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Bodyrock Review

One of the biggest hurdles to improving your level of fitness is the time commitment. Not everyone has a spare hour to crush it in a gym filled with genetically gifted and fitness-model hopefuls. 

That’s where Bodyrock comes in. They built their prestige off of speedy, at-home workouts that don’t need gym equipment. But, if you want to level up your home gym, they’ll also have you covered.

The company’s Youtube boasts over 890k subscribers and a decade’s worth of fitness content. Their Instagram delivers informative and humorous content to over 265k followers, so it’s safe to say they’ve got their social media on lock.

Make sure to lace up your trainers as this Bodyrock review will take you through a marathon of the company’s history, products, customer testimonials, and more so that you can decide whether Bodyrock is worth sweating over.

Overview of Bodyrock

Bodyrock Review

Zuzana Majorva and her ex-husband Frederick Light founded Bodyrock in 2008. The company was originally based around workout videos the couple recorded in their apartment in Kingston, Ontario. 

Bodyrock has exploded since then, totaling over 430M views on YouTube. This success led the company to expand beyond quick and tough workouts that were available 24/7.

The brand now produces their own line of fitness equipment as well as other health-related goods while maintaining their original founding principle.

Bodyrock recognizes that fitness is a journey, so their blog posts and workouts teach clients how to build habits to sustain their healthy lifestyles. The brand wants customers to feel good in their bodies.

Now that we’ve finished our warm-up, this Bodyrock review will crank up the intensity as we cover the brand’s highlights: 


  • A fantastic variety of at-home fitness equipment
  • Offers free at-home-workouts on their YouTube Channel
  • Free, informative blog posts on a variety of topics
  • Speedy shipping services
  • Provides a subscription-based home workout service
  • Purchased videos are available for streaming on any device

Product Review Guidelines

Bodyrock Review

This Bodyrock review is happy to report that we found that the company produces everything you’d need to build a solid body, both in and out of the gym.

The Bodyrock Workout Equipment reservoir is deep with benches, dumbbells, resistance bands, weighted vests, and more. If you’re looking to cultivate a good home workout space, this brand likely has what you need.

Beyond that, the company’s line of Bodyrock Accessories features many yoga-centric items like mats, bags, and essential oils.

Their line of digital products is nothing to balk at either. You’ll find ebooks, fitness guides, meal plans, and recipes on the Bodyrock website.

They also offer a subscription-based streaming service, Bodyrock+, which promotes classes you can follow along with at home.

Bodyrock Workout Equipment Review

This Bodyrock review will push the company’s best-selling workout equipment to their limits. We’re going to load up the weights and see what these products have to offer.

Bodyrock Weight Plates Review

Okay, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that the Bodyrock Weight Plates are a great starting set of weights. They’re easy to store and even easier to move around the house because individually they are so light.

They can elevate your workouts when loaded onto a bar, adding the necessary resistance to force your muscles to grow. Who needs beefy 45lbs plates when you’ve got these cute and compact contraptions? They come in two colors, traditional black and a tasteful pink. 

More good news: they usually retail for $180 but are currently on sale for $130. But “they” is vague, so what do we really mean when we say that? We mean an entire set of Bodyrock Weight Plates, including 2 2.5lbs plates, 2 5lbs. Plates, and 2 11lbs. Weights. So many weights.

Here’s the bad news. This Bodyrock review found that the weights are currently sold out.

Also, Bodyrock Weight Plates are built for more narrow barbells so you’ll have to either consider purchasing a Bodyrock barbell or another smaller barbell that will fit inside the plates.

Bodyrock Hex Dumbbells Review

There is no home gym set-up that can’t be improved with more dumbbells. They’re less strenuous to set up than barbells, more versatile than a Bowflex, and the optimal bicep curling instrument.

Come on, we all want better-looking biceps. 

One pair of the 5 lbs. Bodyrock Hex Dumbbells start at $69, but they are currently on sale for $55. The prices increase as the weights get heavier. This Bodyrock review has included all the available weights and their prices, so feel free to scan over the selection and work those eye muscles:

  • 5 lbs.: $69 (or $55 on sale, out-of-stock at the moment)
  • 10 lbs.: $87 (or $65 on sale)
  • 15 lbs.: $100 (or $75 on sale)
  • 20 lbs.: $114 (or $85 on sale)
  • 25 lbs.: $127 (or $95 on sale)
  • 30 lbs.: $155 (or $115 on sale)
  • 35 lbs.: $180 (or $135 on sale)
  • 40 lbs.: $195 (or $145 on sale)
  • 45 lbs.: $207 (or $155 on sale)
  • 50 lbs.: $220 (or $165 on sale)

Forget individual purchases, you can also nab one of the company’s Bodyrock Hex Dumbbell Bundles

  1. The light set includes pairs of 10, 15, and 20 lbs. dumbbells for $270, or $249 on sale.
  2. The medium set includes pairs of 25, 30, 25 lbs. dumbbells for $430, or $349 on sale.
  3. The heavy set includes pairs of 40, 45, and 50 lbs. dumbbells for $550, or $449 on sale.

