BLUETTI’s portable power stations were designed to give you independence. Whether it’s during a power outage or on a camping trip, their all-in-one units give you the freedom to roam and stay connected when you need to most. BLUETTI

The winner of multiple IF Design Awards, BLUETTI is a trusted name in untethered power.

With almost 50k followers between Facebook and Instagram and features in popular tech media outlets like The Gadgeteer and Newswire, they’re known around the globe as a leader in innovative, eco-friendly power solutions

Should they be on your radar too? In my BLUETTI review, I’ll help you figure that out by providing everything you need to know about the brand. From best-sellers to feedback and FAQ, by the end, you’ll see if they’re the right choice for you.

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Overview Of BLUETTI

Bluetti Review

The folks at BLUETTI believe that their name is more than a brand, “it is a way of life.” It denotes their design philosophy and their collective hope for a healthier planet.

Founded in 2019 by Wonder Law and James Ray, this Las Vegas-based brand first offered its portable power stations on Amazon, eventually launching its own website and branching out to other retailer partners like Walmart. 

In the hopes of creating a do-it-all power station, after 10 years in the power storage industry, the pair designed their units to tick multiple boxes, like being travel-friendly, compact, ultra-powerful, and smart.

With the help of backers on Indiegogo, they raised $7 million and released the AC200 which is still available today.

It turns out that BLUETTI offers portable solar panels in addition to power stations, so you can bundle the two together and buy all the necessary accessories to meet your needs. 

BLUETTI’s co-founder, Law, says that they view their brand as “big yet little,” taking a hands-on approach whenever possible and focusing on quality and product integrity.

Now that you know a little more about the folks behind the company, I’ll move my BLUETTI review right along and on to the highlights before focusing on the best-selling products.


Bluetti Review
  • Range of portable power stations & solar panels
  • Made for people with higher power needs
  • Compact & travel-friendly
  • Durable & well-made
  • Offers deals & discounts
  • Ships internationally
  • Two-year warranty

BLUETTI AC200p Review

The AC200p features a 2,000Wh capacity and a Pure Sine Wave Inverter that gives you up to 4,800W of surge power. Staying at a battery capacity of 100% for 3,500 life cycles, you’ll reach 80% max capacity in about 10 years. So this unit is built to last.

Now, the BLUETTI AC200p is different from other units with comparable wattage because it has a whopping 17 outputs for you to plug into including AC, USB-A, USB-C, a cigarette lighter port, and a 12C/3A DC port.

It also has 7 different ways it can be charged. Expect enough power to keep a car fridge running for 20 hours or a 5,000 BTU air conditioner for 1-4 hours.

Right now, you can get it on sale right now for $1,599 (regularly $1,699).

What customers are saying: “Looks like a well put together unit . Works good so far very pleased.”

BLUETTI AC200 Max Review

The BLUETTI AC200 Max is the perfect halfway point between power output and affordable cost. With a 2,048Wh capacity and a battery with over 3,500 life cycles, this reliable, compact power source is a treasure to have stored away for rainy (or dark) days. 

I love that you can expand its wattage by using two B230 units or two B300 units which can give you up to 8,192Wh.

Charging via AC outlets, car, generator, and solar, it reaches 100% quickly thanks to dual source charging, allowing you to combine solar and AC.

The AC200 Max is also a smart device. You can sync it with the app on your smartphone and control it from there. Get everything you need from one small unit for $1,899.

What customers are saying: “This AC200 max is innovative and works well with many great features. Used this to power my fridge and freezer during a power outage. Great for household appliances as back up power.”

BLUETTI EP500 Review

So it’s complete power you want? The BLUETTI EP500 is your man. Providing 5,100Wh of energy, it’s compact enough to move from room to room, yet can keep all of your large appliances running.

Control this beast by its touchscreen or use the remote to dial it to your needs. And since it’s so compact, don’t be afraid to bring it outside with you on your next camping trip or to your backyard to run an electric grill or charge your laptop.

With 15 outlets to plug into, you’ll have a ton of options with the EP500. It even has two wireless charging pads for your phone! Get it for $4,599.

What customers are saying: “Couldn’t be happier knowing, ‘We Got This’ if power ever fails. Tons of research led us to the best. Thank you Team Bluetti!”

BLUETTI AC300 Review

The BLUETTI AC300 is a deceptively powerful little unit. It’s compact but packs 3,072Wh of power and can be linked with three other units to provide up to 12,288Wh (that is a staggering amount of power that can last you for days.

