Cuddle Clones Review

About Cuddle Clones 

Cuddle Clones Review

Nothing comes close to the love you have for your furry friend. You just want to cuddle them all day long. Luckily, Cuddle Clones allows you to double your love with a perfect replica of your pet—offering a customizable selection of products that look like the real thing. 

The company has amassed 208k followers on Instagram, where they feature pics of buyers alongside their pups and Cuddle Clones custom pet replicas. There are smiling faces all around, as well as a few choice pet memes sprinkled throughout. A popular choice among many, these products make excellent gifts.

Interested in finding out more? Keep reading as this Cuddle Clones review takes a look at how the brand began, what customers have to say, what their shipping policies are, and more, to help you decide if these pet-centered items are worth the buy!

Overview of Cuddle Clones 

Cuddle Clones Review

On a mission to bridge the gap between pet parents and their fur babies that occurs because of “travel, going away to college, military deployment or sadly the loss of a dear pet,” Cuddle Clones creates life-like replicas.

Cuddle Clones was founded in 2010 by Louisville’s Jennifer Williams and Adam Greene. Williams was laying next to her great dane when she was struck by the adorable idea of pet plushies. 

Today, the brand gives back to the community through their donations. Every Cuddle Clone purchased equals at least two meals and a toy to a pet living in a shelter, giving them the comfort they need until they find their forever home. 

The story doesn’t stop there, though. Cuddle Clone continues to forward their proceeds to and sponsor animal shelters, proving that it is as big on saving and protecting our lovable furry friends. 

Before we dive deep into this Cuddle Clones review, let’s have a look at some highlights of the shopping experience:


  • Wide selection of customizable products, including actual replicas, clothing, accessories, and homeware
  • Great gift options for pet owners 
  • $30 discount if you order more than one of the same cuddle clone
  • 30-day warranty
  • 30-day return policy
  • International shipping options available 
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Excellent customer service

Cuddle Clones is all about providing products that resemble your beloved pets. This isn’t limited to actual stuffed replicas, though, as they also carry things like accessories, home decor, clothing, and more. 

Do you love your pup so much that you just want three pairs of socks with her face on it? Miss your bunny from back home and want to hug a plushie of him every night? Through detailed descriptions of the brand’s popular offerings, this Cuddle Clones review will now lay out all the choices for you.  

Cuddle Clones Custom Pet Replicas Review 

Stuffed animals definitely hold a nostalgic place in all of our hearts, alongside snuggling close to our four-legged friends after a bad day.  The brand’s custom pet replicas are the best of both worlds! This Cuddle Clones review will now take a look at what customers are raving about. 

Cuddle Clones Custom Plush Cuddle Clones Review

If you want a life size recreation of your loving pet, you’re in the right place. Cuddle Clones Custom Plush Cuddle Clones are exactly what they sound like—a stuffed replica that you can cherish forever.

These stuffed sculptures are handcrafted from quality faux furs to look exactly like the image you submit, no matter what animal it is. You can also send over more than one image to truly capture your pet’s personality and appearance. 

These make great gifts for anyone who’s missing their companion, allowing them to hug the closest thing to the real deal. While it might not be the same as spending time with your pet, it truly does give some semblance of normalcy and comfort.

Ready in 8 weeks or sooner for a fee, these Plush Cuddle Clones are currently on sale for from $249 (down from $299)! 

Cuddle Clones Custom Figurines Review

Are cuddly toys not your thing? Luckily, Cuddle Clones Custom Figurines are now available too. Like the plush clones, these are also designed from a photo you’ll submit to the team. We recommend choosing one that highlights your pet’s unique markings! 

3D printed in high-quality full color sandstone, you can decorate your office space with these puppies (or kitties, rabbits, gerbils, or any pet, really). They don’t take up too much space but serve as a reminder of our furry friends on a daily basis. So the next time you’re anxious about an important meeting, glance over at the figurine and let your worries melt away. 

These 4 inch tall Custom Figurines are delivered within 3 weeks and are currently on sale for $99 from $129. 

Cuddle Clones Custom Pet Apparel Review

You already wear your cat or dog on you everyday because we all know it’s hard to escape the hair that sheds off our furry friends. It only makes sense to accept your fate, and wear your pet’s sweet little face in the form of socks or pajamas! 

Not sure where to begin building your pet-themed wardrobe? Let’s take a look at some top-selling Cuddle Clones custom pet apparel!

Cuddle Clones Custom Pajamas Review

Looking for some cute matching family pjs for your next photoshoot with your pet or the perfect gift that’s sure to get a laugh? Cuddle Clones Custom Pajamas deliver on all fronts!

