?

437 Swimwear was originally launched in Kingston, Canada, where co-founders Hyla Nayeri and Adrien Bettio were attending Queen’s University. The brand is now headquartered in Toronto. 

What sizes does 437 Swimwear have?

437 Swimwear comes in XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. There is a simple guide on the brand website that differentiates between US, UK/Australian, accessible at the bottom menu of every product page.

How long does 437 Swimwear take to ship? 

437 Swimwear ships worldwide. In the US and Canada, the brand offers free shipping on orders of $100 and up; orders less than that amount are charged a flat $12 shipping fee. The standard delivery window is 1-6 business days. 

International orders are charged a $25 shipping fee and can take up to 7 business days to arrive. Please note that duties and customs can add as much as a week to the delivery time, and may entail additional fees.

During regular times, processing your order will take 2-3 business days (though if there is a big sale happening, then it could take as long as 6 business days). Because of this quick turnaround time, you cannot change orders once they are placed. 437 Swimwear recommends sending them an email with questions you may have before placing an order.

If you are concerned about your order having issues in transit, you can purchase 437 Package Protection. This insures your order in the case that it is lost, stolen, or damaged on its way to you.

What is 437 Swimwear’s Return Policy?

Instead of a refund policy, 437 Swimwear offers store credit or an exchange. Follow the tips below to make sure your return goes through as smoothly as possible.

1. Items bought on a discount of at least 30% are considered final sale items and are not eligible for refund or exchange

2. Ensure your item is in its original condition, free of marks and with the hygienic sticker still in place

3. The original cost of shipping, if any, will not be refunded

4. Remember that international orders will pass through customs and may have duty charges

5. 437 Package Protection is not eligible for refund

How to Contact 437 Swimwear

If there’s any info you need that was not already addressed by this 437 Swimwear review, you can get in touch with the brand through the following channels, depending on your reason for contact:

  • To send a message, email [email protected] or use the contact form on the brand website
  • For wholesale inquiries, email [email protected]
  • For partnership and collaboration inquiries, email [email protected]
  • General queries can be made via live chat on from Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST

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