A definite if you want your entire home to stay up and running during emergencies, its LiFePO4 battery has over 3,500 life cycles until it reaches 80%. That’s about 10 years of life. 

When it gets low on battery, you can charge it in 7 different ways, including AC, car, generator, solar, lead-acid battery, or a combination of those.

Prepare and you won’t be left wanting with the AC300 for $3,699, marked down from its original $4,098.

What customers are saying: “I opened and set up system according to manufacturers settings. So far it is wonderful. It came very well packed.”

BLUETTI 2400Wh Solar Generator Review

If you want to continuously and sustainably recharge your power station, consider opting for the BLUETTI 2400Wh Solar Generator. It has a whopping 2.4k watt-hour capacity, powering your fridge, microwave, and power tools. 

There are a total of two AC outlets and four USB ports that will keep you topped up no matter where you are.

Unfortunately, this particular BLUETTI solar generator has been discontinued on the brand’s website, but you may be able to find it through their retail partners. 

What customers are saying: “I bought this to dip my toe into the world of solar power stations. It was the best bang for the buck and was well reviewed. I’ve had it 24 hours now and I’m happy I got it. If you can lift 40lbs you can lift this and move it around quite easily.”


The BLUETTI EB55 looks like an amp or a radio with a travel-friendly handle. Thanks to its killer design, it was the winner of the IF Design Award in 2022. It has a 537Wh capacity, equipped with a LiFePO4 battery with 2,500 life cycles until it reaches 80%. 

Equipped with 12 different outputs for your devices, it can be charged in 6 different ways including AC, solar, car, generator, or a combination of the lot.

To top it off, you can pick from three different colors: orange, grey, and blue. Pick one up for $499.

What customers are saying: “This little guy is impressive. It’s small but it feels solid. The built in LED light is big and super bright, has 3 settings, lights up an entire room. Easy to use.”

Who Is BLUETTI For? 

Bluetti Review

Unlike other sustainable portable power solutions, BLUETTI makes massive power banks to power your entire house.

Of course, they make smaller, travel-friendly options as well, which leads me to believe their units are perfect for anyone who likes to spend time outdoors or who wants to be prepared for blackouts and disasters.

BLUETTI Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bluetti Review

Providing power during disasters and times of need is a serious thing, so I take the reliability and efficiency of these power solutions just as seriously.

To ensure you that what you’re getting will be worth the money, I set out in search of feedback from customers who have bought and used them. 

The first place I always check is with the brand, but they don’t have too many reviews or ratings on their website.

Even their best-sellers don’t have more than one review, but I did find some general comments on their homepage. One BLUETTI review read:

“Great value! Just when I opened it I could feel the quality. Sturdy built, bought 3 of them, couldn’t be happier. Quiet and reliable and easy to operate. Best buy this year.”

While I couldn’t pinpoint which unit this customer was talking about, I did take note that all other comments posted on the homepage were positive and from people who were very impressed with what they got from this brand, including the support from customer service. 

My next stop was Amazon where I looked into the AC200P. This particular unit was awarded a 4.4/5 star score from 831 shoppers which breaks down like this:

  • 5 stars: 75%
  • 4 stars: 9%
  • 3 stars: 6%
  • 2 stars: 4%
  • 1 star: 6%

There were tons of positive comments here, but here’s one BLUETTI reviewer that describes what the AC200P is like to use at their cottage:

“Bought a pair of 350W panels, a 20′ MC4 extension cable and hooked them in series to my Bluetti. Instant solar! Works surprisingly well, the cottage is so peaceful with the gas generator off all the time.”

They went on: “We had a couple of rainy days so the generator was used to top up the AC200P before bed but otherwise it is all we need, even running the vacuum or microwave is no big deal. I am very impressed. The battery should last me 12 years or so before it degrades.”

My last stop was Walmart where I read up on feedback for the AC200MAX to see if reviews here were also positive. 22 shoppers gave the unit 3.5/5 stars and said similar things about helpful BLUETTI’s generators are:

Awesome battery, has handled everything I’ve thrown at it, I use the 30a RV plug to power our family cabin, and am able to power the whole cabin through the AC200MAX, with 2x 350watt Bluetti foldable panels constantly keeping the battery at 100%.”

They added: “On cold nights we can run a heated blanket or two to keep little ones warm. Purchasing B300 battery expansion next to increase capacity. Absolutely love the Bluetti ecosystem!”

The BLUETTI reviews I found were generally positive, while there were a few complaints which I will cover below. However, it seems that the majority of customers love this brand for the convenience their generators give them.