These pajamas feature a super soft wide leg pant with a drawstring waist for comfort and a button up unisex top. The classic set has a twist though: 18 background color options and the pet print of your choice!

Before you checkout, you can choose whether you’d like the entire set or pants and a top separately. The Custom Pajamas are available in sizes S–3XL, ranging from $50 for separates or $99 for the set on sale!

Cuddle Clones Pet Socks Review

Sock addicts and animal lovers alike, get ready for this one! With the Cuddle Clones Pet Socks, you can take a peek at your feet and catch your smiling pet looking up at you. 

The picture and background you choose for these crew socks are customizable. There are 35 different options, including cute sayings like ‘Queen’, ‘Dirty Animal’, or ‘BFF’, solid colors from apricot orange to cyan blue, and fun patterns like stripes and paw prints. 

This Cuddle Clones review strongly recommends bookmarking this option for when your best friend’s birthday is coming up. Available in S–L sizes, these super soft Pet Socks usually retail for $30 but are currently on sale for $24

Cuddle Clones Plush Pet Slippers Review

You’ll feel like you’re walking on a cloud in your Cuddle Clones Plush Pet Slippers. Like the other cuddle clones, these slippers are handcrafted to resemble your furry companion.

Made from faux fur, these padded slippers are perfect for every member of your family. They are available in youth and adult sizes, so your matching pjs can be completed with a set of this footwear!

Everyone will be in good spirits on Christmas morning when they’re opening presents in these $249 Plush Pet Slippers. They are made in 8 weeks, so it’s best to place your order now in time for the holidays. 

Cuddle Clones Custom Pet Accessories Review

There’s not many things that are better than a cute ceramic mug with a fun and quirky saying. Well, not much except a mug that features your favorite companion’s face, that is! 

Let’s see what the brand has to offer when it comes to the hottest selling Cuddle Clones custom pet accessories

Cuddle Clones Custom Mug Review

A good cup of joe is a must in the morning, and most collectors love niche items. What’s more unique than a Cuddle Clones Custom Mug?

If you need that extra burst of caffeine, you can opt for 11oz or 15oz sizes. The cylindrical shape is printed with an unforgettable picture of your furry friend. These ceramic mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, so you can even bake and serve a cake in them.

Like the socks, you can choose from 35 different backgrounds. Those who prefer something simple can opt for a solid color. If you want to add a little visual interest, then let the Cuddle Clones team adorn the mug with red hearts (this makes the perfect Valentine’s gift, too)!

Cuddle Clones’ Custom Mugs are on sale for $25 from $30.

Cuddle Clones Custom Pet Household Review

Home is where the heart is, and your heart is where your pet is. Cuddle Clones custom pet household items allow you to decorate your space with the face you want to be around all the time. We’ll explore the bestseller in detail below. 

Cuddle Clones Custom Pet Blanket Review

Made from sherpa fleece and completed with a soft print, the Cuddle Clones Custom Pet Blanket is sure to delight anyone you gift it to—yourself included.   

The creamy sherpa on one side is for cuddling up beneath, while the other side is a fleece material that is printed with a picture of your pet. 

Like the other Cuddle Clones print items, you can choose from lots of different backgrounds, with 41 options in total. You can even wrap yourself up in cute and quirky sayings like “Shed happens” and “You had me at woof”. 

This 100% polyester blanket is available in two sizes, 50″x60″ or 60″x80″, and is currently on sale from $90 for only $70

Who Is Cuddle Clones For? 

Cuddle Clones Review

Cuddle Clones offers a wide selection of items for all pet lovers. Whether you know someone who has lost a furbaby and would love a reminder, or want to bring your sweet pup or kitty everywhere you go, the brand has something in store for you.

‘Man’s best friend’ sounds like a cliche, but we all know it’s the truth. We have so much love for our four-legged family members, and Cuddle Clones’ custom figurines, blankets, mugs, and apparel help us feel closer to them. 

If you’re looking for a way to memorialize your forever friend or recreate those puppy eyes that always make you feel safe and happy, then Cuddle Clones is for you.

Cuddle Clones Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Cuddle Clones Review

This Cuddle Clones review will now take you through exciting customer testimonials of the brand. We say exciting because it appears that shoppers have nothing but good things to say. 

Before we get into the details, let’s take a peek at how the top sellers are rated on the company’s website:

  • Original Plush Cuddle Clone: 5/5 stars out of 2194 reviews
  • Golf Club Headcover: 5/5 stars out of 379 reviews
  • Custom Pet Art Blanket: 5/5 stars out of 129 reviews
  • Plush Slippers: 5/5 stars out of 99 reviews

The Original Plush Cuddle Clone is clearly a popular pick among customers. One 5-star review reads:

“It’s actually quite hard to find the words to describe how it felt unwrapping my Cuddle Clone of Dudley and feeling like I was looking him in the eye. I actually cried – for quite a long time! The likeness is extraordinary- how the makers captured his essence so expertly I will never know. It is a phenomenal talent and I am utterly delighted. But it isn’t just how amazing Dudley looks. The customer service from Cuddle Clones is beyond compare. From start to finish I have felt like a treasured customer.”