At the end of your purchase, you can capitalize on a 30% discount by inputting the code HEX30

Bodyrock Competition Kettlebells Review

If dumbbells are the meat and potatoes of the home gym, then the Bodyrock Competition Kettlebells are the finishing gravy. They’re ideal for momentum-based workouts and explosive moments because of their ergonomic shape.

This iconic shape also keeps them in place. You won’t have to worry about slipping on a loose kettlebell while you’re walking to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

The Bodyrock Competition Kettlebells are available in four different weights and colors.

  • The Pink 20 lbs. kettlebell: $89 (currently unavailable)
  • The White 30 lbs. kettlebell: $99 
  • The Purple 40 lbs. kettlebell: $109
  • The Black 50 lbs. kettlebell: $119

If you want to purchase all four at once, Bodyrock offers them as a bundle for $416.

The Bodyrock Competition Kettlebells claim to be easy to store, easy to use, and look fantastic. They look so good you’ll probably have people paying to join your home gym.

Bodyrock Accessories Review

This section will cover Bodyrock Accessories and what makes them so popular amongst customers.

Bodyrock Natural Rubber Yoga Mat Review

The Bodyrock Natural Rubber Yoga Mat claims to be environmentally conscious, stable, supportive, and stylish. It sounds like the perfect partner. Too bad we can’t date a yoga mat.

The double-sided Bodyrock Natural Rubber Yoga Mat is ¼” thick and measures 71″ by 26″.

As a huge plus, it’s made from fully recycled materials.

The eye-catching black and pink double layering is non-slip, making it great for sweatier activities like hot yoga and pilates. It’s also primed to help you keep your balance for stability-based exercises.

The Bodyrock Natural Rubber Yoga Mat comes in at $70. But wait, it’s currently on sale for $50. Even better.

Bodyrock Deep Tissue Massage Gun Review

Who wouldn’t benefit from a Bodyrock Deep Tissue Massage Gun? Even if you’re not pushing it in the gym every day, you probably still deserve a good massage.

This device can deliver a deep tissue massage potentially lasting hours-on-end thanks to the gun’s long battery life. The small massage gun comes with four different detachable heads, all capable of delivering different types of massages. 

Since the Bodyrock Deep Tissue Massage Gun is so small, it can fit into your gym back. Why head to the masseuse when you can alleviate your tension as soon as it flares up?

This marvelous machine can be yours for $129, or at its current sale price of $99 if you’re a savvy consumer and act fast. 

Who Is Bodyrock For? 

Bodyrock Review

It’s a bit of a cop-out if this Bodyrock review claimed that everyone could benefit from the brand, considering the nearly never-ending benefits exercise can provide.

With that being said, Bodyrock is great for people who don’t have the time nor the spare change to invest in a gym membership. Their home workout series feature many equipment-free workouts.

Additionally, Bodyrock Workout Equipment is an ideal purchase for anyone looking to build up a small home gym of their own. 

Bodyrock Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Bodyrock Review

In this section of our Bodyrock review, we’re going to take a rest in-between sets and let the customers speak for themselves. While we’ll step off the treadmill, read on to discover what people liked and disliked about Bodyrock.

Customers found plenty to love about Bodyrock based on the reviews they left on the company’s website.

In particular, they liked the reliable customer service, the informative blog posts, and the speedy delivery. One 5-star review said, “Love the diversity of workouts to suit everyone and the knowledgeable emails. Always great customer support too.

They weren’t the only ones impressed by Bodyrock’s customer service. This endorsement displays how the equipment and customer service more than fulfilled her wishes: 

Being that I live in an isolated area, my purchase arrived in a very timely manner. Customer service is A+, as I had a question and they responded quickly. Quality goods I’m completely satisfied with.”

Another customer enjoyed how hard Bodyrock pushed them towards their goals. They joyfully wrote, “I like the content that BodyRock offers. There are videos for different fitness levels. I also enjoy seeing different series/challenges that keep me motivated.

Let’s conclude a rundown of customer testimonials from the Bodyrock site with this illuminating 5-star review that highlights the equipment’s craftsmanship: 

I purchased the Lite Set, Medium Set + Heavy Set of Hex Dumbbells and they are absolutely amazing! Free shipping and the quality is top-notch!! I’ve purchased dumbbells from SportChek and Canadian Tire prior to this… the ones from this company blew those out the water.

Bodyrock touts a 3.5/5-star rating on Influenster based on over 30 customer reviews. There, the positive reviews highlighted how beginner-friendly the programs were. 

This cheery customer said, “BodyRock is a great place to start if you want to have a home gym and do your own workouts.  The beginner program is a nice place to start where it doesn’t burn you out and it gets you used to doing exercises more regularly.

