Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review

About Bugaboo 

Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review

A new addition to the family is always exciting for any parent. But, there’s a lot of planning that goes into it. Between building cribs and buying diapers in bulk, it’s easy to forget things like how the baby’s going to get around once it’s here! That’s where brands like Bugaboo come in. 

Bugaboo is a Dutch company specializing in strollers, car seats, and other baby accessories. The brand was founded in 1996 by Max Barenbrug and his former brother-in-law, Eduard Zanen. Since then, they’ve garnered quite the notoriety, with over 433k followers on Instagram and publications in media outlets such as Forbes, CBS News, and Today’s Parent.

Their mission is to constantly innovate new “purpose-driven,” high-quality designs that can help you bond with your tiny tot. This might be convincing some families, as they boast a 434k following on Instagram. They also have multiple global offices, but their main headquarters is located in Amsterdam. 

About Nuna

Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review

On the other hand, we have Nuna, another Dutch brand focused on designing products to help you cherish your moments with your little one. They’ve prioritized creating premium baby gear that’ll let you navigate life together.

Founded in 2007, their history and founder are unknown, but their equipment goes through rigorous testing before leaving their facilities. They’re also Global Organic Textile Certified, with sustainably sourced materials and socially responsible processes. They’ve also featured in Forbes, The New York Post, and NBC News, with 239k followers on Instagram.

If a new addition is on its way to your family, you’re probably thinking about the utmost essentials. So, which company will (literally) carry your tot into childhood?

My Bugaboo vs. Nuna review can help you find out. I’m going to look at a few things to consider, compare products, and more, to help you make an informed decision.   

What to Consider

Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review

Product range 

When choosing a baby gear brand, one of the things you’ll want to think about is the product range. For example, Bugaboo and Nuna have many products available, from car seats to strollers, but Nuna has a few more products like high chairs and bouncers. 

Safety features 

Both Bugaboo and Nuna advertise their innovative and safe designs regarding safety features.  


Bugaboo materials undergo rigorous testing, and their fabrics consist of 50% recycled PET bottles. On the other hand, Nuna uses organic cotton, environmentally friendly merino wool, and is GOTS Certified. 

Design and durability 

Both brands advertise their Dutch-inspired designs that are minimal, functional, and exceptionally stylish. 


You can find Bugaboo and Nuna on their respective websites and in stores like Nordstrom, Pottery Barn, and more. 

Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna vs Nuna Exec Car Seat Review

Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review
Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna

Now, in this Bugaboo vs. Nuna review, I’m going to compare some of their popular products. Both the Bugaboo Turtle Air and the Nuna Exec Car Seat can help get your little one from one place to another. 

The Turtle Air was made in collaboration with Nuna and is safe and lightweight, making it easy to carry from car to stroller. On the flip side, the Nuna Exec Car Seat keeps your tot comfortable and can follow them into childhood. 

Let’s get into a few highlights for each product. First, let’s look at the Bugaboo Turtle Air: 

  • Compatible with Bugaboo strollers and easy to transport
  • It comes with a smart visor for sun protection
  • Made from merino wool which helps regulate temperature and is soft to the touch 
  • Adjustable head support to accommodate a baby’s growth 
  • Memory foam technology provides side-impact security
  • 5-point harness that’s easy to unbuckle and keeps baby safe
  • Well-rated among customers
  • Financing options available
Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review
Nuna Exec Car Seat

Now, onto the Nuna Exec Car Seat: 

  • Designed with an adjustable leg rest to accommodate infancy to childhood
  • Children can stay rear-facing for up to 50lbs 
  • It can also switch from rear-facing to a forward-facing booster 
  • Features soft merino wool – breathable and comfortable
  • Completely steel frame with reinforced belt path 
  • Flame resistant
  • Side impact protection pods 
  • It comes with a machine washable leg rest slipcover
  • Removable infant head and body inserts
  • Airplane certified

Both Nuna and Bugaboo car seats will help get your little one from point A to B. Bugaboo’s Turtle Air has a few more transport options as it’s compatible with other Bugaboo strollers.

On the other hand, the Nuna Exec Car Seat is great for the car, and, as I said, it can carry your new addition from the newborn stage all the way into childhood. Regardless, you’ll be getting safe, comfortable, and easily adjustable seats for any child.  

Bugaboo Fox 3 Stroller vs Nuna triv™ Stroller Review:

Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review
Bugaboo Fox 3 Stroller

Next up in this Bugaboo vs. Nuna review, I’m talking about strollers. Of course, you won’t be spending all of your time with your family in the car. You’ve got to get outside and walk to where you’re going most of the time.

With an infant or toddler, having a stroller is essential to travel. The Bugaboo Fox 3 Stoller and the Nuna triv™ Stroller can help you out. They’re both maneuverable and can be compact during any of your adventures. Plus, they’re both designed to be lightweight, everyday companions. 

