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Blundstone Review

Whether you want to hang out by the campfire, do some easy hiking, or stroll around town for hours, you want to have a good quality boot that’s comfortable, waterproof, and will last a long time. Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’re going to talk about a brand that has stolen many people’s hearts — Blundstone

The Australian shoe company specializes in premium leather boots, even making their way into the mainstream, loved and admired by their customers. It’s evident from their 250k followers on Instagram, plus their features in The New York Times, Harper’s Bazaar, and Forbes. They’ve even graced the feet of many celebs, including David Beckham, Paul Rudd, and Keri Russell.

But hang in there – this Blundstone review has just begun. Read on to check the stats, products, and FAQs that made this brand into the company it is today. Plus, it’ll help you decide if you want to wear Blundstones. Let’s slip on some shoes because these boots were made for walking. 

Overview of Blundstone

Blundstone Review

Originated in 1870 by John Blundstone, this Aussie-based company specialized in leather boots that could handle any sort of weather or terrain the countryside could throw at them. Unfortunately, during the Great Depression, the original founder sold the company to another footwear family, the Cuthbertsons, who still own Blundstone now.

Though Blundstone still has its headquarters in Tasmania, they’ve transitioned their manufacturing overseas, maintaining their quality and focus on producing high quality footwear.

This Blundstone review will showcase how Blundstone has managed to stay consistent through their history of shoemaking, and why you might want to own a pair of their shoes (if you don’t already), starting with a quick list of highlights:


  • Free shipping on orders over $75 (continental US only)
  • Available globally through third party retailers
  • Long-standing heritage
  • Vegan options
  • Can be dressed up or down
  • Designed to slip-on and slip-off for easy wear
  • Premium materials
Blundstone Review

For now, this Blundstone review is going to transition into a product analysis, so you can see what best-selling options this brand has, and why their customers keep coming back for their legendary boots.

Blundstone Women’s Boots Review

To kick off this Blundstone review, let’s start with the ladies merchandise. Some of you may think that these boots can’t be feminine at all but we’re here to tell you, it’s time to change that mindset. 

Below are a trio of Blundstone women’s boots that take the top-selling spots for this brand, showcasing the styles they’re best known for. From iconic classics to edgy and fun, the company has designed a variety of boots for all audiences.

Blundstone Women’s Classics Chelsea Boots Rustic Brown Review

The Blundstone Women’s Classic Chelsea Boots Rustic Brown are the exact kind of iconic design that this company has been known for. With their shape and style, these boots are an upgrade of Blundstone’s original boot, the 500. Coming in a matte, suede-style country brown, these boots are sleek, simple, and easy on the eyes.

These Blundstone boots are made from genuine water resistant leather and feature a sturdy cushioned sole that provides support and comfort for all day wear, topped off with a shock absorbing heel. These lightweight, pull-on shoes come in US sizes 6 to 11 (you’ll want to size up one, if you need a wider fit), and retail for $210.

Blundstone Women’s Originals High Top Boots Rustic Brown Review

Similar to the Classic Chelsea, these Blundstone Originals High Top Boots Rustic Brown have the same type of resistance to water leather and soft suede-looking upper that is reminiscent of the original Blundstone boot design. With a higher ankle height and details in the design along the stretch panels, these shoes give off a gentle feminine flare.

With its great shock absorption, some non-slip action, and a cushioned bounce in the sole, these Blundstone boots can be worn all day whether for pleasure or style. Coming in US sizes 6 to 11 (size up one if you need a wider fit), these boots retail for $215.

Blundstone Women’s Originals Low-Cut Shoe Stout Brown Review

The Blundstone Women’s Originals Low-Cut Shoe Stout Brown gives off the business-meets-casual vibe, with a below-the-ankle cut and a professional shine to the genuine leather. With angled elastic sides for easy on/off wear and a cushioned heel, these kicks are made for walking, working, and keeping it real, no matter the situation.

These high quality leather, water-resistant Blundstone boots are lightweight, breathable, and feature a shock-absorbing sole. What more could you ask for? These low-cut boots come in US sizes 6 to 11, retailing for $190.

Blundstone Men’s Boots Review

Now that you’ve had a chance to admire the collection of ladies footwear, let’s move on to the Blundstone men’s boots. 

Below, this Blundstone review will go over the men’s classics, and you’ll get an idea of how this company created such a strong and impressive name for themselves over the last few decades!