On, the brand is rated 4.8/5 stars out of 3,429 reviews. One buyer comments on how the brand’s warranty allowed them to ensure the product was the best it could be, writing:

“We recently lost our dog in June and I decided to have a cuddle clone made of him. It looks just like our dog. We literally cried when we opened the package. They even included details that I did not specifically request. I did have to submit it for a remake because the first one’s fur color was too red/brown but the remake is 1000% perfect. I was nervous about the remake process but you get the exact same clone just with your changes made. I would highly recommend getting a clone.”

On Trustpilot, 144 shoppers gave Cuddle Clones a score of 4.6/5 stars. One buyer left 5/5 stars for the way the plush animal filled a hole in their hearts. Here’s what they had to say: 

We had to put our dog down 2 years ago. My son still cries out for him. After a lot of research, I decided to get him a Cuddle Clone plush for Christmas…His first response, ‘Aw. He looks like Kiwi.’ I showed him the tag naming him Kiwi. He grabbed the plush and hugged him so tightly! Thank you Cuddle Clones!”

Cuddle Clones is rated a B on the Better Business Bureau for some issues with rush orders or shipping in general, but the brand is quick to offer solutions. With only 15 complaints, the company has solved 8, ensuring that customers are highly satisfied with both the product and the service.

Is Cuddle Clones Worth It?

Cuddle Clones Review

It’s clear that customers appreciate the brand for creating quality replicas of their beloved pets. As we can tell from all of the glowing testimonials, Cuddle Clones cares about the shopping experience as well. From selecting pictures to receiving the final item on their doorstep, the highly emotional process seems to be smooth and fun for most people! 

The products are handmade with top quality faux fur and with the utmost care to ensure that it truly resembles your loving companion. While the prices seem high initially, the brand advertises several discounts (more on that below). All in all, this Cuddle Clones review feels that it’s safe to say that these plushies and accessories are truly worth the investment.

Cuddle Clones Promotions & Discounts 

Cuddle Clones Review

Looking for a deal on your brimming cart? Here’s what this Cuddle Clones review found in terms of promotions and sales:

  • Almost all items on the site are currently on sale for up to 40% off
  • Shoppers can sign up for the email list to receive 10% off!
  • There is a $30 duplicate discount for each Cuddle Clone of the same pet

Where to Buy Cuddle Clones

Cuddle Clones Review

Looking to purchase a double of your four-legged family member from Cuddle Clones? is your one-stop shop for all your pet replica needs!


Cuddle Clones Review

What Is A Cuddle Clone?

A cuddle clone is really exactly what it sounds like—a plush replica of your pet! The brand also sells other items, as this Cuddle Clone review outlined, such as mugs, home accessories, and clothing. 

Where Are Cuddle Clones Made?

Cuddle Clones are handmade in a small workshop in China’s Guangdong province. This ensures that the company has lots of access to skilled workers and quality materials, allowing them to offer the best price.

Do Cuddle Clone Products Come With A Warranty?  

With Cuddle Clones, you can feel confident about your purchase. If your item is damaged or if you’ve received the wrong order, the brand will replace it free of charge. Here’s how the process works:

  1. Contact the brand about the issue within 30 days
  2. Print out the shipping label they provide and attach it to your package
  3. Bring it to your nearest post office to be returned

What is Cuddle Clones’ Shipping Policy?

Anxiously awaiting your Cuddle Clones custom plush cuddle clones? You’re in luck, because Cuddle Clones offers international shipping through DHL or USPS. 

Delivery charges are the customer’s responsibility and will be calculated at checkout based on location, while duties will be charged upon arrival. At this time, we’re unsure if the brand issues tracking information in a confirmation email. 

What is Cuddle Clones’ Return Policy?

Even though these products are customized, they can be sent back within 30 days of purchase. Items that are not eligible include printed items (blankets, mugs, etc), accessories, gift cards, and rush fees. 

Unfortunately, the customer is responsible for return shipping unless it falls under the warranty. To initiate the process, this Cuddle Clones review recommends getting in touch with the brand directly. 

How to Contact Cuddle Clones

We hope you enjoyed our Cuddle Clones review! If you have any further questions for the brand, please feel free to contact them through the following methods.

Cuddle Clones’ customer service operates daily between 5AM–12AM, EST. 

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