There are a few extra bonuses for both strollers, though. So, let’s look at the Bugaboo Fox 3 Stroller

  • An all-terrain stroller with a smooth ride
  • Four-wheel suspension gives a soft and light push 
  • Ergonomically designed for a baby’s comfort and development 
  • 5-point harness for baby’s security and your peace of mind
  • Fabrics are water-repellent, durable, and soft
  • Compatible with other Bugaboo car seats
  • You can use it for children up to 4 years old
  • It comes in different colorways and is super fashionable
  • Additional storage in spacious basket 
  • Financing options are available
  • Well-rated among customers
Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review
Nuna triv™ Stroller

Sounds pretty promising. Now, onto the Nuna triv™ Stroller

  • Extremely easy to fold and perfect for city slickers 
  • It comes with a magnetic buckle that automatically locks 
  • The seat can face both ways
  • All-wheel suspension and a one-touch brake
  • 3-position recline options 
  • Can hold an infant carrier with the included ring adapter 
  • All-season seat 
  • Height adjustable push bar
  • Additional storage with the included basket and zipper pocket
  • Sun canopy and rain cover keep your tot safe from the weather
  • Carries up to 50bs 

Ultimately, both strollers will get you and your co-pilot to where you need to be. The Bugaboo Fox 3 Stroller can handle just about any surface, and it’ll still give your tot a smooth ride. The Nuna triv™ Stroller can also do the same but is more suited for urban city families. Either way, they can become compact and are perfect for travel and your little one’s safety and comfort. 

Bugaboo Changing Bag vs Nuna Diaper Bag Review

Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review
Bugaboo Changing Bag

Here’s another thing that comes with baby territories: diapers. Of course, this Bugaboo vs. Nuna review knows that’s not the only thing you’ll be carrying around. So, you’ll need a reliable bag that holds all of your supplies while out and about.

I’ll be looking at the Bugaboo Changing Bag and the Nuna Diaper Bag to lay out all of the details for you. 

Both bags are sleek, minimal, and made with materials that are easy to clean. They also have multiple carry options that’ll make your busy day so much easier. 

First, I’ll look at the Bugaboo Changing Bag

  • Water-repellent exterior and an easily wipeable interior 
  • Two compartments to separate wet and dry items 
  • It comes with a matching changing mat that’s easy to fold with one hand
  • Features a subtle zipper pocket to keep your phone and an insulated bottle holder
  • Easily attaches to Bugaboo strollers for convenience
  • Stylish and doubles as a tote
  • Good ratings
Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review
Nuna Diaper Bag

In comparison, these are features of the Nuna Diaper Bag

  • Sleek design with leather and metal accents 
  • It comes with an insulated bottle bag and a changing pad 
  • 7 different mesh pockets and 2 elastic bottle straps 
  • Magnetic front closure with a zipper top 
  • Multiple carry options – can carry over the shoulder, crossbody, or as a backpack 
  • Features a laptop or tablet sleeve (13 in)
  • Breathable mesh back

So, both the Bugaboo and Nuna bags can handle your baby essentials. On the one hand, Bugaboo’s Changing Bag is water repellent, keeping it and your belongings from any potential spills or inclement weather.

It also features two different compartments to keep wet and dry items apart. This will especially come in handy when you’re walking around town with a clumsy toddler. 

Then, we have the Nuna, which converts into a convenient backpack and can even carry tablets when you’re on the go. But, it’s not clear if they have the same material capabilities. Still, both bags will be able to handle anything and will be super convenient for travel with their different features. 

Bugaboo vs. Nuna: Quality

Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review

This Bugaboo vs. Nuna review knows how important high-quality baby essentials are to new parents. When you’re handling such precious cargo, it obviously makes sense to prioritize such materials.

So, I did some digging to find information on both Bugaboo and Nuna’s materials and their processes. 

As I mentioned, Bugaboo products go through intense testing. Designers and engineers have spent years perfecting each item, ensuring that it strives beyond the industry standard. In addition, their materials are responsibly sourced, and their workers are compensated fairly, as evidenced in their Modern Slavery Statement. 

Additionally, they are constantly looking for ways to extend their products’ life. For example, they worked with Little Boomerang to help recycle their scrap metal into reusable shopping bags. Some materials are also made from 50% recycled PET bottles and are designed to withstand years of wear and tear. Plus, they can be easily serviced and cleaned. 

Regarding Nuna’s quality standards, they use durable materials that comply with US federal and European safety standards. In other words, they don’t contain any harsh chemicals that could potentially harm your baby. They also use organic cotton on select items and, as mentioned, they’re Global Organic Textile Standard certified.

