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Blu Atlas Review

Fellas, it’s about time we stopped being fickle about our hygiene. Plenty of guys want to live the fantasy of being covered with dirt after a hard day’s work, but the world isn’t about that anymore. Gender norms are breaking down for the better, and dudes finally have a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to hygiene.

That’s why I’m telling you about Blu Atlas. Their line of vegan personal hygiene goods is designed for the modern man. Their practices have earned them praise from outlets like Forbes, Rolling Stone, and Men’s Journal.

In my Blu Atlas review, I will look at some of their products, ingredients, and customer reception, and even answer a few frequently asked questions. If you’re looking for a way to step up your grooming routine, keep reading.

Overview of Blu Atlas

Blu Atlas Review

Although Blu Atlas has only been around since the start of this year, its products and practices seem certain to make them a hit. They strike a fine balance between promoting healthy routines and improving your skin. This is something that many men struggle with, which is why Blu Atlas tailors its products toward men.

The brand is also a member of the new skincare brands that use vegan ingredients and refuse to partake in any form of cruelty. This makes their products safer to use and safer for the environment.

I’ll be covering the brand’s major product categories in my Blu Atlas review. They produce face and skin products like shaving cream, face masks, hair and body cleaners, and cologne. All of these are, of course, specifically designed for men. Before that, let’s look at some of the brand’s highlights. 


Blu Atlas Review
  • Grooming and skincare products for men
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • No artificial fragrances
  • Money-back guarantee
  • All products are made in the United States
  • Free US shipping on all orders over $99

Blu Atlas Body Wash Review

I’ll kick off my Blu Atlas review with an item that’s perhaps the most essential part of any man’s grooming regimen. The Blu Atlas Body Wash is leagues above what most guys currently use for their body wash.

This product can hydrate and nourish your skin while also giving it a deep clean. It uses green tea extract and sugarcane to pump antioxidants into your skin and make it look fresh.

It also uses aloe to soothe your skin and retain your natural moisture levels. You can grab a bottle of Blu Atlas Body Wash for $25.

Blu Atlas Shampoo Review

The next item I want to look at in my Blu Atlas review is the brand’s take on shampoo. Most guys don’t know what separates a good shampoo from a bad one, but thankfully the Blu Atlas Shampoo makes the differences loud and clear. 

Blu Atlas carefully selected every ingredient so that this shampoo will do more than just make your hair look nice. It uses jojoba protein, aloe vera, and saw palmetto to strengthen your hair strands, hydrate your scalp, and remove any dirt or debris.

An 8 oz bottle of Blu Atlas Shampoo costs $25.

Blu Atlas Skincare Review 

The first thing people see when they meet you is your face, so it’s critical you take good care of it. I’m going to dedicate this section of my Blu Atlas review to covering two of their essential facial skincare products.

Blu Atlas Exfoliating Scrub Review

It’s a shame that so many guys are ignorant about facial care when there are products like the Blu Atlas Exfoliating Scrub out there. This easy-to-apply scrub can rid your pores of anything that’s clogging up your complexion.

I know that most of the dudes reading my Blu Atlas review have probably experimented with facial washes in some form, but I encourage them to give this product a shot.

The skin on our faces is extremely sensitive, so it’s important that facial cleansers don’t use any harsh chemicals. Thankfully, this product doesn’t. It uses hibiscus extract, jojoba oil, and walnut powder to exfoliate and delicately clean your face

A 2 oz container of the Blu Atlas Exfoliating Scrub can be yours for $25.

Blu Atlas Face Moisturizer Review

If you suffer from dry skin like many guys do, myself included, then you may want to look at this anti-aging cream. The Blu Atlas Face Moisturizer was made to serve all skin types using holistic ingredients and remedial properties.

This product contains seaweed extract, vitamin c, and mango seed butter for a creamy yet light coating that can rejuvenate your skin. All you have to do is rub a tiny amount onto your face and neck when you wake up or before bed. You can grab a 2 oz bottle for $35.

Blu Atlas Deodorant Review

More so than any other item I’ve included in my Blu Atlas review, the Blu Atlas Deodorant is a necessity. So many deodorants don’t do much more than just mask your scent without actually working against odor-creating properties.