This 5-star review put Bodyrock’s cost in perspective by comparing it to an average gym fee: 

I highly recommend bodyrock to anyone wanting to become the very best version of themselves possible and in a very healthy way. The price is about the same as a month’s dues at a gym, but with bodyrock, you get an entire program catered just for you.”

More customer reviews highlighted the fitness information available on Bodyrock’s website, and they loved how hard the workouts pushed them. This customer explains exactly what she enjoys about the Bodyrock trainers: 

Love the bodyrock brand and workout gear! I just got my challenger bars and am not sure how I got along without them! Lisa is so motivating and real and I always really appreciate how she doesn’t pressure or oversell the equipment.

This Bodyrock review will highlight one more source, Facebook. 

Bodyrock’s Facebook page is full of positive customer testimonials. Fans love how the workouts are versatile and that the brand teaches them the base movements so that they can understand how to fit a workout into their busy schedules.

Check out this proud customer’s astonishing weight loss journey completed through Bodyrock: “Thank you so much body rock for helping me all throughout my weight loss journey! Its been an achievement for me for hitting my weight goal! From 62kg to 50kg! Thank you Lisa for motivating me!

This clever client squeezed her workout into the most unusual of situations but was able to improve her quadriceps and clavicle because of everything she’d learned through Bodyrock. “Just completed a 15-minute workout at my kids’ school playground. No equipment needed! I used the playground to do declined push-ups, pull-ups, box jumps, single-leg split squats, and more. The kids were happy to play or occasionally join in for the exercise.

To put the brand’s reception into some concrete numbers, this Bodyrock review has compiled the scores of the company’s best-selling products from their website:

  • Bodyrock: 5/5 stars based on over 800 ratings
  • Bodyrock Weight Plates: 5/5 stars based on 180 ratings
  • Bodyrock Hex Dumbbells: 5/5 stars based on 190 ratings
  • Bodyrock Competition Kettlebells: 5/5 stars based on 13 ratings
  • Bodyrock Natural Rubber Workout/ Yoga Mat: 5/5 stars based on 10 ratings
  • Bodyrock Deep Tissue Massage Gun: 5/5 stars based on 4 ratings  

We do note that some customers complained about not receiving products, but in those cases, it seems the company offered to send them replacements.

Overall, customers couldn’t stop gushing about Bodyrock. They loved the high-quality products, the varying workout difficulties, and the outstanding customer service.

Is Bodyrock Worth It?

Bodyrock Review

Based on the quality of Bodyrock’s free content alone, you’d only be kidding yourself to not at least preview their workouts.

Besides that, Bodyrock Workout Equipment is worth considering because their quality weights are available in bundles. 

Plus, their goods are designed to fit even the tiniest of spaces, so they make a great alternative to bulky squat racks and bench presses if you don’t have many free square feet in your abode.

Bodyrock Promotions & Discounts 

Bodyrock Review

This Bodyrock review found that the brand was overwhelmingly generous with their promotions. 

Let’s begin with what you’ll receive when you join their email list. Bodyrock will gift you a 20% discount off of your first order, a free 10-day meal plan, and 10 workouts at no extra charge! That’s like three Christmases combined.

The savings don’t end there. Bodyrock also has a rewards program wherein you can redeem every 1,000 points you receive for $10 worth of company credit. You earn points by interacting with the brand’s social media, purchasing their goods, and leaving reviews.

Oh, and you’ll also get 500 points for signing up, in case you need more incentive to join the program.

Lastly, at the time of writing this Bodyrock review you can include the code LUCKY30 to save 30% off on items sitewide.

Where to Buy Bodyrock

Bodyrock Review

This Bodyrock review can sense that you’re ready to get your blood vessels pumped, so we won’t waste any more time. You can purchase Bodyrock products through:

  • Their website,
  • Their premium videos are offered through
  • Their free workout series is available through their Youtube channel, boasting over a decade’s worth of high-intensity workouts that’ll fire up your entire body


Bodyrock Review

Where is Bodyrock made? 

The brand’s products, like their Bodyrock Weight Plates and other fitness accessories, are made in a warehouse located in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 

What is Bodyrock’s Shipping Policy?

Bodyrock ships their products from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. FedEx covers their shipping and the company offers both standard and expedited shipping.

The brand assembles shipments within 1-2 business days and works their hardest to ensure their goods are delivered within 2-4 business days.

Although their digital products are available worldwide, you can only purchase Bodyrock Fitness Equipment if you live in the United States or Canada as those are the only countries the brand ships to.

What is Bodyrock’s Return Policy?

Bodyrock features a 30-day return policy where all their products are covered by the 30-day warranty.

If you wish to return any Bodyrock Workout Equipment or Bodyrock Accessories, your item must be in its original packaging and include everything shipped with it. The brand does not refund shipping fees, unfortunately.

The company also cannot offer refunds or returns on digital products because, well, how are you going to return an ebook? Clothing is not eligible for returns either. 

How to Contact Bodyrock

You can reach the company through two customer service lines:

Bodyrock responds to all customer inquiries within 24 to 48 hours, excluding non-business days and holidays.

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