Basically, this ensures that the best practices are used when sourcing their materials. They also use environmentally friendly merino wool that naturally controls moisture. Their other green initiatives include manufacturing in an environmentally friendly factory that utilizes solar power, exhaust water treatment, and recycling programs that reduce plastic and packaging waste. 

Both Bugaboo and Nuna have a specific look, and both companies ensure that they’re using the best processes and materials for everyone involved. They also ensure that your little one’s future stays secure by remaining environmentally friendly and ethically responsible. 

Bugaboo vs. Nuna: Price & Value

Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review

When it comes down to it, money matters. This Bugaboo vs. Nuna review wants to make sure you’re getting gear that’s worth your buck. So I’m going to look at both companies’ prices and measure their value based on materials, feedback, and more. 

By now, we know that both Dutch companies are high-tech and well-designed. This will typically usher in a higher price tag. So, let’s take a look at our featured products’ costs: 

  • Turtle Air: $449 
  • Exec Car Seat: $700 
  • Fox 3 Stroller: $1300
  • Triv Stroller: $700 
  • Bugaboo Changing Bag: $130 
  • Nuna Diaper Bag: $230 

Generally, Nuna is more expensive than Bugaboo, with Bugaboo’s Fox 3 Stroller being an exception. The Fox 3 stroller definitely has a few more special features, including the all-terrain wheels. But, with a hefty price tag, it might not be as practical for newer parents. 

In addition, you can justify Nuna’s slightly higher price tag for certain items, thanks to their multiple certifications and materials used. It can also be explained by versatility like the Exec Car Seat, extending for your growing baby, toddler, and child. Besides, hand-me-downs are a part of family life. 

That being said, while doing research, I couldn’t find any other certifications for Bugaboo other than their transparency statement. But, you can chalk up their Fox 3 Stroller’s price to the all-terrain wheels and other convertible features. 

So, from this, it seems like Nuna might be the more expensive brand overall. But you are definitely getting what you’re paying for at both brands. Plus, with their transparency about manufacturing practices and other green initiatives, it’s apparent that they are fighting for a better environment for younger generations to grow in.  

Bugaboo vs. Nuna: What do Customers Think?  

Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review

If I didn’t look at customer feedback, this wouldn’t be a Bugaboo vs. Nuna review. Both companies are well-received on external sites. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find published ratings on Nuna’s website, but I did find some on Bugaboo. 

Our featured Bugaboo products have average ratings between 4 to 4.8 stars out of 5. As I mentioned, customers on external sites rave about the brand, too, evidenced by their 4.6/5 stars from 563 ratings on Consumer Affairs. 

One reviewer on the main site writes:

“I have a few Bugaboo products. I have the Donkey, the Cameleon, and the canopy types. I love the products. I wish their costs were a little bit less, but they’ve been great products so far. When we got pregnant with our second kid, we went for the larger size… Bugaboo’s purchasing process was super easy, and their customer service has been super easy and great.”

Another reviewer from Trustpilot (where the brand holds a 3.5/5-star rating) writes:

“The bugaboo 5 has been great in our experience, from newborn to nearly one year old. The foot muff was a good addition on the winter months and kept our son cosy. It’s handled rough terrain but mostly been great for getting around London, especially negotiating buses and the underground.”

To give you more of an idea of what consumers think, let’s go through a list of some other common comments: 

  • Products are functional, simple, and stylish
  • Lightweight, convenient designs 
  • High-quality items and smooth stroller rides
  • Fast shipping 
  • Easy to follow assembly instructions 
  • Good customer service 
  • Products can last for years and can be handed down to others 

Well, things are looking good so far. As I said earlier, Nuna doesn’t publish reviews on their main site. But, I did find some on Trustpilot, where they have a glowing 4.8/5 star rating from about 164 reviews.

The company is also rated well on Influenster, praised by other baby gear retailers and some parenting blogs. 

Trustpilot users rave about the brand’s customer service, stating, “We bought a buggy and made very good use of it for three years. When a part became fault, customer service were really easy to communicate with and offered a replacement. Great product and great service all round.”

Another customer writes, “Contacted customer support about a part on our pram that had just worn out with time (not a product failure just a lot of use). The customer service team responded quickly, was very friendly and remedied it immediately. Such a great level of support!”

Here are some more of the most common comments among Nuna consumers: 

  • Excellent customer service 
  • Modern, sleek, lightweight designs
  • Strollers move smoothly and collapse easily 
  • Sturdy products
  • Customers appreciate the high safety ratings 
  • Easy to use car seats and strollers 

Overall, both brands get pretty good reviews from parents and guardians alike. They’re both praised for their high-quality materials and stylish gear. Plus, their customer service is often raved about, especially Nuna’s. 

