CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels Review

About CurlMix

CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels Review

CurlMix’s products are geared specifically towards curly hair. This clean beauty brand uses natural and simple ingredients, promoting healthy strands. They sell various haircare items, from shampoo and conditioner to styling tools and their famous flaxseed gel.

CurlMix’s innovative products have earned them notable mentions in top publications, including Ebony Magazine, Refinery29, ABC TV, and Essence Magazine. The brand also has a substantial following of 112k on Instagram! They’ve had their few minutes of fame on reality TV shows, but we’ll discuss that a little later on.

This CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review will take a deeper look into the brand and its products, subscription option, customer ratings, discounts, and more, to help you decide if it’s all worth checking out.

Overview of CurlMix

CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels Review

In 2013, co-founder Kim Lewis quit her first job and stepped out into the beauty world. She wanted to celebrate her naturally curly hair, while helping empower other women with their own beautiful manes. 

Kim dreamed of starting a business but needed the seed money. So, she signed her partner Tim up to make an appearance on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Fortunately, Tim ended up winning $100k, and the happy couple used that to invest in their idea in 2015. 

The company started as a DIY kit for curly-haired folks, but in 2018, they took those kits and turned them into a full-blown haircare line. Kim and Tim then took their blooming creation to another reality TV show. On the CurlMix Shark Tank episode, the co-founders turned down a $400k offer, only to later raise over $2M with the help of their community. 

In their first year, CurlMix earned $1M in sales! Talk about a success story. Currently located in Chicago, the company has a close-knit team and continues to sell its products to many guys and gals.

Before diving deeper into this CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review, let’s go over some initial brand highlights.


  • Wide range of shampoos, creams, and more formulated for curly hair 
  • Black-owned business
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Vegan, handmade, and cruelty-free 
  • Hair Type Quiz matches buyers with compatible products 
  • They offer sensitive-scalp solutions
  • Free shipping when you subscribe to products
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Is CurlMix Only for Black Hair?

CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels Review

No, everyone is welcome! While the brand focuses on and primarily caters to Black textures, CurlMix hair types vary. That being said, their products work best for wavy and kinky styles. 

Is CurlMix Color Safe?

CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels Review

This CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review found that you don’t have to worry about irreversible damage with these products, as they’re made with colored hair in mind. Go ahead, dye your locks vibrant shades and express yourself. 

How Do You Use CurlMix Products?

CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels Review

This CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review will take you through the application process: 

  1. Get your hair soaking wet, and don’t miss any sections!
  2. Apply the Pure Aloe Vera Shampoo on your strands using fingers, and thoroughly massage into your scalp
  3. If you need to repeat this step, go ahead and do so now
  4. Section your hair and make sure it’s still soaking wet
  5. Start working the Pure Grapeseed Conditioner into divided sections
  6. Let the grapeseed conditioner sit for at least 5 minutes.
  7. Start detangling sections of your hair with your fingers or a tool
  8. Start to twist your hair and move to the next area and repeat until complete
  9. Rinse each section and apply the Pure Avocado Moisturizer while your hair is still drenched with water
  10. After moisturizing, go in with the Pure Flaxseed Gel
  11. Continue to set your hair with a tool (diffuser or hairdryer) to prevent frizz
  12. You’re all done! CurlMix recommends using a satin bonnet to protect your hair while sleeping 

Before making any purchases, take the CurlMix hair type quiz to ensure you invest in the most compatible products for your length and texture.

CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels Review

Now that you’ve taken the CurlMix hair type test and had beauty experts find your perfect pairings, it’s time to explore some of the most popular CurlMix pure gel products currently available. 

The brand formulas are all handmade, vegan, organic, and cruelty-free. This CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review will take a closer look below!

CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gel with Organic Jojoba Oil for Moisturizing Hair & Lavender Fragrance Review

The Pure Flaxseed Gel with Organic Jojoba Oil is proven to leave your curls feeling incredibly bouncy, nourished, and defined. CurlMix believes that it ‘elongates’ your locks because they can finally loosen up after being stiff from dehydration. 

Organic jojoba oil mimics the sebum that your scalp naturally produces, so this lightweight product works on all hair types. As a fun ingredient, this product is formulated with marshmallow extract. If you’re curious about the fragrance, picture strolling through blooming lavender fields. 

You can purchase the indulgent 8oz Pure Flaxseed Gel with Organic Jojoba Oil for $27

CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gel with Organic Sweet Almond Oil for Sensitive Skin (Fragrance Free) Review 

If you have sensitive skin and are prone to flakiness or frizziness, try reaching for the Pure Flaxseed Gel with Organic Sweet Almond Oil instead. It harnesses the benefits of polyunsaturated and mono fatty acids, plus a blend of vitamins to strengthen your locks from the inside out. 

It serves essentially the same purpose as the previous product, minus the lavender fragrance. This product is loaded with nothing but natural, vegan ingredients that’ll make you feel good knowing what’s going in your hair. 