Blundstone Men’s Classics Chelsea Boots Rustic Brown Review

The Blundstone Men’s Classics Chelsea Boots Rustic Brown are exactly the kind of footwear that everyone wants. Paying homage to their predecessor, these high quality leather, water resistant boots give off the same comfort and integrity as any style that walked before them.

Featuring a shock-absorbing sole, these slip-on ankle boots are made for work, play, and everything in-between. Coming in sizes US 4 to 14 (order a ½ size bigger if you need a wider fit), the Classic Chelsea retails for $210.

Blundstone Men’s Originals Chelsea Boots Stout Brown Review

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the Blundstone Men’s Originals Chelsea Boots Stout Brown. Since the company’s start, these Blundstone 500 original boots were popular with tradespeople and industry workers alike, wearing these shock-absorbing and cushioned leather boots to get them through any situation.

With a slip-on style and a polished, stout brown exterior, these comfort-centered legends will keep your feet feeling cozy and supported, no matter what adventure you’re taking them on. Available in US sizes 3 to 14 (go ½ size up if you require a wide fit), these Blundstone men’s boots retail for $200.

Blundstone Men’s Originals Chelsea Boots Stout Brown Review

If you’re looking to take something legendary with a twist, the Blundstone Men’s Originals Chelsea Boots Stout Brown are the best option. With all the perks of the 500 Originals, these ankle-high slip-on boots give off a bit of attitude with their plaid elastic sides, adding some color and style to the traditionally crafted shoe.

With all the cushion, support, and water-resistant qualities of the original, these Blundstone boots come in US sizes 4 to 14, and retail for $200.

Who Is Blundstone For? 

Blundstone Review

Blundstone boots are comfortable, durable boots made for long-term wear and supportive enough for daily use. That being said, they’re really for anyone, anywhere, and anytime. With an iconic and stylish design, these legendary boots can be dressed up or down, and worn with jeans, dresses, or to work.

The best part about Blundstone is that they’ve got their core classics, but they’ve also got some more fun and experimental looks, vegan leather designs, as well as some heavy duty work boot options. The one thing that all these Blundstone boots have in common? Quality. 

Is Blundstone Vegan? 

Blundstone Review

While Blundstone isn’t an entirely vegan brand, they’ve recently added some vegan boots to their portfolio! The company has modeled their vegan options after their classic looks and fit, so you can wear their legendary designs even if you don’t wear leather!

Blundstone Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Blundstone Review

With all the hype surrounding this brand, it’s time to really dig into some Blundstone reviews to see what their customers really think. 

With a brand like Blundstone, who’ve been doing it right for over 150 years, the customer reviews are overwhelming to sort through. But we’ve done the dirty work for you, so you can rest easy knowing the following stats are a collection of average thoughts from your fellow consumers.

And, before we showcase some customer feedback, here’s a list of stats:

  • Classic Women’s Chelsea: 4.85/5 stars, out of 33 reviews
  • Women’s High Top: 4.78/5 stars, out of 9 reviews
  • Men’s Rustic Brown Chelsea: 4.88/5, out of 51 reviews
  • Men’s Stout Brown Originals: 4.87/5 stars, out of 22 reviews

Blundstone also managed to gather a rave review in their special feature in the Chicago Tribune, with the investigative customer saying “Blundstones are a great example of a form-meets-function shoe. As a work shoe, they’re comfortable and durable as can be, made with excellent materials that will wear and age beautifully.”

In regards to Blundstone’s current price and call to fashion, the same reviewer said:

“The shoes are also having something of a moment in the fashion world right now, and you wouldn’t look out of place wearing them in the trendier parts of Brooklyn. For around $200, you can hardly find a better, more versatile shoe. We recommend this boot for those who are looking for a comfy yet stylish all-season shoe to round out their wardrobe.”

As an added bonus, Blundstone reviews appear by the dozen on their third-party retail platform, Zappos. The following 5-star review was among 70% of their total feedback, after 246 reviews on their Chelsea boot: “Honestly 11/10 would recommend. Every single dime spent on a pair of these shoes is worth it; I swear by them.”

The same over-the-moon customer went on to rave about Blundstone boot integrity and quality: “I bought these shoes over a year and a half ago and wear them almost every day regardless of the season (they are excellent rain and snow boots!). I can’t wait to buy my next pair in ~5-10 years (because I anticipate them lasting that long).”

