Brickell Mens Products Review

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About Brickell

Brickell Mens Products Review

Want to know our favorite morning routine? We love to wake up and apply an oily moisturizer to our dry skin, making it greasier and drying it out at the same time.

But why suffer like us when Brickell is there? Men’s Health, GQ, and Men’s Journal have all highlighted the men’s skincare company and their all-natural approach. Their 27.5k followers on Instagram aren’t too shabby, either.

Maybe you’re fed up with less-than-stellar skin, or maybe you just want to learn what separates this brand from the pack. Either way, our Brickell Mens Products review has you covered.

Overview of Brickell

Brickell Mens Products Review

The fastest-growing skincare company in the United States is the product of Josh Meyer and Matt Bolduc. Neither men were skincare aficionados before founding the company but wanted to improve the market after discovering their moisturizer contained ingredients that could potentially shrink men’s testicles.

So, in 2014, they solidified their plan to craft a wholesome skincare company in Miami, free of harmful synthetic components that jeopardized men’s health more than they improved them.

Men’s skincare is a booming market, and companies are loading the shelves with subpar products to hop in on the action.

Men’s skin is, on average, thicker, more oily, more porous, and has more hair follicles than women’s. These are all problems that can’t properly be addressed through women’s skincare or lesser skincare brands. 

Brickell combines nature with science to combat these specific issues and the market’s disappointing options.

Now, let’s lather up with this Brickell men’s products review’s pros and cons segment:


  • All-natural and mostly organic skincare products
  • Specifically addresses skin problems unique to men
  • International shipping
  • Offer sample kits
  • Auto-shipping earns you a15% discount


  • Larger bottles can be costly for their volume

Now that we’ve run through the pros and cons, let’s dig into the company’s pores and see what they really have to offer.

Brickell Review

This section of our Brickell men’s products review will run the gauntlet of the brand’s best-selling products. Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and splash some water on your face. You’re going to be using that as a canvas to try out all these Brickell goods.

As a bonus, if you find a product you love, feel free to subscribe and have it delivered automatically. Oh, and you’ll also save 15% each time.

Brickell Shampoo Daily Strengthening for Men Review

The Brickell Shampoo Daily Strengthening for Men has a superpowered ingredients list that can clean the scalp and thicken hair.

Wheat protein, amino acids, vitamin E, peppermint, and tea tree oil will take care of your hair like it gets its very own spa day. This Brickell shampoo can load your locks with everything it needs to utterly radiate.

Not only is the Brickell Shampoo Daily Strengthening for Men suitable for all hair types, but it can also stimulate hair growth. 

You can grab this hard worker in three different sizes; the 2 oz bottle is $11, the 8 oz bottle is $20, and the big 10 oz bottle (which includes a pump) sits at $38.

Brickell Face Wash Purifying Charcoal for Men Review

This Brickell face wash is designed to suit the skincare market’s favorite target, dry and sensitive skin.

So, perk up if you’re looking to moisten your skin and give your pores a deep cleaning. Aloe vera, olive oil, and jojoba will handle the former while activated charcoal can easily wash away any dirt hiding beneath the skin’s surface. Plus, it’s available in both scented and unscented varieties to suit your nostril’s needs.

Scrub your way to better-looking skin with an 8 oz bottle of the Brickell Face Wash Purifying Charcoal for Men for $25.

Or, if you want a smaller package, nab a 2 oz bottle for $13.

Brickell Anti Aging Cream Revitalizing for Men Review

Adult men don’t get nighttime visits from the tooth fairy. Instead, the Brickell Anti Aging Cream Revitalizing for Men comforts them as they sleep, giving them the promise of youthful skin instead of a dollar.

This Brickell anti aging cream is built to wipe away wrinkles, crow’s feet, lines, and other unsightly evidence that we’re not getting any younger using DMAE, SMS, and hyaluronic acid (don’t worry, it’s all good stuff).

Both the scented and unscented varieties are available in 2 oz bottles for $40.

Brickell Eye Cream Restoring Review

Dark circles, puffiness, and lines should be shaking in their boots when they know what the Brickell Restoring Eye Cream for Men has in store for them.

This product is a lightweight and smooth cream that restores the skin surrounding the eyes. The Brickell eye cream uses a combination of MSM, matrixyl 3000, hyaluronic acid, and (everyone’s favorite ingredient) caffeine to perk up any listless eyes. 

Pick up your own 0.5 oz unscented container for $40.

Brickell Face Moisturizer Daily Essential for Men Review

The number one complaint about most moisturizers is that they don’t do much moisturizing as much as they just layer egregious oil onto our skin. Thankfully, the Brickell Face Moisturizer Daily Essential for Men does its job with aloe vera, jojoba, hyaluronic acid, and green tea.