Bluetti Review

While writing my BLUETTI review, it’s my job to be on the lookout for red flags, especially when it comes to shipping and scams. I’m happy to report that no such flags popped up, though I did notice a few unanswered complaints on the Better Business Bureau.

Not the best look, but to be honest, I’ve seen much worse and the BBB takes the lack of responses very seriously.

All of the issues here were about something different, from not hearing back from customer service to wanting a sale price that was listed by mistake or receiving defective equipment.

There wasn’t a common pattern of issues, so from what I can see, there’s absolutely no reason not to shop with this brand. 

Is BLUETTI Worth It?

Bluetti Review

I’ve researched a few other sustainable power bank brands and the majority of them aren’t designed to power your entire home. If they are, none of them have units quite as compact as BLUETTI’s.

In terms of prices, they’re comparable, but I appreciate that our featured brand offers a spectrum of power options for those with larger energy needs.

In addition, BLUETTI’s units are compact and, since I’m into aesthetics, I really like how they look. Of course, looks don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s their power that’s impressive, but they have that covered too.

BLUETTI Promotions & Discounts 

Bluetti Review

No BLUETTI review would be complete without a section on deals, so I checked out the brand’s website to see what they had to offer.

While browsing, I got a pop-up with a savings offer of $50 if I entered my email.

I also saw that by shopping, I could earn points to later redeem as discounts. 2,000 points = $20 off, but you’ll need to spend $10,000 to get to that point. Although technically if you’re looking to power your entire home, it’s not all that hard to spend that much. 

Where To Buy BLUETTI

Bluetti Review

BLUETTI is a pretty big name in power, and for that reason, its products are available from Walmart and Amazon.

If you want access to its full product line, reliable shipping, and no-hassle return policy though, I recommend shopping directly at


Bluetti Review

Who owns BLUETTI?

BLUETTI is a part of a company called Maxoak which is owned by Shenzhen Poweroak Newener Co Ltd. While its parent company is based in China, BLUETTI has headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Can a BLUETTI power a house?

The EP500 and EP500 Pro have enough power to keep your entire house up and running. With 2,000W of energy, you can plug in your fridge and other small appliances on a single charge.  

How long will BLUETTI’s battery last?

It depends on which one you use, but the AC200P will keep a coffee machine running for 1.5 hours or a car fridge for 20 hours.

Using a lithium-ion phosphate battery, it has 3,500 lifecycles, which means it should last you about 10 years. When it’s fully charged, you’ll only need to recharge it every 3-6 months to keep it topped up.

How do I connect BLUETTI to my house?

Some BLUETTI power banks supply enough power to keep your entire home up and running.

If yours does, you can either plug in your electronics directly to the unit or hook it up to a transfer switch. The switch allows you to go back and forth between your regular power source to BLUETTI when needed.

Does BLUETTI ship internationally?

Yes. BLUETTI ships around the world from Canada to the UK, out to Japan, and down to Australia. To select your country, click the flag at the top right-hand corner of the web page. 

What is BLUETTI’s Shipping Policy?

From the time you place your order online, BLUETTI will start putting it together and ship it out within 1-3 business days. Orders take another 7-10 business days to arrive. All shipping prices will be listed at check out, but BLUETTI doesn’t offer expedited options at this time. 

What is BLUETTI’s Return Policy?

BLUETTI is all about making your life simpler, so their return policy is very straightforward. You’ll have 30 days to ask for a refund, and there are a few things to keep in mind when doing so:

  1. Return shipping fees are covered by BLUETTI only if your product experiences quality-related issues but only if you purchased your products through the brand’s website
  2. Products must not have been unpacked or used
  3. After BLUETTI receives and inspects your order, your refund will be issued in 4-7 business days

When making a return, you’ll need to email [email protected] and get your RMA number. Be sure to provide the following in your email:

  • A copy of your original receipt
  • Your order number
  • Where you purchased it from
  • Shipping tracking number
  • The product’s serial number

Once you receive your RMA, you’ll need to write it on the shipping label clearly. Do not write it on the box.

The only cases you will need to pay for return shipping are if you are returning products that don’t have a defect, if you took your unit outside of the original country of purchase, and if you’re sending it back for repair outside of its warranty coverage. 

How To Contact BLUETTI

Bluetti Review

Still have questions after reading my BLUETTI review? You can reach out to the brand through the following methods of contact: 

Their customer service hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST as their offices are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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