Regarding the High Top Women’s Rustic Brown style, there are 167 reviews on REI (one of Blundstone’s third party retail platforms), gathering an average of 4.5/5 stars, including this 5 star review about their comfort and durability:

“I love love love these. I also own a pair of the olive 1615s (that I also adore) but these might be my favorite over those. Less digging into my ankles, feels like more arch support. Love the color, material, everything. I’ve become quickly obsessed with Blundstones – can’t wait to add more to my collection! So worth it!”

To top it all off, on Outdoor Gear Lab, a well-respected outdoor-enthusiast platform, Blundstone received an overall score of 4.5/5 stars on their men’s Chelsea boot, with a customer saying:

“These leather Chelsea boots slip on and off easily, have a warm and soft white sheepskin liner underfoot, and are suitably water-resistant for walking through the amount of snow or slush one might commonly encounter around town.” Can we say any more than the customers already have? 

With a legacy that spans a century and a consumer base that has fallen in love with the durability and integrity of Blundstone boots, it’s hard to say anything less than perfect about this brand in general.

Is Blundstone Worth It?

Blundstone Review

The value of Blundstone exists in their heritage and their continued quality over a century and a half of production. Blundstone uses premium materials and meticulous practices to create products that they can be proud of and their popularity is a result of their dedication. 

If you’re considering getting on board the Blundstone train and grabbing yourself a pair of legendary Australian boots, we are here to support that choice. This Blundstone review has uncovered facts, mission statements, and general customer feedback, and they all lead back to one answer, which is a resounding yes

Blundstone Promotions & Discounts 

Blundstone Review

Although there are no current sales, promotions, or discounts being offered by Blundstone, you can sign up for their newsletter and stay up to date with any upcoming flash sales or promo code offerings.

Where to Buy Blundstone

Blundstone Review

If you’re looking to buy Blundstone boots, you’re in luck. Not only does this brand carry an impressive collection of footwear on their website, they’re also available on a global scale in plenty of third party stores, either online or in-person.

For this Blundstone review, we’ve gathered a few names, to get you jump started on your search.

  • Altitude Sports
  • Browns Shoes
  • Soft Moc
  • Amazon
  • Australian Boot Company
  • PRFO Sports
  • LJ Shoes
  • Simons
  • Escape Route
  • Cabela’s
  • MEC
  • Quarks & Urban Trail
  • Valhalla Pure
  • Tootsies
  • REI Co-op


Blundstone Review

Who owns Blundstone?

The Cuthbertson family, who has been part of the Blundstone legacy, has owned the company since 1930, and still owns it to this day, with its headquarters in Tasmania.

Are Blundstone’s waterproof?

Blundstone boots are made with a genuine leather upper, and are consciously created to offer water resistant protection for your feet. With regular care, they can remain water resistant through their lifetime (cleaning and care instructions can be found on the website).

Please note that the boots are not fully waterproof and haven’t been treated with any chemicals to make them so. 

Does Blundstone ship internationally?

The US Blundstone website only ships within the 50 US states, excluding any US territories. However, since there are so many global retailers who carry Blundstone footwear, you can likely get your hands on a pair of the company’s boots by checking out the list of third party platforms, found above.

To find the closest distributors to you, check out their global retailers here

What is Blundstone’s Shipping Policy?

Blundstone offers free shipping on orders over $75 which is pretty awesome, considering most of their footwear is generally over $100. While Blundstone will provide free shipping to the contiguous US, they do charge $40 for two-day shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. If you’re within the 48 contiguous states, you can expect your order in 2-5 days.

If you want your order faster, you have the option of the following shipping methods (not applicable to Alaska and Hawaii):

  1. Next day delivery: $75
  2. 2-day delivery: $30
  3. 3-day delivery: $20

What is Blundstone’s Return Policy?

Blundstone has a 30-day window for you to decide if you want to return your boots. By using the returns portal on their website, you can get yourself a prepaid returns label and ship them back. Once they’ve received your boots, they’ll refund your money within 14 days.

If you want to exchange your boots, you’ll have to go through the returns process and then just re-order your new pair from the website, as Blundstone doesn’t currently offer an exchange program.

How to Contact Blundstone

If this Blundstone review hasn’t answered all of your pressing questions about the brand, you can reach out to the company in the following ways:

  • Contact form
  • Phone: 1-877-344-2525

Their customer service team is available Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm EST. 

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