That being said, this Bugaboo vs. Nuna review did find a few critical reviews, mainly as neither is accredited with the Better Business Bureau, each with numerous complaints. For example, some Bugaboo customers experienced quality issues. They discussed cheaper feeling materials and some unresponsive representatives.

When it comes to Nuna, some disgruntled consumers also had lousy customer service experiences. On the bright side, these reviews seem pretty rare and typically receive responses from representatives at both companies!

Bugaboo vs. Nuna: Promotions & Discounts

Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review

This Bugaboo vs. Nuna review knows that adding a new member to your family can be a bit pricey. So, I want to find the best deals so that you can save while preparing for your new addition. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any promotion codes offered by the companies. 

But, Bugaboo does have a sale section with good deals for their older items. I think it’s safe to assume that you can sign up for their emails to receive the latest news and potential discounts. 

On the flip side, Nuna doesn’t have a designated sale section on their website. But there are parenting blogs and websites that recommend shopping at authorized retailers and smaller boutiques to get good deals. The Modern Mindful Mom also says that you might be able to find deals on Black Friday and during Nordstrom’s Anniversary sale in the summer. 

Since Nuna doesn’t have a sale section, this might deter some customers, while Bugaboo has a few more deals available. But, you’ll definitely be able to find some discounts at authorized retailers that carry both brands. I’d also try following their social media pages to stay updated on any promotions.  

Bugaboo vs. Nuna: Shipping & Returns 

Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review

Now, your baby gear has to get to you somehow. Even though I wish products were delivered by storks in one night, that isn’t the case. So, I’m going to take you through Bugaboo and Nuna’s shipping and returns policies. 

I’ll start with Bugaboo: 

  • Offer free shipping on all strollers
  • Orders are typically processed within 1-3 business days once you place your order
    • If placed on a Friday, it will be processed on the following Monday
  • The estimated delivery time is 5–7 days in the US
  • They also offer standard and express shipping 
  • Orders over $500 will require a signature 
  • US orders are fulfilled by UPS
  • Do not ship to military addresses
  • Can deliver to select countries including Canada, the US, UK, Austria, Belgium, and more
  • 90-day free returns policy 
  • The product must be unused to be accepted for a return
  • Refund processing can take 10–14 business days 

Next up are Nuna’s shipping and returns guidelines: 

  • Free standard shipping for purchases made on Nuna’s website 
  • Orders are fulfilled by FedEx and can take up to 10 business days to arrive 
  • The company offers two-day shipping, and orders must be placed at 2 PM EST to ship on the same day 
  • US site does not ship internationally 
  • You can edit your information before your order ships by calling Nuna’s customer service team: (855) 686-2872
  • Shipping taxes depend on your home state’s laws
  • Customers cite fast shipping times 
  • 60-day return policy
  • Must be new and unused to be accepted 
  • Returns are handled individually, and Nuna states that they can refuse or deny a refund or credit.  
  • Strollers have an additional 2-year warranty which includes repair sets and replacement parts.
  • Gear is also covered by a 2-year warranty, excluding infant car seats, the MIXX bassinet, and accessories. 

Both companies outline straightforward shipping and return policies. Bugaboo offers a more extended returns policy, giving the customer (and potential new parent) enough time with their item to decide if it’s right for them.

On the other hand, Nuna also has a generous returns policy. Even though they don’t offer international delivery on the US site, there are global websites that can fulfill orders for other countries. 

Overall, your stroller, car seat, or other accessories, will (hopefully) arrive at your door within a timely manner. Plus, if you have any issues, customers at both companies have noted that their customer reps will help you out in no time. 

Who Will You Shop With?

Bugaboo vs. Nuna Review

So, the big question at this point is: Who will you shop with? This Bugaboo vs. Nuna review has laid out all of the details for you, but you may still be stumped. That’s understandable. They’re both famous, high-tech brands that’ll be in the family for years to come. So, it’s basically an investment for your family. 

Bugaboo might be a good choice if you’re looking to spend just a little less. Their strollers might be pricey, but their car seats and other accessories are slightly cheaper than Nuna. They even have financing options available, which could be more convenient for new parents. Plus, with a sale section, Bugaboo is an excellent choice if you’re looking for some deals. 

On the flip side, we have Nuna. Their products are definitely similar in appearance, but Nuna has a few more certifications and awards to back them up.

Plus, with convertible products like the Exec Car Seat, you won’t have to invest in another seat if your family tree grows. Additionally, their products and customer service are highly well-rated among parents.

At the end of the day, Bugaboo and Nuna share similar aesthetics and inspiration. They even collaborated on a car seat together. While one might be pricier than the other, there’s no denying that they’re both high-quality brands that put you and your baby first. Choosing one will ultimately be up to you (and your budget!). 

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