This 8oz bottle of Pure Flaxseed Gel with Organic Sweet Almond Oil is $26.

CurlMix Sample – Pure Flaxseed Gel Review 

If you’re unsure whether CurlMix’s flaxseed gels will manifest any side effects, your best bet is to order a Sample – Pure Flaxseed Gel first. Conduct a patch test of the desired formula to see if the fragrances and ingredients are compatible with your hair. 

Unscented samples are also available. When it comes to sensitive hair, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Opt for the Sample – Pure Flaxseed Gel in a generous 4oz size for $13, before investing in the regular size. 

CurlMix Four Step Wash + Go System Review

Now that we’ve gone over CurlMix’s pure gels, let’s examine the cult favorite Wash + Go System. Keep reading as we give you a better idea of how they work, everything they include, and pricing details.

CurlMix Lavender Wash + Go System with Organic Jojoba Oil for Moisturizing Hair (Step 1 – 4) Review 

The Lavender Wash + Go System with Organic Jojoba Oil is made for adding moisture to your locks. It includes four 8oz bottles of shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, and flaxseed gel. Each product is infused with jojoba oil, which leaves your strands feeling silky and happy.

It’s important not to strip away natural oils when washing your hair constantly, so it’s great that this product mimics natural sebum. You can purchase the moisturizing Lavender Wash + Go System with Organic Jojoba Oil for $85 (or $68 when you subscribe)!

CurlMix Pure Aloe Vera Shampoo with Lavender Fragrance Review 

The CurlMix Aloe Vera Shampoo with Lavender Fragrance is infused with one of nature’s best healing agents: aloe vera. This natural substance assists in repairing distressed and dry locks, restoring their radiance. The mild aroma is free of phthalates, so you can unwind peacefully in the shower after a long day.  

It’s a nurturing shampoo that will not only soothe your scalp and promote hair growth, but will also give definition to your curls. An 8oz bottle of the Aloe Vera Shampoo with Lavender Fragrance is $18.

CurlMix Pure Regrowth Serum with Organic Hemp Seed Oil for Hair Growth & Watermelon Fragrance Review

Are you tired of playing around with short wisps? The watermelon-scented Pure Regrowth Serum with Organic Hemp Seed Oil works diligently to provide moisture and nutrients for your hair, encouraging it to grow steadily. Packed with omega 3 and 6, the serum provides similar benefits for your hair as eating fish—like adding strength and shine. 

The magic ingredient in this product, as you might’ve guessed, is hemp seed oil, which delivers essential vitamins and fatty acids straight to your follicles. Additionally, rosehip oil and linoleic acid stimulate and rebuild the tissues. This 4oz Pure Regrowth Serum with Organic Hemp Seed Oil is $21.

CurlMix Pure Regrowth Serum with Organic Sweet Almond Oil for Sensitive Skin (Fragrance Free) Review 

Once again, if you have sensitive skin, choose the Pure Regrowth Serum with Organic Sweet Almond Oil instead of the original regrowth serum. This product is fragrance-free and shouldn’t cause irritations (patch test is always recommended, just in case). Sweet almond oil accelerates the hair growth you’ve been waiting for. 

This main ingredient in the Pure Regrowth Serum with Organic Sweet Almond Oil features vitamins and fatty acids that will work similarly to hemp seed oil. Vitamin E helps tame those frizzy flyaways without leaving any residues behind.

You can count on your curls to be softer, longer, and smoother after using this product. A 4oz bottle of the Pure Regrowth Serum with Organic Sweet Almond Oil comes to $22.

CurlMix CurlMix Flex Brush Review 

The Flex Brush is perfect for detangling your curls. This controlled brush prevents shedding and breakage, which in turn makes your hair healthier in the long run! Glide it through your tresses with ease, and don’t worry about any discomfort. It’s a total must-have.

When spending $40 or more, you can receive the Flex Brush for free with the code FREEBRUSH at checkout. If you want to purchase it without spending an additional $40, this brush costs $25 on its own. 

CurlMix CurlMix Fine Mister Spray Bottle Review 

The Fine Mister Spray Bottle is the perfect little refresher for your locks. If you want to add some shine, a quick spurt will do the trick. This super-fine mist will leave your hair feeling moisturized and revitalized by reactivating the styling products you applied prior. 

Some customers have gotten creative with the cute mister and filled it with their favorite serums. But, for everyday use, filling it up with water is all you need to do. The Fine Mister Spray Bottle is a game-changer that can be yours for $15

CurlMix Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels Review

Does CurlMix really work? We wanted to see how effective the brand’s products are, so we took to the Internet to see what buyers had to say. We explored comments across different platforms, including the company’s website, Facebook page, and Amazon.