That means this product is totally oil-free. Beyond that, it’s suited for all skin types. It hydrates and penetrates the skin quickly so you hopefully won’t feel like you’ve just added 5 lbs to your face.

Get your own 4 oz bottle or tube for $35, or $20 for a 2 oz bottle.

Brickell Day and Night Serum Routine Review

The Brickell Day and Night Serum Routine is a two-product package containing one serum for morning use and one for the night. 

First, the Brickell Reviving Day Serum wakes up your skin follicles, allowing them to better absorb everything they need while the sun is out, like Vitamin D.

Its companion, Brickell Reviving Night Serum, moisturizes and heals the skin while you sleep. 

This tag-team repairs, reinforces, revitalizes, and rehydrates. The only thing it won’t do is replace your skin, but your skin kind of does that anyway.

This duo can be yours for $120, and each bottle contains 1 oz of potent product.

Brickell Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine II Review

Two may be company, but three makes for the most exciting professional wrestling matches. The same can be said for men’s skincare products.

The Brickell Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine II includes three different products tailored for normal and sensitive skin. 

This package includes an 8 oz bottle of Brickell Purifying Charcoal Face Wash, a 4 oz bottle of Brickell Renewing Face Scrub, and a 4 oz bottle of Brickell Daily Essential Face Moisturizer

All these products combine for a comprehensive skincare routine. They can all be used one after the other, meaning you can spend less time applying products throughout the day and more time showing off your fresh-looking flesh.

Get the whole package when it comes to skincare for $77.

Who Is Brickell For? 

Brickell Review

We all have skin, but certain skin products are better for certain skin types than others. Brickell is for men who have had trouble identifying which skincare products would best relieve their problems.

There’s even a skincare quiz you can take on the website that advises you on which Brickell product is best for you. That’s a huge plus in our book because it boosts the brand’s appeal and utility. 

Are Brickell Products Natural? 

Brickell Mens Products Review

Brickell products are as natural as the earth, wind, and stars.

The company disavows artificial or unnecessary additives in favor of organic, natural ingredients like aloe vera, shea, coconut, and green tea.

Synthetic additives can damage skin tissues, doing the opposite of what the products advertised. That’s a rough trade in this Brickell men’s products review’s opinion. Imagine paying for a product that only made you sicker in the long run. We’ll pass on that, thank you very much.

Fortunately, Brickell’s organic ingredients routinely outperform synthetic ones, based on the company’s website.

Brickell Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Brickell Review

As we plunge deeper into this Brickell men’s products review, let’s pass the microphone over to the most important voices, the customers. 

We’ll begin at square one on the brand’s website. Out of the gate, there’s a deep web of reviews championing the smells of Brickell products. 

This one 5-star review notes that his bottle of Brickell shampoo “Smells good. Lathers well. Leaves hair clean without making it dry. Scalp feels good too.”

He’s not alone. Plenty of customer reviews detail how divine the company’s goods made their scalps feel. Plus, many of them touched on the Brickell Shampoo Daily Strengthening for Men’s hair-restoring properties. 

One man puts it like this: “Not much of a shampoo guy but was sold on the fortifying ingredients and my hair is on the thinner side these late 30’s days … deff makes hair noticeably stronger and thicker IMO.

There was as much hoopla about their creams as there was for their shampoos. Both the Brickell anti aging cream and Brickell eye cream reportedly helped customers who suffered from wrinkles and crow’s feet. 

It supposedly brought their skin back to life, judging by this 5-star review: “For the past two or three weeks using it, I noticed that the lines on my forehead and around my eye (so-called crows feet)) were diminished. Only a few fine lines now. The cream really works on making your skin face smooth, bright, and looks younger.”

Speaking of anti-aging creams, this Brickell men’s products review found equally high praise for the product over on Amazon. There, it holds an impressive 4.8/5 stars average based on over 3,480 customer reviews.

Those pleased with the cream loved how effective it was in repairing the skin around their eyes. They found it tightened and revived their formerly drab and baggy under-eye area. 

This customer was particularly complimentary: “I find their creams work really well to help tighten and hydrate my skin without putting a heavy amount on. When used correctly I found these small jars lasted over 6 months of daily use. A small amount goes a long way, so over the course of a year I find their products cost about the same as the cheap ones from the big box stores.

Others felt similarly about the Brickell Men’s Restoring Eye Cream for Men, which over 4,900 customers rated 4.1/5 stars on average. They raved about how the puffiness around their eyes has receded.