The same can’t be said for the Blu Atlas Deodorant. All of its ingredients were selected because they can both improve how you smell and freshen up your armpits. Test it out for yourself for only $15

Blu Atlas Eye Stick Review

The Blu Atlas Eye Stick can tackle the two largest issues that plague most guys’ eyes: puffiness and dark circles. Its blend of high-impact ingredients includes rose water, vitamin C, and caffeine.

This eye stick also has a smooth application that makes it easy for you to quickly improve how your eyes look. Check it out for yourself for $35.

Who Is Blu Atlas For? 

Blu Atlas Review

While anyone can really use their products, Blue Atlas has a specific demographic in mind when they design their products. Blue Atlas is made for the modern man. It’s perfect for guys who are new to skincare, people who want vegan and cruelty-free products, and those with sensitive hair and skin thanks to their holistic ingredients.

Blu Atlas Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Blu Atlas Review

I’ve put together a list of all the scores from the items I featured in my Blu Atlas review so you can find out what customers think about these bestsellers. These numbers all come from the brand’s website:

  • Blu Atlas Exfoliating Scrub: 5/5 stars from 20 reviews
  • Blu Atlas Deodorant: 4.9/5 stars after 42 reviews
  • Blu Atlas Shampoo: 4.9/5 stars from 39 reviews 
  • Blu Atlas Body Wash: 4.9/5 stars after 30 reviews
  • Blu Atlas Face Moisturizer: 4.9/5 stars from 36 reviews
  • Blu Atlas Eye Stick: 4.8/5 stars after 30 reviews 

I’d also like to report that the brand has a strong score on Trustpilot. There, they have an average score of 4.7/5 stars based on 58 pieces of customer feedback. Many positive Blu Atlas reviews said that the products worked wonderfully. One customer went into detail about how his purchases made him feel:

“I purchased their Volcanic Ash Facial Cleanser, the Exfoliant, Moisturizing Cream, and Eye Stick. When I say immediate results I am not joking. It’s been 2 days and my face looks and feels far better than it ever has.”

Other customers positively compared the products to other personal hygiene items and said that Blu Atlas’ were much better. Here’s one from Trustpilot that makes that point: “The Blu Atlas shampoo leaves my hair and scalp feeling fresh, without shedding as much hair as other shampoos would.”

I decided to include one final Blu Atlas review because it summarizes what people loved most about the brand. It highlights the company’s customer service, product quality, and fair pricing:

“Blu Atlas products are truly top tier (best prices and EXTREMELY high quality – LOVE their scents), and their customer service has been unmatched on several occasions: clear, quick, and extremely helpful.”

What a trio! It seems that Blu Atlas is doing a very good job at serving a normally underserved market. With stellar product reviews and excellent results, it seems that customers love this brand.

Is Blu Atlas Legit?

Blu Atlas Review

I wasn’t able to find anything that made me believe that Blu Atlas was an untrustworthy company.

Is Blu Atlas Worth It?

Blu Atlas Review

I believe that Blu Atlas is worth checking out if you want to transition to a more sustainable skincare routine or if you’re looking to start one. They have high-quality products that are reasonably priced and can take your grooming routine to the next level.

Blu Atlas Promotions & Discounts 

Blu Atlas Review

Blu Atlas rewards those who repeatedly purchase their products. You can subscribe to receive regular shipments of any item and earn 20% off of each purchase. For example, the Blu Atlas Body Wash will only cost you $20 per order instead of $25.

Where to Buy Blu Atlas

Blu Atlas Review

You can buy these products through the brand’s website, www.bluatlas.com.


Blu Atlas Review

Is Blu Atlas cruelty-free?

Blu Atlas is 100% cruelty-free.

Does Blu Atlas ship internationally?

Yes, they can ship internationally. 

What is Blu Atlas’ Shipping Policy?

Blu Atlas provides free shipping on all US orders over $99. If you live in the United States, your order will take 1-2 business days to process, after which you will receive a notification once it ships. International orders will have their shipping rates calculated at checkout.

What is Blu Atlas’ Return Policy?

You can email the company at the email address alone to request a return and a full refund minus the cost of shipping.

How to Contact Blu Atlas

Blu Atlas Review

You can contact Blu Atlas with any questions or concerns you might have by emailing them at [email protected] or by filling out their contact form.

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