On the CurlMix website, there are hundreds of reviews for the Wash + Go Systems with an average of 4.5/5 stars. One customer swears her hair has never been better since using the brand’s products. She writes: 

“My experience with CurlMix is nothing short of miraculous. My hair has never been better. I tried the lemon Cream for the first time and it has been added to my list of favorites. The richness, the fragrance and the results are outstanding. I get great results from these products and will quickly and passionately recommend CurlMix to all my curlfriends.”

Another reviewer notes her appreciation for the brand’s use of natural ingredients, “It’s so nice knowing that the products I use are natural and free from harmful additives…I love the rich, creamy texture of the conditioner and I’m crazy about how my hair looks and feels. My CurlMix Wash & Go is the best I could hope for in a hair care system…” 

The Pure Flaxseed Gel with Organic Hemp Seed Oil has a 3.9/5 star rating out of 454 reviews on Amazon. One customer is satisfied with this product’s efficacy:

 “…For one the product smells amazing, but I probably love the consistency and effectiveness most. It’s really smooth, making it easy to apply and no clumps…I love that gel also has hempseed oil in it too, which you don’t normally see in natural hair products…All in all, I would give the CurlMix Flaxseed gel five stars because it does what it says it’s gonna do.”

After looking at their Facebook page (where they have a 4.6/5 star rating from 363 votes), we realized just how much buyers adore the brand’s products and customer service. One user displayed her admiration for their representatives and helpful ‘how to’ videos. Her CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review read:

 “I truly love that the products are All Natural, and how they make my hair feel. I love that the company is Black owned and their customers service is wonderful. Most importantly, I love how the CEO and COO teaches us how to use their products properly and encourages us to Love our natural curly hair. Along with showing us Live videos on how to obtain the Best Wash and Go’s Ever!”

That about sums it up! All in all, this CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels review found happy customers who appreciate the brand’s mission, effective formulas, easy application, and more.

Is CurlMix Worth It?

CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels Review

To sum everything up, this CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review definitely thinks the brand is worth it. Their products are effective and affordable. Their haircare line caters to all hair types, especially curly-haired guys and girlies. 

After looking at some testimonials online, we are further convinced that they are worth trying out. The majority of users are impressed with how the products have worked so well with their hair. They are also pleased with the company’s customer service, stating how they’re responsive and helpful.

The option to subscribe and save to products is also super convenient. Their Wash + Go Systems are well-rounded and super convenient. We love how Kimberly and Tim have expanded their offerings from a DIY kit company to a full-on haircare line! Their mission to help people embrace their natural, curly hair is commendable.

Not to mention their ingredients are also entirely natural and organic, as well as cruelty-free and vegan. This is crucial when dealing with products applied directly onto the skin and scalp. This CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review still highly recommends ordering their samples for a patch test before investing in a set. 

Unfortunately, they do not deliver worldwide, but we’re sure that they will expand their service as the brand grows. Aside from that, this CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review suggests supporting this successful Black-owned company and believes their products will benefit your curls.

CurlMix Promotions & Discounts 

CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels Review

This CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review found that buyers receive 15% off their purchase after signing up for the brand’s newsletter!

When you subscribe to CurlMix products, you’ll receive 20% off your monthly order, free shipping, and will save a total of $500 per year.

Where to Buy CurlMix

CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels Review

This CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review found you can purchase the brand’s products directly from You can also find their haircare line on Amazon.


CurlMix Pure Flaxseed Gels Review

Who created CurlMix?

CurlMix was co-founded by a couple, Kimberly and Tim Lewis. The duo had an interesting entrepreneurial journey on their way to launching the brand in 2015. 

Is CurlMix Black-owned?

CurlMix is indeed a Black-owned business! The company currently has ten employees of color, and their headquarters are located in Chicago.

Can I leave flaxseed gel overnight?

Yes! This CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review found that you can leave the product in your hair overnight. The gel will thicken throughout the night, and as it’s formulated with natural ingredients, the risk is very low. This application method is the perfect solution for when you’re too rushed in the mornings.

Can flaxseed gel grow hair?

Yes, you can use flaxseed gel to promote follicle growth and overall hair health. Flaxseeds contain lots of vitamins and nutrients that help prevent shedding, soothe the scalp, and allow your curls to grow much faster.

How long does CurlMix take to ship?

Once you place your CurlMix order, it will take up to 5 business days to process. After it’s ready to be sent out, your package will take 2–5 business days to arrive. Subscribers can enjoy free shipping for life!

Unfortunately, CurlMix doesn’t offer international shipping at this time. 

How do I return my CurlMix?  

The brand offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on their full-priced items. 

This CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review found that their subscriptions and sale items are non-refundable. Return shipping fees are the buyer’s responsibility.

To initiate this process, you must contact [email protected] and let them know the reason for returning. Keep your order number and tracking information handy! 

How to Contact CurlMix Customer Service 

For any questions beyond this CurlMix pure flaxseed gels review, get in touch with the brand in the following ways:

  • Call: 1-312-380-0419
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Use the contact form on their website (they will reply within 48 hours) 

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