Finally, let’s see what Trustpilot reviewers said. Customers enjoyed the masculine scented goods, their effectiveness, and how using Brickell boosted their self-confidence. 

This 5-star review reads like a marriage proposal to the company, and we’re here for it: 

The products are amazing! night/day serums and anti aging cream work wonders the toner is really refreshing and works! The eye cream has noticeable effects after a week. The kit has cleared up my complexion and plumped up my skin.

Next up, this Brickell men’s products review has compiled the scores from the best-selling products on the company’s website, and the reception speaks for itself:

  • Brickell Men’s Natural Anti-Aging & Skincare Sample Kit: 5/5 stars based on over 11,800 ratings
  • Brickell Day and Night Serum Routine: 4.9/5 stars based on over 300 ratings
  • Brickell Shampoo Daily Strengthening for Men: 4.8/5 stars based on over 500 ratings
  • Brickell Face Wash Purifying Charcoal for Men 4.8/5 stars based on over 850 ratings
  • Brickell Eye Cream Restoring: 4.8/5 stars based on over 1,256 customer reviews
  • Brickell Face Moisturizer Daily Essential for Men: 4.8/5 stars based on over 1,000 ratings
  • Brickell Men’s Daily Advanced Face Care Routine II: 4.8/5 stars based on over 530 ratings
  • Brickell Anti Aging Cream Revitalizing for Men: 4.7/5 stars based on over 1,110 ratings

With all that in mind, it’s looking like one big thumb up after another for this brand. When the biggest complaint is wanting more of a product, you know they’ve got something good going.

Is Brickell Worth It?

Brickell Review

Here’s a fun fact to put Brickell’s worth in perspective: your entire body is covered with skin. Just like how you take care of your house and your car, your skin needs maintenance. Brickell offers some of the best products to nourish it. 

Their wholesome products look to ensure that you’ll feel comfortable in your skin. This Brickell men’s products review believes the company is worth looking into at the very least for a shot at better-looking skin.

Brickell Promotions & Discounts 

Brickell Review

Who would’ve thought it was possible to improve a free sample deal? Not only does a Brickell Free Sample Kit provide a fantastic and free overview of their products, it also includes a $10 discount on your first order. Wowza.

Orders over $100 will also come with a free gift.

This Brickell men’s products review also wants you to know that if you’re smitten by the brand’s products you can join their rewards program. You’ll gather points and have front-of-the-line access to all of Brickell’s newest goodies.

We’ve crunched the numbers on their rewards program to ease your stressed minds and fingers. Every dollar you spend will earn you 1 point. 

Earning 200 points will give you a $10 credit, while 400 points throws $20 of credit into your back pocket.

You’ll gain points by interacting with the company on social media, referring friends, and reviewing Brickell products.

Finally, remember that you can auto-ship any Brickell items and receive a 15% discount.

Where to Buy Brickell

Brickell Review

Take control of your skin and remedy those pesky crow’s feet by purchasing Brickwell goods through one of these portals. 

  1. The company’s website,
  2. Use the US Store locator page on their website for brick-and-mortar locations
  3. International store locator tool on their website
  4. Amazon


Brickell Review

Does Brickell Ship Internationally?

Brickell ships to Canada, the United Kingdom, and more. All orders retailing over $75 receive free international shipping. 

Canada likes to do things differently, though. Canadian Brickell orders that total over $50 receive free shipping and take 4 to 5 business days.

Does Brickell Offer Samples?

You bet your weary eyes Brickell offers samples.

You can select from a variety of their sample kits, like the Brickell Anti Aging Sample Kit or the Brickell Acne Control Sample Kit, for free alongside any order. 

They’re a $50 value, include 6 to 8 of the company’s best products in each category, and net you a $10 discount off of your first purchase. Clearly, Brickell is shooting for the moon to earn your loyalty with this offer.

What is Brickell’s Shipping Policy?

This Brickell review found that the company hosts a range of shipping options for US customers. These include,

  • Standard shipping (5 to 7 business days): $8 
  • 2nd Day Shipping (2 business days): $30
  • Next Day Shipping (1 business day): $62

Additionally, Brickell will gift you free 2-day shipping if your order totals more than $50.

What is Brickell’s Return Policy?

Brickell has a 30-day return policy. If you are displeased with your results, meaning, you enjoy having dry skin, you can contact the team through email, which you’ll find in the next section.

For a product to be eligible for return they have to be at least half full (only optimists here today).

These items are not eligible to be returned or refunded:

  • Brickell Sample Kits
  • Individual Brickell product samples
  • Shipping costs

How to Contact Brickell

You can contact Brickell through the Help button found on their website. Alternatively, email the company at [email protected].

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